Late October Ramblings

via Henry Rollins Blasts Donald Trump, Says Hillary Clinton ‘Would Make A Very Good President’ –

Since October is almost over and both Halloween,November,and Election Day are all around the corner,here are some of my thoughts on the latest current news….

*  THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON SEVEN ;  You’ve got to give both Jeffrey Dean Morgan(/Negan0 and (make-up effects man/)director Greg Nicotero for delivering such an emotionally powerful episode,with both Glenn and Abe having literally bit the dust. And to all of those that are criticizing this very episode: It Is On A Cable Channel and not regular network television and it isn’t supposed to be calm and peaceful nor even G rated(for that matter),for get the hell out of here if you don’t like it(especially if you’re a hater of the show). The same goes for all of you snickering fanboys and fangirls who are foolishly blaming Daryl for Glenn’s death,yes…the very same people who threaten to riot if Daryl dies. (Rolls Eyes)

*  After we lost Glenn Rhee,we also lost both legendary horror television shot John Zacharley and character actor Michael Massee.

*   Fanboys and fangirls are petitioning on-line for both Quentin Tarantino and the Soska Sisters to direct DEADPOOL 2(?!?!).    Tarantino would have no interest,since he’s too busy with his own projects and the major studios wouldn’t consider the Soskas for that very sequel(since the Soskas are Straight-To-VOD/DVD/Blu ray filmmakers in the studio executives’ and studio producers’ eyes).

*  As November 8th. draws nears there is plenty of endless sheer lunacy is going on,with Mr. Corporate Brothel Pimp himself Dennis Hof running for a Nevada Assembly seat as a Libertarian,yet he’s rubbing shoulders with Tea Party Republicans such as (the ever nauseating) Michele Fiore and is blaming both his Democrat seat rival and the Krdashians for causing the burning down of his house,which they had nothing to do with.  Dennis’ YouTube channel has also been terminated after making those accusations against the Kardashians and his Nevada Assembly seat rival on last weekend’s Bunny Ranch video.

—  I’m not going to complain about Donald Trump anymore,since I can no longer take the guy seriously and if he was Very Serious about really wanting to be President he wouldn’t be saying the insane things that he says and would focus more on discussing both healthcare and the economy(than about building Very Un-American border walls).

— The Trump trolls are threatening to bully and harass anyone that is voting(especially on the opposite side) on Election Day,claiming they yearn to make sure that anyone doesn’t return to the polls to vote three to six times.  The Trump trolls will be likely to be the ones doing that,and I’ll bravely be there at the voting polls on Election day to cast my vote(and Not for Trump) and not allow any of those bullies to dare push me around(They Won’t).

—  The Cliven Bundy bunch have been released from jail,in time for the elections.

And speaking of which,I’ll just end this blog entry on this note…

I’ve Got A Conspiracy Theory About This Election That Not Even Alex Jones(The Traitorous Sell-Out That He Is) Nor Jesse Ventura Are Talking About,For I’ll Openly Share It After The Elections End

Steven M.


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It’s October Already

Since we’re already two weeks into October,let’s get right into it….

* Trump Train Colliding And Crashing:  For the last week now,there are Bill Clinton-esque allegations by various women that are accusing Donald Trump of  sexually harassing them,to the point of talking dirty to them and groping them.  That is no surprise,given the nature of how Trump is since I won’t deeply get into it since the majority of the GOP/Republican party heavily despise Trump(with the exception of Fox News,Info Wars’ Alex Jones,and the far right wing extremist conservatives) and his ratings and poll numbers are falling. Whether people like to hear it or not,the election is leaning upon Hillary Clinton to become the first female President(despite her many flaws) to score a win,anyway,for I don’t know whether it’s all within the government or merely a secret plan between Trump and Jesse Ventura(who got Trump into politics in 2000[as a liberal leaning Independent candidate]) to help get Hillary an easy win(since Trump’s talk is sheer insanity that he has been never known for in the 80s and 90s[and more closer to Oscar Goodman during his Las Vegas mayorial years from 1999 to 2011{which the government surprisingly didn’t take major notice of}]). The mind just wonders…

* Bill Goldberg Returns To The WWE:  Next week marks the return of Bill Goldberg to the WWE after a 12 year absence from both that federation and wrestling,mainly to have a rematch with Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2016.  While I’d rather see Goldberg in a match against either The Undertaker or Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 2017,it is at least bringing back one of WCW’s most major icons back to wrestling and the WWE since Goldberg had a lot better run in the WWE than Sting(who was barely[and badly] used) and he’s mostly doing it for his son,who wants to see him wrestle and back in action(wrestling ring-wise).

