WALKING DEAD: Negan Debuts,But…

This past Sunday night was THE WALKING DEAD:Season Six Finale,which had a lot of WALKING DEAD prepared to get heavily emotional upon one of the top characters of that series was going to bite the dust. But…

First off,the debut of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan,the leader of the psychotic group of surviving humans known as The Saviors(next to The Wolves)was  amazing as expected,with the criminally underrated Morgan knocking it out of the park for his awesome performance as he taunted and talked down upon Rick,Daryl,and the gang and was preparing to get brutal,and when that moment of Negan slamming upon his beloved baseball bat Lucille upon his chosen victim happened,the screen suddenly went black and we all didn’t know who exactly died.

Instead of opening weeping on-line,the fans got mad and expressed their disappointment with this Finale,which was as heavily disappointing as Season Five’s weak Finale. All I can say is that we’ll have to wait until both the teaser trailer for Season Seven makes its debut at this July’s San Diego Comic Con(teasing which person in Rick’s trusty group is still alive) and Season Seven arrivals this coming October.

WrestleMania 32 Didn’t Turn Out To Be That Great,Something Which I Was Expecting Anyway(Since The WWE Has Been Using All Of Their Great Ideas And Full Creativity On NXT[Whch They Nowadays Spend A Lot More Time On)

Steven M.

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Axl Rose And AC/DC ?!?!

For the last few days,there have been rumors of Axl Rose possibly joining AC/DC as a guest singer after Brian Johnson recently had to reluctantly step down due to being close to hearing loss(via his second career in both car racing and hosting a car racing television show in England),with Brian having rumored to have been forced out of the band by guitarist/core member Angus Young who is yearning to continue on AC/DC for the next 10 years whether or not Brian is their singer anymore,which has angered a lot of longtime fans since Brian has been in the band for 36 years and has devotedly stuck through thick and thin with the band.

I just can’t picture Axl Rose fitting with AC/DC,since Axl is too busy with the Guns N’ Roses reunion(with both Slash and Duff McKagen) to have any time to front another band,and the members of AC/DC are in their 60s and look too old to be hanging out with Axl,as well as that Axl wouldn’t be a good fit with AC/DC since he doesn’t possess the gruff voice to handle AC/DC’s trademark hard rocking bluesy flavored songs,as well as the main thing here is that Axl is a egotistical megalomaniac those insane persona would be too extreme for Angus(which would bring on endless clashes between Axl and Angus[especially if Axl walks off-stage during his mood swings,with Angus wanting to slap him{if he dares doing so}]),and the boys to handle nor put up with any of his bullshit.

In all,Axl Rose with AC/DC would hold as much credibility as Gary Cherone singing in Metallica or Slayer.  If it does actually happen,just don’t expect Axl’s association with AC/DC to last for long.

Coming Soon: film critics both do…and don’t..matter when it comes to films(I’ll lengthily analyze upon that one).

Donald Trump(Who 80s Has-Been Scott Baio Is Cheerleading For) Says That He’ll Criminalize Abortion And Any Woman That Has One If He Becomes President: I Wonder If Trump Vividly Remembers(As Much As I Do) When He Was Running As A Pro-Choice Liberal Independent(Under Jesse Ventura’s Watchful Eye) In 2000

Steven M.

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Arizona Voter Suppression Insanity

This past week in Arizona,many people that were there to vote for their favorite Presidential candidates were sadly left out in the cold over voter ID laws and left waiting from three to five hours just to get inside the voting polls.

This here reeks of far right leaning conservative insanity that intends to have its way in preventing a candidate from the opposite political party(whether that politician is a Democrat,an Independent,or a Libertarian) from winning at the polls. It is such unfair and complete inbalanced bullshit that is working on wrecking both our nation’s political system and the structure of America’s way of life,which is what the twisted forces of the Tea Party and the many Republican and conservative figures and politicians that they have deep in their financial pockets(and collective reaches). Along with the allowances of the likes of major city mayors(such as the three terms[12years] of both New York City’s Michael Bloomberg and Las Vegas’ Oscar Goodman),Senate and Congress members,and Supreme Court judges in being allowed to serve lengthy political posts time(for over 10 years to life),this act of depriving voters of their right to vote is completely ruining the balance of normalcy and freedom in this nation.

If anyone wants some real change and keep the normal balance of society,the time is now to go to your nearest voting polls and do whatever it takes to fully vote,for no matter what anyone says,Your Vote Really Does Count.

Now In Theaters:BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE: It’s Getting Mixed Reviews,But Yet The Fans And General Audiences Are Strongly Denying The Film Critics In Showing Their Fullest Support,Since It Is The Fans And General Audiences That Really (Much More)Matter

Steven M.


