“What Happened ?!” The World Went To Further Shit,That’s “What Happened” !!

“What happened ?!”,may you ask(that ever-so-annoying phrase that goes right up there with both “I haven’t heard of this film” and “I haven’t seen this film” in being something for trolls to heavily use to annoy people). Well,here is “what happened”…

* The Coronavirus/COVID-19/CV-19 has spiked up in America in the last few weeks with today(as of this writing) containing the highest infection numbers.  Come on,Trump & Co.,work Right Now on a vaccine cure instead of bullshitting around !!!

* Both the wrestling communities and the horror communities have been hit by plenty of scandals,with wrestling scandals involving the likes of Marty Schull,Joey Ryan,David Starr,and even Jim Cornette(amongst many),and the horror communities being further hit by scandals involving The Soska Sisters(Jen and Sylvia) caught attempting to make a scriptwriter original screenplay one of their own,and the likes of producer Albert Muick and indie filmmaker Justin Wayne Menoche discovered to be diddling in child pedophilia.  As far as it goes with the Soskas,I’m surprised that the many major horror/genre news sites and their well known journalists haven’t covered this news item and completely ignored it(unlike the way they verbally attacked [ex-Fangoria writer] Lianne Spiderbaby when she was caught plagarizing [and was chased out of the business]): maybe it’s because those sites are so desperate for new horror “heroes”.

* Two QAnon twits that are running for Congress this year are both Jo Rae Perkins and Marjorie Talyor Greene,who are a both equally insane as everyone in QAnon and at Infowars as it is time for everyone to take a brave stand against QAnon and All of its idiots that are running for Congress so that we can save America and the world from allowing them to transform this nation into a fascist state and drive us into a civil war that’ll get both Canada and South America involved.

* Another reason to strongly fight back(without getting into any riots): blacks are being literally lynched by far right wing racists who are allowing racism to slowly attempt to take over our nation.

* The Undertaker might be retiring from wrestling this year,meaning no ‘Taker Vs. Sting match to ever happen(as it would only turn into as major a fiasco as the ‘Taker/Goldberg match) as if the retirement is true ‘Taker has deservingly earned it.

* Can drive-in outdoor theaters get much better horror/genre films to play on their screens than the likes of THE WRETCHED,BECK,and FOLLOWED ?!

* Public statues of Confederate Civil War figures and national past heroes are being torn down,for just calmly(and quietly) place them in national museums for historic purposes instead of stirring up chaos(since the far right conservatives are very loud).

* Just what the fucking hell is CHAZ ?!

And I just heard that Sammy Hagar pissed off a lot of people with a COVID-19 involved statement(that sounded more like Glenn Beck’s similar statement[from a few months ago] than something you’d ever hear from Sammy) that I’m tired to comment about as I’ll save it for another time as I’ve got to get something for dinner to eat.

So,SISTER MAUD Is Coming To Theaters In July:Good Luck To That As Things Are About To Get Much More Crazier In This Already Crazy(And Very Challenging) Year.

Stay Safe,Practice Anti-COVID-19 Safety Tactics,Remain Fully Sane,And Please,Please Stay Strongly Positive !!

Steven M.

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The Second Fall Of Fangoria ?

After their massive fall in late 2009(that saw the loss of longtime “superstar” editor Tony Timpone),Fangoria saw a renewed life in the middle of 2018 when Texas based author/filmmaker S. Craig Zahler’s film production company Cinestate(which is overseen by its production head Dallas Sonnier) resurrected Fangoria’s empire back to life(via buying the rights off from its then-owner Tom DeFeo for $6 million) that brought back Fango magazine as a quarterly rotating magazine and brought back continuous life to its film production division(which itself experienced three different incarnations[that date back to 1990]).    With (Cinestate’s AintItCool-esque movie news site)Birth.Movies.Death’s Phil Nobile Jr. brought onboard as editor(with Timpone back as a contributing writer),Fangoria was back in the game with plenty of back-up from horror cinema’s top filmmakers and stars just in time to cover the new HALLOWEEN sequel and Rob Zombie’s 3 FROM HELL,as well as enable the Shudder channel to bring Joe Bob Briggs back to movie hosting duties(alongside porn side Diana Prince,alias Darcy The Mail Girl,as his kindly co-host) on their popular show The Last Drive-In and a new podcast Fangoria podcast hosted by the trio of Tiffany Shepis,Felissa Rose,and Kane Hodder.  So far,despite not being able to reclaim its top spot as horror cinema’s Number One magazine(via their by-mail quarterly magazine status) all seemed to be really good for Fangoria.