* Disappointed That I Don’t Fully Devote My Blog To Movies ?:  I sure that anyone who follows and reads my blog wonders why I don’t fully focus on movies and more movies,for only focusing on films would make my blog very boring and I always enjoy discussing about the current news of the moments whether it’s in music,movies,sports,life,and politics. And if anyone doesn’t like it that I don’t kneel down to certain overrated films and practice my politics as a liberal; Too bad.  This is how I am and how I am as both a writer and as a person,for this is what makes me feel fully going into remaining active in the social media Internet universe since I’ve been here for 14  1/2 to 15 years and I have been active on-line a lot longer than many people that have come and gone because social media Internet fully drives me to keep on going and keep me alive,as well as help brighten my day whenever I’m feeling sad and down and keep me in touch with the times and what is currently going on rather than just allow my mindset to remain and stay stuck in the past(whether it’s the 70s or the 80s,or even the 90s).  I may not frequently post pics of myself left and right,since I’m not too keen on the technology of posting pics and I don’t feel the yearn to overpost many pics of myself like so many people in the on-line world enjoy doing,for that stuff gets tiresome and I’m no narcissist nor wannabe on-line celebrity and creating a mystery and a mystique about myself is just more fun and more merrier. And while I’m open about a lot of things,I never talk about my private life since it’s boring and I don’t have much of a lavish life to publicly share with the universe,for I just enjoy what I’m doing here and that’s that.

Got to go now…

Now In Theaters: SHIN GODZILLA(a.k.a.: GODZILLA:RESURGENCE),Which Is A Decent Entry In The Series Even If It’s More Serious,More Realistic,More Bigger Budgeted,And More Political Than Any Of The Other Films.  Quickly See It While You Can During It’s Brief One Week Long Run

Steven M.

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Carpenter Vs. Zombie,H.G. Lewis,TNA Selling To WWE ?!

While I’ve got no comment on last night’s Presidential debate(since everyone else is already talking about it),horror filmmaker John Carpenter has gotten himself into a verbal scuffle with fellow horror filmmaker/rock musician Rob Zombie when he answered a Swedish female fan’s question about RZ(Rob Zombie)’s 2007 HALLOWEEN film,with Carpenter referring to RZ as a “lying piece-of-shit”.

I may not be a fan of RZ’s films,but Carpenter was very crude and disrespectful in calling RZ that very name.  Carpenter hasn’t made a film since 2011’s THE WARD(which wasn’t a good film) and he has basically been acting very grumpy,unpleasant,and rude to people and fans. As much as I’ve avidly enjoy Carpenter’s past films throughout the years(heck,I even dig VAMPIRES and GHOSTS OF MARS),I’m tired of his current burned out attitude and how he’s treated people in recent years(since he’s always been known as a really good guy to work with and meet over the years) and instead of making nine years too late responses to a remake/reboot that happened long ago,Carpenter should just wisely fully focus and mainly concentrate upon making sure that the new HALLOWEEN film that he’s executive producing will a damn good one and that it won’t suck(since it possibly will if he ends up hiring Adam Wingard,Joe Lynch,Adam Green,or J.J. Abrams[The last person I’d ever want to see writing and directing this films{after the massive damage he inflicted upon the MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE,STAR TREK,and STAR WARS films}]to do it[:I can live with Mike Flanagan doing it,even if I’m not a fan of his and he’s basically hit-and-miss to me]).

And Farewell to Herschell Gordon Lewis,the first splatter horror movie filmmaker who pioneered the gory cinema format and we just sadly lost him since we were very lucky that he made his return to film(30 years after 1972’s THE GORE GORE GIRLS) with 2002’s BLOOD FEAST 2:ALL YOU CAN EAT,2009’s THE UH-OH SHOW,and the upcoming BLOODMANIA.  I’m just hoping that the Fangoria Horror Hall Of Fame wisely inducts H.G. Lewis into their Hall,since he is truly in sheer(and Very Deserving) need of one.

I’ll just end it here…

Despite The Strong Efforts Of Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan To Fully Buy The Company,Dixie Carter Is Strongly Intent On Selling TNA To The WWE(Who Have Expressed Interest In Their Library): I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If WWE Buys And Absorbs TNA As They Did With WCW And ECW,And That Dixie Becomes Stephanie McMahon’s Minion/Flunkie(and Set Up For A “You’rrrrrreeeeeee Fiiiirrrrrrreeeedddddd !!!!” Scenerio With Either Steph,Vince,Or The Both Of Them)

And Don’t Ask Me About Ryback’s Rumored Attempt To Join The MMA Company Bellator     😀😀

Steven M.

