Something Very Brief…

Okay: so the dickhead conservative politicians in Alabama,Louisiana,and Ohio are making strict anti-abortion rules,with Ohio’s being the worst in promising anyone in that state that had a abortion to receive imprisonment and/or the death penalty.

I can go on and say Fuck You to Mike Pence,Fuck You to Mitch McConnell,and eat a bowl of prison inmate dicks to a lot of people no matter what their political stances are(since some liberals are major assholes,too) or what their social stances are,for instead of raging out and complaining about the current state of politics(since a future different political government will likely overturn this current state-based anti-abortion thing),modern society,and movies(since the STAR WARS films will eventually get rebooted[with both J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy gone from power,and new actors playing Luke,Leia,and Threepio{since they’ve already got their new Han,Cherwbacca,and Lando}}]),I’ll just instead wisely post this….

Now….I slowly feel so much better.

(Free Space For Rent This Week[And Possibly Next Week])

— Steven M.


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The GAMES OF THRONES Universe(And Its Medieval Kingdom World) Gets Invaded By Thanos,Kylo Ren,And The First Order. News At…

I recently forgot to post and share this trailer for a certain new upcoming sci-fi feature(that has belonged to the Disney Empire for the last five years).

In my last blog,I forgot about making a mention about the extremely highly super popular and super overrated GAME OF THRONES,the HBO television series that has made almost everyone that is in its cast a superstar.  I used to dig its first two season but it soon mightily jumped the shark(Big Time,ala Howard Stern and Jerry Springer) and it got so overpopulated with hateful characters and heavily bogged storytelling that it made me immediately lose interest on that HBO based medieval kingdom.

Nice to know that this year is the Final season for GAME OF THRONES since it is time for this show to end once and for all and for everyone(both the fans and everyone that is involved with the series) to move on,for otherwise if anyone is curious on the Marvel films front(as much as I don’t care for the post-IRON MAN Marvel films) I’ll admit that I actually enjoy the likes of the ANT-MAN films(as silly as they are,but they are at least fun and lively),the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY films,and the early Marvel films(such as Sam Raimi SPIDER-MAN trilogy,the early X-MEN and WOLVERINE films,VENOM,the first two BLADE films,and Dolph Lundgren’s THE PUNISHER[and the other two PUNISHER films{from Lionsgate}]).   And I also enjoy DC Films’ BATMAN films,MAN OF STEEL,Christopher Reeve’s SUPERMAN films,BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN,and WONDER WOMAN.  I have yet to see AQUAMAN and SHAZAM,though.

Ex-Headbanger’s Ball MTV Host Riki Rachtman Now Has His Very Own Podcast Amid A Heavily Overcrowded Public Market Of Various Podcasts:I Wish You A Lot Of Good Luck,Brother.

Steven M.

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With April Almost Over…

I didn’t realize that this month is almost over,for I just haven’t found anything interesting in movies and in politics to talk about since it is just the same old,same old with nothing to stir my interest.   I’m aware that the new STAR WARS film trailer of the upcoming STAR WARS:THE RISE OF SKYWALKER is out(with the promised return of Emperor Palpatine[from the brink of death],and the subtitle being an obvious Spoiler teaser[upon Rey’s possible actual identity]) and despite the trailer saying that The Saga Comes To An End,I highly doubt it if it’ll be the last film since J.J. Abrams,Kathleen Kennedy,and Disney’s Bob Igus would be major fools if they ended the series(instead of continuing it onward[with new Episode films and new spin-off films]).  And ditto the upcoming new MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS film,since I don’t give any hoot about Marvel films(nor any superhero films).

I’m otherwise glad to know that Fangoria hasn’t reclaimed their monopoly throne(and it looks like it won’t anytime soon[since no matter who you are,you can never reclaim your past glories]) and that it’s great to see Joe Bob Briggs back(with his new show on Shudder) to help out in killing off the fanboy/geek/dorks fandom culture that Harry Knowles and his likes have plagued the fandom community with,for I’m running out of things to say(for now) and I’ll be back as soon as I possibly can.

So: Mark Hamill Is The New Voice Of Chucky In The New CHILD’S PLAY Film. By The Looks Of The Trailer,It Doesn’t Look Like Much Otherwise Hamill Sounds Great(As The New Chucky).