Suddenly this past week,things began to turn bad for both Fangoria and Cinestate when two scandals broke out behind behind-the-scenes mayhem on the sets of their film SATANIC PANIC when not only was rising producer Adam Donaghey(who was poised to become the next Jason Blum) stepped down after it was revealed that he had sexually abused a teen gal,alongside another sexual abuse that involved fellow producer Rob Galluzo had abused actress Clarke Wolfe,with these two strong allegations forcing not only driving Joe Bob,Tiffany,Felissa,and Kane to leave from their associations with Cinestate but also both Fangoria and Birth.Movies.Death joining in on leaving from their association with Cinestate.  Now,what does that spell for the horror cinema magazine(that many of the middle aged and younger crowds feel is the top horror cinema magazine) and its future as several people fear that it is going to be the end and career finale for Fangoria(which would a very sad end for Fango),although Fango does have a chance at returning if they decide to take the Deep Red magazine route in relying upon doing a crowdfunding campaign(with either IndieGoGo or Kickstarter) to have the fans contribute to their future issues(as well as their future film projects) and give some amazing perks to both the fans and the contributors,as it is up to Fangoria and its current crew upon seeing(after putting this ugly situation with Cinestate behind them[and moving onward]) where they can go from here.

Defund The Police ?! I’d Rather Say Reform the Police,Since Reform Is What They Actually Need Because Defunding Them Would Only Unleash Lots Of Endless Street Crimes And Lots Of Ruthless Far Right Wing Redneck Vigilantes Gunning Down Anyone That Is In Their Sights.

Steven M.

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A Literally Fiery Start To June 2020

June 2020 has just started and not only are the peaceful protesters continuing to stand up for both Black Lives Matter and the police brutality induced death of George Floyd,but the likes of the members of (Alex Jones’) Infowars,QAnon,all Truther networks,all white supremacists,and Joe Biggs’ Proud Boys continuing their violent destruction of stores and public government buildings,as President Donald Trump has just come out of his underground bunker hiding base(with both Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell mysteriously missing[: so much for Pence ever becoming a future President]) and has openly declared to use military forces against any protesters he feels are violent and namedropped Antifa(who absolutely have has Nothing to do with this) as domestic terrorists.

Well,so much for the Coronavirus(/COVID-19/CV-19/CV) being the major threat here(since many protesters are outdoors without any masks,and BTW: Fuck The Coronavirus !!!!),for Yes: it is very easy to blame Trump for all of this as he only thrives off of all of the social media based badmouthing against him and uses it to give himself even more free publicity and further attention(for himself).  And while I can easily go off on Pence,McConnell,Jesse Ventura(the Doctor Frankenstein who got [his very own Frankenstein monster] Trump into politics in 2000),Alex Jones,all of the Truthers,all of the conservative media voices,all of the bad governors(such as Greg Gianforte and Gregg Abbott),bad senators(such as Ted Cruz),and bad mayors(such as the privileged and entitled elderly Goodman power couple[Oscar and Carolyn]),and that Oregon based QAnon supporting far right wing idiot politician Jo Rae Perkins(who is the lead Republican Oregon candidate for Congress: if she win we are all further doomed) I just won’t bother since they all don’t deserve the free publicity as everyone who wisely thinks fully knows what bad people they are(and will continue to peacefully protest[whether it is on the streets or on-line{via social media}]) as the only way that we are all to fully make it through this current chaotic public insanity and mayhem is to know that the only thing that we have left is each other(to closely support).

