Fuck The Coronavirus

This week has been literally swept by the Coronavirus,the dangerous virus from China(that was rumored to be made in a lab in China) that has mightily struck around the world as Italy is on major lockdown,with America,England,Iran,and Canada having been stricken by the Coronavirus and Tom Hanks,his wife Rita Wilson,and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife having fallen victim to the virus(and receiving the biggest and best health care).

It is also now impossible to get any toilet paper,hand sanitizers,and water from the grocery stores since there is massive hysterical public panic run amuck to the point that we now can’t have any contact with anyone to the point that we can’t shake hands,hug,kiss,or even touch anyone,with this hysterical paranoia driven wild panic getting extremely out-of-hand and out-of-line as everybody can’t allow this paranoia bullshit to make us become eccentric recluses without any social contact with anyone to the point that we’ll soon become maniacal looters with a strong intent to steal and kill,as we must all not allow it to hold us back from going to concerts,movies,and/or sporting events and yoga studios(and their events) since we’ve all been through the likes of 9/11 and H1N1 that brought forth similar tension that we’ve strongly overcame and we can all mightily triumph once again as (from what my therapist told me) the Spring/Summertime heat is coming and things will get hot to dry up the viruses(let’s see if it’ll work).

And other than just frequently washing our hands,our rears,our bodies,and our feet(and for those with Coronavirus symptoms to just wisely[and absolutely] stay home),we also have to not allow the Coronavirus based fear,panic,paranoia,and hysteria to take over our lives and fully hold us back from doing anything in our lives,since all that we have is each other and the things and causes that we’re widely devoted to as I’ll just quickly say these things…

* Infowars’ head lunatic Alex Jones got arrested for drunk driving: let’s hope he remains behind bars.

* I’ve got no plans to see THE HUNT(conservative targets vs. liberal human hunters),for THE FURIES(despite its flaws) was a much better movie.

* It is pretty ironic that #MeToo target Harry Knowles(the Geekmaster General himself) is now back at AICN(Ain’t It Cool Network) at the same time the Coronavirus news hit,for there’s many more superior places(and far more superior non-Harry Knowles inspired journalists and writers) than Big fat Harry and AICN.

* R.I.P.: Max Von Sydow,for the acting legend that he was.

Whether you disagree or agree with me,just don’t allow the Coronavirus to take you down and don’t allow the Coronavirus based fear,panic,hysteria,and paranoia overtake your life as you should continue to live how you’re living.

Stay Completely Safe,Everyone !!!

Steven M.



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R.I.P.:Barbarian Brother David Paul

The science of building muscle! Industry insiders cover the latest training, nutrition, supplement and drug research.

Source: Barbarian Brother David Paul Dies

As described in the attached link above,David Paul of The Barbarian Brothers has passed away at the age of 62. The Barbarian Brother Peter and David Paul are best known for their infantile comedic approach to their brief late 80s celebrity fame that landed them on various television game shows and films that included THE BARBARIANS(best known as Ruggero Deodato’s only American nationwide theatrically released film) and the Straight-To-VHS video likes of THINK BIG,TWIN SITTERS,and DOUBLE TROUBLE before retiring from show business to concentrate on their bodybuilding programs. David’s death comes as another shocking celebrity passing as more celebrity passings are likely to come(as they have in the last 20 years).

Stay Completely Safe From The Coronavirus As It Spreads Everywhere,Everyone !!

Steven M.

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March Is Now Here(Since I Missed Out On February)

I’m sorry that I wasn’t around for February,since I was too busy mourning over the recent deaths of Brazilian horror cinema legend Coffin Joe(a.k.a.:Jose Mojica Marins),Dyanne Thorne(whose passing was sadly ignored by the majority of the major name horror/genre news sites[although Bloody Disgusting’s John Squires wisely gave it coverage a day later]),Robert Conrad,John Karlen(of DARK SHADOWS,CAGNEY AND LACEY,and DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS[1971] fame),Kevin Conway,90s genre cinema star Nikki Fritz(from cancer at the age of 51),and the legendary Kirk Douglas.

And yes,I am completely safe from the Coronavirus that has erupted from China and is slowly on the loose throughout the world as our current government is (unsurprisingly) making barely an effort to completely tackle it down as making Vice President Mike Pence being placed in charge of taking care of the virus is as much a completely terrible idea as having Mitch McConnell or Infowars’ Alex Jones in charge as it places both America and the entire world in even more danger.

