Beyond Fanboy Road

With all of the current on-line fanboy mania concerning the recently released MAD MAX(4):FURY ROAD that is running wild on-line(if any of the haters think that this is really bad,wait until the new STAR WARS sequel gets released in December),if anyone is looking for my review of the film,here is the link to it…

Otherwise,that just basically covers it for George Miller’s fourth film with his post apocalyptic hero(with a fifth film now in the planning stages),for there’s something else that I want to quickly talk about that made me glad that I avoided to this year’s Las Vegas Wizard World convention,since the recent Wizard World Philly convention gave Lin Shaye an award as the Godmother Of Horror(?!?!?!  :O :O ),with all of the mindless fanboys(and fangirls) loudly cheering.  Just because the wife of  New Line Cinema company boss Robert Shaye appears in a few horror films doesn’t make her the queen of horror,ala Debbie Rochon(with Fangoria magazine pulling that similar tactic a few years ago),since Lin lacks the style and elegance that made the likes of Barbara Steele and Ingrid Pitt the top women in that very genre cinema,for any fanboy(and fangirl) that fully disagrees with me on that statement fully needs to get their heads examined. Otherwise,I will just say that I rightfully nominate Caroline Munro as the One and Only True And Real Godmother Of Horror.

On a sad note: a few months after the closing of Los Angeles’ beloved Hollywood Book And Poster store,its owner Eric Caidin passed away a few days ago from a heart attack(while watching a noir thriller at one of his film festivals). I wasn’t a friend of Caidin,but I did highly respect him for all of the good that he did for the genre community,both celebrity-wise and fanbase-wise,for many years since 1977,and it’s sad to see that he never got to see his plans of re-locating his famous store to Burbank(the home of the Monsterpalooza conventions) come to full fledged life. He’ll be sadly missed by many.

The New POLTERGEIST Remake/Reboot Is Coming Out This Friday: We’ll See If It’s Any Good(Since Sam Raimi Is Producing It[And It Looks Like It’ll Have A Few Chilling Moments Of Its Own{With The On-Line Poster Art Mainly Centered Around The Creepy Looking Clown Doll}]) Or If It’s Just Another Gratuitous Remake

Steven M.

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Non-Chainsaw Related Texas Lunacy

We’re already five days into May,and fresh from Pamela Geller’s recent Draw Mohammad art exhibition in Texas that drew out two maniacal Arizona Middle Eastern gunmen to shoot at people(before getting themselves down by the police),now comes words that Texas governor Greg Abbott has been joining the likes of Senator Ted Cruz(who makes his home in Texas,yet is a born citizen of Canada),right wing conspiracy theorist nutcase Alex Jones,and ex-martial arts champion-turned 80s action star-turned conservative voice Chuck Norris(who’s getting very senile[and is brainwashed by his younger,ultra conservative wife Gena]) has now joined in on their fight against President Obama’s purposed  Jade Helm 15 military training project that is to take place July 15th in a few states,including California and Texas.

Since the claims about ISIS’ proclaimed involvement in the Draw Mohammad shooting has turned out to be false,Pamela Geller proudly proclaiming that she is a right wing conservative who won’t take accountability for the tragedy happened at the exhibit(although it’s Not her fault that it happened),and the far right in Texas and nationwide strongly believing that President Obama is using Jade Helm 15 has an excuse to proclaim martial law on the U.S. and lengthen his Presidential term,as well as cancel next year’s Presidential elections. I fully call out Bullshit(!!!!) on all of this conspiracy hoopla from the far right….Absolute Bullshit,since the far right conservative has gotten extremely loony since President Obama first brought in his plans for his good intended but deeply flawed(and very costly) health care system,alias Obamacare,and they have been verbally gunning for his hide since. This is just the far right’s excuse to not only attempt to get President Obama impreached from office but to also fully overturn our nation by taking the state of Texas into a military rebellion against our government(with their very own state Nations Guardsmen) that’ll only bring forth an extremely dangerous second Civil War that’ll be their fullest attempt to rid our nation of all of the social freedoms and ideal notions of liberalism,something that is extremely frightening and will only threaten the safety of every single one of America’s citizens,no matter what their nationality,religious background,sexual preferences,or  personal political stances are. I was born and raised as an American citizen by my parents(even though I’m half Indian) and I’m proud to be a strong American and I boldly refuse to allow to let a handful of far right lunatics attempt to ruin not only my day,but the days of every other single innocent American life(including the good and wonderful citizens of Texas[who I heard despise their far right state government{and its sheer maniacalness}]) who don’t deserve to hear such abrasive,conspiracy lunacy driven verbal crapola.

