Many Reasons Why GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 Will Indeed Suck

As the remake/reboot of GHOSTBUSTERS comes along its way in mid July(during my birthday week),here are many of the following reasons upon why it will indeed Suck…

*  It stars a terrible cast headed by Melissa McCarthy

*  The trailers look God awful

*  The 2016 theme song will be performed by Fall Out Boy(the never-was emo band) and Missy Elliott(the early 00s/2000s washed-up has-been)

* Director Paul Weig says that anyone that attacks this new film is both an asshole and a sexist for its all-female team(which consists of nobodies[and not tough,badass women like Pam Grier,Gloria Hendry,Dyanne Thorne,Sybil Danning,Traci Lords,and Nastassja Kinski])

*  KNOCKED UP and THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN director Judd Apatow says that anyone that attacks the new film is a Donald Trump supporter(!!!!)

* The on-line publicity for this film is so extremely terrible

…End Of Discussion.

Now In Theaters: THE CONJURING 2,Which Is Gathering Up Many,Many Glowing And Praising Film Reviews,Meaning Another Mega Success For Both James Wan And Jason Blum(And I’m Not Brownnosing Them On That One)

Steven M.

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The TNA Apocalypse Comsumes The Hardy Boys

I’m taking a break today from both movies and politics to discuss about wrestling…

As rumors of TNA wrestling slowly going under continue to fill up the Internet,there has been a recent family feud of two former well known WWE Attitude Era wrestlers whose heated rivalry that started in the WWE in the early 00s/2000s has moved on to TNA and is now consisting of becoming their current major item,for Matt Hardy has taken on a heel persona,dyed his hair,and adapted a bizarre European accent as he’s been throwing everything he’s got at his brother Jeff.

This event has pretty much soured  lot of wrestling fans who are as disgusted with the current state of the WWE as they have with TNA for the last six to eight years. With a network future growing more gloomy by the day(as they’ve bounced around from Spike TV to Destination America to PopTV),one looks at this really silly(which the storyline truly is for this) resurrected Hardy brothers feud as TNA’s last ditch attempt to attract the wrestling fans away from the WWE(as well as both Ring Of Honor and AAA’s Lucha Underground) to watch their company’s show and witness this feud with two former major WWE name stars who are TNA’s current two top names,yet many fans feel that this feud has been done before and is just resurrected for TV ratings purposes and as well as to get the fans to watch their shows again.

TNA has a lot of great rising new talents(such as Jade and Rosemary[with her Harley Quinn-meets-Marilyn Manson persona] and her boys in The Decay),but this resurged Hardy brothers feud just feels very gratuitous since the Hardys are nearing the twilight nadir of their careers and they haven’t got much else that is fresh and innovating anyone to offer,since they had their peak in the early and mid 00s/2000s in elevating both their wrestling personas and in-ring abilities back when they were the WWE’s Golden Boys(before CM Punk to knock them out of their top spots[which angered the WWE brass company behind-the-scenes people]).

It’ll be interesting to see what TNA will do to stay afloat throughout the rest of 2016 and possibly 2017,as well as if both Matt and Jeff Hardy decide to return to the WWE to bring their careers to a close,if this current brotherly feud in TNA doesn’t throw a permanent monkey wrench in those very plans.

Bill Goldberg Recently Made His WWE Return On A WWE2K17 TV Commercial,Yet Nobody Cares Nor Is Excited: Could Goldberg Be Returning Five Years Too Late(Ala Sting) For Anyone To Care Anymore ?

Steven M.

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Gorilla Saves Fallen Kid,Get Rewarded By Being Shot


A few days ago,a tragic event happened at the local Cincinnati Zoo where an unwatched four year old boy accidently fell into an animal exhibit,which was the home of Harambre the gorilla.  Seeing the fallen child,Harambre came to his aid and held him in his arms to protect him,only to be rewarded by the zoo staff by getting shot dead,since they feared Harambre was going to do harm to the kid.

Now,I’m not going to criticize the zoo staff for what they did or cry about what happened to Harambre,for the only thing that I can ask here is just why the zoo staff didn’t get an animal/gorilla whisperer to get to Harambre’s habitat and have him release the child to save him from being shot.  And why didn’t the staff use tranquilizer darts to knock out Harambre if they thought that major harm was to be done.  That is all I am asking.

End of discussion(upon this very matter).

Self Glow/Boasting Moment(Which I Rarely Ever Do): I’m Amazed That I’ve Been Blogging For 11 Years(First On AOL[When They Had Blogs],And Then On Myspace[When They Also Had Blogs]),Including 7 Years On WordPress. And 1 1/2 Years Of Writing Film Reviews On Letterboxd.   Self Plug(Which I Also Rarely Ever Do): Check Out My Various Genre Film Reviews At

Steven M.