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A Trump Empire = 9000 Years Of Pure Darkness

Source: Trump militia forms to ‘forcefully protect’ rally goers against ‘far-left agitators’

I’ve really been trying to avoid talking about politics anymore since it’s all of the same about how more delusional and psychotic that Donald Trump,his fellow Tea Party backed Republican candidates,everyone at Fox News,all conservative media voices,and the violent Nazi saluting Trump supporters are,for now after the massive army of protesters that mightily struck back in Chicago this past weekend(causing Trump to cancel his Chi-Town rally appearance)comes news that Trump is allowing an army of those nutzoid supporters to form a volunteer militia that’s known as The Lion’s Guard(complete with their very own Twitter page).

This is more of an absolutely frightening horror than any horror filmmaker can possibly imagine,for it’s either reaching into senility or being deeply brainwashed by the Tea Party(the radical right wing hate group[that are financing his campaign])that is causing Trump to further dive into further insanity with his flock of followers following him along the way. How could have ever imagined that a man who was introduced to the public eye(in the 80s and 90s) as a successful real estate billionaire-turned-philandering celebrity-turned-reality TV game show host would not only be given a shot at the political seat’s top spot,thanks to Jesse Ventura having convinced him to run for office in 2000(as a liberal Independent),to joining up with both the Republicans and the Tea Party a few years later to slowly become a force that plays like a modern day George C. Wallace with a maniacal far right wing racist army who act like a combination of aging Confederate era racists mingling with the late 70s/early 80s heavy metal stoners who both have all remained the same but now listening to their newfound nutzoid leader who happens to be a corporate billionaire. I’m sure that Jesse is really “proud” of having brought Trump into politics(that has now backfired on him[knowing how Jesse is the full political opposite of Trump]).

This is starting to become like a Bible prophecy that is coming to full fledged real life,with Trump gathering millions that’ll listen to his psychotic rantings and would become a much more larger dangerous threat to the world than both ISIS and the Middle Eastern terrorists combined,making it seem like Trump is the prophecized Anti-Christ that was spoken about in the Bible. I’m sure that both right wing talk show zealots Morton Downey Jr. and Wally George are turning in their graves over the maniacal political force that Donald Trump has become,for if Trump continues to act like George C. Wallace he’ll end up meeting the same fate as him(if not worse).

And Yes,it is indeed a good reason to vote for the other side(whether it’s for Bernie Sanders or even Hillary Clinton).

The Twitter Universe Upset Over The Weekend That THE 100’s Lesbian Character Lexa(Alycia Debnam-Carey) Met Her Demise,Causing Many To Protest And Claim That Gay People Are Also Minorities. Gay People Of All Colors May Not Be Actual Minorities Like Blacks,Hispanics,Asians,Middle Easterns,Indians,And Other Foreigners,But They’ll Eventually End Up Fitting In There Under The Eyes Of The Far Right Lunatic Movement(That Hates Everything And Anything That Stands For Minorites,Homosexuality[Both Male And Female],and Pure Progressive Liberalism).

Steven M.

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March Rantings

I’ve been spending less time on the Internet lately to take care of some private and personal off-line real life business,having grown tired of all of the on-line drama of the Internet world and have stopped listening to a lot of wrestling podcasts(mainly with the hosts either attempting to be the new Howard Stern or going on fanboy rants about the likes of overrated films such as DEADPOOL and STAR WARS:THE FORCE AWAKENS), and growing tired of reading endless news on endless gratuitous remakes and reboots,fanboys bickering left and right,as well as trying my best upon not talking abut politics much,since everyone on the Internet agrees with me how dysfunctional this year’s Presidential election is and how much of a douchebag the likes of Donald Trump and his fellow Tea Party/Republican candidates and supporters are.

And Mighty Congrats to both Miesha Tate and Nate Diaz having surprising winning victories in their high profile UFC matches,with Miesha now the UFC’s Womens’ champion.

I’ll be back sometime real soon…

R.I.P.: George Kennedy

Steven M.

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Recent MMA On-Goings

Since I tend to talk a lot about political awareness and movies(and being aware of Not being a mindless fanboy),I’ll just wisely turn my attention to a few recent going-on in the MMA world…

  • CM Punk Delays His UFC Match(Once Again): Two years in training for his UFC debut match,CM Punk has once again delayed his long awaited UFC debut match(against chosen opponent Mickey Gall) by going into back surgery for an issue that is related to his WWE wrestling days. Many UFC/MMA fans and wrestling fans have grown angry and impatient over this,claiming that Punk is too chickenshit of facing Gall and fearing that he’ll lose,as well as rumored reports coming out claiming that Punk has lost 3/4 of his training matches,something whichs not very good news to hear. Knowing the type of guy that UFC CEO/head honcho Dana White is,if Punk keeps it up with these constant delays and setbacks for this match,Dana will have no reason but to toss Punk straight out the door and out of the UFC. If Punk is smart,he’ll properly play the ball that lays in his court otherwise he’ll just deflate that ball and leave the court.