And (before I forget), R.I.P. to these three recently deceased wrestlers (WWE’S Cryme Tyme’s) Shad Gaspar,Hana Kimura,and Danny Havoc.

Stay Safe And Stay Positive,Everyone !!!

As Criticizing As I Was Last Time,I’m Kindly Complementing All Of The Modern Horror/Genre Movie News Sites For Bravely Standing Up For Both The Peaceful Protesters And Black Lives Matter: You’ve All Easily Won My Major Respect.

Steven M.

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Minnesota(Along With Almost All Of America)Burning

As the month of March is coming to an end and several American cities are slowly re-opening up stores and businesses(courtesy of Phases Two,Three,and Four),Hell has literally rained down upon us all as the legacy of the Rodney King riots and The Michael Brown riots that caused the ton of Ferguson to burn down(and I haven’t forgotten about George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson,either) are mightily living on as the recent deaths of black citizens Ahmaud Arbery(by an aging father-and-son duo) and George Floyd(by a quartet of cops[with one of them having tightly held his knee upon Floyd’s throat{which has now landed him in jail}]) has driven many young people(mostly white) to wildly riot on the streets as Minnesota,Reno(,Nevada),Dallas(,Texas),Philadelphia,Scottsdale(,Arizona),and Columbus(,Ohio) while peaceful protesters in the likes of Los Angeles,Las Vegas,and New York encountered cops with tear gas and rubber bullets,with the likes of white supremacists(such as Joe Biggs’ Proud Boys),street gangs,drug cartels,and the followers far right wing Truther circuits being amongst those violent people that have infiltrated the protesters(with the blame placed upon Antifa[of course]),making it feel like 1968 all over again(without the hippies,the drugs,and the naked young ladies in sight).  Talk about this being a part of Donald Trump’s Presidential legacy(as Vice President Mike Pence would be completely insane to grab hold of the Presidential seat right now[since everyone sees Pence as the continuation of Trump’s Presidency]),as Trump possibly wishes that he was still a cheesy reality media celebrity billionaire at this point.

And yes,2020 has truly turned out to be quite the year,as it is bad enough that COVID-19/CV-19/Coronavirus is still on the loose and getting half of Americans super paranoid and hysterical(as I bravely have to leave my homes at times to shop for groceries,go out for car rides,and help out my Mother’s friends[and yes,i do get regularly get checked out and I’m still fully healthy]) while I’m not allowing it to completely change my life as it is bad enough that many have allowed 9/11 to do that(which I never did),with the protesting and the riots now attempting to further place a damper on everything as it is bad enough that lunatic far right wing groups such as Infowars,Oath Keepers,and QAnon have been spreading lies about Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci being behind this COVID-19 mayhem which is all absolute garbage and absolutely deranged lies and that actor John Cusack is acting like a complete prickface on Twitter since I heard that he was physically hassled by the cops during a protest that he attended and I went to his Twitter page(which I never knew that he ever had) to find out about it and learned that he has blocked me(!!!!).  Now,I have never said a bad word about him(since I’ve always said lots of bad words for the likes of Tom Cruise and [the super overrated]Dan Stevens[and yes,Joe Rogan,too !!!]) since I always respected John Cusack as an actor who handles himself very well on-screen even if he actually is an uppity arrogant cokehead fucktard,for instead of tossing out a Jim Cornette style beatdown threat,throwing a “Fuck You !!!” at him,or threatening to sic a group of burly Samoans on him I’ll just say that I’ll still be cruising upward on The High Road while John Cusack falls straight off it(and continues falling downward).

All that I can just say is that we all have survived through the worst of things before(such as 9/11 and past viruses[such as SARS and H1N1] that got immediately stopped in their tracks) as social media is keeping us all fully together and fully sane as we all just have to Just Stay Safe,Stay Positive,And Stay Strong…Very Extremely Strong !!!!

