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Everyone already knows the news about what happened with the canning of THE INTERVIEW’s nationwide release,for instead of ranting about it I’ll just post a link to a petition to get it released…

And all of my condolences to the families of the two cops that were killed by that madman(who shot himself to death) over this past weekend,for I just hope that this insanity of cops and vigilantes killing suspected folks and people violently retaliating that only gets innocent people hurt(and killed) will end in the new year.

Merry Christmas,Happy Hanukkah,And Happy Holidays !!

Steven M.

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Phil Brooks “Punks” The Wrestling,Internet,And MMA Universes

In the last week-and-a-half after leaving the WWE In January(the day after Royal Rumble 2014),CM Punk(alias Phil Brooks) has literally rocked the universes of wrestling,the Internet,and MMA in not only breaking his silence on his good pal Colt Cobana podcast(that aired on Thanksgiving Day) and delivering an amazingly compelling and riveting expose on his life in the WWE after he re-signed with them three years ago,exposing the rumored brutal schedules that the wrestlers in that federation have to undertake without taking any medical or overexhaustion breaks(unless their injuries are very severe) and the way both Vince McMahon and his son-in-law/part time wrestler/WWE CEO Triple H treat their employed athletes.

That interview literally crashed the Internet as Colt’s podcast episode received millions of downloads and  re-cast on wrestling podcasts for the podcasts’ hosts’ evaluations,which matched those of the fans in ranging from frankly(and shockingly) exposing the way the WWE conducts business to being simply whiny and bitter.  Either way,that interview(along with a week later question-and-answer follow-up episode) was only the tip of the iceberg that Punk was going to later fully reveal.

This weekend(as of this writing),Punk revealed that he has signed a contract yesterday in Las Vegas with both the UFC and its CEO Dana White,with his debut match to possibly happen in mid Summer(during UFC Fan Fest season). This is something that comes as no surprise since Punk is not only an MMA fan,but also fights more like an MMA fighter than a wrestler,with his style having to force many of the WWE wrestlers to train and fight in Punk’s style(since Punk as a background in kempo,Maui Thai,and judo,and trains with Rener Gracie). Punk is also rumred to be also training with now ex-champion Johnny Hendricks for his impending future UFC in-ring debut,something that will not only bring in many fans,but will also financially gross an major amount of money,controversy,and much more money.

Punk has always been known as a wrestling talent who surely knows how to shrewdly manipulate and merchandise himself to both the world and the sports fighting industry,therefore gaining himself an enormous amount of publicity and wide exposure while doing so,as well as lots of unwanted scrutiny from the fans and the industry press as some people are predicting that his immediate move to MMA is going to be a monstrous failure. I highly disagree,since Punk already knows how to fight like an MMA fighter and I can clearly seeing him not only winning in his debut match,but also winning the UFC World Heavywight Championship title belt by the end of 2015(alias next year).

No matter what public scrutiny(whether it’s on-line or off-line) or controversy it will bring forth upon him,one has to admit that CM Punk has already carved out his future,a future that will bring him in both a major amount of money and fame,surpassing that of even Brock Lesnar.

THE HUNGER GAME(3): MOCKINGJAY PART 1 Is Number One At The Box Office For The Third Week,For I’ll Have To Check Out This Film,Eveen If The Last One(Part 2:CATCHING FIRE) Left Me Completely Cold

Steven M.

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December Ramblings (And Rumblings)

Well,December has just started,but I’ll just move onto other important things really quick…

* CM Punk recently went on his good buddy Colt Cobana’s podcast to discuss his reason for leaving the WWE,but I’ll save my word on that until the likes of Phil Raia,Don Tony and Kevin Castle,the MLW Radio crew,and the Wrestling Soup guys have their say on it. I’ll only say that I’m surprised that Punk didn’t announce his plans for an on-screen showdown with Godzilla.

* ex-Creed singer Scott Stapp has been releasing some YouTube videos lately,claiming that he’s down and out and that everyone is ripping him off,for it’s sad to see a late 90s/early 00s(/2000s) musician having gone from rich to pauper status and it sounds like he needs to talk to a therapist(with the erratic way he sometimes behaves in his videos) and he’ll someday hopefully get the help that he really needs.

* STAR WARS:EPISODE 7; THE FORCE AWAKENS Teaser Trailer: Wow !!!  Looks great,for I hope that it lives up to its promising look(complete with Andy “Gollum” Serkis’ deep toned voiceover).

That’s it for now…

Only 24 Days Till Christmas,And 30 Days To Go Till The New Year Of 2015(And The Arrival Of STAR WARS:EPISODE 7; THE FORCE AWAKENS In Nationwide Theaters) Begins

Steven M.

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No Turkeys This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving,courtesy of the situation in Ferguson(which has thankfully calmed down for the Holidays),I decided not to do an annual Thanksgiving Turkeys list of the year’s celebrity,political,and current pop culture turkeys since AOL has already done a similar list for this year(even if I don’t agree with some of their choices) and I’m too uneased about what’s been going on in Ferguson lately,as well as the rest of world(both on-line and off-line),for since 9/11 everything in life(both on-line and off-line,and anywhere you turn and go) has practically become a toxic envoirment and there is nothing else to do but to just be like Yoda in STAR WARS:EPISODE 2; ATTACK OF THE CLONES and watch everything around you collapse.

