Michael Myers Finally Freed From Miramax/Dimension/Weinstein Brothers’ 20 Year Captivity

Late this evening,the following news at the link below suddenly hit the Internet…


That’s right: Miramax/Dimension/Weinstein Brothers/Radius is dumping the HALLOWEEN series to solely concentrate upon making more dramas,despite their indie cinema success with IT FOLLOWS,with current HALLOWEEN copyrights owner Malek Akkad now looking for a new studio to make the HALLOWEEN sequels their new home,meaning that Michael Myers is now Finally freed from 20 years of painfully agonizing Weinstein Brothers captivity(a pain that was also heavily felt by all of the fans) and that major quality HALLOWEEN sequels can be made once again,with the above video being the happy celebration music to perform a mightily proud group conga dance to.

R.I.P.: Motorhead’s Lemmy(Ian Kilminster),A Heavy Metal Legend That’ll Heavily Be Missed

BTW: See THE HATEFUL EIGHT As Soon As Possible,Since It’s Quentin Tarantino’s Very Own Big Budgeted Version Of CUTTHROATS NINE(Complete With Majorly Splattery And Gory Violence,And A Lingering Nihilistic Feeling Throughout The Film)

Steven M.

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A Very Merry Christmas To Everyone

Merry Christmas,Everyone !!

In Selected Theaters Today: THE HATEFUL EIGHT In Super 70mm Roadshow Format; Consider Yourself Very Lucky If Your Town Is Playing This Exclusive Version Of Quentin Tarantino’s New Western(Which I’ll Save My Word For After I See It)

Steven M.


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The Force Not Fully Awakened

First off,here is the link to my review of the new STAR WARS sequel..


As far as the new film went,it was action packed and never boring yet nowhere near the excitement of George Lucas’ first three Original Trilogy films,for one major pet peeve that extremely frustrated me with this film is the way that Luke Skywalker is being handled,since he was the main focal point of the first three Original Trilogy films and while he is discussed throughout this film he is barely even seen nor shown. As in the above clip,J.J. Abrams and Mark Hamill heavily discussed a plot idea upon what happened to Luke after RETURN OF THE JEDI and upon whether or not he remained good or turned toward The Dark Side(after turning in down in Episode 6). It mightily intrigued a lot of fans and was heavily publicized in the on-line rumors department about how Luke might be possibly turning evil,as well as be behind the new villains of the new film. As stunning as this concept is,it would have betrayed George Lucas’ original intention in keeping Luke as a good guy who grew throughout the first three films and conquered a lot to get to where he is,with this discussed idea frequently used in the publicity as a reason to why the trailers nor scenes didn’t feature any scenes of Luke,except for one that has him as a hooded figure leaning his robotic hand upon Artoo Detoo. There were heavy promises of this purpose serving as a major surprise that was to be included in the film,yet at the film’s very finale it absolutely failed to pay off and those expecting Luke to be revealed as the film’s new villain were mightily disappointed.

As interesting as a concept that’s based upon the search for the missing Luke,it is only a sub-plot that is soon tossed aside for a climatic recap of yet another Rebel Alliance/Resistance X-Wing fighter pilots battle with a third new Death Star(known as the Starkiller[which was the original name of Anakin and Luke before it was changed to Skywalker]). One wonders why Abrams even bothered to include Luke and the sub-plot when Luke isn’t even a major part of the film nor even participates in the film’s main storyline,since people came to see a STAR WARs film and not a film with a KILL BILL or APOCALYPSE NOW style build-up that leads to one of the main characters,something that doesn’t work in a mainstream commercial sci-fi genre film. STAR WARS:EPISODE 7;THE FORCE AWAKENS may be a good film(just a good film) but it certainly isn’t neither one of the best nor the best film in the series,since it’s as much interested in creating its own character arcs and own storyline as much as it is heavily harping on the retro nostalgia of the Original Trilogy. You may be able to comfortably lean back upon relying on retro nostalgia to create something new(which too many filmmakers of the last 15 years have overly relied upon),but you’ve got to have the creativity,savviness,and uniqueness to fully create something that will make that film your very own,one thatcan massivelydraw both newer and older fans and audiences to that very film if it’s done in the right manner and the right way.

