Let’s Face It:Fangoria Is Practically Dead

After several months of ending their printing days in 2016,both now ex-Fangoria magazine editor Ken W. Hanley(who replaced Chris Alexander[the ex-Rue Morgue editor who replaced longtime Fango editor Tony Timpone{the corporate monopolizing czar himself}]) and The Devil’s Eyes site announced that Fangoria has officially ended their days as a magazine(of any kind)…


Since publisher Tom DiLeo took over the Fangoria magazine empire in 2009,things have sprung out of control with the likes of Timpone,(longtime Fango co-editor) Michale Gingold,and many writers who have claimed to have not paid for their hard work,Fangoria has been suffering a slowly excruiatingly painful death that has seen the magazine and its media empire losing a lot of believability and confidence with the fans,despite the strongly ambitious efforts by Alexander to re-invent(and fully reboot) Fango as a more mature and adult magazine(complete with nudity and adult films such as SALO:THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM being covered) but only to be mightily shot down by the antics of its employed writer Lianne Spiderbaby,who not only wrote a controversial article about being heavily affected by the remake of 2010’s boring I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE remake that many people claimed was a shoot to help promote that very film(since Lianne was a fan of such rape-filled films as SALO) but was a few years later charged with plagarism that forced her to resign and mysteriously disappear into the unknown(even though she briefly dated Quinten Tarantino soon after).  Fango also made a lot of major denials about the activities that have been going on around them with many fans and media related people not believing their side of things.

Fangoria is best remembered as launching in the Summer of 1979(even though they falsely claimed throughout the 80s and 90s that they’ve been around since 1978[their original launch date that was stalled until ’79]),with (Uncle)Bob Martin having been the main editor(and the man who named the magazine[which is a shortening of the word “phantasmagoria”]) and edited the zine till 1985,which was Fango’s best era before Timpone took over and transformed it into a corporate conglamorate magazine that became relatively bland and predictable with its coverage of many major studio films with each issue doing coverage of a film with one being about the film,another issue or two about the stars,another issue about the director,another issue about the film’s scriptwriter,and another issue about the make-up effects.  Neverless,Fango was practically the Holy Grail of both horror magazine and horror conventions(with their their Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors events) through the late 80s,the 90s,and the 00s/2000s until it literally ran out of steam by the end of the 00s/2000s.

Fangoria is now practically dead with rigor mortis slowly setting in,which is a sad fate for a magazine that meant so much to many fans and is now pretty much on life support and is waiting for the day it sees its last day in the sun. As several people are strongly hoping that Fango will make a triumphant return,it sadly never will since the damage has already been done and there is no hope for Fangoria in sight,for we all have to be just extremely lucky that the likes of Rue Morgue,Horrorhound,Shock Cinema Fanex,Phantom Of The Movies,and Diabolique are still staying strong in print and are still available on bookstore shelves.

UncleBob Martin Is Currently In The Hospital And Kindly Needs Help With His Medical Bills,For If You’ve Got Some Loose Pocket Change Kindly Donate It To…https://www.gofuneme.com/uncle-bob-martin-medical-fund

Steven M.


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All Hope For HALLOWEEN Is Forever Lost

New ‘Halloween’ Movie Taps Director David Gordon Green, Writer Danny McBride

Faster than you can say “Fangoria is dead and irrelevant”(which it truly is[at this point]),the news rose out on the Internet that both Blumhouse production’s Jason Blum and John Carpenter have found two new people to write and direct their new HALLOWEEN film for Miramax,and they are none other than…

Danny McBride and David Gordon Green ?!?!?!?!

Great. Two figures closely associated with comedy are now attached to write and direct(with Green taking that helm) the new HALLOWEEN film,which is rumored to be yet another reboot(ala Rob Zombie’s 2007 film) and both Carpenter and HALLOWEEN producer Malek Akkad are giving high praise for both McBride’s and Green’s treatment with Carpenter saying that they nailed it and how their concept blew him,Blum,and Akkad away.

Has John Carpenter completely fucking lost it,for as far as it goes with me all hope has been lost for this film project. No,I’m not to brownnose and call this a brilliant move nor will I change my mind about it,for I no longer have any interest in it and it seems that Carpenter doesn’t care what happens with the series since all he(along with Blum,Akkad,and the suits at Miramax) is(/are) about these days is just about the money and nothing that involves any type of integrity for what he once had when it came to his many classic films.  Carpenter might have well have gotten the likes of Uwe Boll,Ulli Lommel,Kevin Tenney,Jeff Burr,Anthony Hickox,and/or even Albert Pyun to write and direct since one of them would turn out a much better HALLOWEEN film if given the chance.