* Connor McGregor Wants No More Vegas Fights After UFC 200: Connor Mac just made  this statement about how he yearns to no longer fight in Las Vegas after UFC 200 for the sake of catering of his large Irish fanbase on the East Coast,which is ironic considering that Connor Mac found his success in Las Vegas and has a home there,for it is his loss if he passes up earning the Vegas big pay that is a major part of his “rich and flaunting it,and damn proud of it” image/persona,which is part of what makes Connor a unique and fascinating in-ring fighter(both inside and outside of the MMA octagon).

* Bellator 149: Boy,what an on-line success this Bellator event was all over Twitter: Not !!!  It was heavily trashed as one of the all-time worst fight event Ever,something that I can partially agree with since many of the early-to-mid card matches were basically the standard matches that you’d see at an indie MMA show,with the fights between Dada 5000 and Kimbo Slice and a Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock match coming off as pretty sluggish. I’ll give Gracie credit for still having it(since this is his first MMA match in years),but Shamrock,Slice,and Dada 5000 all came off as very sad,since Dada 5000 was recovering from fatigue of a previous MMA bout that he had a few days prior to this event and the wear and tear on Dada widely showed,for why the officials at Bellator allowed Dada to fight while being in a terrible physical condition is something I’ll never understand since a fighter with that much fatigue shouldn’t have been given the okay to fight on an important event and it only massively hurt the event with the fans seeing the really bad results of it. I feel sorry for everyone involved with this event,since Shamrock was openly upset that his match was cut short and he looked a lot older than he actually is(at 52),and veteran MMA referee Big John McCarthy looked very freeze dried and his mustache and goatee that looked glued on(ala Steven Seagal),for the less said about his longtime style of refereeing,the better. And Kimbo Slice was basically fighting like–Kimbo Slice.  And for mighty mouth Joe Rogan to go off on trashing this event(which I really can’t blame him for doing),Rogan himself looks like he’s slowly transforming into Ben Grimm/The Thing(of The Fantastic Four),with the way his body and muscles look so jacked up and his nose looks so large and puffed up. It’s a good thing that this event aired for free on Spike TV,otherwise people would be much more infuriated.Hopefully,Bellator and their organizers(led by Scott Coker)will massively get their full shit together and make sure that Bellator 150 will be an awful lot better event(if they want to remain the Number Two MMA federation).

That’s all I have to say for now…

THE WITCH Is Both A Very Great And A Very Dark,Bleak,and Brutal Horror Film,For It’s Truly One Of The Best Films Of 2016

Steven M.

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Alex Jones: Sell-Out,Traitor,And Hate Crime Advocator

Alex Jones was once a man who bravely charged on the Truther movement,a conspiracy theory scene that pointed out such stuff as conspiracies involving various wars,governments,famous murders(such  John F. Kennedy’s assassination),and any possible motive behind 9/11 and AIDS/HIV and Diabetes. As silly as they all are,they are at least thought provoking and entertaining mind toying material to read about and listen to.

But in recent years,Alex has mightily sold himself out to the far right movement of the Tea Party,one that the Republicans and right leaning Libertarians bow down to,with Alex showing full support to people such as Donald Trump and everyone at Fox News. And now this major sell-out and all-out traitor to the Truther movement has done the most unspeakable crime of them all in advocating against both Bernie Sanders and his nationwide supporters and yearning to have Bernie’s supporters violently beaten up and burned alive. That’s Right: Alex Jones is calling for genocide against Bernie’s supporters.

Alex Jones should know that not only is Bernie Sanders a Jewish person,but that advocating for violently beating up and killing people that don’t agree with nor share your opinions and views(and have their very own) is advocating to commit both a hate crime and genocide against a group of people,which is both a national and worldwide offense and could get one both a lifetime prison sentence and a possible stint on death row. This is truly very dangerous and sickening thinking that only makes whatever the results of America’s future will be after the Presidential elections,for I’m not telling anyone who to vote for but warning abut how is a danger to both America’s political system and America’s future,especially if Alex Jones is amongst the people that is in charge. The only thing that clearly stands for Alex Jones is a possible future arrest and jail cellblock stay(with possibly Cliven Bundy),as well as a jailhouse/prison sentence and a seat on the electric chair.

Instead of AAA/Lucha Underground,maybe Jim Cornette should drop the nuclear bomb on InfoWar and Prison Planet(Alex Jones’ on-line turfs).

Rob Zombie Is Teasing Fans About A Possible New DEVIL’S REJECTS/HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES Sequel,Fot It’s A Terrible And Regressive Idea That Smells Of Yearning For Fanboy(And Fangirl) Money And The Cast Is Too Old For Their Roles,Then Again Rob Loves Toying With Fans And Then Debuting A Surprise Film Project(That Is Completely Different),For If RZ Does This Sequel Maybe It Should Be ASH VS. THE DEVIL’S REJECTS(With The Spaulding/Firefly Family Stealing The Necronomicom[To Resurrect Themselves] And Ash Fighting Them And Their Army Of Dr. Satan’s Homemade Zombies)…

Steven M.


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