Early last week,I was going to post a blog entry on both Randy Quaid’s problems in both the U.S. and Canada and the latest inductee nominations for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s 2016 ceremony,which I’ll get into another time since Randy is right that there’s Mafia everywhere in both everything in the world(including his Hollywood problems) and that the Mafia always gets away with everything,and there are so many 25 to 30+ years musical artists that are worthy of R&RHoF inductions,but only Jan Wenner and his equally braindead cohorts can make those decisions since it’s heavily likely that N.W.A.,Janet Jackson,and Nine Inch Nails will easily go in without the final say from the voting fans(since Wenner always yearns for at least one rap/soul/R&B artist and one modern alt.rock artists to get inducted per year).

Now on to the real issue: the third and final trailer for STAR WARS:EPISODE 7;THE FORCE AWAKENS debuted both during ESPN’s football game and on-line last night,with fans of all ages(mainly the newer breed/generation of fans) going hysterically wild and advance tickets for the sequel already selling out like no other film in recent years. Being the lifelong STAR WARS fan since the very first film came out in 1977(I have all of the newspaper clips of 1977 STAR WARS height mania to prove it),I unfortunately didn’t go all massively ga-ga(till you drop) on this trailer at all since it’s mainly just J.J. Abrams’ version(and vision) of STAR WARS and seeing how he massively fucked up both the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and STAR TREK films it’s likely that he’s going the same with this cherished childhood friend of 38 years in a much worse way than George Lucas did with the STAR WARS prequels(in his way of showing how bored he was with the series that he created[and richly profited from] and yearned to so do away with it).

I’m very aware of a Really Stupid movement to boycott EPISODE 7 over the fact that it’s got a black guy(ATTACK THE BLOCK’s John Boyeda)as the lead,which is very idiotic since Lucas got heavy flack in 1977 over having no visible black characters(despite James Earl Jones providing the voice of Darth Vader) in the first film(EPISODE 4:A NEW HOPE),resulting in having Lando Calrissian(Billy Dee Williams) in the sequels. So Fuck that stupid ass racist movement(which is backed by racist supporters of Donald Trump). But my beef with the new sequel is not only Abrams being behind the directing helm(I wished that either James Cameron or Peter Jackson would had directed EPISODE 7),but also with the very stupid sounding title THE FORCE AWAKENS(which shows a lack of creativity)and the new characters’ very stupid sounding names. And the return of the Empire as The First Order complete with a Darth Vader-esque villain in the form of Kylo Ren(who resembles an Italian STAR WARs rip-off villain) is also creativity laden and lame. And just what the hell is up with See Threepio having a red left arm,anyway(even though he was made from scrap robotic parts and metal) ? Also equally lame is how Abrams is heavily catering to the vomit inducing anti-Spoilers on-line crowd(whom I immensively hate with a passion)in the way he’s using Luke Skywalker,teasing that he’ll either have joined The Dark Side(after strongly denying it in RETURN OF THE JEDI) and becomes a new villain or pop up at the very end of the film,killing the very intent of the title THE FORCE AWAKEN given Luke’s highly strong connection with The Force. Such idiotic stuff like this,as well as the exclusion of Lando Calrissian(who is heavily missed in this upcoming new film),is what has been slowly turning me off on the new film,which I’m still strongly holding hope for that it will be good since there is a sense of good in this film since it can’t be no worse than the mediocre prequels(even if they had both Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee amongst the cast).

I may sound like I’m judging the film without seeing it(which is always a wrong thing to do),but I’m just letting out my feeling about it since I’m a major STAR WARS fan who has the right to voice his opinion about it no matter what anyone else feels offended by my tone if they are. I just hope that the film will be good and that’s all I want it to be,in spite of what I feel are it’s shortcomings. I’ll just wisely stop venting and step off my soapbox now(before I piss off the judgmental breed of newer fans who’ll accuse me of not being a true STAR WARS fan[ala the judgmental breed of horror fans calling out those who hated HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake as not being true horror fans{Those two lamesass films and those types of lameass fans both mightily Suck !!!}]).

The Pg-13 rated GOOSEBUMPS Tops Both The R-Rated Likes Of CRIMSON PEAK and THE(rapidly vanishing)GREEN INFERNO At This Past Weekend’s Box Office:I’ll See Then As Soon As I Possibly Can…

Steven M.

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Modern Day Political Correctness Rears Its Ugly Head

This morning,two things were brought to my attention concerning the continuous path that modern day Political Correctness(a.k.a.: The Pussification Of America) as it has reared its ugly head in a majorly big way…

* Playboy Magazine has announced that it’s planning on dropping its nude photo spreads,which is sheerly ridiculous since this is what made Playboy such a provocative and popular magazine in the first place. Why the hell would Playboy want to do this is way beyond me and if this is a plan to go fully mainstream in dropping the nudity,it’ll only further hurt its ailing readership more than help it. As actor-turned-filmmaker William Butler wisely puts it,”What’s next: porn films being made without the sex ?”

