Martin Shkreli; A Guy Only A Prison Inmate Would Love

Pharmaceutical czar/major league scumbag Martin Shkreli is truly one lowly excuse of a human being that makes one vomit,for he has not only raised the prices of pharmacy medicines to the heights that anyone who’s poor or l incomed but is heavily sickly can’t afford to buy,as well as pulled off a scam that has gotten him arrested and on trial with the government,where he displayed a smirk upon his face in showing just how “seriously” he takes this entire thing.

Sure,I can easily write about ho once he gets into prison how he’ll become a human walking inflatable doll for the male inmates and prison guards to line up and perform a congo dance upon(while mounting him),but I refuse to stoop down to his lowly level whatsoever,for in fact I did spot this dirtbag on Twitter and instead of profanely namecalling him on there I just instead did the right thing in completely blocking him on there,for having done that makes me feel like a much more happier person.

Have fun behind bars,Marty Boy !!!   Bee-Yah-Tch !!!

This Coming Friday Marks The Release Of DEADPOOL,The Ryan Reynolds Starring Action Comedy That The Fanboys Are Lining Up For,For I’ll Truly It At All Costs And Instead Watch Clint Eastwood’s THE DEAD POOL—The Real DEAD POOL Movie !!!

Steven M.

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The Endless Phil Anselmo Situation

Local San Francisco Bay Area-based artist Jose Angeles recently stated on Facebook that 2016 has so far evolved into a year that is full of celebrity deaths and musical artists acting up and doing outrageous stuff,with the case of ex-Pantera singer Phil Anselmo fitting into the latter as he did both a Nazi salute and shouting out “White power !!!” at the end of the recent Dimebash 2016 Dimebag Darrell(Abbott) tribute event,with Phil setting a lot of negative on-line feedback from it to the point of Machine Head bassist Robb Flynn calling him out for it(and making an anti-racism speech),and making Phil wisely making an apology video for his action.

As far as it goes for me,Phil’s recent antics doesn’t bother me since Phil(along with the likes of Axl Rose[who I’m sure is awaiting to do something similarly outrageous on his upcoming GN’R “reunion” tour] and Sebastian Bach) has always been known for both his on-stage and off-stage antics and I feel that he did this to draw attention to himself and laugh at all of the on-line feedback,whether it’s politically correct or incorrect. Phil also hangs out with black people and other minorities(whether they’re Hispanic,Asian,or Indian),something that isn’t ever covered,for it’s strange that the media would rather fully focus on negative stuff instead of the positive stuff that happens from the most umlikely people,ala Kiss’ Gene Simmons’ recent hospital visit to dying tween fan Dillan Kohn.

The things that is really bothering me is all of the mostly negative counter reaction to both Phil’s apologies and Robb’s response,with the likes of ex-Machine Head member Chris Kontos and Rita Haney(Dimebag’s at-the-time girlfriend) delivering negative responses to Robb and saying that he should apologize for anti-racism speech. Both Chris and Rita are just so extremely wrong on this one,since Robb doesn’t owe anyone an apology and that everyone should fully accept Phil’s apology instead of just rubbing it into the dirt just to make everything worse. I’m so sick of this type of bullshit that ppls and trolls enjoy tinkering in on the Internet to make the ‘Net’s purpose look very bad,for people really need to stop this bullshit and completely leave things alone and just let it be. Everyone–Everyone–have full fledged rights to their opinions(something that wrestling podcaster Don Tony/Anthony DeBlasi needs to learn),but using it for the purpose of trolling and counter trolling just to purposely bring on negativity is wrong and just needs to stop,for just mainly accept the things that both Robb and Phil(mainly with his apology) say.

Lucha Underground Is Back On The El Ray Network For Season Two,And Jim Cornette Fully Hates It(And Hopes That The Lucha Temple Gets Nuked):Anyone Ready For A Jim Cornette Vs. Dario Cueto(And His Psychotic Masked Brother) Street Fight ?

Steven M.

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Fixing The Oscars Controversy Is The Right Way To Handle It

In recent weeks,the controversy surrounding the recent Academy Awards/Oscars nominations have gotten quite an uproar from many people,from actress Laurene Landon complaining that Tom Hardy should have gotten an best Actor Oscar nom(even though he’s up for a Best Supporting Actor nomination for THE REVENANT) to many black performers and filmmakers complaining about the lack of any black names being among this year’s nominees(although STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON has been nominated for Best Screenplay).

