Not Buying Into THE DEVIL’S REJECTS Sequel News,For Here’s Why…

Yesterday came out rumored word that Rob Zombie was planning on making a new third film in The Captain Spaulding/Firefly Family series that is composed of both HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS,a new film that the rabid fans of the series have been avidly championing for since the very end of …REJECTS.

I’ll give you a handful of reasons upon why I’m not buying into this news item.

First off,Rob Zombie is like Quentin Tarantino when it comes to trolling the fanbase with news about a certain film that they’re promising to make but wind up never doing that very film,as RZ(Rob Zombie) has done in announcing that he was possibly planning on making that new film twice,but instead ended up making both LORDS OF SALEM and 31(both which received very limited theatrical screenings).

Second,Lionsgate owns the right to both HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and RZ has somewhat as much of an immensive love/hate relationship(over royalty issues and his yearn to assemble a full 100 minute Director Cut of HOUSE/1K) as he does with Harvey Weinstein(who RZ tangled with while filming his two HALLOWEEN films).  If RZ is to make a brand new Captain Spaulding/Firefly family adventures,he would have to lengthfully work things out with Lionsgate in order for that very film to happen.

Third,making a third film in that very series would be a step down for RZ,since their massive cultish popularity to modern horror fans the Captain Spaulding/Firefly family films aren’t massive box office revenue financial successes as both films did much better business on DVD/Blu ray and cable television than in their theatrical runs and for RZ to fully thrive as a filmmaker resorting to a sequel to his first two films would only prove to be uncreative and display itself as a desperate move to rehash on former past glories,as RZ really needs to make much more original films of many various genres than continue to stick to the violently gory and stylishly colorful films that he is vastly popular for.

Fourth,since the series’ lead stars are a lot older looking than they were in the previous film from 12 years ago,it would be pretty painful seeing the cast in a new film since they’re not getting any younger(with Sid Haig in his 70s,Bill Moseley in his 60s,and Sheri Moon Zombie in her 50s) and seeing them in a new film whether it’s an in-between-quel(which I get the strong feeling this project would possibly be) or a new sequel(that resurrects the characters) just wouldn’t be believable to watch(given the main performers’ ages).

And with that said,I would rather see RZ making his once announced TYRANNOSAUR REX or fully completing WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS as full length feature film that dancing around another Captain Spaulding/Firefly family films.

The Spinal Downfall Descent Of Jeff Jarrett Continues,As He Was Drunk In A Canadian Wrestling Ring And Unable To Compete After Anthem Gave Him and His GFW(Global Force Wrestling) Company The Full Boot,For It Turned Out To Be A “Boom” Of An Entirely Different Kind(And Not In A Very Good Way)

Steven M.

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The Absurdity Of Some Internet News

The past few weeks have been chock full of news on Miramax/Dimension/Radius/TWC co-head honcho/producer Harvey Weinstein’s problems which has widely opened the door on sexual abuse and sexual predators that lurk behind-the-scenes in Hollywood(as well as in the genre fandom community),I had planned on doing a piece on this but there were too many names that were impossible to mention(and can’t be mentioned) as it made me know how Corey Feldman feels(even though he’s only partially telling the truth with his Tinseltown sexual predator theories,and stories on his experiences and his close friendship with Michael Jackson are very questionable).

A viewing of the ridiculous documentary ROOM 237(about insane subliminal messages that some people think are hidden inside of 1980’s THE SHINING) made me decide to do an article on this very subject,since the Internet happens to be a partial vessel of half truths and false stories about various things such as the harboring of a HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES,DEVIL’S REJECTS sequel that’ll Never happen(since the cast is too old to perform in them,and Rob Zombie doesn’t want to deal with Lionsgate[who own the rights to his first two films]),a Reddit ppl who claims that he met with J.J. Abrams who told them that there’ll be no more STAR WARS films after EPISODE 9(which is bullshit,since both Disney and the current people at Lucasfilms still yearn to make many more adventures in that Galaxy Far,far Away…),the Epicstream site claiming that Luke Skywalker is going to turn bad in the upcoming STAR WARS film(which is plain bullshit,since there is No Evidence of that throughout the latest trailer)and now comes word from a a Partycasino analysis report that the most profitable actor in Hollywood happens to be…..