For The Past Few Weeks During COVID-19 Quarantine Hell,All Of The Horror/Genre Film News Press People Are Heavily Bragging About IFC Midnight’s New Film THE WRETCHED Being The Number One Box Office Film,Even If It Isn’t Playing In My Area Nor Anywhere On The West Coast. Things Like This Are What Is Wrong With The (Harry Knowles Inspired) Modern Horror/Genre Film News Press For The Last 18 To 20 Years.

Steven M.

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Sting Not Currently Under WWE Contract: Is He Hearing The Loud Chants Of “All Elite…All,All,Elite !!!!”.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Sting is not currently under a WWE contract.

Source: Sting Not Currently Under WWE Contract

While the hysteria and paranoia centered around the Coronavirus(a.k.a:COVID-19,CV-19) continues to run wild(as the COVID-19 moves onto dominating the entire world in its second month) and far right wing talk show hosts and far right wing Truthers are claiming that ex-President Barak Obama,Bill Gates,and all of the Democrats are behind the COVID-19 rampage(all which is sheer bullshit),rumors are running rampant in the wrestling world that Sting has left the WWE and isn’t under a contract with them as those rumors have him possibly headed over to AEW,where the Land of Tony Khan,Cody Rhodes,Kenny Omega,and The Young Bucks(a.k.a.:Matt and Nick Jackson) could use him in a much more better way. We’ll see if it happens or not(which is entirely up to whether or not Sting yearns to go there[since Sting Vs. Undertaker isn’t happening anytime soon]).

Come On,Tom Segura: Just Wisely Stick To Comedy Instead Of Trashing Wrestling(Alongside Your Alice Radley-esque Co-Hostess Christina),Since The Universe Doesn’t Need Another Joe Rogan(As It’s Bad Enough That Mia Khalifa Also Mindlessly Trashes Wrestling).

Steven M.


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FTC6: Fuck The Coronavirus 6;”In Is The New Out ?!”. Plus:Remaining Hopeful And Positive,And Eat Shit,Alex Jones !!!!

We are now into May and both society and the entire world are slowly marching onto Month Two of the Coronavirus/COVID-19/CV-19 mayhem that has kept everybody living at home in the bookworm nerd lifestyle.   So,this self quarantine at-home lifestyle is now known as both “The New Normal” and “In Is The New Out”,eh ?! Yeah,for it sounds much more like a new industry is being made out of making money out of this at-home situation and a lot of people profiting off of it as the likes of President Donald Trump,Vice President Mike Pence,Senate Majority Leader Mitch “Hey,everybody–look at me…I’m the real life Emperor Palpatine !!!” McConnell,their fellow far right wing politicos,the entire far right wing conspiracy theorist Truthers,and the entire conservative media voices are the ones following Charlie Sheen’s term of “Winning” while the rest of us all massively suffer with 3/5 of the people already experiencing mental damage to their minds to the point that some politicians,the media,and some at-homes people yearn for CV-19 to continue while grocery stores,retail stores,on-line/Internet stores,and businesses are also profiting from this pandemic.

While the right wing have sent their own medical experts Rashid Butta and Bakersfield,CA-based doctors Erickson and Missih are offering their own views on the CV-19(which all contains some truths,as all of America desperately needs All of the high tech equipment and nose swabs that Erickson and Missih have used to keep everyone in their town of Kern County[near Bakersfield] to remain fully healthy),the right wing has succeeded in causing social media to slowly crumble around us in the way people are reacting(both in-doors and outdoors) to this pandemic situation as it is bad enough that “murder” hornets from Asia(that are half of the size of hands) have been found in Washington(the land of Seattle,grunge,and Nirvana[:maybe those firearms wielding pro-outdoors right wing protesters should use their guns to shoot down the hornets]) while UFOs have been seen flying around(and surprisingly not being blamed for the CV-19 virus) and the Pentagon actually saying that they do exist,will this year actually experience the “Last Summer”(as someone on my Facebook’s Friend list has said) that the entire world will even enjoy: I highly doubt it,since we’ve all got to have strong positivity and major hope that we’ll survive all of this year’s chaotic insanity that has been rained down upon us if we are all to fully survive and see society return to normal instead of surrendering to negativity and laying down and waiting for Death to happen as only fear,hysteria,paranoia,and maniacal media-based lunatics such as Alex Jones will only win,with Alex Jones now advocating and endorsing cannibalism as he vows to kill,skin/flay,and eat his neighbors as this complete piece of human garbage fully deserves a major enormous “Fuck You !!!!”.

