The Hulkamania Trainwreck(And On-Line Explosion)

As everyone knows,Hulk Hogan was quickly dropped from the WWE like a flaming potato via racial comments that he made a couple of years ago,with all types of hoopla flying around left and right on the Internet.

Interesting that Ice Cube once said(during his N.W.A. days) that everyone has a little bit of racism in them(via Axl Rose’s controversial “One In A Million” song[with racial slurs]),which is a bit true(just ask Howard Stern[who joyfully uses racial slurs and said that he’s a racist]). It sound somewhat suspicious to me upon why the WWE would quickly trash away every memory of the guy who singlehandedly built the WWE into the powerhouse wrestling empire that it is in the mid 80s(as well as strongly built up their 90s arch nemesis WCW),since I strongly feel that there’s got to be more than just racial things that the Hulkster said.  It’s true that there still is a lot of personal resentment against Hogan during his departures and temporary stays in both WCW and TNA,as well as the fact that both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon despise Hogan,which explains why he’s kept an extremely low profile while in his recent WWE run(ala Sting). I believe that half of the reason why they dumped the Hulkster is to make rooms for enormous paydays for Sting,The Undertaker(now that he’s returned[for one possible final run]),and Brock Lesnar.  It’s also pretty funny how Sting is remaining completely silent about all of this,considering how Hogan gave Sting an enormous push to superstar status in WCW’s mid-to-late 90s,but then again Sting is currently under a multimillion paying contract(that contains the rights to his merchandise[during his WCW heydays]) that he doesn’t really want to blow and foolishly throw away(if he speaks anything good about Hogan).

Hopefully,Hulk Hogan will eventually work out both his personal problems(that have made him as much of a major human trainwreck as Ric Flair) and his currently strained relationship with the WWE,since he’s part of their existence and the driving success of the Monday Night Wars that helped establish everyone in wrestling to higher powers and the WWE really needs Hulk Hogan as much as he needs them.

The Dr. Evil Looking UFC Head Honcho Dana White Recently Had this Dr. Evil Moment On Twitter During A Q&A That Left Many People Angry(Over The Recent Firing Of Longtime In-Ring Employee Stitch) And Dana Trolling At Them: Dana White Is Indeed The Dr. Evil Of The MMA Universe(With Joe Rogan His Very Own Personal Mini-Me).

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Eat Shit,TV Land And Joe Rogan !!

The month of July has just started(with five more months left in this year,leading to the politically insane year of 2016,and……,STAR WARS:EPISODE 7;THE FORCE AWAKENS in December),and already has the insanity continued,courtesy of both a cable TV retro reruns network and a washed-up FEAR FACTOR has-been-turned-motormouth UFC commentator/announcer/major league douchebag(next to Dana White).

In the wake of both the Charleston church shootings and the Confederate flag controversy,the TV Land network have removed THE DUKES OF HAZZARD reruns from their schedule due to the heroic Dukes characters having the Confederate flag on the roof of their orange muscle car. This decision by TV Land to do this over the Confederate flag being on the Dukes’ car is pretty damn stupid,since that show is only just an action comedy that has the Dukes at fight with the corrupt country bumpkin officials in their small town,with the Dukes loving every single race and people and sporting that Confederate flag on their car roof to represent their Southern pride and nothing racial. It’s interesting to note that the swastika was originally an Asian cross symbol of peace before the Nazis stole it to transform into a symbol of racial hatred,while the Confederate flag originated as a symbol of the old South and their support for slavery until it was transformed into a symbol of non-racial Southern pride. TV land doing this is pretty damn stupid,for expect the show to return to the airwaves with the Confederate flag visually blurred out(in future reruns).

Speaking of things that are pretty damn stupid,Joe Rogan is a man who’s proven that being a washed-up has-been reality TV game show host and token terrible(and very unfunny) comedian who’s leaning on both MMA territory and conservative values and shooting out whatever stupid opinion comes out of his big fat mouth is as equally stupid. Rogan took out his regular time of criticizing and scrutionizing hard working MMA fighters(to appease his anal motormouth master Dana White) by criticizing TV land’s stupid move,but wrongfully using the word “toxic liberals” to describe it. Politics has got nothing to do with it,since it’s the current state of political correctness that brought out the TV land banning and Joe Rogan is wrong to use that word,showing what a conservative leaning douchebag he truly is,for it makes strongly wish that an MMA fighter or two should punch out both Joe Rogan and Dana White in their mouths and their faces. And remembering how Rogan yearend to have an MMA match against an Irish guy that trashed him,Rogan wouldn’t even survive long enough to make it to the end of Round One,for it’s guys like Rogan,White,and many of the brainless anti-wrestling MMA fans(the ones that hate wrestling[even though the UFC and MMA originally opened its doors for martial artsts and wrestlers to openly participate in[in the early 90s{when I caught the fever of it in its humble beginnings in 1993}],which is something that the fans of MMA since 2001 tend to forget) that is making me start to slowly lose my interest in MMA,as much as I still heartfully appreciate it and all of its hard working fighters that truly deserve a whole lot better than having assholes like Dana White and Joe Rogan populating their sport. As far as it goes for me,Joe Rogan can go happily eat all of the shit that got consumed by the entire cast of SALO:THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM.

