Questions About STAR WARS:THE LAST JEDI(And About The Future Of The STAR WARS Series)

Having recently seen STAR WARS:THE LAST JEDI(a.k.a.:EPISODE 9) and having read and heard all of the whining and complaining from the STAR WARS fans(mainly the Millenial ones),instead of criticizing people that are criticizing the new film I’ll just wisely explain a few things and ask a few questions that are important to the future of the STAR WARS universe…

First off,J.J. Abrams is the main guy and the puppetmaster behind the new STAR WARS series,with producer Kathleen Kennedy as his back-up muscle as Abrams is the one who makes all of the decisions upon the direction of the series and its characters,since LAST JEDI writer/director Rian Johnson was working upon the film’s story that were based on Abrams’ order(even if Johnson threw in a handful of his own ideas) and if anyone can vividly remember Abrams held back Luke Skywalker from appearing in STAR WARS:THE FORCE AWAKENS as he had a plan that he thought was very cool upon what became of Luke,teasing that Luke has either turned evil,was secretly behind The First Order,or has gotten bitter and retired to the green planet that he currently resides upon.  It stirred up a lot of interest in fans who were only to get majorly disappointed that Luke only cameoed at the finale with no explanation upon whether he changed or was still a good guy. As we all learned in LAST JEDI,it was the latter that became of Luke as he was held back into getting back into action until the film’s finale.

And the Abrams/Kennedy produced STAR WARS films(mainly the Episodes) have also taken the PHANTASM sequels route in answering a few questions from the previous film,only to bring forth even more questions hat need to be answered,for here are a handful of mine…

* Who exactly is Supreme Leader Snoke and how did he suddenly get into power so quickly,for is he really Darth Sidious(instead of Palpatine) from the first two Episodes(and possibly ROGUE ONE[in Darth Vader’s castle]) who somehow found a way to survive and was able to easily return to power. And how did he get so facially disfigured(ala Jason Voorhees),for was it the Dark Side of the Force that rapidly took away his looks and physical appearance ?

* Given the political backstory of the first three Episodes,just where are the rest of the intergalactic politicians and royalty dignitaries to speak out against The First Order after their Starkiller Cruiser destroyed the home planet of The Republic,for all of those people possibly can’t be dead.

*  What are the backstories of the likes of Captain Plasma,General Armitage Hux,and Poe Dameron(such as is Hux the grandson of Governor/Grand Moff Tarken and is Poe the son of Wedge) since they must have came from interesting backgrounds.

* Just how did The First Order(along with Snoke) get into power,and how long did this take for them to do so(was it after the finale of RETURN OF THE JEDI,or ten years before THE FORCE AWAKENS.

* Just who exactly are Rey’s parents,for was Max Von Sydow’s briefly seen FORCE AWAKENS character either her possible unknown father or her guardian(who latter get go of her),or is the heritage of her parents going to be eventually revealed in EPISODE 9(with her parents turning out to be new characters that are either Jedis or villains[with possible connections to earlier STAR WARS universe characters]) ?

* Where the hell is Lando Calrissian,the other hero of both THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI(as well as the upcoming SOLO:A STAR WARS STORY) who,like Wedge,has suddenly vanished without any explanation since the current STAR WARS universe could certainly need his return to aid the Resistance in the fight against The First Order(given the fates of both Luke and Han Solo).

Otherwise,now that it doesn’t look like Johnson will be around to be handling that newly planned trilogy of films(whether they’ll be Episodes[with entirely new characters] or an entirely different line of STAR WARS universe set stories) since Kennedy takes notices of both intended filmmakers’ previous box offices grosses and film critique from the fanbase and the film critics Very Seriously,it’ll be very interesting upon how EPISODE 9 will end the current trilogy(since Daisy Ridley is rumored to make it her final STAR WARS film[and which characters will survive]) and where the STAR WARS series will go from here.

R.I.P.: Rick Sullivan(of Gore Gazette magazine(which heavily influenced the likes of Chas. Balun,Joe Bob Briggs,and Shawn Lewis[Blackest Heart,Rotten Cotton,Eibon Press]),wrestler Tom Zenk,and Ulli Lommel(1980’s THE BOOGEY MAN),for those two genre celebrities’ passings makes everyone remember upon how they are getting older and how fast time is flying by.

Steven M.

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Stand Up For Net Neutrality

What is far more important than both Quentin Tarantino working with J.J. Abrams to work on the next STAR TREK sequel(which might be a cover for Tarantino actually secretly yearning to work on STAR WARS:EPISODE 9[instead of his 1969/Manson project] for the intergalactic superstardom) and the upcoming STAR WARS:THE LAST JEDI(a.k.a.: EPISODE 8),I’m here to tell everyone to strong fight till the very end for fully protecting Net Neutrality alias the right to Internet free access and Internet freedom.