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September 2016 Ramblings

It is hard to believe that it is now already September and that not only is this year almost over(in about three months) but that this year’s extremely ugly and highly dysfunctional Presidential elections are soon to end in two months.

It has been a hard time for me within the last few months regarding some very private matters which are only my personal business and are just too extremely lengthy to discuss and bore people with,for I’m just strongly hoping that things will get a lot better within the next few months, for both myself and the rest of America and the world.

Otherwise,I missed out on the Fathom Event nationwide premiere of Rob Zombie’s 31,which has everyone heavily divided(Surprise !!!!),and that the horror news sites are overhyping the upcoming BLAIR WITCH reboot from Adam Wingard,for I’m definitely skipping that one since those two God awful BLAIR WITCH PROJECT films were enough for me to attempt to stomach.

And Pamela Anderson is also attempting to discourage men from watching porn. It is Absolutely None of her business what guys yearn to watch and guys are old enough to decide whatever they want to watch and if they ever feel the strong yearn to quit watching porn and not Pamela’s,who should instead worry about her fading career.

R.I.P. to the following recently deceased people: WWF’s Mr. Fuji,Marvin Kaplan(TV’s ALICE and THE SEVERED ARM),Hugh O’Brien,Jon Polito,and (70s comedic great)Gene Wilder. They will all be heavily missed.

Before I go,It’s Political Chat Time(for those that strongly despise political talk may now leave the room): I’m getting the strong suspicion that Donald Trump just might be a possible plant sent in by both Jesse Ventura(who encouraged Trump to undertake a Presidential run[as a more liberal Independent candidate in 2000]) and Alex Jones(the rousing troublemaker that he is) to possibly shake up and disrupt both the Republican party(who have easily fallen for Trump’s far right wing shtick) and the American political system and bring major ruin and complete chaos to it, given Trump’s recent joke of a visit to Mexico and the media’s classification of Trump’s politics as alt-right/alternative right(farther right wing conservativism).  I just strongly hope that everyone makes the rightful decision in Not choosing someone with no political experience that’ll only cause massive mayhem(for both America and the world) if a win for him does happen.  And if you don’t like Hilary Clinton then vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson instead,since a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Gary Johnson.  And BTW: conservative figurehead Phyllis Schafly has also passed away,and Greta Van Sustern has just quit her Fox News gig,for I’m sure that Greta will have some dirt to dish out in the near future(about that bozo new network[and why she left while in the midst of an election year]).

Back to get back ding what I’m privately doing…

In Theaters On Friday: The Kate Beckinsale Starring THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM,Which Is R-Rated(All Of You PG-13 Haters Out There Can Now Relax),Which Looks To Be Very Good And A Much Better Alternative To That BLAIR WITCH Thingy…

Steven M.



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Metallica’s Upcoming Album ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’: A Return To Form Or More Of The Same Ole Bullshit ?!

via Metallica To Release ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’ Album In November –

Amid the news of various upcoming movies and the latest political antics(is Donald Trump really in the election just to promote his two sons’ impending political careers[with Donald Jr. planning a New York City mayorial run,and Eric possibly going for a New York senate or governor run] ?),news comes of Metallica having recently completed and preparing to release their new album in November,with  a cover that similarly resembles Crowbar’s 1998 album cover(is drummer Lars Ulrich possessed/infected by The Thing[with tentacles and crab legs about to gorily burst out from his body] ?) and the title song “Hardwired” that is reminiscent of their early and mid 80s glory.

Since Metallica has pretty much succeeded in sliding their path from the thrash metal scene to being more mainstream with 1991’s self titled Black album(which was jokingly subtitled “Married To Metal”[since two of Metallica’s members were getting divorces during the time of its recording]) to becoming grunge/alt.rock with both “Load” and “Reload”(featuring three great songs[the album’s first three songs],and mainly filler) to exploring Nu Metal with “St. Anger”(with singer/rhythm guitarist James Hetfield’s mumbled lyrics displaying the drunken state he was in at the time[and in rehab]) to their grindcore album “Death Magnetic”(which didn’t contain one memorable song),”Hardwired…Etc,Etc.” sounds like it’s promising to return to the sound of the first four albums although I’ll wisely take it with a grain of salt since James,Lars,lead guitarist Kirk Hammett,and bassist Robert Trujillo(the Roman Reigns/Jason Mamoa looking stunt double that he is) wouldn’t want to risk ever losing the richer and comfortably luxurious things in life that they struggled so hard to achieve and wind up on the B,C,and D grade list like so many of their fellow 80s bands.

Otherwise,I’ll just wisely sit back and say my word on “Hardwired” when it gets officially released.