Until next time…

TERMINATOR(5):GENESYS Is Now Out In Theaters: It May Look Silly And Badly Miscasted,But Hopefully It’ll Give A Much Needed Adrenaline Shot To Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Current Stage Of His Acting Career(Which Could Surely Use It)

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A Whole Lotta Random Topics

As the month of July is looming around the corner(starting next week),and WordPress is celebrating its tenth anniversary(as my blog recently celebrated my sixth anniversary on WordPress[after beginning in May 2005 at AOL’s short lived blog segment{before it got shut down}],and spending four years on MySpace{until a new regime and various viruses and Trojans drove everyone away from there,and the prickfaces at MySpace shut down the blogs over there}],as well as myself celebrating ten years of blogging),there has been several topics of late that have been surfacing,for here we go(with my views on them)…

* The Charleston Church Shootings: a sad tragedy that was caused by a gay looking rifle wielding 21 year old lunatic9with a really bad Moe Howard-esque haircut) that rose forth how racism still surprisingly lives on,and how one sided and completey blind and ignoring both the far right and right wing conervatives truly are(and that goes for all of you right leaning Libertarians[who are the Republicans’ and the Tea Party’s butt buddies],too).

* The Confederate Flag: a controversy that is now raging in upon whether to take it down and place it in a museum(for historical reasons) or completely do away with it,for it is that flag’s state decision upon what they should do with it and not any media outlet(who are overfrenzying as much about how this will affect past movies[such as GLORY and GONE WITH THE WIND] as they did with 9/11).

* Nationwide Gay Marriage Now Officially Legal: I’m surprised tha the Supreme Court quickly passed this law and didn’t wait for three to five years to pass it,since they possibly figured that if it’s legal for gays to marry behind prison walls(as well as living the gay lifestyle in both jail and prison) that it might as well as legal nationwide(outside of prison walls). This event will really make 2016’s Presidential elections very interesting(as well as seeing how many politicians(mainly the far right Republican ones) fall aside before the new President is officially chosen:I know that there’s a lot of hatred for Hillary Clinton,but I’m betting the farm that she’ll easily win).

* The TNA/Global Force Wrestling Merger: with all of the hate spewing,negativity fixated(sounds like Fox News[on a daily basis]) wrestling podcast hosts that are out there(such as Don Tony/Anthony DeBlasi and Kevin Castle)verbally praying for the deaths of both TNA and GFW(before it has even begun[and fully revealed itself to the wrestling universe-),this recent surprise merger of both Jeff Jarrett’s and Dixie Carter’s companies brings forth a lot of major interest,since GFW’s major Las Vegas TV taping happens in July and we might just see some talent exchanges between both companies and which talents might possibly be there at the Vegas event to help give GFW a much needed boost(after their recently poorly attended baseball stadium shows),and if GFW’s pilot show and its storyline will be well written or completely inept(which I’m really hoping that it’s not). It also tires me about how these podcasters verbally trash both GFW and TNA yet bow down to WWE/Vince McMahon,(AAA/)Lucha Underground,and Paul Heyman,for there’s other wrestling companies outside of WWE and Lucha Underground that exist to help keep the spirit of wrestling alive and mindless trash talking only makes the wrestling universe look pretty ridiculous,for either welcome this merger or leave the wrestling community.

* Early 90s and Late 00s/2000s Underground Horror People-Turned-Obnoxious Brownnosing Yuppies: You guys with your forum boards and extreme horror fanzines that existed in those mentioned time periods(with the initials BH and EF) and you all used to be such majorly cool folks,but you’re all now(via your film projects,magazine projects,and movie blogs(with the initials RC,ES,VJ,BBD,TGTN,and Mobius) are nothing more but complete scummy yuppies that brownnose every Nu Horror garbage film that comes down the pike,act all uppity and if your shit don’t stink,and don’t want to associate with fans that don’t hang out at Monsterpalooza and Cinema Wasteland(since Chiller Theatre is no longer the event to be),read Evilspeak magazine,post on Mobius forum,and bow down to Rob Zombie and Fangoria magazines,for it’s like INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS actually happened and consumed everyone as much as it did the guys in Metallica(who were once the 80s’ coolest metal band,which is now a Nu Metal/alt.rock garbage band),for I proudly don’t need to associate with people like that and I’m motherfucking proud upon who I am(and I feel very self special about it).

