May Ramblings On This Week In Genre Cinema News

The end of this week has seen an awful lot happening in genre cinema news,for here goes…

* Word has it that comedian Chris Rock is writing the new SAW sequel as a reboot,with SAW 2 and 3 director Darren Lynn Bousman returning to direct. It is news I just won’t believe until it becomes official(with a pic or two from that film[when filming begins]),since it can’t be any wrong doing than JIGSAW(easily the worst of the SAW films).

* Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN has Ben Affleck stepping down,and Robert Pattinson taking over in the title role of Bruce Wayne and his dark superhero alter ego. As this news is causing polarizing division amongst the fans via Rob’s TWILIGHT series,let’s remember that Robert did do really good in the much heavily grim likes of COSMOPOLIS,MAP TO THE STARS,and THE ROVER and(like his TWILIGHT co-star Kristen Stewart and HARRY POTTER’s Daniel Radcliffe) has gone a large array of unique dark themed films that aren’t box office money makers.

* GAMES OF THRONES fans that are upset that the final season is so terrible that they’re petitioning for that very season to be re-filmed next year. Good luck,fanboys,since the GoT cast and crew are tired of doing the show and just want to move on with their careers since that has much of a chance happening as doing remakes of STAR WARS:EPISODEs 7 and 8.

* While I have a strong stance against many 21st. Century remakes,Mel Gibson’s THE WILD BUNCH is sounding intriguing with word that the likes of Michael Fassbenden,Jamie Foxx,and Peter Dinklage are joining the cast.  If Mel is wise enough,this will follow the original in retaining both the ruthless gory violence and the grim finale(that led no open door to any sequels) as well as Mel cast himself(in William Holden’s role),Tory Kittles(since he proved in DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE that he could play a callous dickhead),and a female actress as other WILD BUNCH members.

* AEW(All Elite Wrestling) has landed a deal on Ted Turner’s TNT network for a Tuesday night spot,making it the first wrestling series on TNT since WCW ended 18 to 20 years ago.  Here’s hoping that all of the AEW media hype will eventually pay off(since it sounds so promising),and if any AEW haters have to complain then do so about the inability to score AEW Double Or Nothing tickets and that they should lower their ticket prices for next week’s Las Vegas based Starrcast 2 event(which are as expensive as a Fangoria Weekends Of Horrors,Creation Entertainment,and Wizard World convention event).

Wrestling News: Get better in time for Starrcast 2,Ric Flair.  And R.I.P. to ex-WWE Diva Ashley Massaro,who was 39 and her death is rumored to be a suicide(let’s strongly hope that it isn’t).

That’s it for now,everyone.

Howard Stern Recently Had A Cancer Scare That Drove Him Back To Write His Upcoming New Book HOWARD STERN COMES AGAIN(his third literary work): this proves that Howard is merely a mortal human being just like everyone else.

–Steven M.



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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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