Steven M.

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Who Is Now Already The New “Master Of Horror” ?!

It seems like nowadays I only post two blog entries a month,which is better than posting one every single day and I have backed off of discussing a lot of topics that have come and gone(such as James Gunn’s re-installment to the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series[:Maybe his firing was just a temporary suspension since Disney couldn’t find anyone else to do GOFG3,perhaps?]),for here comes a new one that is ripe for discussion as black/ebony comedian-turned-horror scriptwriter(having won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar)/filmmaker Jordan Peele has succeeded in following up the monstrous success of GET OUT with his sophomore film US’ $70 million box office debut,with a lot of controversy already circling around him which ranges from Peele only centered around only casting non-white actors and actresses in lead roles and already being called a new “Master Of Horror” by the Internet based horror/genre news sites press.

First off,Peele can cast whoever he wants to in his films since they’re his films and he has got the full fledged right in doing whatever he wants with them,and as far as being already called a newfound “Master Of Horror”,it actually doesn’t bother me since (1). Money talks(since Peele’s first two films have already made over $50 million),and (2). The modern horror/genre news sites press had immediately given that same similar title to the likes of Rob Zombie(after his first two films) and Mike Flanagan(who also has as much of a background in a non-horror field[that being indie dramas] as Peele does with comedy),only that Peele has an awful lot more talent than Zombie,Flanagan,Quentin Tarantino,S. Craig Zahler(who is working hard on establishing himself as the new Tarantino),and a major majority of the many horror/genre filmmakers(such as Adams Green and Wingard,Joe Lynch,Ti West,and The Soska Sisters[to name a few]) that have been out there for the last 16 to 20 years,as Peele’s horror storytelling style is pretty much like a blending of Spike Lee’s special consciousness,Larry Cohen(who we recently lost to The Big Blue Skies)’s creative original ideas storytelling,and Wes Craven’s grisly on-screen violence.  Okay,get angry and disagree with me as much as you want to as it is just my opinion and my view of Peele’s filmmaking style and talents,since the horror genre filmmaking scene is in sheer need of new talents to carry it onward and Peele’s success will openly inspire any aspiring black,Asian,Hispanic,and Indian filmmaker to go bravely follow along their dreams and see if they will reach the heights of success that Jordan Peele has fully achieved.

My View Of The Outcome Of The Robert Mueller Report: It Came As No Surprise That President Donald Trump Comes Out Like A Brightly Shining Rose(Since Trump Is A Billionaire And The Rich Can Never Be Touched).

And Along With Larry Cohen(IT’S ALIVE,Q,GOD TOLD ME TO,BLACK CAESAR)We Also Lost Both Joe Pialto(DAY OF THE DEAD[‘s Memorable Villainous Captain Rhodes],[The Graphic Novel]BOTTOMFEEDER[Which Pilato Played An Active Part In Helping Bring To Life]),And (Special Make-Up Effects Artist)John Carl Buechler(PRISON,TROLL,FRIDAY THE 13TH.:PART 7,HATCHET). They Will All Be Very Heavily Missed.

Steven M.

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Farewell,Jan Michael Vincent


The news just broke out today that actor Jan Michael Vincent is sadly no longer amongst the living,having quietly passed away last month at the age of 73(from a heart attack) as it was quite a surprise that he lasted that long in his life from all of the massive amounts of alcohol and drugs that he heavily consumed in the 80s and the 90s that laid waste to his acting career as he went from 70s cinema superstar to Straight-To-VHS video genre cinema icon and he was extremely lucky in having a very lengthy life,for it was very sad that the likes of Quentin Tarantino,Robert Rodriguez,Rob Zombie,and S. Craig Zahler all never considered giving JVM a film role(even if it were to be a silent cameo) as the most recent thing that resembled a comeback was a small bit(by a different actor’s voice) in a faux trailer on a RICK AND MORTY 2013 episode.

Farewell,Jan Michael Vincent.  I just hope that you’re much happier now in the big blue skies(alongside Luke Perry and The Prodigy’s Keith Flint).

No CAPTAIN MARVEL For Me,Since I’m Not So Big On The Marvel Comics Movie Universe(Which Soured Out On Me With MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS And Has Grown Increasing More Superficial Since). And No,I Happen To Dig Female Superheroes.

