The GAMES OF THRONES Universe(And Its Medieval Kingdom World) Gets Invaded By Thanos,Kylo Ren,And The First Order. News At…

I recently forgot to post and share this trailer for a certain new upcoming sci-fi feature(that has belonged to the Disney Empire for the last five years).

In my last blog,I forgot about making a mention about the extremely highly super popular and super overrated GAME OF THRONES,the HBO television series that has made almost everyone that is in its cast a superstar.  I used to dig its first two season but it soon mightily jumped the shark(Big Time,ala Howard Stern and Jerry Springer) and it got so overpopulated with hateful characters and heavily bogged storytelling that it made me immediately lose interest on that HBO based medieval kingdom.

Nice to know that this year is the Final season for GAME OF THRONES since it is time for this show to end once and for all and for everyone(both the fans and everyone that is involved with the series) to move on,for otherwise if anyone is curious on the Marvel films front(as much as I don’t care for the post-IRON MAN Marvel films) I’ll admit that I actually enjoy the likes of the ANT-MAN films(as silly as they are,but they are at least fun and lively),the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY films,and the early Marvel films(such as Sam Raimi SPIDER-MAN trilogy,the early X-MEN and WOLVERINE films,VENOM,the first two BLADE films,and Dolph Lundgren’s THE PUNISHER[and the other two PUNISHER films{from Lionsgate}]).   And I also enjoy DC Films’ BATMAN films,MAN OF STEEL,Christopher Reeve’s SUPERMAN films,BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN,and WONDER WOMAN.  I have yet to see AQUAMAN and SHAZAM,though.

Ex-Headbanger’s Ball MTV Host Riki Rachtman Now Has His Very Own Podcast Amid A Heavily Overcrowded Public Market Of Various Podcasts:I Wish You A Lot Of Good Luck,Brother.

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