* Even more disturbing is how the town of Milford,Connetticutt(a.k.a: the state that’s home to WWE Headquarters) has now dropped the season of Halloween due to the school community being concerned with that very special holiday disturbing and disrupting various people’s religious beliefs. This is just sheer bullshit,since this will only have people endlessly pointing the finger of accusation at both religions(Christianity,Muslim,Catholic,Lutheran) and politics(conservative,liberal,Libertarian)and get into a major war of words,as well as blaming President Obama and making him the scapegoat of a small town’s enormously stupid decision. And besides,every child in America knows what Halloween is and they wisely know that it is a fun day to go out and have fun instead of acting like an idiotic close minded adult(which we are sadly mainly getting more of). Maybe we all do need the nationwide legalization of marijuana(even if it’s only for medical purposes) just to loosen up these close minded Milford citizens.

Otherwise,I’ll just give out Two Big Middle Fingers to modern day Political Correctness for the effects and harm that it does to everything and everyone,and I’ll just wisely leave it at that.

Coming Soon: Articles On The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s 2016 Possible Inductees(There Are A Lot Of Them),And Randy Quaid’s Continuing Problems(Let’s Face It: The Mafia[Alias The Hollywood StarWhackers,The Mob] Are Everywhere And They Always Get Away With Everything)

Steven M.

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The Next Likely TNA World Heavyweight Champion

After the two days short lived triumph of Matt Hardy as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion,via his win at TNA’s Bound For Glory(with that win as a planned Bound For A New TNA TV Deal),here who I predict will become the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion(right after he grabs that title belt and flies away into space with it)….

Current James Bond(With His Upcoming 007 Adventure SPECTRE) Daniel Craig First Says No More Bond Filsm,Then Says Two More Bond Film,And Now Says No More Bond Films: Just Make Up Your Mind Already,Daniel !!!

Steven M.

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Quick October Ramblings

Damn !!  It’s been a few weeks since my last blog entry and already it’s October. Meaning that in two months the year will be over and the new STAR WARS sequel(which some fanboys are already proclaiming is “the best STAR WARS film ever !!!”  [ Rolls Eyes] )will be in theaters by then.  Otherwise,this is a quick post since I’ll save my comments for the latest antics of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner,Donald Trump and his equally since Republican/Tea Party/right leaning Libertarian/Fox News cohorts,Konnan(the jerkface that he is[attempting to get MSL{Jared Saint Laurent} kicked out of MLW Radio]),and upcoming films such as Guillermo del Toro’s ghost yarn CRIMSON PEAK. And no,I haven’t yet seen THE GREEN INFERNO. I’ll just wisely leave it here with a video link to a clip that perfectly describes Kentucky-based anti-gay marriage license provider Kim Davis(the latest conservative/Republican/Tea Party poster adult child)…

R.I.P.: filmmaker John Guillermin (KING KONG[1976{which introduced the world to future Oscar winner and AMERICAN HORROR STORY megastar Jessica Lange}],THE TOWERING INFERNO)

Steven M.

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September Ramblings

Well, September is here and it means that the year is almost over,for here are some things that have happened lately…

* R.I.P.: Wes Craven: one of the first modern master of horror to emerge with the likes of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT,THE HILLS HAVE EYES,and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET,Craven cemented his place in horror cinema history even if his career was uneven at times but he did release one original novel THE FOUNTAIN SOCIETY in the 90s and practically closed his career with the equally uneven(and very sour) likes of both MY SOUL TO TAKE and SCREAM 4. He was 76 and had a bout with brain cancer.

* Kanye West For President: Kanye just announced his bout for President in 2020,for he might as well run with the rest of the nuts and clown during next year’s Presidential race political circus since he’s got the financial clout of the Kardashian family’s megamillions to fully back him up,and he’s as equally nuts as Donald Trump and the rest of the lunatic Republicans and Tea Party-ers.

* Republicans,Tea Party-ers,Fox News,And Conservatives That Call The BlackLivesMatter Movement A Hate Group And Yearn To Resurrect Slavery: These assholes can all go eat a bowl full of prison inmate dicks and happily suck on them,for all of the Indians(both Native American and Hindu),Asians,Blacks,Middle Easterns,and Hispanics will fully unite and strongly fight together to prevent this horror from ever happening.

* Ronda Rousey’s Next Opponent: So,Ronda told Joe “Drunk On Prison Inmate Cock” Rogan that she wants to retire from the UFC and MMA fighting after she fights and vows to destroy Cris Cyborg,eh ?! Hey…..why the hell hasn’t grand assmaster extradinnaire Dana “Captain Fucknuts” White gotten Gina Carano to come into the UFC and fight Ronda to the very end ?!  Since a Rousey/Carano fight would make millions and outsell Ronda’s proposed fight with Floyd Mayweather(which sounds so stupid). I know one opponent that can fully fight Ronda Rousey and easily destroy her: CHOCOLATE’s Jeeja Yanin,for the female Thai fighting machine could easily take on Ronda in the octagon and immediately floor and smash Ronda with that one flying knee slam(near the end of Round One),as well as take out the likes of Rogan,White,and Big “Bully’ John McCarthy with that very knee. heck,I’d rather see a UFC match with Jeeja fighting Ronda,Rogan,White,and McCarthy and completely destroying them all on one shot.