I’d chat about Republican politician-turned-Libertarian Presidential candidate Justin Amash,but he just isn’t worth discussing about as we’ll see how the upcoming Presidential election(that is happening in six months) will turn out and play out.

Stay Safe And Remain Fully Hopefully And Strongly Positive.

Steven M.

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FTC5:Fuck The Coronavirus;Part Senco(/5): So Much For “The New Normal” And “Social Distancing”

A month after this COVID-19(a.k.a.:Coronavirus,CV-19) has forced everyone to stay indoors inside of their homes amid the endless vigilant rants of “Wash Your Hands !”,”Social Distancing !”,and “Stay Home !” while people are dropping over sick,with several people having already quickly adapted to living “The New Normal”/bookworm nerd lifestyle to the point of refusing to do outdoors even if it to take out the garbage or to go get the mail(as though radiation is running through the air),as well as still refusing to go outdoors if the day comes when the CV-19 virus is eventually gone and things will return to normal.  As everyone who reads my blogs and Letterboxd film reviews knows,I always openly speak from the heart since I don’t work for the likes of Fangoria,Blumhouse,AintItCool,Birth.Movies.Death,Lionsgate,and A24 and I won’t be anytime soon as I’m a rebellious free spirit and I’m damn proud of it yet I do closely follow all of the Stay Home/CV-19 virus quarantine rules without losing my shit over seeing someone or a few people outdoors(hey: it’s their life).  Speaking of someone losing their shit,I see lots of on-line people(everywhere on social media) loudly complaining about conservative protesters who want everything business(restaurants,theaters,and concert venues) to open up again for life to return to normal.  If these people want to loudly protest: Let Them. Let Them,since they have as much of the full fledged right to as the anti-Trump protesters and everyone who speaks about everything on-line(and on social media).  And Let Them go outdoors if they want,just to see what happens.

I’m actually more afraid of both the political corruption(of our current government[including Mayors who expend their terms to three{instead of the required-by-law two}) and all of this social hysteria-induced paranoia than the CV-19 virus since they’re as dangerous as the virus and could end everyone’s lives a lot quicker than a meteorite crashing into the Earth,and as far as Las Vegas’ current (elderly)Mayor Carolyn Goodman(who is on her third and final term) goes,she is actually under the controls of her husband Oscar(the elderly ex-Mafia lawyer-turned-three term tyrannical draconian oligarch Mayor that he is),local downtown Vegas shoe company tycoon Tony Hsieh,and far right wing city council women Michelle Fiore(a young Tea Party member[who happens to be Carolyn’s Pro Term/Vice Mayor]) and Victoria Seaman.  And I hear word of both a new HELLRAISER reboot film and a HELLRAISER TV series soon happening,for I’ll only believe it when it becomes official,and farewells to the decently deceased likes of BLOODSUCKING FREAKS director Joel Reed,actor Brian Dennehy,and actress Shirley Knight,for they’ll all be heavily heavily missed.

And before I go,I heard that Jesse Ventura has announced that he is running as a Green Party Presidential candidate,which is way too late for him to run for a Presidential seat as Jesse would only lose since he was in hiding(in his Mexico-based vacation home) during the breakout of this CV-19 insanity and hasn’t offered much help ever since,for Jesse should just give it up with his Presidential dream while he’s at it.  And in final news,President Donald Trump suggests that everyone should drink to rid themselves of the CV-19 virus,as that is a controversial subject that I’ll wisely save for another time.

Fuck Joe Rogan’s Shitty Super Overrated Podcast(Of Absolute Suckiness),For Just Instead Wisely Listen To Former President Candidate Andrew Yang’s New Podcast YangSpeaks,Which You Can Easily Find Anywhere On The Internet.

Steven M.