Since my time is short here,it is very important to protect Net Neutrality for otherwise if it gets taken down not only do sites such as my blog here,Criticononline,Mobius Forum,Video Junkie,Dread central,Bloody Disgusting,AintItCool,Dark Horizons,and various podcasts of every kid of sports and genres suddenly disappear but so do the likes of Netflix,Hulu,TubiTV,and Amazon Prime which they’ll make ultra expensive to afford to pay for,along with the rest of the Internet when it comes social media networks,e-mails,events information,movie news,and both friends and family contact.  Many people who make money or infamy off of the Internet will lose their jobs and disappear into obscurity and the corrupt people and political corporations that are in power will win,as stated by Frank Zappa in the 80s.

Since I’ve Got Nothing More To Say,I’ll Just End This Blog Entry On This Note…

Goodbye(For Now),Everyone !!!

Steven M.

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December 2017 Is Here

Believe it or not: it is now December 2017,making it both only 13 days until STAR WARS:EPISODE 8;THE LAST JEDI,23 days until Christmas.and 29 days until the New Year of 2018 kicks in.

As the issue of whether or not Net Neutrality and the entire Internet(America-wise) stays fully free is quickly approaching upon us in the next two weeks,I’ll discuss more about it as the time comes up and whether the Internet will be fully saved on December 12th. or if it’ll start up a full fledged nationwide on-the-streets insurrection.

(This Free Space Available For Rent[If The FCC And The Government Has Their Way])

Steven M.

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Be Like Frank Zappa And Fight Like A Beast To Save Net Neutrality,Internet Free Access,And Internet Free Speech

There is something that is an awful lot more importance than covering the deaths of Charles Manson(more on the La-Hoo-Za-Her later) and David Cassidy(R.I.P. to the ultimate teen idol),as well as 2017’s Biggest Turkeys(both political and celebrity-wise),since there are plenty of turkeys to be barbequed along the hot flaming coals when it comes to rescuing the Internet and its free access to free speech and everything else that is free.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai has the full backing of President Donald Trump,Vice President Mike Pence,Majority leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan,and every other far right wing Republican scumbag that is yearning to make the Internet fully controlled by their party and cutting off everyone’s freedoms and free accesses to everything that is currently free in terms of music videos,podcasts,news programs,on-line shows,on-line streaming movies,and so forth.  That would be so wrong to take that all away from us all since everyone in America and the world fully needs free access to everything on the Internet and everyone has the full flegded right to say whatever they want to say,for if the likes of Frank Zappa and Tom “Billy Jack” Laughlin were still alive they would mightily fight to the very fullest in making sure that our Internet stays completely free and for our free usage from these far right wing Tea Party backed(and controlled)Republicans that are becoming more like the Nazis on a daily basis,for the Republicans really need to properly consider the word of the American people otherwise they’ll all be taken down out of power.

If you America to remain freedom and full of every freedom that is accessible,then fight to make sure that the Internet stays completely free and out of far reach from these far right wing fascists.  Whether you call,donate,or sign petitions,do what it takes to keep our Internet free access and Internet free speech completely protected to the fullest.

As far as Charles Manson’s recent death goes: Good Riddance !!!!  And BTW: does anyone find it quite eerie that Manson died the same day that Quentin Tarantino got fully approved(and the full financial backing) for his 1969/Manson themed film ?!  Maybe indie horror actress Devanny Pinn is possibly right that Manson could have lived an awful lot longer(since he was 83 and survived everything that he went through[including a 1984 attack by a Hare Kristna member that attempted to burn him alive]) for the next 10 to 20 years had it not been for both his recent illness and Tarantino’s 1969 film project. Coincidence,or am I mindlessly flabbing nonsense ?

Enjoy Thanksgiving,Everyone !!!

STAR WARS:EPISODE 8;THE LAST JEDI Premieres In Nationwide Theaters In Three Weeks And 23 Days,For I Really Hope That It Is Worth All Of The Hype And Is 900  Times Better Than The Super Mediocre STAR WARS:THE FORCE AWAKENS

Steven M.



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Much More Frightening Than THE STRANGERS And The Spaulding/Firefly Family Clan

As Thanksgiving Day draws near,I just couldn’t think of a much bigger turkey to happily barbeque along the hot flaming coals that is so insufferably disgusting that he makes the likes of Donald Trump,Mitch McConnell,Oscar Goodman,Nickelodeon’s Dan Schneider,Geraldo Rivera,Howard Stern,Ann Coulter,and Infowars’ Alex Jones all look like normally sane people than the Colorado based guns-and-dangerous weaponry collecting anti-liberals nutcase that is Mel Bernstein,for what an absolute worthless piece-of-shit that he truly is.

