A Quick Christmas/Hanukkah Message

Merry Christmas And Happy Hanukkah,Everyone !!!


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After 44 Years,The LAST TANGO IN PARIS Controversy Still Lingers On

Good news,anti-political fans,for here’s another look at films(just as the Christmas season is quickly looming upon us)….

Just recently,a new controversy has surfaced for the 44 year old erotic themed film LAST TANGO IN PARIS,where depicts the adulterous relationship between Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider.  Its Oscar winning(for THE LAST EMPEROR) director/co-writer Bernando Bertolucci recently revealed that he both originally wanted to have the notorious “butter” scene as an actual hardcore XXX scene and that it is actually a real on-screen rape as he intended it to be,a statement that angered both Jessica Chastain and Mike Flanagan(the OCULUS/OUIJA:ORIGINS OF EVIL guy),as well as ignited a handful of people to urge MGM to drop the film from its catalog.

Anyone that closely follows 70s cinema and the mindset of the filmmakers around that time era know that the 70s were well known for its daringly risque cinema and that the filmmakers of the time had a lot of insane and outrageous things on their minds even though they never meant to intend any of it,since I’m assuming that Bertolucci is just mainly bluffing since had that actually happened on-screen(or was to be a hardcore XXX scene) LAST TANGO IN PARIS(along with SALO:THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM and IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES) would have gotten permanently banned from ever planning on American movie screens,and I highly doubt it if that scene was actually meant to be that way since I’ve seen the film a handful of times and that controversial “butter” scene does play in well with the film’s dark themes(of which there is more of[on an emotional human level] than on-screen nudity),given the troubled and haunted character that Brando portrays.  And I can can easily understand Schneider’s feelings toward both the film and Bertolucci since I’m sure that working in a heavily dark film and working with Brando(who was rumored to be not the easiest actor to work with[although I’m sure that he was a very nice guy if you met and got to know him]) weren’t the easiest things for an actress to endure.  And I just find it ridiculous to this argument to be brought up for a film that is 40+ plus years old since there are a lot of more worse things in the world to worry about than about a scandalous film of long ago,for just don’t see it nor mention it if you don’t like it and wisely ignore whatever insane ramblings a filmmaker(such as Bertolucci) says.

And BTW:I haven’t yet seen ROGUE ONE:A STAR WARS STORY,but I have seen Rob Zombie’s 31 and I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was. And too bad if the anti-31 crowd/haters don’t like it.

R.I.P.: Zsa Zsa Gabor(At The Age Of 99[Just Before What Would Have Been Her Upcoming 100th. Birthday])

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THE WALKING DEAD’s TV Ratings Down ?!

For the last few weeks,anyone who reads my blogs have noticed that they’ve been taking the Keith Olbermann and Jim Cornette(non wrestling related) route in severely talking trash about the upcoming regime of the Vastly Supreme Overlord Donald Trump and his(along with Mike Pence’s) Political Cabinet Of Doom(or,better yet,From Hell).  But since this is a horror/genre films blog first and a liberal(and Damn Proud Of It)political leaning blog second,I’ll just wisely return to cover a little bit more of what is happening in horror(just for right now,at least).

THE WALKING DEAD has gone down its its TV ratings after its Season Seven premiere episode that gained it a bombastic 17 million viewers,only for that millions number declining.  Knowing how heavily emotional and extremely touchy the WALKING DEAD fans get over the show and what happens to every character that is on it,one part of the reason why ratings are down could be that the WALKING DEAD fans hate the new human villain Negan that damn much,considering how brutally he killed both Glenn and Abraham and how brutally he is treating both Rick and Daryl by shattering their tough guy souls and being the dominant one(until Carol,Morgan,and their new group show up[for a rumored Season Finale war between their side and Negan’s The Saviors]).   Maybe it is so,since the criminally underrated Jeffrey Dean Morgan is doing an excellent job at playing Negan and getting as much It-About-Time recognition as is fellow criminally underrated Ed Harris with HBO’s WESTWORLD TV series.  Sure,some can complain about the slow pace of some of THE WALKING DEAD’s Seasons(ala Season Two[which has slowly grown on me]),but I feel that the WALKING DEAD fans are that damn pissed off at Negan for stripping away both Daryl and Rick of their tough guy manhoods in a very emotional manner,which is a major success for J.D. Morgan as an actor to be getting the fans that heavily emotional enough in that manner,for the “Good News” for them is that Negan and his trusty barbwire covered baseball bat Lucille will return for Season Eight just to both further annoy them and to help propel the show along in making it even more intriguing,as it already is.