Cheap Trick,Chicago,Deep Purple,The Steve Miller Band,and N.W.A. Area All Officially Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2016 Induction Bound:Accused By Some At Being Too Hipster,Yet Satsifying Those Who Have Heavily Criticized The R&RHoF For Frequently Ignoring Classic Rock Artists,For It’ll Definitely Be The Likes of Nine Inch Nails,The Smiths,and Janet Jackson For the R&RHoF 2017 Inductions(That’s For Sure)

Steven M.



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A Quick Pre-STAR WARS:EPISODE 7 Blog Entry

Since I’ve been making too many political posts lately that have me sounding more like Left Wing Politics Addict than Genre Addict,I decided to lay off the political stuff for now,since I feel that I already made my point and I’ve noticed that the new STAR WARs sequel(I just can’t pronounce it by its idiotic subtitle[THE FORCE AWAKENS])is quickly coming upon us(in six days[!!!]) and I am looking at the weekly box office charts and I notice that not only has KRAMPUS done pretty well but that it fell aside to make room for the new Moby Dick/Chris “Thor” Hemsworth period piece film IN THE HEART OF THE SEA,which has taken the Number Two spot of this pre-STAR WARS weekend’s box office but couldn’t sail past the new(and final) HUNGER GAMES film(with many saying that Hemsworth’s new film mightily bombed[via making only $10 million back for its $100 million costing production budget]).

I’ve also noticed that we’ve now lost four more celebrities in the last couple of days,who all include Holly Woodlawn(Andy Warhol reportaire star),Robert Loggia(SCARFACE[1983],PSYCHO 2,INNOCENT BLOOD,LOST HIGHWAY),Harry Morgan(M.A.S.H.),and Rose Siggins(AMERICAN HORROR STPRY:FREAK SHOW). They will all be sadly missed.

That’s it for now…

Future Blog Entries That Are Coming Soon: Alex Jones Betrays The Truther/Conspiracy Theory Base For The Far Right Movement,Art Bell Once Again Controversially Departs From His Paranormal Conspiracies Radio Show,EPISODE 7:THE FORCE AWAKENS/Anti-Spoilers Fanboys,The Sliding Down Of The WWE And Its Obsession With Roman Reigns’ “Tater Tots”,And Why CAPTAIN AMERICA(3):CIVIL WAR Is Noticeably Growing A Much Larger Fanbase Than BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE,X-MEN(5):APOCALYPSE,and STAR WARS:EPISODE 7,And A Look At STAR WARS:EPISODE 7(After Its Official Theatrical Release)

Steven M.

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Farewell,Scott Weiland

The 90s were quite a transgressional decade,with everything from a Democrat President(Bill Clinton) who solved our nation’s economy problem(which grew worse after he left office) to the music evolving and rapidly changing from heavy metal to grunge/alternative rock,with most of it being major crap with a few major sparkles that included the likes of Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots,with the latter band leaving a major impression upon being one of the most unique and original bands in decades that had quite the singer in Scott Weiland,a man whose vocals were so unique and inspiring that both of his bands Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver were unable to continue without him.

Today,the music will have to continue with Weiland,whose frequent addiction to heroin and crack cocaine in the mid/late 90s and early/mid 00s/2000s had costed him both his jobs in his bands and his vocals,which had sadly faded away,ala ex-Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy. He passed away at the age of 48 while on tour with his current band The Wildabouts(who were the back-up group in his solo career) and was found dead in his sleep while on board on their tour bus.

It is not only a sad reminder that the 90s are truly gone,but also that 2015 has lost another talent in show business. Farewell,Scott Weiland,for I never knew you nor met you but I strongly felt your impact that you left upon the world of music,for you will be very heavily missed.

Coming This Friday: KRAMPUS

Coming In Two Weeks: STAR WARS:EPISODE 7

Steven M.

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A Most Horrific Way To Start Off December

As the year of 2015 is slowly drawing to a close(in just about four weeks[!!!])and Christmas is slowly coming upon us(in three weeks[!!!]),yesterday had a most horrifying thing happen down in San Bernardino,CA,where three heavily armed suspects fatally shot up a disability aid center and killed 19 people in the process,only for two of the suspects to be later shot dead by the police and the third suspect caught and arrested. And needless to say,the suspects were identified as Pakistani and possible ISIS members. Yikes!!!!