Since I’ve never spoken about the guns issues,since that is as unimportant for me to be concerned about alongside religion,I believe that everyone has a full fledged right to own a gun and and any type of firearm as long as they’re completely sane and careful in knowing how to handle guns well,but not in the case of Mel Bernstein as he acts like the far right wing people behind the NRA’s wet dream come to life in the way he proudly fires off his weapons while severely trashing anyone that is a progressive liberal and a Democrat is just so completely sickening that he comes off as a complete dangerous lunatic who would sit comfortably right at home at a job with Fox News and Infowars/Prison Planet,as well as any of the other lunatic far right wing conspiracy theorist Truther hosts(/assholes) and websites that strongly yearn for a civil war against progressive liberals(Truthers can all go joyfully suck a prison inmate dick[and{while I’m at it} The Classic[KKK] Metal Show’s head fat and hairy racist conservative hosts Wendell Neeley and Chris Akins can both go happily{and pelasurably} eat a bowl of prison inmate dicks]).

People like Mel Bernstein are why many in the SJW(Social Justice Warrior)s and PC(Politically Correct) community(as annoying as they can be[although I do understand their points]) loudly cry out and protest against guns and the people that champion for them,for as much as I’ve got no absolute problems with guns and gun rights it’s people like Mel Bernstein that make it a problem for hopefully Jim Cornette will get a word about this goon and fly up to his place in Colorado(where he has the legal rights to own the weaponry) and challenge him to a major league fistfight and give Mel one of his very loud “Fuck You !!!!” s,otherwise I’ll just end it here and since Jim Cornette is not here I’ll kindly give out this one for Mel Bernstein(and anyone that has his back)…

Too Bad That TRAGEDY GIRLS Left Theaters So Quickly(And That I Caught It Too Late),For It’s Very Gory,Very Humorous,And Very Well Acted And Well Directed,As TRAGEDY GIRLS Is Truly One Of The Year’s Best Films(MotherFuck The Two Overrated Celluloid Coma Inducing Shitfests That Are THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER And MY FRIEND DAHMER) And Truly Catch On VOD/DVD/Blu Ray In Enabling TRAGEDY GIRLS To Live Forever As A Cult Classic

Steven M.

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Corey Sells,But Who’s Buying ?!

As the rest of the world is patiently waiting six weeks(as of this writing) till the eighth STAR WARS film STAR WARS:THE LAST JEDI gets officially released to theaters,everyone has seen the latter half of this year becoming the year of hunting for Hollywood-based sexual predators as the likes of Victor Salva,Harvey Weinstein,and Kevin Spacey being forced to step down due to allegations of sexual abuse(mainly with both Salva and Weinstein).  As several more well known names are slowly coming up(and will likely continue),one wonders if this is a far right wing backed political witchhunt(which is semi-reminiscent of the 50s’ anti-Communist crusade that made many Hollywood filmmakers and scriptwriters lose their jobs[especially when they formed their own unions]) to tame down not only Hollywood and “their wicked,wicked ways”(since the casting couch[where people of both sexes have literally bedded with producers,filmmakers,and studio chiefs] has existed since the 20s) and but also on liberal social society,for are things going to get to the ridiculous point of when one accidentally touches a lady’s(or guy’s) arm or foot,gets drunk and kisses them,or stares at them that it’s suddenly “sexual harassment !!!” ?   Political correctness is one thing,but social correctness is another that is just getting downright ridiculous to the point that it’ll ruin(and destroy) many innocent peoples’ lives.

Speaking of ridiculous,one person that is taking full advantage oft his crusade is former 80s teen star Corey Feldman,who is now attempting to further charge things up with his own crusade against Hollywood-based sexual predators and pedophiles which he is planning in a massive campaign upon which he’s working on grossing $10 million dollars to back his crusade.  While I can understand his intentions to take down these people(since there are so many of them[including in the genre fandom scene and the underground media scene]),it is pretty questionable considering that Feldman had a very questionable “friendship” with Michael Jackson(who had a well documented controversial background) and also hid some secrets regarding his on-and-off close relationships with both Michael(whom Feldman frequently liked to dress like and dance like) and (the late) Corey Haim,a teen star who(like Feldman) also fell victim to Hollywood’s sexual predators.  Feldman also dropped a few name he claims are guilty and amongst the predators,with both little known character actor John Grissom(no relations to the popular legal/courtroom suspense thriller novelist) and former character actor/filmmaker-turned-conservative radio talk show host Dominick Brascia,the latter mentioned man who has loudly denied Feldman’s allegations and has openly defended his innocence upon those charges(which is a very believably convincing one).