I Haven’t Yet Seen Neither Of The Current Celluloid Flavors Of The Month THE MONSTER Nor THE EYES OF MY MOTHER,For I’ll Let Everyone Know When I Eventually Get To Watch Them

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R.I.P.: Fidel Castro

2016 has been a year where there has been a great many deaths of many familiar people,with Cuba’s Communist leader Fidel Castro now joining that very list.

Having come into power via a massive revolution that overthrew the Cuban government in 1959,at the time when the government was collaborating with American mobsters to transform Cuba(mainly its main capital city Havana) into a Reno/Atlantic City/Las Vegas-esque gambling mecca,Castro thrusted his Communist beliefs into powers as he reigned a very controversial regime for over 57 years that was highly questionable as Castro frequently denied the American government and its ten Presidents over the years,including nearly starting off a destructive nuclear war in 1962/63 that would have meant the end of the entire world if it did happen.  It was always questioned if Castro(like Ayatollah Khomeini) had imposters ruling over Cuba and if he was still alive,as Castro struggled with cancer for the last few years.

With the likes of major conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura having sold out to the big dollar signs,I’m wondering with a little conspiracy theory of my own upon if Castro got bumped off since he showed no signs of dying and keeping his power permanently in place,as well as the coming of a new American government administration(and a really ugly one[at that]) along the way,for one wonders what will happen to Cuba now that their controversial leader is gone and if their nation will still remain a Communist one or if Cuba’s government will completely change its political party status,and what will happen now that Donald Trump has the biggest political seat on the planet and what will become of that very nation under his watch,something that is as disturbing(even though I’m no Communist and I never supported Cuba’s government) and ugly as the Standing Rock American Indians protesting dilemma/situation being under Trump’s watch(since the nuclear missiles[and possibly the neutron bombs{if he ever discovers them}] are now near Trump’s fingertips).

Mighty Congrats To Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,Who Is Basically Vince McMahon’s Biggest Success(Over Both Hulk Hogan And “Stone Cold” Steve Austin) Via His People’s “Sexiest Man Alive 2016” Title,And His Latest Film MOANA Becoming Yet Another Box Office Mega Success For Him

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2016’s Post-Thanksgiving Turkeys

The Following Video Dedicated To The Vastly Supreme Overlord Donald Trump And His Alt Right Buddies/Allies/Cabinet

Here it is: my 2016 post-Thanksgiving Turkeys that is fully dedicated to all of the Alt Right conservative bungholes…

* Donald Trump : He fully speaks massive volumes for himself.

* Scott Baio : One of Trump’s head celebrity who utters such really stupid things from his mouth that not only does he put the capital W,U,H,and B is the word Washed-Up Has-Been but he also makes the universe relieved to know that makes fellow conservative dumbass Kirk Cameron looks like Albert Einstein.

* The Alt Right Movement:  Two Middle Fingers Straight Up to the entire Nazi hand and arm-in-the-air saluting far right wing extremist assholes as they strongly attempt to destroy every single social freedom in America as well as the entire world.

* Tila Tequila: another washed-up has-been,the MySpace and MTV reality series “celebrity” has now joined the Alt Right/Trump supporter movement,showing that the Juggalos and Juggalettes are way more cooler than this Nazi hand-and-arm rising saluting twat waffle(who is of Vietnamese descent) who we are reminded is Still Alive.

* Alex Jones: The Infowars/Prison Planet conspiracy theroist/Truther who mightily sold out to the Trump dollar sign,for everything about this guy and what he represents makes me wants to endlessly projectile vomit.

* Trump Supporters/Anyone That Voted For Trump: Thanks for voting for the upcoming end of both the future and the entire world,bungholes !!! And Trump supporters are such unreasonable prickfaces that only want to listen to themselves and get violent if you verbally brash and heavily despise Trump that it displayst he sad state of current post-Barack Obama era America.

* All Conservative Media Talking Heads:  They all strongly support Trump to the point that it makes me too sick to talk about it.

