A Very Special Message

Well,the month of May is here(making it just seven more months to go in this fast moving year) and no,I don’t have anything to say about Scott Baio or Donald Trump and their political allies,but I do have two special messages to say about a certain humanoid shitstain/worthless piece-of-shit(that needs to be flushed down the toilet)/major league prickface who is also an ex-friend(that was with myself and everyone in Shawn Smith Lewis’ posse during the exclusive L.A. screening of THE BEYOND) that decided a few years ago to fucking mess with a good on-line friend while he was badly sick with leukemia in the hospital(and losing a kidney in the process[saying that he “faked his death”{which turned out to be an absolute lie}]) ,as a means in knocking what he sees as “the competition in the genre writing department” down and out of the way(since my friend has been in the business for 35 years),and then(along with his clique-ish group of uppity elitist friends over at both the Mobius Forum and various Blogspot sites) were deleting and blocking anyone(on their social networks) who was friends with this very friend,for he dared to mightily fucking mess with me(when I stood up for my good friend and I later questioned in a private Closed Facebook Group upon why he and his friend weren’t updating their Blogspot page for a long time(up to the point as if they were in jail[when they actually {and really}were collaborating on a Full Moon Pictures book that they should have told their fans and their readers about{before departing on their lengthy hiatus}]) and says that I post “crazy thoughts” there and now he(along with anyone that backs him) had better watch his front(along with his back),for when it comes to friends I’m like (the late,great)Ronnie James Dio in his rightful philosophy for in if you dare fuck with my friends you’re automatically fucking with me,and if he thinks I’m “crazy” he hasn’t seen the most craziest that I can fully get once I fully unleash my apocalyptic fury.  For a guy who(along with his Blogspot page) claims to be professional yet kills off both his professionalism and his credibility(as well as his site’s) when it comes to using his Blogspot site as an outlet to viciously attack,bully,harass,and namecall certain people that he don’t like,for here are two special messages to that Idiotic Prickface who dared to fuck with me by referring to me as “Indiana Bonehead”(and thinks that it’s so cool on picking on[and bullying] older fiftysomething guys[and has foolishly created a war])…

BTW: I also have a lot of friends in the Internet wrestling community(via on wrestling chatrooms) and in the genre community and they’ll immediately come after you if you dare fuck with me once again. And if you dare to take my blog down and out(and talk trash about me again[and give me free publicity in the process{which I’m certainly not giving you}]),I’ll take your site down and out: fair enough ?!

It’s on,motherfucker !!!!

ALIEN:COVENANT Is Coming To Theaters In Two Weeks: Bring It !!!

Steven M.

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Hasta La Vista,No-Spin Zone

With the Mauro Ranallo/WWE situation having come and gone(since Vince McMahon,Triple H,and the WWE brass were as much responsible for Ranallo’s leaving as JBL(John Bradshaw Layfield)’s taunting),it’s too late for myself to comment on it for now news has come that Fox News has given their longtime news employee Bill O’Reilly the boot.  A longtime employee since 1996,O’Reilly was known as one of the main conservative voices on Fox for although word has it that endless amounts of sexual harassment charges against him caused the heads at Fox to make this move(although it’s alleged that the heads at Fox also practice this similar tactic upon their female employees),it seems more to me that O’Reilly got tossed out due to his age(since he certainly wasn’t looking any younger) and that they must have felt that new blood was freshly needed,for one gets the strong feeling that (the ever aging) Geraldo Rivera(or even Sean Hannity) possibly getting the boot might not be too far behind.

With nothing much else to say(otherwise than no more “No-Spin Zone” and numerous shoutings of “Shut Up !!!”),here’s a mock funeral clip(complete with a tough shit talking security guard[ala Chuck Zito and Big John McCarthy])…

Now In Theaters: Ben Wheatley’s FREE FIRE,Which Is His First Nationwide Theatrical Release(After A Handful of Straight-To-VOD/DVD/Blu Ray Released Films),For While I’m Not A Fan Of Wheatley’s I Hope That It’s A Success For Him

Steven M.