And before I go,I’ll just quickly say that having James Mangold directing the long-in-the-works fifth Indiana Jones film is a much better idea than hiring the two person destruction duo of J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy in doing so,and while it is good to hear that horror cinema in 2020 Finally has a new box office success with Blumhouse/Leigh Whannell’s THE INVISIBLE MAN,having the title character as an abusive control freak spouse who frames his girlfriend for murder is a really bad idea(as is the upcoming[and uninteresting] A QUIET PLACE:PART II[which is as gratuitous a sequel as HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U]).

Until next time…

Now Playing In Theaters(In Limited Release): THE LODGE,A Splendidly Made Grim And Unpleasant Feature In The Style Of The Films Of Ari Aster And A24 As It Is A Nice Comeback Feature For Hammer Films(THE LODGE’s Co-Producer) That Ought To Propel Riley Keough(The Daughter Of Lisa Marie Presley And The Granddaughter Of Elvis Presley) To Much Larger Film Roles.

Steven M.

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JUDAS PRIEST’s RICHIE FAULKNER Slams ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Over Latest Snub: ‘To Not Be Included Is A Total Joke’: Eat It,Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame !!!!

JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Richie Faulkner has slammed the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame after the band’s latest snub, saying the institution ‘holds no credibility’ for him. The British heavy metal legen…

Source: JUDAS PRIEST’s RICHIE FAULKNER Slams ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Over Latest Snub: ‘To Not Be Included Is A Total Joke’

Well….heavy metal and hard rock really got screwed over again by the Roll And Roll Hall Of Shame…excuse me,Fame as both Judas priest and Soundgarden(who both scored high votes for this year’s Inductions) got screwed over and tossed aside for the likes of Whitney Houston,The Notorious B.I.G.,and Depeche Mode.

Let’s face it: the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame can just basically go eat a bowl full of dicks(of the mens prison kind) for the way they unfairly treat the way they induct people with a great many 30+ years of performers being basically ignored as they don’t fit the qualifications of Jan Wenner and his fellow music snobs that run the place(just ask the guys in Kiss and musician Steve Miller[of The Steve Miller band])which has been described in large amounts of endless volumes from so many people as we all should just tell Greta Gerwig’s fanbase(who are still angry that she got subbed for a Best Director Oscar for LITTLE WOMEN[2019]) that Gerwig did a spoken word album 25 years ago that got subbed and they’ll immediately massively protest outside of the place,for maybe that ought to grab the Roll And Roll Hall Of Fame’s attention in inducting more people into the place,as Priest and Soundgarden join the likes of Iron Maiden,Scorpions,Donovan,KMFDM,Ministry,and Skinny Puppy(amongst so many) to get a long awaited induction to someday happen.

Farewell To Both Luche Libre Wrestler La Parka And Fellow Wrestler Rocky Johnson(The Father Of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson),For They’ll Both Be Heavily Missed(Since We’re Still Hurting From Losing Rush’s Neil Peart).

–Steven M.

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Sad And Tragic News: RUSH Drummer NEIL PEART Dead At 67

RUSH drummer Neil Peart has died at the age of 67. He passed away on Tuesday in Santa Monica, California after having been diagnosed with brain cancer, according to a statement issued Friday by fa…

Source: RUSH Drummer NEIL PEART Dead At 67

After a week that started with both Ricky Gervais(everyone–everyone,including celebrities–has a right to say whatever they want,Ricky !!!) and George Lopez(since assassinating President Donald Trump will only bring Mike Pence to the Presidential seat,with Pence immediately enforcing martial law to strip away everyone’s freedom and lead us closer to doomsday) saying really stupid things,it ends on a truly sad and tragic note as Rush drummer Neil Peart has lost his life at age 67(from brain cancer) as it marks the end of a legendary Canadian rock band whose success expanded the horizon for other Canadian rock bands(such as April Wine and Loverboy).

Rush(the band) has been through a lot in their lengthy career which saw them existing though many musical time periods(such as disco,rap,new wave,boy bands,and breakdance) although they nearly broke up in the mid 90s(due to the then-popularity of grunge/alt.rock music) but strongly stuck through together,even with the tragic car accident death of Neil’s wife and child that drove him to take a road trip journey to fully examine his life a few years before Rush did their final tour(due to Neil’s developing physical ailments).