Emilio Estevez.

Yep,the same exact words that you can say to Alex Jones,everyone at Fox News(and the entire conservative media),a dumbass far right wingers who says that the recent Las Vegas shootings were caused by both the Democrats and the liberals,since Emilio Estevez being ranked up this highly is just so completely idiotic considering the reality that he hasn’t made a film in several years and that he has been irrelevant for a long time(ala Howard Stern),for heck: even the likes of Corey Feldman,Gary Busey,Rodney Allen Rippy(the star of early 70s Jack In The Box TV commercials),and Eric Roberts are much more relevant than Emilio Estevez,for all because he made a handful of successful films in THE MIGHTY DUCKS series doesn’t make him the most profitable male actor ever in Hollywood considering that Pennywise The Clown in IT(2017) made over $300 million at the box office,which is Way More money than all of Emilio’s films combined ever will.

If anyone is wondering just who are the most successful stars in the Sheen/Estevez family,that would definitely have to be the likes of Martin Sheen,Charlie Sheen,and Joe Estevez and absolutely not Emilio,for they may not have major mucho millions but at least they’ve still careers that are still going onward.

HAPPY DEATH DAY Easily Demolishes Tom Cruise’s AMERICAN MADE At This Past Weekends’s Box Office,Having Financially earned twenty Times Over Its $4 Million Dollar Budget With A Massive Revenue Gross Of $24 Million,Which Is Not bad For A Modestly Budgeted Horror Film And Is Still Proving That Horror Cinema Is Still A Strongly Successful Genre At The Box Office. Hasta La Vista,Tombo Cruise !!!

Steven M.

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The Complete Incompetence Of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Sadly Continues

Last week while both America and Las Vegas(and its citizens) were fully recovering from the recent tragic shootings,The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame announced their 19 choices for planned 2018 inductions(after they’re trimmed down to just five) who include the likes of Judas Priest and Bon Jovi(as well as Radiohead and Rage Against The Machine).

While it’s really nice in seeing Judas Priest getting some R&RHoF recognition,it is quite sad upon seeing how the likes of Iron Maiden,Foreigner,Scorpions,Skinny Puppy,Nine Inch Nails,Ministry,Armored Saint,Slayer,and even both Donovan and Motley Crue unwisely get ignored by R&RHoF’s main czar Jan Wenner(the head chief of Rolling Stone magazine) and his cohorts as they continue to display their complete imcompetence upon how slow,dimwitted,and out-of-touch they are when it comes to inducting past musical acts of the last 30 to 50s years,since there are soooooo many bands that are in dire need of much deserved inductions that are being majorly overlooked because of Wenner’s(and his buddies’) musical prejudices upon certain musical genre(such as hard rock/heavy metal),which is infuriating and annoying in seeing how ignorant and one sided this organization is and what an abolute unbelievable joke that they are to the music industry upon how many musical acts continue to be pass aside for inductions and the way the place is runned,something that the overweight Mideast rednecks at The Classic Metal Show,metal/hard rock Internet/media personality Eddie Trunk,and ex-MTV personality Iann Robinson would all fully agree with me on with me here.

Message To The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: either follow through on inducting many of the bands and musical acts that you’re all ignoring(and passing aside) or permanently close up shop(upon what many regular music fans see as a major joke to the entire music industry).

For Anyone That Is Reading This,Thank You For Reading.

Steven M.

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Vegas Strong Style Destroys Infowars’ Anti-Liberal Bullshit

A few days after the tragic Las Vegas shootings,I am Still MotherFucking Nuclear Angry !!!!