As I always say: That’s It For Now…

Reviews of Tobe Hooper’s DJINN,CLOWN(which helped director Jay Wood land the new SPIDERMAN film gig),and TOOLBOX MURDERS 2(amongst many other reviews) all at

R.I.P.: Patrick Macnee,The Original (Non-Marvel Comics) Avenger

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Of Spidermen And Halloweens

In the last few days,there’s been some news about both the planned resurrections of both the SPIDERMAN and HALLOWEEN series,for here are my thoughts about the insanity that’s surrounded around both of these franchises…

* After ditching Andrew Garfield from the Spiderman role that he played in the two flawed but interesting reboot films,the folks at Sony/Columbia also ditched their plans for both their solo Venom and Sinister Six films for yet another new re-start of the Spidey series without retelling the origin tale and keeping Peter Parker/Spidey as a teen,with three candidates up for the role of Spidey,who all look too pretty boy and too young to play Spidey but anything to keep the Spidey films going. And Sony is having a hard time to decide upon whether to have the new Spidey as either a new solo adventure or have Spidey join up with Captain America in the currently filming CAPTAIN AMERICA:CIVIL WAR,have him join The Avengers team,have him by Thor’s side,or have him by Iron Man’s side.  Sony,just make up your fucking minds already and quit toying with the fans(and fanboys and fangirls) about who to play Spidey and what new direction to take him in,before all of the fans lose major interest in Spiderman.

* HALLOWEEN RETURNS is the new title of the planned 11th. HALLOWEEN film,with both Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton behind the scripting and directing lens of this one with a brand new story that not’s related to Rob Zombie’s previous two films,meaning Bye-Bye to both Scout Taylor Compton and Malcolm McDowell.  Producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein and Malek Akkad have taken(and retooled) the storyline of the abandoned HALLOWEEN:ASYLUM(which was to have starred Donald Sutherland as the asylum director/chief,but it got cancelled[along with many other planned HALLOWEEN sequel storylines] to make room for Rob Zombie’s two HALLOWEEN films) ,which has Michael Myers alive and about to be executed in the electric chair,but with teen characters for Michael to play off against(after he escapes from the execution room). It may sound like more of the same,but I surely hope that this sequel does actually get filmed and released and not cancelled and axed like the planned Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer scripted HALLOWEEN 3[H3]/3-D  was,since it’s been six years that we saw Michael on the big theatrical screen and it feel like both Akkad and the Weinstein Brothers want to break the track record that the long wait between HALLOWEENS Parts 5 and 6 had,since they are notorious for their shady tactics(which is the less said,the better). Otherwise,this HALLOWEEN film will take place in another separate universe where the deputy of the original HALLOWEEN 2 is now the sheriff and his daughter,the grown child of one of Michael’s past victims,and her friends have to deal with the escaped Michael,meaning no Man In Black,Silver Shamrock/Coral Cochran,or the pagan cult(from Part 6) in this installment.  All I just ask is for it to be a good film,and nothing else.

That’s it for now…

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June Opens With More Passings

We’re now in the second week of June and there’s now been fivecelebrity passings,with the likes of Betsy Palmer(the very first FRIDAY THE 13TH.’s killer Mom),Richard Johnson(THE HAUNTING,ZOMBIE,BEYOND THE DOOR),Ron Moody(actor in films such as OLIVER and DOMINIQUE),wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes,and horror cinema legend Christopher Lee(at age 93),for I’m sure that everyone is expecting me to go into lengthy discussions about these four greats but I haven’t got the time to do so,for go to this following site for all of the celebrity passing details…

Otherwise,the only thing to say is that without these five greats the world is sadly now a much more superficial and suckier place.

JURASSIC WORLD(Where The Humans Become Buddies With Their Enemies The Raptors) Is Now In Theaters,For It Looks Too Lame And Too Dumb: I’ll Pass…

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Two Days Before June Ends…

Just two days before June comes around the corner,I just had to quickly add in a new blog entry since I’ve been short on blog entries lately,and nope: it’s not about how there’s way too many indie genre films that’ll run over the likes of Kentucky Audley(remember his short lived “Stop Indie Films” petition ?!  I don’t,either),Chad Clinton Freeman(who’s not doing a Pollygrind Film Festival this year),and all of the major indie film festival blowhards(that means and includes you,Sundance Cinema !!!) and how the major studios can’t stop them. And nope: it’s not about how the likes of Rob Zombie,Quentin Tarantino,and Robert Rodriguez are attempting to be the vast rulers of all things related to genre cinema,either. For it’s going to be mainly about three main topics of controversy: politics,reality TV “celebrities”,and wrestling.