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FTC4(:Fuck The Coronavirus;Part Quatro): Will Everyone In America And The Entire World Survive The International And The Nationwide Quarantine ?

Instead of not discussing the uprise of more upcoming gratuitous remakes(such as those of both HELLRAISER[that has been long in the works] and the second remake of SALEM’S LOT[just why are these modern remakes continuing onward ?!]),I’ll just wisely instead focus on my ongoing saga of how(and why) the Coronavirus Sucks and how it further sucks in not only endlessly hearing about it left and right(till your ears ring and your eyes get sore from reading about it) and why hasn’t anyone yet been working on a permanent vaccine cure but how the nationwide quarantine and self isolation is turning a majority of the people really stupid as it is bad enough to watch on the Internet(and social media) upon how that very majority are out-of-touch with reality and are not only accepting being (overly paranoid) media fed such negative bullshit as everyone–Everyone–having the Coronavirus inside of them without knowing it(or feeling it) to the point of throwing stupid things to trend on-line for no reason and slowly starting to accept life while in quarantine and acting as though that they hope that it doesn’t end.  Yep,the world is very slowly going insane as it leaves one(such as myself) wondering if it might be the end of mankind along with all of the stupidities that come along with both modern pop culture and life,for hopefully it actually isn’t as we have all got to remain very strongly positive and strongly hopeful that this Coronavirus ends very soon instead of going on for the next four to six months upon when everyone will be as broke as the homeless community and there’ll be no more chances of continuously watching the pop culture Flavor Of The Month that is the saga of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin(whoever the heck those newfound reality television “celebrities” are).

And I’m very surprised that nobody out there has yet massively suffered from self isolation induced cabin fever or that a tidal wave of suicides,lootings,rapes,murders,and sheer lawlessly have yet occurred during this self containment(from the virus),as maybe everyone still have their smarts fully intact inside of them as I might as well do a play-a-long in asking some much answer needed questions: Will movie theaters,concert venues re-open and will movies,music,sports events,and concert events return ? Are the likes of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS,JOHN WICK,and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE films going to continue(since Disney has practically demolished STAR WARS[and its Galaxy that is Far,Far Away]) ? Are American citizens actually going to allow the right wing religious nationalists to fully take over and allow all of our social freedoms to be plummeted ? Will America and the entire world survive ?!  Is the Coronavirus(/COVID-19) actually a natural thing,laboratory made,or a virus from outer space(since All of the conspiracy theorists and Truthers aren’t talking) ? Will our society remain socially free and normal once the virus permanently goes away ? Will the centrist podcast media wisely quit foolishly siding with the right leaning middle ?  Why is Vice President Mike Pence increasingly looking like he’s slowly transforming into CREEPSHOW 2’s Old Chief Woodenhead ?

Will there be a FTC5 on the way ? Quite possibly,since there’s no movie news or media news to talk about as here is one more reminder(before I go),for as the United Negro College Fund commercials(of the 70s) have always said,”A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”.

Steven M.

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Fuck The Coronavirus:Part Das(/Three):Bringing Out The Worst(and How To Survive To Make It To The Best).

While I last ranted out against the people who are overly preachy over those that go outdoors,even if it is for grocery shopping(for accessories to make it through life),I’m now going to say something to the people that go outdoors just for the sake of it thinking that they can still find fun outdoors:if you go outdoors without any protective gear on and thinking that things are still normal(to the point of going out to church events and hanging out on the beach:Dana White had better re-think about doing his UFC event on that private island that he’s secured),then just be my guest since I don’t care what people do during this time and if you catch the Coronavirus/COVID-19 I won’t rant against you about it(since I’ll be home doing my thing).

But the thing that burns my hide are the selfish hoarders that buy up everything on the shelves,for please kindly leave something for everyone else that needs it as badly as you do since hoarding it all for yourselves makes you hoarders complete assholes that are only making things worse for people,as it is bad enough that this virus is bringing out the worst in people as they have proven to be as more judgmental,selfish,and mean spirited as they were during my junior high(nowadays known as middle) school days in the way they viciously attack people over everything and it has got to stop if we are all to fully survive this Coronavirus epidemic since we’ve currently have got no movies,concerts,events,and sports events to look forward to right now and all that we have right now is just each other to fully rely upon surviving through this.