Steven M.



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So,Maroon 5 Is Actually Better Than Nickelback ?!

First off,a quick tribute to the great genre character actor Dick Miller,who we just lost at the age of 90 as he’ll never be replaced.  And BTW:we also just lost the great Albert Finney(SKYFALL,WOLFEN,LOOKER,TOM JONES),for R.I.P. for both of these acting greats.

And second,the post-Superbowl 2019 word is that several people are saying that they think that Maroon 5 is a much better band than Nickleback.  What the Fuuuu……Maroon 5 is better than Nickelback ?!?!    Case in point is simply that both Maroon 5 and Nickelback mightily Suck,for just what the hell is next: people popping out from nowhere saying that the likes of Creed,NSync,and New Kids On The Block are better than Nickelback ?!

THE LEGO MOVIE 2:THE SECOND HALF Is Number One At This Weekend’s Box Office,With Many Hollywood Insiders Saying That Just Because It Financially Grossed $34 Million(A Far Cry From The First Film’s $69 Million Debut Weekend) It Is Already A Box Office Flop: The On-Screen Competition Is Crowded Right Now And Many Indie Filmmakers(Whether Thy’re Dramatic Or Genre Related) Would Give Their Two Arms And One Leg Just Have A $34 Million Grossing Film(On Its Debut Weekend),For Those Snickering Insiders Can Go Eat A Bowl Of Dicks.

Steven M.



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The Recent Oscars Nominations Controversy,And A Message To The Upset Modern Fandom Base(About The Oscars).

This past week was the announcement of the nominated choices of this year’s Academy Awards,a.k.a.: the Oscars,which left fans of dramas satisfied but horror fans truly depressed,for let me explain a few things regarding this situation…

Let me explain something here: the Oscars actually do pick horror films based on how they’re made,how tremendous their production values are, and how their stars perform in them,since Oscars have went to the likes of Best Actor for Frederick March in 1931’s DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE,Best Actress for Kathy Bates in MISERY,the Best Director Oscars for the likes of James Cameron,Peter Jackson,and Guillermo Del Toro,Best Make-Up Oscars for the likes of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON,THE WOLFMAN(2010),ALIENS,THE FLY,and TOTAL RECALL,and Best Picture Oscars for the likes of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS,LORD OF THE RING:RETURN OF THE KING,and THE SHAPE OF WATER.  Yes,I also threw in some science fiction and fantasy film titles but you get the point.

And a week before this year’s Oscars were announced,this popped up…

Talk about jumping the gun,for the writer of that very piece(known as Master Lundegaard) and several of the ppls on there displayed such sheer ignorance in not only overlooking several of the genre films that actually got top Oscars(in what could have been a well structured Letterboxd list article on why certain genre films receive Oscars and why certain genre films don’t) but Lundegaard placed HEREDITARY as his Letterboxd List article’s sole avatar pic(for a List article that is about horror/genre films that got snubbed on the Best Picture awards) as he displayed major ignorance in centering upon being upset that HEREDITARY didn’t receive an Oscar nominations(a week before the Oscar announcements) as it made him sound like an upset HEREDITARY fanboy heavily hurt that his favorite film of 2018 didn’t receive any Oscar nods,which followed by a handful of social media posts(on both Twitter and Facebook) that criticized the lack of any genre titles up for this year’s Oscar nominations,for like I previous said: the Oscars only nominate and award genre films upon its technical aspects,how well they’re acted,and how well they are made and it just doesn’t pay off for these modern fans and fanboys to act(or write) as though they’re delinquent nine year olds with ADD(which is what these modern journalists and modern fans have sadly been acting like since the early 00s/2000s).

To close it out here,everyone should just be fully appreciative of the earlier genre films that won Oscars and just patiently wait till the next Oscars event where I’m sure they’ll once again nominate horror/genre titles for the top title awards.

My Take On The Mucho Controversial Gillette Commercial That Has All Of The Strongly Anti-PC(Politically Correct)/Anti-SJW(Social Justice Warrior)s Crowd In A Major Uproar: It’s Just A Dopey Commercial That Isn’t Going To Change The World!!! Who Fucking Cares ?!  Get Over It !!!

–Steven M.

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