All that I’m saying is that the likes of Governor Abbott,Ms. Geller,Senator Cruz,Alex Jones,and their far right compadres all need to stop with this bullshit at once,otherwise if the government gets strong world of this they all just might face serious arrests and charges of treason,with the exception of Chuck Norris(for being senile,and easily led[by these far right tools]).

MAX MAD(4): FURY ROAD In Theaters In Two Weeks: Hopefully It’ll Be As Mightily All-Too-Incredible As Its Trailers

Steven M.

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A Quick Lengthy’ Blog Entry Before April Ends

This past weekend,I didn’t attend Las Vegas’ Wizard World debut event mainly because of both their Creation Entertainment-esque expensive prices(on celebrity autographs and photo ops) and that Paige(the person who I really wanted to meet the most) wasn’t there. Like the adult porn/fetish industry scene,I’m also losing my passion for genre related activity that’s been partially ruined by the 21st. Century fanboys(amid many of the majorly shitty genre films that have been made for the last 15 years),who are so damn snarky,rude,and very brownnosing upon every oncoming shitty genre film(whether it be big budgeted or low budgeted) that comes along the way. Are they thinking that they’re going to be handsomely paid for their asskissing efforts(which they surely won’t be),for they certainly do act that way.

Speaking of which, Robert Downey Jr. was doing his AVENGERS sequel promotional claptrap press tour in England when he got offended by questions about his private life and his past drug problems and political stances(that he once proudly attained in the 90s) from Martin Bashire-esque interviewer Krishnan What’s-His-Face(I can’t remember his last name,since everyone’s 15 Minutes Of Fame always goes so damn quick) and quickly walked off the set, for whatever happened to giving hilarious “Snappy Aanswers To Stupid Questions”(as set by Mad magazine long ago) ?!  Does every celebrity of the last 30 to 40 years always have to throw a hissy fit(like Quentin Tarantino did when Krishnan asked him if movie violence begans the world’s modern violence[which it actually doesn’t]) and get violent toward the paparazzi like Alec Baldwin,for it’s just sheer ridiculousness to me since a majority of those stars(of the last 30 to 40 years) can’t quite match up there with the glorious stars of the past(and mightily lack that unique aura that they had),for Robert Downey Jr. seems to be much more interested in being the $50 Million Dollar Man(via the success of both the IRON MAN films and THE AVENGERS,as well as that upcoming claptrap sequel),for he must really be saving those special personal questions for that mega bucks paying future Diane Sawyer interview,since she won’t be asking him about why he participated in the(largely forgotten) 1996 Straight-To-VHS video actioner  DANGER ZONE.

And also speaking of which,the recent tragic Nepal earthquake(that claimed thousands of lives)was largely ignored for the news of the upcoming AVENGERS sequel,how much more money FURIOUS 7 made,and Bruce Jenner appearing on Diane Sawyer’s interview show revealing about his gender change(from male to female),which I can side with him on since living for so long with that narcissistic megalomaniac millionairess Kris Kardashian can do that to a guy.

On to better things(of the cinema genre/fanboy universe kind): the pissing and moaning ,grumbling and complaining fanboys aren’t so happy with Jared Leto’s Joker look for SUICIDE SQUAD,saying that he looks too Marilyn Manson-esque. I can easily overlook that factor,since both Jack Nicholson and Mark Hamill are too old,Heath Ledger(with his Crow-esque Joker look) is dead,Javier Bardem won’t do comic book characters,and Tom Hardy wasn’t considered for the Joker role(since a Hardy Joker would have easily knocked it out of both the park and the universe). I’ve got some high respect for Oscar winner Leto,since he’s been slowly revealing how his Joker will be and what to expect from him in SUICIDE SQUAD,for if all goes well Leto’s Joker might even cameo in (the very dark and downbeat looking[from the way the teaser trailer portrays it as]BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE).

And before I go,I’ve noticed that the AOL Entertainment section was covering on Jon “Bones” Jones’ current problems(that might land him in jail),for I thought that UFC/MMA was supposed to be a “real” sporting event,for the UFC’s head honcho Dana White has really let me down.   BTW:hardcore UFC/MMA fans(who are strongly anti-wrestling),I’m just only being tongue-in-cheek,since I’ve been watching and following UFC/MMA since the very debut of UFC 1(way back in 1993).

See ‘ya all in May(unless something happens that pulls me back in)…

Both FURIOUS 7 and PAUL BLART:MALL COP 2 Tightly Hold Onto #1 And #1 At This Weekend’s Box Office: Excuse Me While I Turn My Head Around To Avoid Puking

Steven M.

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What FURIOUS 7’s Mega Success Really Means

For the last two weeks,the seventh FAST AND THE FURIOUS film FURIOUS 7 has been on the Number One box office spot,financially grossing &252.5 million in the U.S.,and $800 million worldwide,bringing in to a total of $1 billion dollars.

