Sad And Tragic News: RUSH Drummer NEIL PEART Dead At 67

RUSH drummer Neil Peart has died at the age of 67. He passed away on Tuesday in Santa Monica, California after having been diagnosed with brain cancer, according to a statement issued Friday by fa…

Source: RUSH Drummer NEIL PEART Dead At 67

After a week that started with both Ricky Gervais(everyone–everyone,including celebrities–has a right to say whatever they want,Ricky !!!) and George Lopez(since assassinating President Donald Trump will only bring Mike Pence to the Presidential seat,with Pence immediately enforcing martial law to strip away everyone’s freedom and lead us closer to doomsday) saying really stupid things,it ends on a truly sad and tragic note as Rush drummer Neil Peart has lost his life at age 67(from brain cancer) as it marks the end of a legendary Canadian rock band whose success expanded the horizon for other Canadian rock bands(such as April Wine and Loverboy).

Rush(the band) has been through a lot in their lengthy career which saw them existing though many musical time periods(such as disco,rap,new wave,boy bands,and breakdance) although they nearly broke up in the mid 90s(due to the then-popularity of grunge/alt.rock music) but strongly stuck through together,even with the tragic car accident death of Neil’s wife and child that drove him to take a road trip journey to fully examine his life a few years before Rush did their final tour(due to Neil’s developing physical ailments).

Hopefully,both Rush surviving members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are tightly hanging in there as amid tragically losing their musical brother,as Rush has left a legacy that shows the importance and influence of Canadian musical acts and the impact that they have on other international musical talents.

Glad To Hear That Kristen Stewart’s New Film UNDERWATER Is Receiving The Best Reviews Of Her Career(As Did Her TWILIGHT Co-Star Robert Pattinson’s THE LIGHTHOUSE),As It Is Something That Her Career Could Really Need(After The Massive Failure Of CHARLIE’S ANGELS[2019]).

— Steven M.

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