Now,many people have been reacting and counter reacting upon this controversy,ranging from the likes of Jada Pinkett,Will Smith,and Spike Lee vowing that they’re boycott the Oscars to Chalotte Rampling,Michael Caine,and Ice Cube throwing in their two cents,too,for whether it’s about complaining about yearning for more icing,telling actor(and actresses) to be patient(which they truly have to),or claiming that it’s all reverse racism,the main villains here are the Oscar voters who snub a lot of talented people(Of Any Nationality)regularly every year,leaving them completely out in the cold while they gain new fans from their captivating performances. Maybe the Academy Awards board ought to expand the category range in the departments of Best Actor,Best Actress,Best Director,Best Supporting Actor,and Best Supporting Actress as they did with the Internet fanboy-inspired 10 chosen people as they did with the Best Picture category several years agojust to make everyone happy.

Otherwise,Oscar winning music composer Quincy Jones summed up this situation best: “Either we can complain about it,or we can fix it.” Indeed,man.

Tom Cruise Is Rumored To Be The Lead In The Rebooting Of THE MUMMY: I’ll Wisely Plead The Fifth On That One

Steven M.

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Why So Many Celebrities Passings In Early 2016 ?

We’re now on the third week of 2016 and already have we have now lost ten–count it,Ten– celebrities,for while I won’t go into great detail about them I’ll just quickly post their names and their professions(that they we best known for)…

  • Rene Angelil: the husband of Celine Dion
  • Tera Wray: former porn star-turned-wife of Static X singer Wayne Static
  • Blowfly: R&B/soul singer Clarence Reid
  • Franco Citti: the curly haired co-star of several Pier Paolo Pasolini films,mainly in the late 60s and in Pasolini’s early 70s Trilogy Of Life films(THE DECAMERON,THE CANTERBURY TALES,ARABIAN NIGHTS)
  • Alan Rickman: British actor best known  the lead vilans in both DIE HARD and ROBIN HOOD:PRINCE OF THIEVES,and was later known as the long haired Professor in the HARRY POTTER films
  • Dan Haggerty: the actor who was best known for playing Grizzly Adams on both television and in films,as well as moved on to many low budgeted genre films
  • Iron Mike Sharpe: mid and late 80s WWE wrestler
  • Wayne Rogers: actor who co-starred on the M.A.S.H. TV series
  • Vilmos Zsigmond; movie cinematographer
  • Glenn Frey: one of the better known members of The eagles who had a successful solo career in the 80s

Is there something in the air that has bee going around that is only contagious to anyone that is a celebrity,since we have been losing so many and are now continuing to lose many more(as much as myself or anyone doesn’t want this to happen).

As Everyone Complains About The Lack Of Black Actors,Actresses,And Fillmakers Being Nominated In This Year’s Academy Awards Nominations,As Well As Why Stars Such As Tom Hardy And Harrison Ford Haven’t Received Best Actor Noms(Even Though Hardy Is Up As Best Supporting Actor For THE REVENANT),Just Why The Hell Isn’t The Multi-Talented Sean Bridger(THE WOMAN,JUG FACE) Nominated For Either Best Actor Or Best Supporting Actor For His Role In ROOM(Which Has Been Nominated For Every Osvar except For Those Very Two),Since Bridger Is Very Worthy Of An Oscar Nomination(As He Mightily Proved In THE WOMAN)

Steven M.

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We’re Two Weeks Into 2016,And The Insanity Has Already Begun…

Since the theme of this week’s blog entry is going to be pretty dark and shallow,I decide to add the uplifting above video of music from Tony Anthony’s Spaghetti western trailers.

A week after the death of Motorhead’s main guy Lemmy(Ian Kilminster),we have suddenly now lost two of the genre’s great icons,one being in film and the other being in music…

  • Angus Scrimm: born Lawrence Rory Guy,the 6’4” actor was a regular fixture in horror films that ranged from his early roles in THE AROUSERS(A.K.A.: SWEET KILL),SCREAM BLOODY MURDER,and THE SEVERED ARM before working for filmmaker Don Coscarelli in both his debut film JIM:THE WORLD’S GREATEST and his landmark role in PHANTASM,which lead onto four sequels(including one that has recently wrapped 7 to 8 years of filming). He also had film roles in the likes of A PIECE OF THE ACTION,MINDWARP,LEGEND OF THE PHANTOM RIDER,SATANIC, VAMPIRELLA,THE LOST EMPIRE(Jim Wynorski’s debut film),SUBSPECIES,BEL AIR, THE OFF SEASON,WISHMASTER,TRANSLYVANIA TWIST,MUNCHIE,MUNCHIE STRIKES BACK,I SELL THE DEAD,JOHN DIES AT THE END,SATAN HATES YOU,DEADFALL(with Nicolas Cage),WITCHES BREW,CHOPPING MALL,NIGHTFALL(in a scene that ended up deleted and on the cutting room floor),AUTOMATIONS,and RED 71.
  • David Bowie: the British musician who came along on the waves of glam rock and elevated himself into many various rock music genres(new wave,soul,hard rock,industrial/alt.rock) that kept his music sounding fresh d with the ties(no matter what time era and decade he performed in). He also acted in many films that included the likes of THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH.MERRY CHRISTMAS MR .LAWRENCE,THE HUNGER,LABYRINTH,INTO THE NIGHT,THE PRESTIGE,THE VIRGIN SOLDIERS,ZOOLANDER,BASQUIAT(as Andy Warhol),MR. RICE’S SECRET, AUGUST,BANDSLAM,CHRISTIANE F.,ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS,JUST A GIGOLO, YELLOWBEARD,THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST,and TWIN PEAKS:FIRE WALK WITH ME. he had just completed a soon-to-be-released album and was 69.