Hopefully,both Rush surviving members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are tightly hanging in there as amid tragically losing their musical brother,as Rush has left a legacy that shows the importance and influence of Canadian musical acts and the impact that they have on other international musical talents.

Glad To Hear That Kristen Stewart’s New Film UNDERWATER Is Receiving The Best Reviews Of Her Career(As Did Her TWILIGHT Co-Star Robert Pattinson’s THE LIGHTHOUSE),As It Is Something That Her Career Could Really Need(After The Massive Failure Of CHARLIE’S ANGELS[2019]).

— Steven M.

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It’s 2020,And Everybody Hates The New GRUDGE Movie

Well…..we are now in not only the new decade of the 2020s/the 20s but we are also in the brand new year of 2020 that is going to be another insane President election year(especially with what recently happened with Iran/Iraq),for instead of talking about politics and the worst of fandom I’ll just instead talk about how the brand new reboot of THE GRUDGE is now in theaters and is….being hated by just about everybody(!!!!).

Even if it stars the likes of John Cho,Jacki Weaver,and Lin Shaye(the modern day Barbara Steele),it looks like a film that is as terrible as the last two abominable GRUNGE sequels(Parts 2 and 3) and I have no interest in seeing it,for now that the heavy word is out about how it is both the new decade’s and the new year’s worst film I’ll just instead patiently wait for it to arrive onto both TubiTV and at the free DVD rental shelves of my local library.

Other than just still having Not seen STAR WARS:THE RISE OF SKYWALKER(which has already made $450 million,meaning more STAR WARS Episode films and A STAR WARS STORY spin-offs on the way[no matter what studio Sith lords J.J. Abrams,Kathleen Kennedy,and Bob Iger say]),I’ll just end it here and wait and see what happens in the next few weeks.

As Far As The Current Iran/Iraq Situation Goes(That Has Both Conservatives And Liberals Up In Arms And Running Wild),I’ll Just Wisely Wait And See Whether It Goes Into World War III Or Just Winds Up As Ordinary Business As Usual.

Steven M.

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“That’s So Underrated !!!” Oh,Really ?!…

In the last few months,I have widely noticed on the Internet that the words “I’ve never heard of this…”,”I’ve never seen this…”,and (especially) “this is so underrated”,much to the point of feeling the urge to puke when these people who frequently say these words should know that the likes of the IMDB,TubiTV,Hulu,various on-line movie blogs,and the local library are all nearby for these people to go gain easy access to.

I’ve mainly get into the reckless and careless overusage of the word “underrated”,a word which is to actually describe films that got lost in the overcrowded movie shuffle but is nowadays is getting used to describe films that either were once popular(and widely talked about) but were pushed aside for The Next Big Thing movies or…something which I took wide notice of yesterday(as of this writing)…is now being used to describe newly released films that haven’t yet had a chance to properly build up their fanbases.

While it is easy to call these people(that ride in The “Never Heard Of,Never Have Seen,And That’s So Underrated” Crowd) “fucking idiots” and “absolute complete dolts”,I’ll just wisely avoid it(since it won’t make me any better than those people) and instead just say and ask just what is both the age level and intelligence level of these people since they’re too lazy to go do any research on any film(and its history) and will just carelessly throw around certain words without knowing the full proper meaning for them,since it is only mightily hurting genre fandom to the point that is throwing fandom two to four centuries back.  Sure,I can easily place the blame on Geekmaster General Harry Knowles(who really elevated the level of Spoilers,Geeks,and sheer stupidity to a whole new level) as people should actually know much better and should have some intelligence instead of carrying around this “You’re a nerd if you do research and are smart,and nerds are stupid !!!” mentality(that is up there with the people who flunked fifth grade and ninth grade four times).  Come on,for you can be much more better than that.

Nope,(As Of This Writing) I Haven’t Yet Seen STAR WARS:THE RISE OF SKYWALKER,The Supposed “Final” STAR WARS Film(Until It Makes Enough Money To Warrant An EPISODE 10 Or A Reboot[With A Completely Original New Story]) For After I See This Film Will I Then Talk About It.

Steven M.

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