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John Carpenter And Jason Blum Join The HALLOWEEN Relaunch: What Next…

A few days ago,the news was announced that both Jason Blum(the maestro producer of the modern horror genre powerhouse known as Blumhouse Productions) and Malek Akkad have joined forces with John Carpenter to produce the new HALLOWEEN relaunch film that will debut in October 2017,with Carpenter serving as both an executive producer and providing the music.

A lot of the newer breed of filmmakers have massively lined up at the door to undertake directing(as well as writing) the new film,which all include the likes of Adam Wingard,Mike Flanagan,Adam Green,and Joe Lynch.  Despite all of these names,one wonder heavily wish that Carpenter himself(which has slowly downed upon working in films[with his last film being 2012’s THE WARD]) would instead take upon both writing and directing the film,something that would enormously rock the entire genre film universe and soemthng that the HALLOWEEN films(which has been downhill since Part 5) would really need.

Now,what the storyline will be about,whether it continues the storyline of either 1981’s HALLOWEEN 2,Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2(H2),HALLOWEEN:RESURRECTION,HALLOWEEN 6,or HALLOWEEN 3,or instead birth itself an entirely new storyline(and opening a whole new alternate universe[ala the other HALLOWEEN films]) is anyones guess.

Just make sure that It Is A Really Damn Good HALLOWEEN Film,Damn It !!!!

The WWE Is Now Returning To Its Raw And Smackdown Brand Split For The First Time In 15 Years: We’ll See Whether If It’ll Succeed This Time Or If It’ll Fizzle As It Previously Did(After Five Years[In The 00s/2000s])

Steven M.


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The Far Right’s Attempt To Exterminate Progressive Liberalism And All Social Freedoms

Source: Trump SCOTUS pick William Pryor would have let states jail LGBT people for having sex in their homes

It just completely sickens me and makes me feel the incredible urge to puke whenever the media massively covers the latest antics of ever nutzoid-as-fuck far right wing movement and their psychotic attempts to destroy both progressive liberalism and every single social freedom on the planet,especially when it comes to hearing every grotesque word that comes out of the mouths of Donald Trump,Alex Jones,everyone at Fox News and in the conservative media,the lunatic far right state governments of Utah,Texas,and Flroida,and all of their rabid supporters.

Instead of President Obama’s rightful Supreme Court pick,the Senate is hearing that Donald Trump has picked a conservative nutbag named William Pryor for that very court position,with his stance to place every gay person in jail for the purpose of having sex in their homes. Duh,since jails and prisons are where gays lurks to have same sex with each other and force heterosexual men into becoming gay,for what is this jackass talking about,since this is further proof that Donald Trump is about as politically inexperienced(since he never held a public office in his life) as he is and he can’t even tell the truth or properly pronounce a proper sentence from his very lips,as looks as looks mentally unstable with each new coming day. Why the hell would anyone(such as the irrelevant washed-up has-been likes of Antonio Sabato Jr,Scott Baio,Korn’s Jonathan Davis,and Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan[who is no longer the breakthrough musician that he once was])would want to vote for someone that is in the far right and is so severely one sided and close minded and would only do major damage upon both America and the entire world is so beyond me,bringing a new meaning to the (currently popular)term “Fuck Me !!”(a word you can Never,Never say in prison).

And before I go,I recently heard about the ruckus between Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters at this past weekend’s Southern Nevada Democratic event(which sounds more like a typical ruckus at a Trump rally),for it sounds to me like the likes of Donald Trump,Alex Jones(who’s becoming the new Rush Limbaugh[since he vocally sounds like Limbaugh{on crack}]),and Fox News have sent their people in there to infiltrate the event and stir up trouble on purpose in the far right’s attempt to fully destroy the Democrat party. Both Bernie and Hillary supporters fully need to listen up and stop being one sided and apathetic since We All Have Got To Save All Of Our Social Freedoms From These Fascist Far Right Assholes Who Are Attempting To Destroy Us All And Fully Unite As One In Order To Mightily Defeat Them In The November Election Polls,since I don’t want to see our nation lose porn,abortion,and the rights of gay,women,and minorities(as well as allow the censorship of music,movie,videogames,and the Intenet),and I don’t want to see Trump’s stupid piece-of-shit border Wall become a reality(that’ll only make America further broke and bankrupt[since Mexico refuses to give in to Trump’s racketeering and extortion demands{as he yearns for every foreign nation to do for his military protection}]).

I rest my case(for now).

The Remake Craze Continues With Melissa McCarthy’s GHOSTBUSTERS(Which Resembles An All Female Cast Studded Version Of PIXIES),The Upcoming TV Remakes Of TIME AFTER TIME,THE EXORCIST,And THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW,And The In-The-Works Remakes Of Both MANIAC COP And WITCHFINDER GENERAL. Instead Of Complaining(While The Producers Make Their Money Off From Them),I’ll Just Wisely Ignore Them(All Of Those Remakes): Plain And Simple.