They will both be very heavily missed.

Steven M.

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A Soapbox Rant About Internet Fanboys

It’s now 2016,and I’ve decided to post a rant about Internet fanboys,the kind of on-line scum that has been acting really stupid and ruining everything(whether it’s uber cool or incredibly stupid and downright sucking)for everybody,foras the above video displays fanboys(a.k.a: geek,as well as fangirls) tend to get into major trolling arguments about the most minor things,whether it’s dropping a clue to a minor spoiler about a certain film or rabidly overranting about this week and/or this month’s most super overrated film they are bound to majorly overact up about it and get into a hissy fit or an orgasmic rant about it.

As Forrest Gump once said,”Stupid is as stupid does.” He certainly wasn’t kidding about that when it comes to the Internet and the way fanboys randomly act and then get into arguments over a opinion that one doesn’t agree with or decide to turn something into a major argument over the smallest thing does the mega annoyance of fanboys get into gear. One of the many things that annoys me is how these fanboys overlyrant and rave about films that just aren’t that good,whether it’s the likes of mediocre films such as STAR WARS:THE FORCE AWAKENS or MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS or major league garbage such as HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES,DAWN OF THE DEAD 2004,X-MEN:DAYS OF FUTURE PAST,or the week’s latest trendy torture prn/slasher film retread,these fanboys really go into major overload endlessly mouthmotoring about it and saying such stupid things as “If you’ don’t like this film,then you’re not a true horror fan !!” or “if you hate this film,you deserve to be shot in the head !!”,for garbage such as this is what sickens me in being a fan,whether it’s of horror,sci-fi,music,sports,wrestling,or UFC/MMA the fanboys are lurking everywhere mindlessly kissing ass to the people that are behind the scenes as if they yearn to be their college beer buddies(a grotesque trend that many horror McNews sites tend to do in wanting to become the filmmakers’ newest friend).

I can go on all night and forever upon what ultra touchy jackholes these fanboys are,for they need to just lighten the fuck up and really chill out when it comes to other peoples opinions and when they give a certain minor little spoiler to a film,for I’ve got to admit that the fanboys of 12 years ago almost drove me into undertaking a career in opera…This Is So Seriously True !!! Only that I can’t hit the high operatic notes like Freddie Mercury did,but I just love the genre of films so damn much that no damn fanboy is going to ever stop me from doing what I do,whether it’s on a website’s comments section,forum board,or a comments section on YouTube,for filmgoing and reviewing is what I enjoy the most in doing and no jabroni fanboy(or fangirl) is ever–Ever–going to completely stop me in pursuing my passion of what I love and enjoy doing so much.

I’m done and I’m stepping off from my soapbox now…

Today(Of This Writing) Happens To Be New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 10 Pay-Per-View,For It’s A Must Watch,As Was Last Year’s Event That Helped Practically Save Wrestling From Completely Sinking Down The Toilet

Steven M.


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Michael Myers Finally Freed From Miramax/Dimension/Weinstein Brothers’ 20 Year Captivity

Late this evening,the following news at the link below suddenly hit the Internet…

That’s right: Miramax/Dimension/Weinstein Brothers/Radius is dumping the HALLOWEEN series to solely concentrate upon making more dramas,despite their indie cinema success with IT FOLLOWS,with current HALLOWEEN copyrights owner Malek Akkad now looking for a new studio to make the HALLOWEEN sequels their new home,meaning that Michael Myers is now Finally freed from 20 years of painfully agonizing Weinstein Brothers captivity(a pain that was also heavily felt by all of the fans) and that major quality HALLOWEEN sequels can be made once again,with the above video being the happy celebration music to perform a mightily proud group conga dance to.

R.I.P.: Motorhead’s Lemmy(Ian Kilminster),A Heavy Metal Legend That’ll Heavily Be Missed

BTW: See THE HATEFUL EIGHT As Soon As Possible,Since It’s Quentin Tarantino’s Very Own Big Budgeted Version Of CUTTHROATS NINE(Complete With Majorly Splattery And Gory Violence,And A Lingering Nihilistic Feeling Throughout The Film)

Steven M.

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