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A Very Happy Easter(With A Pepsi And A Jedi)

Since I’ve been pretty lazy for the last couple of days,I just want to not heavily discuss about any issues and news items that I’ve been too lazy to fully cover in time,for I just want to wish everyone a Very Happy Easter,first with a Pepsi(even if it’s the controversial pro-liberal,pro-protesters,pro-Muslims,pro-lesbians,and pro-police commercial that is massively hated by both the liberals(who consider it to exploit their cause[in spite of the commercial’s good intention message]) and conservatives(who hate it for being pro-liberal),and the fact that it features a member of the Kardashian family(bringing peace to both the protesters and the police)

…and now with a Jedi

Happy Easter,Everyone !!

Have I Seen The Latest VOD Genre Film Of The Week THE VOID Or Am I Going To See The Upcoming Found Footage Outing PHOENIX FORGOTTEN ?!  I’ll Just Wait For Their Upcoming Free Library DVD Rentals

Steven M.

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Roger Ebert’s Take On Donald Trump

Well,April is here and this year of 2017 is surely moving very quickly(with only eight months left[and STAR WARS:THE LAST JEDI{a.k.a.:EPISODE 8}] to be released by the end of the year]).

It’s also been four years since mainstream film critic Roger Ebert passed away,for anyone that regularly followed him knows that he was becoming very political(on the progressive/liberal side) in the last nine to five years of his life and I’m sure that if he hadn’t lost his voice to cancer and was still alive Ebert would have possibly gone into politics(as a Democrat) and ran for a major political seat(instead of making an April Fool’s day joke about it[like George Takei recently did]).

If anyone is very curious upon what Ebert thought about our current President Donald Trump,here are two links to those very thoughts(including a film review of a documentary about Donald Trump)…



‘Nuff Said(For Now) !!

My Thoughts On The Likes of The New IT,The New SUSPIRIA,and The New VALERIAN Film(from Luc Bessen): I’ll Just Wisely Wait For Them And See Them During Their Theatrical Releases Before Unwisely Laying Judgment Upon Them(Which On-Line People Are Sadly Doing)

Steven M.


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Dario Argento Has Two New Horror Projects In The Works,For Where’s THE SANDMAN ?!

Source: Dario Argento has two new horror projects in the works

According to the link above,Italian horror filmmaker Dario Argento has said that he is slowly working on two new horror film projects,his first since 2013’s ARGENTO’S DRACULA 3-D film,but didn’t give any details upon which certain films they will be.

Speaking of which,one really needs to bravely ask Dario just what the hell happened to his previous project THE SANDMAN,which had both Iggy Pop(in the title role)and Canadian podcaster/punk rock band musician Darren Abraham amongst the cast and had a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the film. For while I can understand that filming was delayed due to a stairway falling accident that Dario had in his home a year or two ago,the film’s producers have since remained silent about the current state of THE SANDMAN(even though Dario gave an update last year saying that there are numerous producers of various nations behind THE SANDMAN that have delayed its filming. I’m heavily curious to see upon whether Dario is still attached to THE SANDMAN,if it’ll have a different cast and a different filmmaker behind the camera,or if THE SANDMAN will happen at all(since making a crowdfunding contribution to a film project is a major risk to take).

Can’t Believe That This Month Of March Is Almost Over,Since It Is Going To Be April This Coming Saturday,Making Another Quickly Moving Dysfunctional Year

Steven M.

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Way More Scarier(And More Dangerous) Than The Monsters On KONG:SKULL ISLAND

So,some people think that the monsters in KONG:SKULL ISLAND were really scary,eh ?! Those fantasy beings are nothing compared to the real life(and extremely scary) monsters that populated the recent “March for Trump” in Phoenix, Arizona. Maricopa County continued to display its reputation as Trump County as hundreds of locals,including heavily armed far right wing militamen(of the Alex Jones variety),white nationalists,and even a few elected officials,gathered for the horrific event that is known as “March for Trump”,which was actually a hateful rally that preached evil and hatred and violent(and even death) against liberals,progressives,Democrats,and various minorities and religious groups. The link to the article covering this sickening,projectile vomit inducing event is below…

Source: Trump Supporters Call For ‘Liberal Genocide’ and Deportation of Jews at Arizona Rally @alternet

It so heavily sickens me to know that such grotesque attitudes and sickening behavior such as the ones displayed by the assholes and shitbags that attended this barf event(of absolute shit)and preached their disgusting views at this event that displayed them as the neo Nazi fascist far right wing extremist scumbags that they truly are,for it saddens me upon how our current government is now chock full of these creepy folks and how these worthless pieces of shit were even allowed to have such a sickening event,but then again Arizona is a state that has as much of a wacky far right wing state government as Utah,Texas,and Florida. I truly feel deeply sorry for the wonderful innocent people that live in these mentioned states as they have to deal with enduring these walking pieces of human garbage that advocate their hateful views,for without the Internet and the endless protests by numerous citizens these far right wing scumbags possibly would have already transformed America into the second reign of Nazi Germany and been a threat to a majority of the world.