Indeed is Feldman’s anti-Hollywood predators/pedophiles crusade very questionable(as questionable as his Crispin Glover-meets-an Elvis impersonator look),since he has been speaking out on this dilemma for the last seven years and is now describing many insane conspiracy theory-style incidents in claiming that Tinseltown industry related people have been attempting to kill him to the point(via in describing an incident where two cars attempted run him over while he was in the streets) that members of his musical band(of his second career in music) have left him that would comfortably fit in with Alex Jones,as well as asking for an awful lot of money in his social crusade as if he is broke(even though he has some money of his own via his royalties from his 80s films).  One wonders if 3/4 of the reason behind his crusade is to make himself relevant again since he is seen by many people as both a major joke and as a silly and cheesy guy via his numerous Straight-To-VHS video/DVD films that he relied on to make a living in the 90s and the 00s/2000s and his musical career of completely horrible music that would make your ears want to commit suicide.  He also doesn’t help his crusade by both claiming that Haim was bisexual(yet Feldman had a very “questionable” relationship with Jackson[which Jordie Chandler{Jackson’s 1992 accuser} would pop up from nowhere to question him on,but Jordie has been missing since last year]) and that Haim’s grieving mother is evil for not liking him and saying that he did bad to Haim.    Trashing your best friend’s mother isn’t a very nice thing to do since it only makes your real life character and persona look pretty ugly and your crusade even less believable.

All I can say that I wish Corey Feldman all of the best in his anti-Hollywood pedophiles crusade,for I’m sure that everyone will instead wisely take advantage of the slowly booming rise in independent horror/genre films by donating to one(or two,or three) of those film projects’ very Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunder campaigns.

Here Is My Final Tribute To Wrestler Emma,Who(Along With Darren Young And Summer Rae) Got Future Endeavored Released By The WWE

Steven M.

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Not Buying Into THE DEVIL’S REJECTS Sequel News,For Here’s Why…

Yesterday came out rumored word that Rob Zombie was planning on making a new third film in The Captain Spaulding/Firefly Family series that is composed of both HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS,a new film that the rabid fans of the series have been avidly championing for since the very end of …REJECTS.

I’ll give you a handful of reasons upon why I’m not buying into this news item.

First off,Rob Zombie is like Quentin Tarantino when it comes to trolling the fanbase with news about a certain film that they’re promising to make but wind up never doing that very film,as RZ(Rob Zombie) has done in announcing that he was possibly planning on making that new film twice,but instead ended up making both LORDS OF SALEM and 31(both which received very limited theatrical screenings).

Second,Lionsgate owns the right to both HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and RZ has somewhat as much of an immensive love/hate relationship(over royalty issues and his yearn to assemble a full 100 minute Director Cut of HOUSE/1K) as he does with Harvey Weinstein(who RZ tangled with while filming his two HALLOWEEN films).  If RZ is to make a brand new Captain Spaulding/Firefly family adventures,he would have to lengthfully work things out with Lionsgate in order for that very film to happen.

Third,making a third film in that very series would be a step down for RZ,since their massive cultish popularity to modern horror fans the Captain Spaulding/Firefly family films aren’t massive box office revenue financial successes as both films did much better business on DVD/Blu ray and cable television than in their theatrical runs and for RZ to fully thrive as a filmmaker resorting to a sequel to his first two films would only prove to be uncreative and display itself as a desperate move to rehash on former past glories,as RZ really needs to make much more original films of many various genres than continue to stick to the violently gory and stylishly colorful films that he is vastly popular for.

Fourth,since the series’ lead stars are a lot older looking than they were in the previous film from 12 years ago,it would be pretty painful seeing the cast in a new film since they’re not getting any younger(with Sid Haig in his 70s,Bill Moseley in his 60s,and Sheri Moon Zombie in her 50s) and seeing them in a new film whether it’s an in-between-quel(which I get the strong feeling this project would possibly be) or a new sequel(that resurrects the characters) just wouldn’t be believable to watch(given the main performers’ ages).

And with that said,I would rather see RZ making his once announced TYRANNOSAUR REX or fully completing WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS as full length feature film that dancing around another Captain Spaulding/Firefly family films.

The Spinal Downfall Descent Of Jeff Jarrett Continues,As He Was Drunk In A Canadian Wrestling Ring And Unable To Compete After Anthem Gave Him and His GFW(Global Force Wrestling) Company The Full Boot,For It Turned Out To Be A “Boom” Of An Entirely Different Kind(And Not In A Very Good Way)

Steven M.

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