My Quick Thoughts On Both “Post-Horror”(Whatever The Fucking Hell That Is) and Joe Rogan’s Anti-Wrestling Bullshit Comments

I’m back with yet another new blog entry,for without any bullshit here we go…


Today,a handful of Internet sites debuted a new horror term known as “Post-Horror”,which is very similar to that ever-so-hated late 80s term “It’s Not A Horror Film !”(as used by a handful of filmmakers around that time) as this new stupid sounding term has been used to describe the essence and feel of both IT COMES AT NIGHT and A GHOST STORY(both films which I haven’t yet seen),for I’ll just use one thing in describing this idiotic new term(that is as nauseating as both “fanboy” and “geek”)…

Joe Rogan’s Anti-Wrestling Bullshit Comments

From kissing Dana White’s ass to endlessly talking stupid things to infuriate people(such as the UFC’s VIP Georges St. Pierre(GSP) “having possible brain damage”),ex-Fear Factor host Joe Rogan is one of the most super overrated people on the planet as he’s completely unfunny and has nothing innovative to me about his comedy nor his podcast(which is just as equally super overrated),for when he displays the same anti-wrestling mentality as Dana White(the assmaster general that he is) andt he MMA community express,here are a few quick things to say about the maestro of verbal buggery….

First,from a classic mainstream bald headed celebrity superstar(on Joe Rogan)…

…and my thoughts on his idiotic anti-wrestling comments…

….for may Joe Rogan someday bump into ECW Original New Jack,a man who certainly would be too delighted in showing Joe Rogan just how real and how more entertaining wrestling truly is(knowing how truly insane New Jack can get).

Now In Theaters: SPIDER-MAN:HOMECOMING,Which I’ll Eventually Get Off Of My Lazy Rear To Go See When I Have The Money To(As Well As Both BABY DRIVER and [The Upcoming] WAR OF THE PLANET OF THE APES).

Steven M.

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Marching Into July

Yes,July is here and not only is it Summer time but we now have only five months left until the year ends(as well as the arrival of STAR WARS:EPISODE 8;THE LAST JEDI in theaters[it’s got to be better than the mediocre THE FORCE AWAKENS]),meaning I’ve better jump into some subjects right now…

* Flat Earth Bullshit Theory: What started off on Joe Rogan’s podcast has taken a life of its own as some fools do actually believe that our Earth is actually flat,for are some people actually this stupid to believe this bullshit theory otherwise if it were to be true half of the population would be falling off of the Earth and floating straight into space.

* Know-It-All Horror/Genre Site Writers:  I’m getting tired of such writers for horror/genre news/film retrospective sites who not only treat the fans like shit whenever that fan disagrees with them upon a film choice,but also act like they’re the appointed tastemakers for society in their choices of utterly shitty film titles to force us all to watch. Sorry,but I’ve got my own film choices to go to and wisely watch.

* UFC Poop Gate: As it sometimes happens in a WWE wretsling ring, there are episodes of MMA fighters actually pooping in their pants during a match,which recently happened in the UFC when female fighter Justine Kish did that scatological thingy during her match against Felice Herrig(making a mess all over the canvas fighting mat),which must have “really delighted” the likes of Dana White,Joe Rogan,and Big John McCarthy once they got hold of this news(which was the first to happen in years since UFC fighters Humberto Brown,Corey Wethey,and Tim Sylvia all did a very similar thing[in their pants]).

* A Message To A Few Assorted People: The likes of Bill Maher,Ice Cube,filmmaker Josh Becker,and The Classic Metal Show’s Wendell Neeley and Chris Akin all really need to get off of their high horses and stop claiming support and/or ownership of certain racial terms,for I’ll be light on Maher,Cube,and Becker since Maher’s N word dropping(which echoes Roger Ebert’s similar N word dropping[a few years before his death]) is now ancient history since both both Neeley and Akin talk about their dislike of blacks and Black Life Matters and slam anyone that speaks out against them as “Fake Racism”.   Sorry to these two heavy metal rednecks but racism is racism neither way,whether you support the right or are against them since racism is completely wrong in every way and both Neeley and Akin need to solely stick to playing cool long lost heavy metal songs(from the 80s and the 90s) and covering music industry news while completely stay away from politics and racial issues since their listeners tune in to listen to music and not listen to what they can hear on Fox News or MSNBC.

Well,that covers everything for now….

Sorry Fanboys And Fangirls,But I’m Unfortunately Too Broke To See Either BABY DRIVER Or Sofia Coppola’s Remake Of THE BEGUILED. Guess I’ll Have To Wait Till They’re Free DVD Rentals At My Local Library.

Steven M.

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News On Jake Busey’s Role In “The Predator”,And The Latest Far Right Wing Political Plan

Source: Jake Busey plays son of Gary Busey’s Predator 2 character in The Predator!