As CM Punk finally tells his side of the story upon why he left the WWE(with all of the wrestling podcast hosts slowly getting ready to nitpick on it during their shows next week) and Burt Reynolds is getting ready to sell his personal stuff in Las Vegas’ The Palms Casino/Hotel during an auction next month,there’s nothing else to do but to wait till both Christmas and the New Year(2015) come along and as far as it goes with Officer Darren Wilson(whose side of the story[of why he took down Michael Brown the way he did] doesn’t fully connect) he’d just better watch both his back…and his front,since karma is coming to get him(as it does everyone else).

The Official STAR WARS:EPISODE 7; THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer Debuts On-Line On This Coming Friday(Courtesy Of Public On-Line Demand): We’ll See On Whether It Looks Good Or Meh(!!!)

Steven M.

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Ferguson Is Burning

As in the case of Rodney King,the court case of officer Darren Wilson resulted with him being found innocent in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown,which has enraged the citizens of Ferguson to ferociously riot through the streets and cause as much massive destruction throughout the city as the rioters similarly did in L.A..(after the end of the Rodney King trial). Word has it that there’s also similar chaos in New York and other cities.

It’s sad that stuff has to resort to this,for why do the police frequently have to resort to excessive force that always ends up on them fatally shooting a suspect to their death instead of just either shooting that suspect in the leg or just using a taser. For it’s bad enough that Trayvon Martin lose his life under similar circumstances(under the gun of that vigilant idiot George Zimmerman) and both the police and anyone who’s vigilant with a gun really need to change their tactics without resorting to violence that ends a person’s life and bring forth such massive public outrage(that doesn’t need to be brought out).

STAR WARS:EPISODE 7; THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer To Briefly Debuts In Only Under 15 nationwide Theaters,Which Is Just Utter Nonsense For A Sequel That’s Been 31-32 Years In The Waiting,And Will Only Bring Nationwide On-Line Bootleg Versions To Be Widely Screened,And Why Is The Teaser Trailer Only Under One Minute Long ? Nice Going,J.J. Abrams,For This Longly Awaited Sequel Had Better Not Suck…

Steven M.

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The Cos A Sexual Predator ?!? Say It Isn’t So…

As Sting made his debut at tonight’s WWE Survivor Series PPV and plummeted Triple H(alias The Game and Darth Burius himself) down onto the wrestling mat(why the WWE didn’t debut Sting during Summerslam season,I’ll never know[since this debut sounds like desperation to lift their sinking TV ratings upward and cover up the failure of The WWE Network]),there have been many head twirling accusations about Bill Cosby being a vicious sexual predator,rumors that are smearing his image as a longtime clean cut guy.

For the last few days,many women ranging from Janice Dickenson to Carla Ferrigno have accused Cosby of drugging them and raping them,with a new lady coming out from the wood works making similar claims everyday. Heck,they even attempted to lure his COSBY SHOW stars Raven Symone and Lisa Bonet to make accusations,which they both denied,for the accusations have caused Cosby to cancel some live stand up comedy shows(with the expection of a recent packed house in Florida) as his good guy image gets further tarnished by both the rumors and the media press.

All I can say about this is I don’t know what to believe,for I can only Cosby the benefit of the doubt and hope that the accusations aren’t true,since everyone that’s accused of wrong doing is always innocent until proven guilty,for what next: Mr. Fred Rogers and Jim Hansen both revealed as closet pedophiles ?!

TNA Moves To Their New Home Channel Destination America(Which Is Connected To The Discovery Channel),For It’s The Decision Of TNA(And Dixie Carter) In Whether Or Not They Sink Or Swim On Their New Channel Home,And If They Can Strongly Protect Their No. 2 Wrestling Federation Spot From The Likes of Ring Of Honor And El Rey’s/AAA’s Lucha Underground

Steven M.

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Jane Velez-Mitchell Show Canceled : Female Geraldo/Nancy Grace Jr. Bites The Dust…

Jane Velez-Mitchell Show Reportedly Canceled |

For the last few months,I haven’t been bothering to watch cable TV anymore until the return of THE WALKING DEAD,and did majorly notice that Jane Velez Mitchell(alias the female Geraldo/Nancy Grace Jr./Nancy Grace’s hemmorroid/Nancy Grace’s fellow motormouth Harpie) is no longer on the HLN Channel,and then I ran across this link and learned that her show has been cancelled.

As badly as I feel for her massive staff losing their jobs(due to being “released”,via a new power that took over HLN this Fall[which also claimed HLN’s Entertainemnt Reporter A.J. Hammer to the falling “released” axe]),I’m glad to see “The Recovering Alcoholic” gone since she was just basically existing as a warm-up for Nancy Grace’s show in being a fellow anti-crime crusader who happened to be rude and loud about it(ala many well-known anti-crime crusaders[who often favor the focus on them as much as the criminals they’re actively pursuing]),but at least she heavily slapped the criminals where they deserved to be slapped(although she did allow John Ramsey to get away scott free). For otherwise it’s a bad defeat for anti-crime crusaders but a relief to folks who are tired of obnoxious reality news shows and their annoying hosts(who favor to wear bad wigs and endlessly remind viewers that they’re “a recovering alcoholic”). And I’m surprised that the gay community isn’t heavily up-in-protesting arms about JVM’s cancellation from the airwaves(since JVM is gay and gays always are ferociously protective of their own kin[whenever something really bad happens to them,as in JVM’s cancellation]).

Internet Phenom Grumpy Cat On WWE Raw Tonight: Something To Truly Avoid(At All Costs)…

Steven M.

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