If you ever feel the urge to look up the meaning of the term “fat fuck” inside the dictionary you’ll find a picture of Alex Jones,the fourtysomething host and owner of the Texas-based Infowars(/PrisonPlanet) which is a conspiracy theorist Truther network that used to tell certain conspiracy theories about certain controversial things(such as their belief that 9/11 was a straight-up cover job),but now that Alex has pledged allegiance with the Donald Trump Administration and the Alt Right(making that an absolute sell-out move,on Alex’s behalf),Alex has proven himself to be nuttier than a fruitcake by sprouting out false-to-the-hilt insane theories about how liberals and Bernie Sanders supporters are evil and how he believes they should be burned alive. Now comes Alex’s latest theory that proves him to be a very mentally unstable and completely psychotic human being by stating that the Vegas shootings were orchestrated by the Democrats and the liberals to bring about the issue of gun control.

BuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllShhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiitttttttttt !!!!!!

Alex also pretends to call false “sources”(on his shitty Internet-based Infowars show) that claim that this is all true when it actually isn’t,for if you think that President Donald Trump is insane Alex Jones is 900 time worse and 975 more dangerous,since Alex enjoys inciting violence against people that don’t share his severely twisted political ideologies and believes that those folks should be violently murdered,which is a very dangerous,very mentally ill,and very fascist thought that the Nazis in Nazi era Europe shared in the 30s and the 40s and anyone who stupidly thinks that the Antifas were behind the shootings needs to fully know that Infowars incited such real life violent shooting incidents such as the two Northeast Las Vegas-based twentysomething couple that were Infowars fans who went on a shooting rampage at a local mini-mall until the police came and shot them down,as well as several months ago when a guy who believed in Alex’s “Pizzagate” theory that Hillary Clinton was behind a local East Coast pizza place where a child human trafficking ring existed(it actually didn’t),and he went there with a rifle to shoot the place up(along with the people inside of it[complete with the police arriving to shoot him down]).

People need to understand that the Antifas are fighting against the far right wing conservative politicians that yearn to take away every progressive right and freedom while Infowars and its warriors want to kill anyone that is a progressive liberal,for it is time to someone,in the Tom “Billy Jack” Laughlin mode,to bravely take a stand to stand up against Alex Jones and his Infowars warriors and tell him to stick their bullshit and karate kick them if they foolishly dare attempt to violently attack them,for that mentally unstable lunatic Alex Jones and his Infowars network is the Real clear and present danger to America that needs to be immediately stopped before something really dangerous happens on any American street in any town that’ll bring something an awful lot worse,and it really needs to be called out by someone before Infowars’ bullshit escalates out of control and gets an innocent person(or innocent people) badly hurt(or killed).  And I’m not worried if anything bad happens to me from one of Infowars’ goons(if they ever foolishly dare to attack me[since I happen to possess combat karate skills that my older cousin G.G. taught me in the mid-to-late 70s[and early 80s],a time when he took up karate and participated in karate tournaments[and the martial arts was massively popular thanks to Bruce Lee{and his film ENTER THE DRAGON}]),since my family will make sure that Alex Jones and his goons will get immediately locked up behinds bars(where they rightfully belong).

Vegas Strong Style,

Steven M.             

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How I Feel About Both Puerto Rico’s Tragedy And The Tragic Las Vegas Shootings

Hey,everyone,for since I happen to live in Las Vegas,do you all want to know just how I feel ?

Do you want to know how I feel about Puerto Rico being so disaster stricken and in such badly damaged shape that the current Republican politicians would wish that it would be either getting completely swept underwater(ala Atlantis) by a massive tidal wave or getting struck(and completely taken out) by a North Korean nuclear missile.

Do you want to know how I feel when hardworking,heartfully caring San Juan,Puerto Rican Mayor Carmen Cruz is devotedly strengthfully holding up Puerto Rico together(in a lot better way than Las Vegas’ Mayor Carolyn Goodman and the Vegas city politicians) while being savagely torn apart by the lunatics in the far right media(including turncoat half-Puerto Rican Geraldo Rivera).

Do you want to know how I feel about the tragic Vegas shootings at the Mandalay Bay’s country jamboree concert that had an insane couple,strongly fueled on anger,heavily shot their rifles upon,no matter how one debates whether it was a terrorist act(even though the couple had no ties to terrorists) or an act of anger induced insanity.