Otherwise,I’ll just wait for the Eibon Press comic book adaptation(complete with videos of fans doing cartwheels in excitement after opening up their packages)….no:better yet,I’ll just wait for the future free library rental.

No Plans For Me To See This Week’s Theatrical Releases Of Both JOHN WICK:CHAPTER 2 and FIFTY SHADES DARKER,Since I Don’t Have Any Interest In Seeing Them

Steven M.

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Mr. Potato Head Vs. Lady Gaga

First off,it’s hard to believe that it is already February,for 2017 is surely going pretty damn fast.

Speaking of which,the czar/head honcho of the Texas-based Infowars/Prison Planet alias Mr. Potato Head himself Alex Jones has further gone full insane bonkers(and further straight with the far right wing/Tea Party/Alt Right crowd) in now attacking Lady Gaga and her recent stunning performance at the recent Super Bowl event,with Alex claiming that The Lady They Call Gaga is in league with the Devil and is aligned with satanic forces that are out to destroy us.

White supremists conspiracy theorist/Truther assholes like Alex are extremely dangerous in sprouting out this type of garbage,since they are yearning for a new civil war to break out and do many harm to innocent people over having an opposing political view,having an opposing different sexual preference,and/or are of a different nationality.  Alex’s attitude is truly frightening since it ignites maniacal militia lunatics in yearning to do absolute harm to many innocent people and bring major damage and destruction to our society,especially when these far right wing/Alt Right supporters are referring to those people that aren’t in agreement with their views as “Snowflakes”,a term that was used by the Nazis in the concentration camps whenever they were killing and burning alive their camp victims,for people like this who enjoy throwing the term “snowflakes” around are just plain sickening and only make things worse for everyone.

Alex Jones also recently said that he would die for Donald Trump(whom Alex has completely sold out his very soul to) if he had to,for maybe he should just do so already and take all of the other liberal bashing,racist hateful assholes in the media,religion,politics,and everywhere else with him,since both life and the world would be a much more comfortable and much more better place without him and his ilk.

Ten Months To Go Until The Theatrical Release Of STAR WARS:THE LAST JEDI(a.k.a.:EPISODE 8),For Hopefully It’ll Be An Awful Lot Much Better Than The extremely Mediocre(And Heavily Disappointing) THE FORCE AWAKENS

Steven M.

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Social Media Lives Matter

The above NSFW music video is Baron Corbin Metal approved….

Whew !!!!   With all of this endless hoopla about Donald Trump’s and his merry men’s Presidential assault on the likes of building that damn unnecessary Border wall,banning both illegal immigrants and Muslim immigrants(and practically the Muslim religion itself) with literal eternal vigilance,and planning to bulldoze abortion rights(with Trump about to make his pick for the Supreme Court next week[as of this writing]),I decided to talk about something else that is just as majorly important.

I’m talking the fill fledged rights to social media.

I’ve been hearing lots of complaining and complaining about hatred for social media and some of these complainers wishing for social media to completely disappear. Well….Fuck Them !!!!   MotherFuck Them !!!!  For social media gives us all an outlet to allow us to fully(and freely) speak out our views and opinions and enable social media as a voice for us all to be heard in any way we want to express it,whether it is intelligent or offensive and if it a view that you either agree or disagree with that view certainly has a full fledged right to to posted and shared upon with the entire world,and anyone that is strongly against social media either is a completely apathetic asshole or is on the side of the forces that are strongly against people speaking out and sharing their opinions and it’s too damn bad if they don’t like the freedoms of what social media gives to many and the power that it gives to their voices,as the way it is doing with the current political situation that both our nation and our world are currently in.

#SocialMediaLivesMatter     Believe that !!!

2017 Has So Far Proven To Be The Year Of Comebacks For Both M. Night Shyamalan(With The Success Of His New Film SPLIT) And Mel Gibson(Who Is Oscar Nominated Alongside With Andrew Garfield[The Former Amazing Spiderman]),As Well As More Celebrity Passings As We’ve Now Lost Mary Tyler Moore,Mike Connors,Barbara Hale,And John Hurt

Steven M.

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Too Much Overkill

Well,Donald Trump is now officially the President and already there are still massive protests,riots(even with angry liberals severely trashing liberal managed businesses[such as Starbucks]),and endless complaining and complaining from both the right and the left political sides,as well as numerous liberal leaning podcasts endlessly making fun of Trump(such as the tattooed,vegan thirtysomething hosts of Citizen Radio having recently compared the Trump Administration to G.I. JOE[both the cartoon TV series and the movies]’s main bad guy unit Cobra[and its leader Cobra Commander]).