* Destination America Tosses Over TNA For ROH:  The fine folks at Destination America(a spin-off of the Discovery Channel) has decided to lay another whammy on both Dixie Carter(the spoiled and dolty[to the hilt] “Princess” of Panda Energy) and her wrestling company TNA by adding ROH(Ring Of Honor) to their television schedule that’s starting June 3rd. . Everyone in the IWC(Internet Wrestling Community) is wildly running all over the place in loudly crying “Chicken Little/The Sky Is Falling !!” when it comes to the latest tragedy to befall TNA(ala the far right Texas Republicans with their anti-Jade Helm 16/15[whatever the hell that’s called] stance: more of those bozos later),for TNA isn’t dead and it isn’t going anywhere until Dixie officially rises the surrender flag(which isn’t anytime soon). Maybe the Destination America ROH shows will hopefully give TNA that much needed shot-in-the-arm(or,as Princess Dixie says,”…Extra rocket fuel !!  Woo-Hee !!”),unless the wrestling community(along with the Destination America bosses[whom Princess Dixie referred to as “Dummies”]) get so extrmemly fed up with TNA’s head honcho Princess that they stay far,far away from it in massive doves(as much as they already are).

* Speaking of the dummy far right Texas Republican politicians,Texas has suddenly become plagued by severely heavy rainstorms and floods that have caused massive damage in that very state that they’re now begging President Obama for help. Karma is surely a bitch to deal with,isn’t it ?!   BTW: some dummy far right conservative radio talk show hosts are now blaming the rain and floods on Texas’ witches and gays,for didn’t their good buddy Chuck Norris karate kick those bag,bad witches and gays out of Texas already ?!

* Move aside:Jon and Kate Gosselin,for there’s now a replacement with the !( KIDS AND COUNTING family,whose main member Jon Duggar has been charged with both child molestation and fondling a few of his family members in their sleep. Add to the fact that the far right politicians are strongly supporting right wing Christian Jonny Boy,for I’ve got no time nor any yearn to further comment on that(nor any of those far right losers[both Jon Duggar and politicians-wise]).

See Ya All In June !!

I Don’t Know What’s Worse Right Now: Cameron Crowe’s Critically Trashed Celluloid Disasterpiece ALOHA(Check Out The First Eight Minutes On YouTube And You’ll See Why),Or The Latest Would-Be “Hipster” CGI-Enhanced 30 Minute Fest That Is KUNG FURY(Complete With Its David Hasselhoff End Credits Theme Song),Which You Can Also Catch On YouTube…

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Beyond Fanboy Road

With all of the current on-line fanboy mania concerning the recently released MAD MAX(4):FURY ROAD that is running wild on-line(if any of the haters think that this is really bad,wait until the new STAR WARS sequel gets released in December),if anyone is looking for my review of the film,here is the link to it…

Otherwise,that just basically covers it for George Miller’s fourth film with his post apocalyptic hero(with a fifth film now in the planning stages),for there’s something else that I want to quickly talk about that made me glad that I avoided to this year’s Las Vegas Wizard World convention,since the recent Wizard World Philly convention gave Lin Shaye an award as the Godmother Of Horror(?!?!?!  :O :O ),with all of the mindless fanboys(and fangirls) loudly cheering.  Just because the wife of  New Line Cinema company boss Robert Shaye appears in a few horror films doesn’t make her the queen of horror,ala Debbie Rochon(with Fangoria magazine pulling that similar tactic a few years ago),since Lin lacks the style and elegance that made the likes of Barbara Steele and Ingrid Pitt the top women in that very genre cinema,for any fanboy(and fangirl) that fully disagrees with me on that statement fully needs to get their heads examined. Otherwise,I will just say that I rightfully nominate Caroline Munro as the One and Only True And Real Godmother Of Horror.

On a sad note: a few months after the closing of Los Angeles’ beloved Hollywood Book And Poster store,its owner Eric Caidin passed away a few days ago from a heart attack(while watching a noir thriller at one of his film festivals). I wasn’t a friend of Caidin,but I did highly respect him for all of the good that he did for the genre community,both celebrity-wise and fanbase-wise,for many years since 1977,and it’s sad to see that he never got to see his plans of re-locating his famous store to Burbank(the home of the Monsterpalooza conventions) come to full fledged life. He’ll be sadly missed by many.

The New POLTERGEIST Remake/Reboot Is Coming Out This Friday: We’ll See If It’s Any Good(Since Sam Raimi Is Producing It[And It Looks Like It’ll Have A Few Chilling Moments Of Its Own{With The On-Line Poster Art Mainly Centered Around The Creepy Looking Clown Doll}]) Or If It’s Just Another Gratuitous Remake

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