Who Is Now Already The New “Master Of Horror” ?!

It seems like nowadays I only post two blog entries a month,which is better than posting one every single day and I have backed off of discussing a lot of topics that have come and gone(such as James Gunn’s re-installment to the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series[:Maybe his firing was just a temporary suspension since Disney couldn’t find anyone else to do GOFG3,perhaps?]),for here comes a new one that is ripe for discussion as black/ebony comedian-turned-horror scriptwriter(having won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar)/filmmaker Jordan Peele has succeeded in following up the monstrous success of GET OUT with his sophomore film US’ $70 million box office debut,with a lot of controversy already circling around him which ranges from Peele only centered around only casting non-white actors and actresses in lead roles and already being called a new “Master Of Horror” by the Internet based horror/genre news sites press.

First off,Peele can cast whoever he wants to in his films since they’re his films and he has got the full fledged right in doing whatever he wants with them,and as far as being already called a newfound “Master Of Horror”,it actually doesn’t bother me since (1). Money talks(since Peele’s first two films have already made over $50 million),and (2). The modern horror/genre news sites press had immediately given that same similar title to the likes of Rob Zombie(after his first two films) and Mike Flanagan(who also has as much of a background in a non-horror field[that being indie dramas] as Peele does with comedy),only that Peele has an awful lot more talent than Zombie,Flanagan,Quentin Tarantino,S. Craig Zahler(who is working hard on establishing himself as the new Tarantino),and a major majority of the many horror/genre filmmakers(such as Adams Green and Wingard,Joe Lynch,Ti West,and The Soska Sisters[to name a few]) that have been out there for the last 16 to 20 years,as Peele’s horror storytelling style is pretty much like a blending of Spike Lee’s special consciousness,Larry Cohen(who we recently lost to The Big Blue Skies)’s creative original ideas storytelling,and Wes Craven’s grisly on-screen violence.  Okay,get angry and disagree with me as much as you want to as it is just my opinion and my view of Peele’s filmmaking style and talents,since the horror genre filmmaking scene is in sheer need of new talents to carry it onward and Peele’s success will openly inspire any aspiring black,Asian,Hispanic,and Indian filmmaker to go bravely follow along their dreams and see if they will reach the heights of success that Jordan Peele has fully achieved.

My View Of The Outcome Of The Robert Mueller Report: It Came As No Surprise That President Donald Trump Comes Out Like A Brightly Shining Rose(Since Trump Is A Billionaire And The Rich Can Never Be Touched).

And Along With Larry Cohen(IT’S ALIVE,Q,GOD TOLD ME TO,BLACK CAESAR)We Also Lost Both Joe Pialto(DAY OF THE DEAD[‘s Memorable Villainous Captain Rhodes],[The Graphic Novel]BOTTOMFEEDER[Which Pilato Played An Active Part In Helping Bring To Life]),And (Special Make-Up Effects Artist)John Carl Buechler(PRISON,TROLL,FRIDAY THE 13TH.:PART 7,HATCHET). They Will All Be Very Heavily Missed.

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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