And while that’s really great news for the likes of Universal Studios,Jason Statham(whose about-to-be-lagging career has now gotten an enormous boost[and drafted him away from Straight-To-VOD/DVD/Blu Ray territory]),Tony Jaa,Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,and Ronda Rousey,it certainly means a whole lot of other things(other than just the success of the FAST AND THE FURIOUS films being about bonding,via Vin Diesel’s love for his “family” of friends)…

* It means that Vin Diesel has even more multi millions of dollars,even which an awful lot more than the likes of Jackie Chan,Jet Li,Arnold Schwarzenegger,Sylvester Stallone,Robert DeNiro,and Tom Cruise combined.

* It means that the Paul Walker estate now has more multi millions of dollars than any organized religion churches and any major movie studios combined.

* It means that both Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster have more multi millions of dollars than the likes of Sigourney Weaver,Uma Thurman,Madonna,and Julia Roberts combined.


* The FAST AND THE FURIOUS films have made it possible for an action film to only be successful at the box office if it’s got the FAST AND THE FURIOUS or just either FAST or FURIOUS attached to it.

* Betcha didn’t know(or even remember) that Sonny Chiba was in a FAST AND THE FURIOUS film,that being Part 3:TOKYO DRIFT(as a Yakuza guy),as well as Cole Hauser(Wings’ son) as the villain in Part 2: 2 FAST,2 FURIOUS.

* Thanks to the success of the FAST AND THE FURIOUS films,Vin Diesel is now known as the modern day of action/genre cinema,while Danny Trejo is now known as the Hispanic David Carradine/Jan Michael Vincent of action/genre cinema,70s action/genre cinema king Burt Reynolds is now basically known as “Burt Who ?!”,and Gary Busey is in a class of his own.

* The FAST AND THE FURIOUS films are basically big budgeted white beard popcorn entertainment for mainstream audiences(that dig the AVENGERS and IRON MAN films).

….I’m all out of words,for I’ll just wisely end it here.

Hillary Clinton Announces Her Run For The 2016 Presidential Race,For I’d Rather Have A Dysfunctional Family-Esque Presidential Reign Than a One Sided,Out-Of-Touch Far Right Anti-Social Freedoms/Anti-Government Programs Presidential Reign(from Any Republican,Tea Party Member,Or Right Leaning Libertarian)

Steven M.

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April Ramblings

Since April is here and I only contributed just only one blog post last month,it’s time that I get on here and say what I have to say about a few certain things…

* I’m soooooooooo motherfucking tired of hearing about all of the horror fanboys  and horror news sites overhyping IT FOLLOWS,which is primarily a sluggish John Carpenter-esque “Sex Is A Horror” tale that heavily borrows from David Cronenberg and both Korean and Japanese horror cinema. Everything about the film sucks to me and everyone is overhailing as much as they did HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and DAWN OF THE DEAD 2004(which both weren’t really that good) and are already both verbally raping and overriding it to death(as if it were a dead horse). It is old age that’s slowly getting to me,or am I seeing something that everyone else quite isn’t,since the sight of a skimpily dressed,barefoot Maika Monrue(THE GUEST) is admittingly quite easy on the eyes(to distract everyone from taking full notice of the film’s quality).  Otherwise,this film can just go Suck It !!!

*  For the last year-and-a-half,I actually tried to like Don Tony/Anthony DeBlasi and his podcast partner Kevin Castle’s show,amid their scathing opinions and their “My Opinions Are More Superiors Than Yours,And Fuck You If You Say That We’ve Nitpicking !!!” and “I Predicted This Angle Happening Months Ago !” stances(both of which are so damn super annoying). But the thing that tossed me off the bridge to no longer listen to these two overweight New York-based Italian tools is that they both bashed me for my Twitter feed reports on Global Force Wrestling prepping up a few Las Vegas show,calling me both a “Matarazz” and “retard” in the process(and yes,those GWF shows are Actually Happening in July,August,and October: no lie,either,for just who’s the Matarazz and retard now,Don Tony and Kevin ?!),as well as Don Tony avoiding speaking to PWMania’s Jason Solomon/Solomonster when he made his call-in appearance(on Wrestling Soup’s post-WrestleMania 31 episode). At first,I thought that Don Tony was being rude and disrespect for not speaking to Solomonster(which Kevin joyfully did),knowing how much DT hates other competing wrestling podcasters(such as Court Bauer,Jason Powell,Byran Alvarez,and Wade Keller),but then I deeply thought about it and realized that what Don Tony(DT) did was merely just a shoot/work to troll the fans(something that DT majorly delights in) and for him to kick back and enjoy seeing everyone angry at him,since he’s always endless praised Solomonster in the past as being a decent,high quality hard working podcaster(which Solomonster truly is). Fucking with the fans is just a very wrong thing to do,since it just only makes them get annoyed with you and makes one lose their credibility in being a quality podcast(or writing and/or acting/filmmaking)personality. DT also has both an enormous ego and an inferiority complex whenever he disses other people,and he also can’t take constructive criticism too well. And he also sounds like he’s going to stutter when he talks,frequently going “Ehhh,Ehhh..Ehhh!!” before or during one of his speeches.  However,DT is quite the crafty and shrewd businessman in using YouTube and the Internet in heavily promoting his podcast and increasing his show’s rating,otherwise I’ll just wisely avoid listening to these two Fascist jabronis(mainly DT) at any cost(so that I no longer have to be tortured by DT and his extremely annoying whiny fanboy voice[he surely hates Daniel Bryan{as much as he does Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett}]).