Steven M.

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Adam Wingard’s THE WOODS:The Latest In Media On-Line Burn Effect Syndrome

This coming September,Lionsgate returns to its horror releasing roots when it releases Adam Wingard’s latest film THE WOODS(no relations to Lucky McKee’s film of the same name[which forced M. Night Shyamalan to change the name of his similarly titled film to THE VILLAGE]).  Needless to say,it has fallen under the spell  the on-line media overhype machine that started with both THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and has continued onward since upon film after film after film.

It’s apparently the same exact road for fans and critics to slowly walk upon once again without no end in sight,as the overhype machine syndrome has created a burn effect(something that has been popular for the last 56 years) where a certain film,song,or celebrity is mightily overhyped to the moon and back repeatedly until a month or a year later when they’re tossed aside for The Next Big Thing to come along.  This publicity strategy has both helped and hurt films(as well as music and celebrities) in overexposing something(or someone) to the point that people eventually grow tired of it,and when it’s tossed aside everyone has forgotten about it by then(after all of the money has been made from it). As much as myself and other people may complain about it,t is as strategy that won’t end anytime soon.

Otherwise,as far as Adam Wingard’s THE WOODS goes,I’ll just wise keep an open mind and just stay fully silent about it until I get to actually the film once it is released,whether or not it actually is “A New Direction In Horror Films !!!”(the quote from Bloody Disgusting’s Brad Miska); isn’t that the same similar thing that the overhype publicity machine also said about THE GALLOW(another film that also quickly came and went[just like every other film]) ?

GHOSTBUSTERS 2016’s Director Paul Weig Complains About The Internet Haters In An On-Line Interview And Calls Them Assholes And Douchebags,For Feig Might As Well Add Himself To His Very Own Douchebag List(With His Equally Douchebag Attitude). And BTW: I  Haven’t Seen The GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 Trailer And I Won’t Bother,Since I Don’t Care About The Film. ‘Nuff Said !!

Steven M.

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Far Right Wing Thuganomics Continues

As between the lines of liberal and centralist/Libertarian(social stance-wise) as our nation has been since the days of 9/11,the far right wing political movement has continued to charge its ugly and ferocious face onward as several of our nation’s social freedoms have been under tremendous amounts of attacks to the points of our freedoms being slowly stripped away from us if a more conservative political force wins the White House.

From Utah forbidding porn(and considering it a public hazard) to North Carolina slamming its door hard upon both gay rights and transgender people being in public bathrooms to certain states forbidding abortion(even if Republican President Richard Nixon legalized it in 1973) to Donald Trump’s vomit inducing,nauseating idiotic foreign policy speech(which I couldn’t bare [after 30 minutes of listening to it]),America and its freedoms are in serious trouble as the conservative politicians and conservative media voices are displaying how strongly they are under the Tea Party’s payroll as they continue to make endless amounts of anger-filled and hateful comments upon people that are in the political opposite of where they stand amid all of the talking down,degrading,one sided,close minded,misogynist,and arrogant statements that they,the right wing politicians,and their supporters repeatedly state,having me worry upon what disastrous direction our nation will head into if any of these right wing politicians win.

All I can say to these jerkfaces is to…Knock It Off !!!!   Knock It Off And Leave Our Social Freedoms Alone !!!!  America surely can Not afford to have any of these Tea Party controlled politicians running our nations and making things an awful lot worse with spreading their sexism and racism to a full ugly tilt that it’ll threaten the stance of freedom that America proudly stands for.  And I’m certainly not looking up to these right wing politicians in giving economy a surplus(like President Bill Clinton did in the 90s) or protect us from radical foreign enemies(such as ISIS and North Korea)since they only yearn to me the rich more richer and the poor more poorer. And while I’m fully aware that our nation needs the conservative right wing politicians to help bring balance and diversity to the White House,Congress,and the Senate,the right wing conservatives just solely need to fully rid themselves of the neo-fascist far right wing people and the Tea Party and bring back moderates and socially liberal politicians into making the Republicans the party that they once were.

Well,I made another political article. Tough,politically apathetic people(since I care about the future of both Amercia and the world).

Now In Theaters: GREEN ROOM,And Now On Vimeo’s Video-On-Demand(VOD): HARVEST LAKE. I Haven’t Yet Seen Them(As Of This Writing),For See Them Before CAPTAIN AMERICA:CIVIL WAR(Alias THE AVENGERS:PART 2 1/2) Arrives In Theaters(And Conquers The Box Office)

Steven M.

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