As provided in the link above,Jake Busey will ironically play the son of (his real life father)Gary Busey’s PREDATOR 2 character in the recently completed film THE PREDATOR,the fourth solo Predator film as well as the Predator’s sixth film appearance. And it’s nice to see (the often despised) PREDATOR 2 being acknowledged in the upcoming new film(since the first Danny Glover starring sequel does have its moments).

Written and directed by Shane Black(the scriptwriter[and co-star] oft he very first PREDATOR film),THE PREDATOR looks to be very interested for (unlike many critical on-line people) I won’t lay judgment until the film is officially released later this year(or possibly next year).

I just had to quickly kick out a blog entry before the upcoming month of July kicks in(this coming Saturday).

Quick Political Statement(Since I Openly Discuss Politics To Liven Up The Mix Here): I May Have Not Cared Much For Obamacare(Which Helped Lots Of People,Yet Costed Businesses A Lot Of Money To Provide),But Trumpcare Is Purely Evil And Will Only Help Lead America Into A Much More Darker Territory Than It’s Already Currently In,With Many Peoples’ Lives Already Placed In Danger(Mainly The Poor And The Middle Class). Fuck The Far Right Wing Politicians That Are Fully Backing It,As They’re Indeed Proving How The Combined Forces Of The Tea Party And The Alt Right(Which Have Infiltrated[And Deeply Brainwashed] Both The Libertarian Party And The Republican Party) Are An Extreme Danger To America,America’s Social Freedoms,And American Lives.

Steven M.

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Wow. Just What The World “Really” Needs(Insert Quote Fingers): The “Suspiria” Remake

Source: First Look: Dakota Johnson in the Suspiria remake

The on again,off again remake of SUSPIRIA,which the original
film’s director/co-writer Dario Argento isn’t involved with(although I hope that he’s getting some really good paying upcoming royalties[from this one]),has finally completed production and is planning a Fall release.

From the looks of these photos from the film,it looks like it’s one of those retro films that is set in(the ever overused time period decade of) the 70s(since the 80s is the currently overused time period[to set a film in]). While it is foolish to judge a film by the look of its pics,I’ll just wisely wait until it is eventually released(mainly as a future DVD library rental) and sit back just to see how ti fares out in theaters,which hopefully ought to reignite interest in Dario Argento’s name(after his fall from grace via his more recent Uwe Boll-esque films and the incredibly botched pre-production from Hell that is [the still unfilmed] THE SANDMAN[thanks to its shady numerous producers{that are tightly attached to the project}]).

While some recent remakes are great(PIRANHA,THE HILLS HAVE EYES,EVIL DEAD,THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) and some completely disposable(SORORITY ROW,BLACK XMAS,HOUSE OF WAX 2005,DAWN OF THE DEAD 2004[sorry,fanboys{and fangirls}]),this SUSPIRIA remake just doesn’t sound inspiring in any way and I’m sure that it is the last thing that this currently dysfunctional world really needs,it is just better(as I said earlier) to just sit back and see what happens,ala Ron Howard now being the replacement director of the still filming HAN SOLO:A STAR WARS STORY(which I’m sure he’ll do tremendously well on).

Everyone Knows By Now About The Overly Ballyhooed Floyd Mayweather Vs. Conor McGregor Boxing Match In August,Which Will Be A Mucho Payday(of Over $100[For Conor Mac] To $200 Million[For Floyd]) For Both Floyd And Conor Mac And It’ll Be A Major Guess Upon Who Wins,Since They Both Have Major Reputations That Neither One Can Afford To Lose(Unless One Of Those Two Men Is Planning To Make A Very Major Payday Attaining Retirement)

Steven M.

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June 18th.:A Day To Most Dread. And Plus: Wrestling’s Newest(and Most Despised) Heel

June 18th. will indeed be a day that’ll be the most to heavily dread,as right wing lawyer/former Fox News hostess-turned-NBC hostess Megyn Kelly will be having Truther-turned-far right wing sell-out Alex Jones on her show as she’ll discuss with him his twisted little false news-filled Internet-based universe(/website) known as Infowars(alias Prison Planet),for maybe Ole Nutcase Extradinnaire(who I’ve said so much about that I’ll just leave it short here) will tell Megyn about how much close pals as he is with far right wing mascot Pepe The Frog and his buddies The Lizard People.

My advice: Definitely sleep in late on that very Sunday. And if you regularly attend Sunday church,leave the house early to fully avoid that interview so that NBC gets the message in knowing not to display such garbage.