*Both WrestleMania 31 and the post-WM31 Raw episode went well,delivering lots of surprises(Sting losing,the nWo and Degeneration X[DX],Seth Rollins cashing in and winning the WWE title belt[an angle that I “predicted” a few months before both Don Tony and Kevin Castle],and Brock Lesnar destroying the WWE Raw commentary/announce team) into making us all believe that,after a year-and-a-half of extremely horrible TV and PPV angles,that WWE TV will now actually….start to become good again ?!

*As far as it goes for me,I think that THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS  films(although I did kinda dig part 3[TOKYO DRIFT],since it co-starred Sonny Chiba and didn’t have both  the overdrawn presences of [the late] Paul Walker and Vin Diesel to heavily rely on[with The Rock/Dwayne Johnson later jumping in to cash on the franchise’s surprisingly monstrous success{and make a few extra bucks for himself})and FURIOUS 7(even if it’s got Jason Statham in his first villain role since CELLULAR,and quick guest appearances by Tony Jaa,Ronda Rousey,and Kurt Russell) can all go Suck It(!!!!),for it’s MAX MAD(4):FURY ROAD all the way for me.

As usual,I’m done for now. Until the next time…

R.I.P.: Robert Z’dar (MANIAC COP)

Steven M.

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New Film Reviews Site Now On-Line And Going

I’m aware that I haven’t been active on this blog lately(having missed out on covering the passings of STAR TREK’s Leonard Nimoy and producer Harve Bennett,as well the passings of Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero and Mexican wrestler/luchador Perro Aguayo Jr.[El Hijo de Perro Aguayo]),for nothing interesting having happened in driving me to write,but I have finally done something that I’ve always wanted to do for the last several years…

Having seen way too many movie blogs on-line and all over the BlogSpot universe,I finally found one at the Letterboxd site and have opened up a new movie reviews site/movie blog over there,where I’ll be giving coverage and exposure to many films that I strongly feel have been sadly ignored by the on-line genre sites due to both either their selfish personal goals(and gains) and/or being too swamped up by the big name major and mini-major film studios in endlessly plugging and overexposing films that often end up as being worthless.

Without futher word,here’s the link to my movie reviews site/movie blog…

Brock Lesnar Passes Up The UFC And Re-Signs With The WWE For A New Three Year Deal: Bring On Lesnar Vs. Sting And/or Lesnar Vs. Sting Vs. The Rock Already !!! And Also Give Sting A Newly Extended WWE Limited Contract With More Appearances And That Lesnar/Rock Confrontation !!

Steven M.

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Neill Blomkamp Officially Chosen To Direct ALIEN Sequel: The Internet Fanboy Universe Hysterically Cheers

Yesterday,it was reported that DISTRICT 9 and CHAPPIE director Neill Blomkamp has been officially chosen to direct the next ALIEN sequel,via his various scetchboard drawings that he showed to various producers and actors(and actresses) for his idea of an Alien sequel,one that’s an immediate sequel to ALIENS(complete with Michael Biehn’s Hicks).

Needless to say,many of the Internet fanboys and geeks mightily cheered to the point of having orgasms that were close to causing massive bodily explosions(in the vein of the doomed fat guy in STREET TRASH),for while I like the idea of a modern sci-fi filmmakers with unique and creative ideas to bring to the table(something that the HALLOWEEN series sorely needs),I have to briefly play devil’s advocate here in asking just exactly will this sequel be about,since many various rumors are now going around that the sequel will range from being a direct PROMETHEUS sequel to Blomkamp’s ALIENS sequel to an entirely different ALIEN sequel,for whatever the case may be let’s just all strongly hope that it’ll be a damn great sequel that’ll be worthy to the ALIEN series(after being railroaded aside by ALIEN3[which has fans divided,ala EXORCIST 3],ALIEN:RESURRECTION[the ALIENS wannabe mess that it is{with a Joss Whedon ascript}],and the two ALIENS VS. PREDATORS films[which I enjoyed,but has everyone divided).


Steven M.

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