Do you want to know how I feel about how the Vegas shootings are being used for political finger pointing at President Donald Trump,the liberals(which lunatic Truther Alex Jones,Bill O’Reilly,Pat Robertson,and the conservative Twitter Tweeters are foolishly doing),the conservatives,the Antifas(who absolutely have nothing to do with this),and the NRA.

Do you want to know how I feel about thinking that Vegas’ ex-Mayor Oscar Goodman(husband of current Mayor Carolyn Goodman) is partially at fault because he failed to do monthly Terrorist Activity Safety Check Tests(as other major cities do) that help prevent terrorist attacks and was more interested in verbally attacking the homeless community and then-President Barack Obama while proudly praising his connections to(the dangerously violent Manson Family-esque crime syndicate known as) The Mafia during his lengthy time in office.

Do you want to know how I feel about the on-line and off-line new media wanting the Vegas shootings to keep everyone as heavily broken down as they were with 9/11(both of which haven’t changed me nor haven’t broken me).

Do you want to know how I feel about how we’ve lost another celebrity we’ve all grown up with,that being Tom Petty(who was an innovative force in both helping build up music videos and MTV).

Do you want to know how I feel about JonBenet Ramsey’s murder still not being solved(while John Ramsey and Burke Ramsey live on the high hog,and O.J. Simpson has been freed from prison[and is secretly residing somewhere in Las Vegas]).

Do you want to know how I feel about how The entire Manson Family are still allowed to live and breathe(while behind bars).

Do you want to know how I feel about how troublemaking Internet trolls are still allowed to roam the Internet to continuously spread their bullshit around

Do you want to know how I feel about….Oh,Fuck It !!!!  I’ll be up all night if I continue onward,for Here Is How I Exactly Feel about everything posted above….

Thanks for taking time out in reading(whether or not you fully agree with the thoughts that are on my mind[since this is the Internet{a vessel of various opinions and various thoughts}]).

In Theaters This Friday: BLADE RUNNER 2049,An Unnecessary Sequel That Is Getting Lots Of Really Good Word,Courtesy Of Its Visionary Director(Denis Villeneuve) That Should Have Directed Star Wars Episodes 7,8,And 9. Hopefully,It’ll Be A Worthy(And Needful) Film.

Steven M.

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Go Away Already,You Far Right Wing Lunatics !!! And Leave The NFL Alone !!!!  Plus: The AintItCool Empire Fallout Continues…

Source: Right-wing radio host loses it over anthem protests: NFL stadiums will be FEMA death camps

The last few days have seen a massive fallout that is more shattering than the fallouts over at Harry Knowles’ AintItCool empire(more on that later)and disaster stricken Puerto Rico(which really does need American aid),for the football world currently being assaulted by the far right wing politicians and media that are angrily shaking their fists at the football leagues and the NFL,all over football player Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to pray and pledge alligiance during the National Anthem in protest of President Donald Trump,with his team(including their coach)joining him in bowing down upon one knee in both praying and pledging allegiance to the National Anthem.

Whether you’re standing or you’re bowing down on one knee when it comes to either praying or pledging allegiance,you are at least doing one or the other which is a really good thing when it comes to either praying or pledging allegiance and it’s too damn bad if these far right wing lunatics in the conservative media and conservative politics don’t like it for it’s America,damn it,and you can do whatever you want(as long as it’s not rape,robbery,embezzling,and/or murder) and none of these completely unhinged far right wingers have no reason to unleash their severely twisted hate upon everyone while conjuring up Alex Jones-esque psychotic fantasies to terrify the masses. Thankfully,4/5 of America hasn’t drank the far right wing Kool-Aid since everyone still possesses liberal values and won’t fall for whatever dirty trick that the far right pulls out from their sleeve.

Otherwise,the far right wingers and their allies just need to completely leave the NFL alone,for if the NFL gets completely bulldozed just what other type of sports(outside of wrestling and MMA[both which President Donald Trump thoroughly enjoys]) will the far right attempt to bulldoze over next: Soccer ?! Air Hockey ?! Yatzee ?! Twister ?! Battleship ?! Sonic The Hedgehog ?! Super Mario Brothers ?! Mr. and Mrs. Pacman ?!