This is just abut the very last thing that we need now: suspected ISIS members starting to shoot up places in this nation,spreading their uber psychotic campaign of hate and violence around here as much as they have in Paris,and inciting such terrifying and saddening tragedies such as this one,with the vicious foaming-at-the-mouth likes of the far right wing political movement that’s consisted of the Tea Party(its main organizers[who have completely taken over the Republican party{and ridded it of all of its moderate members}]),Fox News,the Republican party,the conservative media commentators,and the right leaning Libertarians(who happily ride upon the right’s nutsacks) closely glancing upon this tragedy as a moment to majorly cling onto and use it as their way of riding on top of the polls in the 2016 Presidential elections,with the even increasingly mentally deteriorating Donald Trump(and fellow political nutcases such as Ted Cruz[who happens to be a Canadian{!!!}]) leading the charges and mentioning more insane things to incite the far right extremist lunatics to conduct their campaign of hate and violence upon progressive liberals,blacks,Latinos,women,gays,health care providers(such as Planned Parenthood),and everyone that strongly opposes them. The far right conservative movement and ISIS(and their fellow Middle East terrorist allies) are the two things that I really fear the most,with the first mentioned being the one that I fear much more,since they’re developing into a politically powerful tyrannical force that will likely set out to impose both their hateful views and martial law upon us,leading to more government control and far less freedoms which is something that is just as(if not more) as frightening as the Middle Eastern terrorists who are wanting to destroy our way of life. As everyone(or anyone) read this blog(on either a regular or irregular basis) can see that I enjoy taking about more than just films and film culture and that I like to discuss about the state of our real life world and the situation that it is in,for nothing like this has ever–Ever–happened during Bill Clinton’s Presidency in the 90s and I just don’t want to see our way of life and what we’ve all mightily struggled for and grew up with in the 60s,70s,80s,and 90s get mightily flushed down by the toilet by a group of uber psychotic politicians with a neo-conservative agenda(that are as uber psychotic as ISIS and the Middle Eastern terrorists) for anyone to Not have any rights whatsoever,for they even crusade against yoga pants–That’s Right: Yoga Pants–for God sakes,and I’ll fully strongly fight against these types of extreme assholes(both ISIS and the far right) to my last dying breath. That’s right: I’ll strongly fight just for the sake of fully protecting the right to wear Yoga Pants.

Until next time(when I hopefully have any new films or music to discuss about)…

KRAMPUS,The Christmas Horror Film From The Director Of TRICK ‘R TREAT,Is Coming To Nationwide Theaters This Friday,For Let’s Strongly Hope That It Is Really Good(Since 2015 Has Actually Turned Out To Be A Tremendously Great Year For Great Genre Films[After A 15-18 Year Long Slump])

Steven M.

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A Message To This Year’s Biggest Turkey

Since I was too busy out on a dinner rendezvous with my Mother yesterday to consider doing a Year’s Top Turkeys List(as I’m done as an annual feature[but took last year off]),here’s a real quick one since this guy took the top spot over everyone that’s amongst the other turkeys(everyone that’s in the Tea Party,Republican party,right leaning Libertarians,Fox News,every conservative supporter,Charlie Sheen,all of the Kardashians/Jenners,anyone that makes and supports corporate modern horror retreads and gratuitous remakes,many of the musicians and pop muzak artists of the last 15-25 years) and is practically way more all over the news on a daily basis than STAR WARS:EPISODE 7;THE FORCE AWAKENS,for here is my quick message to he one and only Donald J. Trump(since this statement perfectly is him to a full T)…

“What Shall It Profit A Man If He Should Gain The Whole World And Lose His Own Soul ?”     — Mark, 8:36    The Bible

Amen,Brother !!

Needless To Say,I’m Not Undertaking Upon This Year’s Black Friday Sales,Since I’ve Got No Money To Burn(I’m Too Busy Building Up Lost Savings)And I Don’t Want To Be Swept Upon The Millions Of Shoppers Upon The Sheer Sake Of Getting Non-Food And Clothes Items That I’ll Eventually Someday Proudly Own

Steven M.

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