And before I go,here is a music video from YouTube starlet Trisha Paytas,who is nowadays best known as the ex-main squeeze of WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler as she colorfully trashed him on her recent YouTube episode,which Wrestling Soup co-hosts Anthony “Missionary/Mish” Thomas and Joey Numbas spend half of their show comically heckling.  See if you can endure(and survive) her music video(which is one of many)…

Needless To Say,WONDER WOMAN Once Again Dominates This Weekend’s Box Office(Bringing In Over $200 Million[Over its $149 Million Dollar Budget]),Knocking THE MUMMY To Number Two And Showing That Tom Cruise Hasn’t Got The Box Office Superstar Power He Once Attained. And: IT COMES AT NIGHT Was At Number Six,But Financially Grossed $5.9 Million,Fully(and Successfully) Covering Over Its $2 Million Dollar Budget(And Making Its Budget’s Money Back)

Steven M.

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Far Worse Than The Latest Antics Of Kathy Griffin And Bill Maher

As we are now in the month of June(with now only six months left in this quickly moving year),we’ve already heard our latest media outrages with Kathy Griffin’s attempt to move up from the D List to the B+ List(via her pic with a fake decapitated Donald Trump head[which echoes that 1982/1983 Ozzy Osbourne t-shirt{of Ozzy’s decapitated head held by an executioner} that many kids of all ages wore[back in that time era]) and Bill Maher using the notorious N word(as Roger Ebert[in the last few years of his life] once did[in a slam against conservative Republicans]) to reveal himself as the openly closet Libertarian that he truly is(ala Jesse Ventura),there has been a recent celebrity happening that many people(especially the horror/genre film news sites press) tended to unfortunately ignore as it involves a famous modern horror filmmaker(of the 70s and the 80s).

I’m talking about Tobe Hooper,who was recently attacked by his much younger girlfriend for some unrevealed reason,for I find it truly horrible that instead of news about any new Tobe Hooper film project comes news of a personal tragedy in his life that everyone in the press but gossip site TMZ(which pretty much dominates the direction of modern life) has basically ignored,for this is a name filmmaker I’m talking about who brought out a handful of splendid films in the 70s and the early 80s and despite his shortcomings in filmmaking choices in the last several years he deserves an awful lot more than just being ignored(by the horror/genre on-line media press) and(mainly) abused by his spouse,as well as being given a major quality mainstream genre film to write and direct,but then again I guess that the corporate record company-esque on-line horror/genre media tastemaker choices likes of Rob Zombie,Mike Flanagan,Adam Wingard,Joe Lynch,Adam Green,and J.J. Abrams count an awful lot more than an old time filmmaking legend such as Tobe Hooper.

Girl Power Rules At This Weekend’s Box Office,For WONDER WOMAN Made More Than $100 Million And Won Lots Of Praise As One Of The Few Best Dc Comics Films: No Surprise In Hearing This Very News(Since Superhero Films[Whether They Be Male Of Female] Are Regularly Major Box Office Moneymakers)

Steven M.

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The Latest Flavor-of-TheMonth Film

Instead of writing about all of the fanboys that complained about ALIEN:COVENANT(which was vastly entertaining),I’ll instead quickly discuss about the latest Flavor-Of-The-Month film that is coming up in two weeks and will be theatrically released in nationwide theaters(via A24[Lionsgate’s offshoot company{of smaller and much darker genre fare}]) in the same week that the Tom Cruise starring THE MUMMY gets released,for here is the trailer for IT COMES AT NIGHT…

I can’t make mention about the film until it gets released,which is a much better thing to do than to just lay instant judgment upon it even though I notice that two of modern genre cinema’s most respected talents Joel Edgerton and Riley Keough(Elvis Presley’s granddaughter) are in this film,as I wonder why A24 is giving this film its biggest nationwide release(for that very company) while having dumped THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER(which I heard endless amounts of incredible rave reviews about[with a handful of people calling it one of the year’s best films]) onto VOD(Video-On-Demand) territory. All I can do is just hope that it’s a really good movie and nothing else more(than that).  And I’ve got no time to go into the Mandy Moore starring 47 METERS DOWN(which aims to be this year’s THE SHALLOWS).

As Far As It Goes With Greg Gianforte’s Montana Governor Re-Win,Betsy DeVos’ Latest Discriminating School Vouchers Antics,Sean Hannity’s Insane Conspiracy Theory(On Deceased DNC Member Seth Rich),And Other Tea Party/Alt Right Inspired Conservative Insanity(With Too Many Other Conservative Media Clowns To Name),Too Bad That One Can’t Find A Real Time Machine And Travel Back To The Early 70s To Grab Tom “Billy Jack” Laughlin,And Take Him To Our Modern Time To Have Him Lay Karate Kicking Waste To All(And Every Single One) Of These Far Right Wing Lunatics…

See Ya’ All(For Now)…

Steven M.

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