Before I begin to vomit upon continuing to think about these assholes and their “March For Trump” fuckfest event,I’ll just leave it here in having that if these far right wing political shitbags and their braindead sheep/followers attempt to take away the rights to protesting,being of a certain nationality or a religion,having a certain political view,or the free speech in speaking out(since these “March For Trump” fuckholes made death threats against those that don’t share their twisted views and even advocated for killing those very people),they will only experience a strong resistance by many open minded people that won’t be sitting down for any of their bullshit and will tremendously give these scumbags a strong fight to the very end(to protect every single one of their full fledged rights for both their personal views and as human beings).

Please Don’t Ask me Just What Is Up With That Ridiculous Looking New Blue Logo Owl For TNA/Anthem(Now That Dixie Carter Has Been Phased Out Of TNA),Since They’re Continuing TNA’s Legacy Of Running People Out Of The Company(Such As The Hardy Boys) And Bringing Further Ruin To That Very Company

Steven M.

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It Sucks To Be So Self Important


Since the death of its main man/singer Kevin Dubrow,Quiet Riot has been on an extremely rocky road since drummer Frankie Banali reformed the band as it has gone through a great many various singers(with Jizzy Pearl having lasted the longest)as QR has now moved on from its last singer Seann Nicolas(of Adler’s Appetite) to its newfound current singer James Durbin of AMERICAN IDOL fame,with the always vocal crowd over at the Blabbermouth website loudly questioning both the choice of Durbin and QR’s frequent change in its line-up of singers.

Instead of being wise and ignoring the vocal fans,Durbin instead threw a hissy fit as he loudly berated the fans at Blabbermouth,referring to them as “supreme scum” and showing what extremely light skin he’s got via his oh-so-self important statement about his role in the band.  While I can understand Durbin stating his important in his first gig in fronting a well known name band,it is pretty ridiculous for Durbin to get too sensitive in allowing people to get under his skin since I’ve been on the Internet for 15 years and it took me half a year in quickly growing some very thickskin and basically ignoring people,not giving a sheer fuck about what anyone says about me since I haven’t got any time for people being super critical of me and anyone’s trolling bullshit(since several have tried it before,only to find themselves getting deleted and blocked).  And no,the Blabbermouth folks weren’t trolling Durbin,since they all wisely know that it’s silly for a guy in his late twenties who resembles a young Goth model fronting a past-their-prime heavy metal band that hasn’t had a hit song or a hit album in many years and that are pretty much going through the motions in striving to survive on the music scene,and it was pretty dumb of Durbin vocally tearing apart the people that QR strongly relies on to help give them the support that they fully need(since this is what Kevin Dubrow learned throughout the years after severely trashing many other heavy metal bands[in a competitive streak] that cost QR their chart topping career,being that it’s the fans[that mainly count the most]) and instead just lump them in amongst the same region where drummer Bobby Blotzer’s incarnation of Ratt is currently at(with Nicolas now that latter band’s new singer),for as bizarre,wild,and insane of a ride that Blotzer’s Ratt(without the original members[who have reformed and are planning a tour and a new album[without Blotzer]) truly is,at least Blotzer’s Ratt is much more entertaining to hear about than Frankie Banali’s and James Durbin’s incarnation of Quiet Riot.

And on a final note: while I’m fully aware of the Quiet Riot song “It Sucks To Be You”,I’ll just wisely instead post a video clip of wrestler Broken Matt Hardy speaking upon how many fans feel like seeing happen to Durbin(career-wise)…

This Coming Friday In Theaters Is The New Celluloid Monster Mash KONG:SKULL ISLAND; Damn,These Movies Are Coming Out An Awful Lot Faster Than I Can Catch Up With Seeing Them

Steven M.

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