If there were this many protests during Ronald Reagan’s Presidency during the 80s,Reagan would have easily been a one term President. And speaking of Reagan,Trump is turning out to be the new Ronald Reagan but with a far right side Administration by his side.  Yes,he’s bringing back overseas American jobs to the U.S.(but with a catch) and yet is turning over Obamacare,but yet all of this endless amount of hearing about Trump Jumping The Shark yet again and people protesting as if it were the late 60s to the early 70s(the Richard Nixon Administration years),as well as both liberals and conservatives counter complaining toward one another is getting tiresome.

As we’ve recently lost both THE EXORCIST’s creator William Peter Blatty and actor Miguel Ferrer,I’m just getting tired of all of the hoopla going on and I’m going to take a break from contributing to the endless amounts of nonstop exploding verbal and physical fireworks and just go on to enjoy my day,and other coming days as they come and go along. For enough of myself dancing near the burning campfire that continues to grow before I get badly burned(since some major tragedy will eventually happen that’ll likely unite everyone[even if it’s very briefly]),since everybody knows my feelings about the Trump Administration and why go on like a repetitive broken record about it(since I’ve said so much already).

And,Nope: Trump isn’t going to get assassinated,since Trump is both too rich and too wise in knowing how to avoid assassination attempts and is massively surrounded by a large amount of personal security forces,with Vice President Mike Pence as his full fledged protection policy in letting people fully know about Pence’s equally powerful status(since Pence[and everyone in Trump’s Cabinet] is 900 times worse). Had Trump wisely ran as a moderate Independent or Libertarian and not surrounded himself with many far right wing politicians(and loony fringe people),he probably wouldn’t get this much backlash from people and Hollywood and would possibly be given much more welcomed arms.

And BTW: I’m really liking the new title of the next STAR WARS film EPISODE 8:THE LAST JEDI(which is an awful lot better title than THE FORCE AWAKENS[and should be a much better film]).

SPLIT Is Now M. Night Shyamalan’s Official Comeback Film,With A $40 Weekend Box Office Gross: Shyamalan Is Now Officially Back In The Major Filmmaking Game.

Steven M.

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2017: So Far

It is now the second week of 2017,and here is how things are so far…

Casey Affleck(Ben’s brother) and Donald Glover(Danny’s son) both won big at the Golden Globe awards,where fellow Golden Globe winner Meryl Streep displayed why she’ll likely play Hillary Clinton in a future Hillary film as she silently trashed (the soon-to-be Vastly Supreme Overlord) Donald Trump(over his humiliating of a disabled news reporter at one of his 2016 political rallies),showing why Hollywood is angry at Trump for running as a far right wing Republican instead of as a moderate Independent candidate(as Jesse Ventura originally intended him to[way back in early 2000]),which would have won him more major celebrity respect had he gone the moderate candidate route.  Charles Manson is severely ill and in an outside-of-prison(his first time in 48 years) hospital,but has now gone into massive low profile hiding(possibly to hide away from both the Mafia and the rabid Trump supporters[that have called for his death all over Twitter]).  Dread Central’s website is struggling to stay alive as an independently run website free of endless ads,via their Paetron contribution page for people to financially give to(maybe their celebrity friends both in acting and filmmaking can give them some financial help[since everyone is broke from the Christmas holidays]),Ronda Rousey is also keeping an equally low profile after her major loss to Amanda Nunes at last month’s UFC event,and Wrestle Kingdom 2017 was another success for the international wrestling community,with many people already calling the Okada vs. Kenny Omega match as The Match Of The Year even though the full year (or any other similar matches) hasn’t widely kicked in yet.  And yes,both Jan Michael Vincent and Rodney Allen Ripley are very much indeed still alive and well.

That’s the first week of 2017 in a nutshell.

R.I.P.: Francine York(the star of THE DOLL SQUAD)

Steven M.

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Tomorrow(As Of This Writing) Will Be 2017

2017 is coming upon us and it is a year that I’m not wisely looking forward to,as it’ll be a time of continuous struggles both political and personal-wise.  If anyone thinks that 2016 was troublesome,2017 will be just as much,for I’ll wisely stay positive(as negative as I’ll sometimes sound) and hopeful that a whole lot of better comes along,because we are all ready going to need it.

And with the new ALIEN and STAR WARS(the as-yet-untitled Episode 8 film) sequels come along,I posted something here since we recently lost the likes of George Michael,Debbie Reynolds,and her daughter Carrie Fisher,better known to everyone as Princess Leia(even if she is nowadays a general).

That’s all that I have for say(for the rest of this year)

Happy New Years,Everyone

Steven M.

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