I’ll just wisely end it here without giving any free publicity to any more conservative pro-Trump people,such as Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos[the Sacha Baron Cohen of conservatives]),Dave Mustaine(pompous metalhead ass),Don Tony/Anthony DeBlasi(one sided,animosity igniting,Trump supporting wrestling podcaster),and Antonio Sabata Jr.(wrong career mover,Boy !!!),for I’ve got to go now….

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My Conspiracy Theory Upon Why There Is Now Legalized Marijuana

Given the type of far right wing/alt right government that has now been either voted,snuck,or bought their way in(depending upon whom you ask),it is a major surprise in knowing upon how legalized marijuana has taken the similar route that legalized gay marriage  has taken in becoming legit nationwide,although legal weed is now official in a handful of states(mainly on the West Coast).

Other than just to merely medical or recreational use,the strong feeling that I’m getting upon why marijuana is now legal is—this conspiracy theory that I have developed,unlike my once promised one(that I wisely never shared) of thinking that Donald Trump was merely a plant sent in by Jesse Ventura to disrupt and destroy the Republican party(for a [proposed]Hillary Clinton win): Boy,was I really wrong on that one(!!!) —because with legit pot,the Republicans can now enable a way to have everyone that smokes pot to become completely stoned and be too intoxicated to fight back against this upcoming new alt right regime,just in the same manner with both the hippies in the late 60s(The Nixon years) and the heavy metal stoners in the early 80s(the Reagan years). With everyone being too stoned to protest and fight back,the upcoming Vastly Supreme Overlord Trump and his mindless minions will see to do to wreck whatever massive damage they plan to with America,which is major bad news for not only the likes of abortion,porn,and the rights of womens,gays,transgenders,and minorities,but also for the Native American Indians that are mightily protesting against the Standing Rock pipeline(especially if Trump learns about the Neutron Bomb[created in the 70s to only kill people but keep buildings and lands intact]) and Jesse Ventura(since he got Trump into politics[in 2000],and knows about Trump’s dark secrets[and had better watch out that he doesn’t get knocked off{in the next six to eight months}]).  It may sounding far fetched or frightening,but this is how I feel about it.

In other news,a DON’T BREATHE 2 has been announced…Why ?!  There’s no need for one.   And Russian MMA superstar Fedor E.(I can’t remember his full last name) has now signed up with Bellator,meaning that the likes of MMA prima donnas Dana White,Joe Rogan,and Big John McCarthy can all live and breathe easier(since Fedor in the UFC would give them something to fear[other than a Bill Goldberg spear and jackhammer]).   Speaking of the UFC,Miesha Tate announced her retirement after her recent match,with Ronda Rousey expected to also retire after her upcoming match.

Now back to organizing my list for the upcoming 2016 Turkeys List(my annual list of celebrity and political turkeys[of the human kind]).

R.I.P.:  Both Robert Vaughn And Ted V. Mikels

Steven M.

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‘Train To Busan’ Hits Blu-ray & DVD In The U.S. On December 13th.

Chances are that many of you missed Train to Busan  during its limited theatrical run, which is a shame, as the film has been highly praised with many hail

Source: ‘Train to Busan’ Hits Blu-ray & DVD in the U.S. – HorrorMovies.ca

While I’m mightily upset and as severely P.O.’ed as the numerous protesters that are strongly protesting against the election win of Donald Trump(for Vastly Supreme Overlord[I just can’t call him{or refer to him as} President]) and heavily nauseated upon whom he is already choosing for his political cabinet(in his rising Trump Political Empire Of Supreme Absolute Suckiness),the good news that the Korean zombie film TRAIN TO BUSAN is current playing in theaters and is quite the emotional and powerful horror film that is Truly Worth Seeing in the theaters(if it is playing in or near your town or city) and is coming next month on DVD/Blu ray. It is truly cheerful news to hear,read,and know that’ll help give a bit of a rise up from the current traumatic stress that Trump,his family,and his fellow alt right/far right wing bozos/allies that have mightily divided and polarized our great nation with. If anyone thought that this year’s election was truly ugly and dysfunctional,things are about to get even more uglier as the Trump regime promising to play out like the George W. Bush Administration crossed with the mid 60s.

If Anyone Is Curious To Know: I Haven’t Yet Caught The Likes Of THE MONSTER(The Current Horror Cinema Flavor Of The Month),ARRIVAL,SHUT IN,(Rob Zombie’s)31,or even PHANTASM:RAVAGER,For I’ll Loudly Holler When I Do Get A Chance To See Them…

Steven M.

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