Take Care(For Now) And Stay Safe !!!

Steven M.


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Fuck The Coronavirus:Part Deux;Everything In Life Is Cancelled(Until There Is A Cure).

We’re now into April and it is still Coronavirus/COVID-19 hell throughout the world as everyone is captive indoors(unless they have to go outdoors to send off mails and/or go grocery shopping[for much needed accessories for life])while the virus is airborne,for raise your hands up high in the sky if you’re sick of selfless hoarders that take up everything,the greed of grocery stores that allow this to happen(to leave nearly every store shelf empty and bare),and over preachy people who endlessly say “Wash Your Hands !!”,”Social Distancing !!”,and “Stay Home !!”  And anyone who tells you to “not go grocery shopping” can go Fuck Off(!!!),since we can’t fully allow fear,hysteria,panic,and paranoia to overtake everything as that’ll only lead to even worse matters such as looting,home invasions,rapes,and murders with no police in sight to stop lawlessness.  Yes,I’m more angry than scared of the Big Bad Coronavirus because of the idiocy that lurks left and right on the television news,the radio news,and the Internet that is making the Internet and social media no longer fun(to be a part of).

More to loudly rant about on my soapbox:anyone that cheers the Philippine’s dictator who passed a law to shoot dead anyone that breaks the “Stay Home” curfew can also Fuck Off(!!!) since people that are applauding that Filipino ordinance doesn’t make them any better(than who they’re ranting against),and sorry but Jesse Ventura won’t save you as he,Alex Jones,and all of their Truther allies are only out for themselves and know an awful  lot more about this virus than they’re saying(for fear that they’ll mysterious disappear[Mafia style]). And Joe Rogan(and his equally shitty super overrated podcast) also doesn’t care about you(and won’t save you,either),since he’s rather vote for President Donald Trump to continue the COVID-19 chaos and mayhem that is only making everyone poorer and more broke(and keeping them cooped up at home[with only the radio,television,CDs,DVDs/Blu Rays,and the Internet to keep them entertained and stay out of boredom]) as Trump,Mike Pence,Mitch McConnell,and all of their fellow Tea Party leaning Republicans and conservative media voices are very clueless upon how to handle this COVID-19 manner as America has all of the latest in high tech technology to create a vaccine that’ll destroy the virus but are being as lazy about it as they are in sending almost every American $1,000 Stimulus checks to keep everyone from going broke. Nope,it’s just 5G towers(that the idiot Truthers are blaming for the virus[:D :D]),the anti-theater experience bungholes(since movies and television shows can’t be made right now),the on-line yoga classes and on-line concerts,idiotic Internet social media games and even more idiotic horror/genre news sites’ articles,and people with holier-than-thou attitudes(about vigilantly staying home and washing your hands[and screaming if you go outdoors for getting your groceries and household needs]) that reign supreme,as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is coming out as the real heroic good guy here as he deserves gets a vote as a future President if he get encouraged to run in 2024.

Before I step off from my on-line soapbox,I tried to get a writing job at Bloody Disgusting’s site but got turned down since I’m too much of a rebellious free spirit for them(and everyone else) to handle. Otherwise,I’m sick of not being able to touch,hug,cuddle,and kiss someone,and at this point in life(even if we are currently living in historic times[that’ll change the world{for either the better or the worse}]) I’d rather be a Juggalo than a Republican(since the ICP[Insane Clown Posse] would do a much better job of running the government and tackling the Coronavirus issue than what our current politicians are doing).

I’m stepping off of my soapbox now. Have A Nice Day !!!

R.I.P.: Stuart Gordon,The 80s Horror/Genre Filmmaker Who(Along With Wes Craven,Tobe Hooper,John Carpenter,And Sean S. Cunningham) Helped Revolutionize Modern Horror Cinema. He’ll Be Very Deeply Missed.

Steven M.

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