* This coming Friday is the debut of the STAR WARS:EPISODE 7;THE FORCE AWAKENS toys,for I have no plans to buy those toys(other than being broke) mainly due to the fact that there are only the new characters and not the originals such as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker as they look in the new film,and I strongly have my doubts about the new sequel but yet hoping that it’ll be good.

That’s all I have to say for now….

I Still Haven’t Seen STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON,Which Is Numero Uno At The Box Office For The Third Week And Looks Very One Sided(Since Both Ice Cube And Dr. Dre Co-Produced It). And There Better Not…Better Not…Be Eminem On That Planned Reunion Tour,Since They Certainly Wouldn’t Be Tha N****s4Life Crew If He Joins(And Ruins) That Tour; Why Not Use Snoop Dogg(Who They Were Originally Intending To Use During Their Brief 1999 Return),Since Tha Doggfather Would Make Much More Sense To Use Than Vanilla “Shit” Shady.

Steven M.

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Axl Rose And Donald Trump Fight For Headlines

This weekend,just when everyone thought that the news was completely dominated by the insanity of Donald Trump and his bid to buy the Presid….excuse me,run as a Republican for the 2016 Presidential elections,out comes sudden news that Gun N Roses’ equally egomaniacal singer Axl Rose has reunited with his former guitarist Slash(alias Saul Hudson).

After having a lengthy bitter parting for over 20 years,both Axl and Slash buried the hatchet and are on speaking terms again,for while everyone is motormouthing upon hoping that this new friendship reunion will lead to a Guns N Roses reunion(of the original line-up),one has to heavily wonder what brought this reunion forth,for it is that one of them has severe health problems and could be doing this to cash in on a megamillions paying GNR reunion ? I don’t really want to speculate that,but it does sound very odd that years after having a bitter feud that Axl And Slash are now suddenly back together,for if a GNR reunion does happen expect it to be just only one album and one tour since the guys are getting up there in age and it’s been a completely different music scene for the last 23 years since Nirvana came out of nowhere and completely changed the musical landscape to the point that their impact has heavily stagnated the music scene with the likes of alt.rock,nu metal,hip hop/rap,nu country/pop country,and pop music continuing to dominate the Top Ten music charts,leaving no chance for veteran rock bands such as Van Halen,Motley Crue,Bon Jovi,Queensryche,Kiss,and Judas Priest(as well as Iron Maiden and The Scorpions) to have any of their newer songs getting major radio airwave play since modern radio doesn’t(and hasn’t) play(ed) anything from these past bands that they’ve musically made after 1992.

Could anyone picture Axl Rose as President as much as Donald Trump,for one wonders if Trump even has the experience and expertise to be a President since he has never held a political public office in his life,and if Trump does become President one has to wonder just how Trump will be able to handle the likes of various world issues,pop culture phenoms of the week,the Federal Reserve(who have a lot of power in this nation),and the rumored “secret government within the government”,and if Trump will be able to have the stability to handle such situations and issues within both the government and the world.

I’ll just wisely leave it here for now.

September 4(Which Is In 10 to 12 Days) Is The Day When The Official Toys And Action Figures Of STAR WARS:EPISODE 7;THE FORCE AWAKENS Will Make Their Debut: I Just Hope That The New Sequel Will Be Really Worth All Of The Upcoming MegaMedia Hype

Steven M.

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Straight Outta Dealing With The Internet

Since is the weekend of the release of the N.W.A. docudrama STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON(which is already making Straight Outta Box Office MegaBucks),I notice that there is yet another new trend that is lurking in the on-line world that ranks right up there with both last late Fall’s Ice Bucket Challenge(I’m way too late for participating in that one) and the Spoiler thingy.

There’s been the very usage of the term #StraightOutta,which has gotten people that are on-line as mightily upset as the Spoilers thing. Yeah,it’s obnoxious when it’s wrongfully used yet everyone just needs to fully remember that it’s just a current on-line fad as the Ice Bucket Challenge was.  All I’ve just got to say to anyone that loudly complains about both this #StraightOuuta fad and the Spoilers dropping is…that this is the INtenet and major shit like this Does happen. Get Over It.

Case Closed.

I Haven’t Seen STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON And Won’t Say A Word Till I See It,Although It Does Look Very One-Sided Since It’s Told From The Accounts Of Both Ice Cube And Dr. Dre,Who Both Co-Produced And Left Both M.C. Ren And D.J. Yella In The Background

Steven M.

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