The Fallout Over At Harry Knowles’ AintItCool Geek Empire Continues,As Harry’s Trusted Writers Quint,Capone,Horrorella,And Ambush Bug Have All Now Left,And Harry Has Not Only Been banned From The Alamo Drafthouse And Their Fantastic Fest,But Harry Has Now Taken A Leave Of Absence From AintItCool: Boy,Is Harry’s Geek Empire Rapidly Crumbling Before his Eyes(And His Enormous Red Beard).

Steven M.

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Quentin Tarantino Now Yearning To Direct A  STAR TREK Film ?!  Plus: The Problems Of Harry Knowles And Victor Salva

Quentin Tarantino has famously stated that, following The Hateful Eight, he only has two films left in him. We’ve been left to wonder what those two final films would be about? Rumor has it t…

Source: Quentin Tarantino on the possibility of directing a Star Trek film

According to the above link,filmmaker Quentin Tarantino a few months ago claimed that he was planning on making a Charles Manson film and attempting to get both Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence(Miramax Films’ original choice for Jennifer Jason Leigh’s role in THE HATEFUL EIGHT) involved,and now he answered a recent question asked to him by a TMZ reporter saying that he’s open to writing and directing a future STAR TREK film.

Given the less-than-stellar box office returns for the recent TREK film STAR TREK:BEYOND and Paramount Pictures’ dissatisfaction with J.J. Abrams planning to jump over to Lucasfilms to direct STAR WARS:EPISODE 9,having Tarantino directing the next(or future) STAR TREK film is a desperate needed choice for Paramount to attempt to resurrect the series once again,although while it’s a pretty novel idea one wonders just how Tarantino would approach it…for yeah,he would have to make it a PG to PG-13 rated affair and he would possibly give small roles and cameos to familiar science fiction related actors and actresses such as John Saxon,Sybil Danning,Caroline Munro,and even STAR WARS’ Mark Hamill,as well as adds in some familiar sci-fi musical scores from certain classic sci-fi films(for the soundtrack),for the main thing would be if he takes the TREK project,would QT add something new to the TREK formula to freshen it up and take it to new places that the likes of Gene Roddenberry and J.J. Abrams couldn’t think of and possibly advance some of the story ideas and futuristic technology to vamp up the TREK universe in a way to modernize it for the times(since we are living in the 21st. Century).

Given how many of Tarantino’s announced projects end up going to same unfilmed territory as Guillemero del Toro’s,it’ll be interesting to see whether Tarantino’s proposed STAR TREK project(as well as his Manson project) actually gets made,since Tarantino isn’t going to make a STAR WARS film(whether it’s a spin-off film or an Episode) anytime soon and doesn’t seem to feel the urge to deal with the immensive egos of real life Sith Lords Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy(as intriguing as would be if Tarantino ever felt the urge to make a STAR WARS film[or even a James Bond film,at that matter]).

AintItCool’s Head Honcho Harry Knowles Is In Trouble,Being Accused Of Making Sexual Moves(Via Rubbing Up Against The Body Of) Upon A Woman,With Harry’s Site Having Now Lost The Likes Of Writers Quint,Capone,and Horrorella. Whether Or Not These Allegations Are True(Since Harry Is A Paraplegic[Who Walks Around On Crutches{Due To A Stage falling Accident He Had At A 1996 Convention}]),This Is Putting The Futures Of Harry And The Owners Of The Alamo Drafthouse Theater Chain In Despair,In As Much Despair As Filmmaker Victor Salva’s Career(Which Might Be Ending[Courtesy Of Numerous On-Line Protests Against His Molestation Of A Child Actor On The Set Of His Debut Film CLOWNHOUSE]),As His Long Awaited Sequel JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 Is Receiving A One Night Release(Which I Can’t Make Due To No Close Theaters Near My Home).

Steven M.

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