R.I.P.: Kenny Baker,A.K.A.: R2D2(Artoo Detoo) Of The First Seven STAR WARS Films(And Yes,He Briefly Played Artoo In Episode 7)

Steven M.

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Dumbass Fanboy Idiocy Continues

During the week that the latest comic book based superhero genre film SUICIDE SQUAD,which features both the return of The Joker (in the form of Jared Leto) and the debut of The Joker’s equally unhinged girlfriend/partner-in-crime Harley Quinn(in the form of Margot Robbie),the new film has been severely slammed by film critics left and right,with the worse offender being the film reviews rating site Rotten Tomatoes as it has been hit by a group of SUICIDE SQUAD adoring fanboys who have slammed that very site with a petition that urges for the permanent shutdown of the site….

…all on the basis of a bad film review for one certain film. Christ,is this so damn ridiculous,since the fans of the past have never—Never(!!!)—urged to protest in the pre-Internet days of ever shutting down Roger Ebert for his film critic job just because he despised a certain film,or urging for the shutdown of any film critics or awards show just because one certain film got critically trashed or heavily overlooked.  This massive display of major league utter bullshit just shows how infantile and immature the fans of today fandom genre community scene just because they can’t have their way and suddenly decide to throw a revolt over the stupidest and most minor issues.   These complete tools are only making all intelligent fans look really stupid and like absolute idiots all on the basis of a few bad rotten apples that lurk in the fandom community.

Morale Of The Real Life Story:  Definitely grow some manly balls and grow the fuck up instead of ruining things for everyone with hurting the fandom community with such stupid and infantile antics.

I Recently Caught Up With Mike Flanagan’s Critically Acclaimed HUSH And I Enjoyed Every Gore Filled Suspenseful Minute Of It.  Here’s The Link To The Review Of HUSH…


Steven M.

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Never Give Up Hope

No posting clips,pics,or music videos this time,for right now is very important for me is discuss something that has been lately on my mind and has been really disturbing as far as the future of both America and the world comes to mind.

With Hillary Clitnon’s recent pick of Tim Kaine as her Vice President/running mate choice(alongside Donald Trump’s secretly announced VP choice of Mike Ponce),several liberals and millennials(that strongly campaigned for Bernie Sanders) have been announcing how they think that Trump will win the Presidential race.  LISTEN….for the President election hasn’t ended yet and November 8th is quickly coming along on the way of this year’s mightily dysfunctional and ugly election year,for just because Hillary has taken both Kaine and recently ousted Debbie Wasserman Schultz under her wind doesn’t mean that one has to toss her under the moving wheels of a 18 wheeler truck just to apathetically help score a Trump win.  Reacting like this or being completely apathetic is truly so disrespectful to the future of our nation and the world since Trump has entered into quickly developing dementia with the Tea Party and the Alex Jones far right wing militia as the pullers of his puppet strings and having him running our nation will only lead to an awful lot chaotic situation than American and the world are already in right now,as well as the unleashing of a major civil war should Trump enforce his twisted plans should he be allowed to do so and his plans to conduct the likes of using nuclear missiles to bomb the Middle East(to demolish ISIS and the Middle Eastern terrorists and possibly North Korea(a place which he yearned in 2000 he would get America into a war with should be become President),yearned to proudly kick off a World War(the ever dreaded WWIII) and possible wars with Mexico and South America(should his Very Un-American,ever dreaded border wall be allowed to be built) and both Canada and China to come along the way.

As much as I would support voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson,he doesn’t have the major creds to pull off a surprise victorious win,for Hillary may not be the perfect vote to vote for but it is truly an awful lot better than the Big Brother-esque,social freedoms stripped,heavily militarized police,white supremist militias,and rednecks,Internet blocked society that Trump and the Tea Party/Alex Jones/far right movement heavily yearn for enforcing upon us and happily sticking upon us all in a very painful and unsavory way.

Being apathetic and not feeling the urge to vote this year is not a good reason to pass up upon what could possibly be the last Presidential election ever,for if you Really want to keep Every single one of your social freedoms and a Completely free Internet all kept fully intact,you fully know just what to do come on November 8th.

On November 8th,Definitely Rock The MotherFucking Vote !!!!

The Latest Internet Fanboy Craze: Andy Wingard’s THE WOODS Has Now Become The New BLAIR WITCH Sequel,With Everyone Going Fully Ga-Ga Over It To The Point Of Abandoning Their Now-Ex Filmmaking Hero Rob Zombie For The Next Big Thing That Is Adam Wingard(Complete With Rumors To Be Attached To The New HALLOWEEN Sequel): I’ll Wisely Avoid This Upcoming New BLAIR WITCH Film Just To Stay Away From Getting Lost Amongst The Crowd

Steven M.

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