A Message To This Year’s Biggest Turkey

Since I was too busy out on a dinner rendezvous with my Mother yesterday to consider doing a Year’s Top Turkeys List(as I’m done as an annual feature[but took last year off]),here’s a real quick one since this guy took the top spot over everyone that’s amongst the other turkeys(everyone that’s in the Tea Party,Republican party,right leaning Libertarians,Fox News,every conservative supporter,Charlie Sheen,all of the Kardashians/Jenners,anyone that makes and supports corporate modern horror retreads and gratuitous remakes,many of the musicians and pop muzak artists of the last 15-25 years) and is practically way more all over the news on a daily basis than STAR WARS:EPISODE 7;THE FORCE AWAKENS,for here is my quick message to he one and only Donald J. Trump(since this statement perfectly is him to a full T)…

“What Shall It Profit A Man If He Should Gain The Whole World And Lose His Own Soul ?”     — Mark, 8:36    The Bible

Amen,Brother !!

Needless To Say,I’m Not Undertaking Upon This Year’s Black Friday Sales,Since I’ve Got No Money To Burn(I’m Too Busy Building Up Lost Savings)And I Don’t Want To Be Swept Upon The Millions Of Shoppers Upon The Sheer Sake Of Getting Non-Food And Clothes Items That I’ll Eventually Someday Proudly Own

Steven M.

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WALKING DEAD’s Glenn Is Alive:For Now…

Quite a surprise came amongst many horror fans last night when it turned out that THE WALKING DEAD’s resident Korean guy Glenn was actually alive…and hiding under a garage dumpster while the freshly dead Nicholas’ body was being eaten by hordes of zombies.

I was pretty glad to avoid all of the Twitter hoopla(since I was listening to numerous wrestling podcasts upon the results of last night’s Survivor Series 2015[and watching this very episode]),for I know that Glenn is being kept alive for both the sakes of the fans who like it that there’s an ordinary regular guy around to aid in the fight against the zombies and any unsavory humans,and for Glenn to stay around to face Negan(Jeffrey Dead Morgan[:glad to see this underrated actor Finally about to receive his big break]) when he make his long awaited debut on the season finale.

Until then,I’ll just wisely leave it here for now…

Both Rob Zombie’s 31 And Kevin Smith’s YOGA HOSERS(The TUSK Spin-Off[Featuring Half Of The Character From That Film])Are Receiving Their World Premieres At This January 2016’s Sundance Film Festival: That Ought To Keep The Fans Fully Relieved(Upon Knowing When These Films Will Be Coming Up])

Steven M.

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Various Goings-On In The Last Few Days

Well,an awful lot has been going on since ISIS’ attacks in Paris,France within the last few days and while my last blog entry concentrated more on the fear mongering far right Tea Party and Republican conservatives,I’ll now widely focus upon both those psychotic troublemaking imbeciles in ISIS and how many U.S. states are not allowing Syrian refugees into our nation,with the fear that the will be terrorists that are lurking amongst the refugees,which is understandable since my Mother’s German friend has told her about how Europe and England are in deep fear over the Syrian refugees and Muslim immigrants that have came into their countries and how the terror that is currently plaguing Paris might be plaguing and striking in various part of Europe and even America. As much as I understand upon how every foreign citizen has a full fledged right to be granted citizenship in this nation,I’ll have to agree with temporarily restraining the Syrian refugees from entering the U.S.(even though 15 states have already gave it the okay for those refugees to enter upon American soil),since we really need to sort out all of the immigrants so that we can know which ones are good and which ones are secretly disguised terrorists before ISIS secretly attacks upon our sacred grounds. We’ll also have to check around the Mexican border to make sure that secretly disguised ISIS terrorists don’t enter our shores from there to put our land in a reign of terror that’ll only result in both politically enforced military martial law and outbreaking anarchy amongst our fellow American citizens. Otherwise,I’m strongly positive that if ISIS does dare to illegally enter our nation and attempt to attack us that we’ll all unitedly band together(no matter what our sexual preferences and political and religious beliefs) and throw those scumbag terrorists straight into the ocean(and watch them become instant shark food).

And I’m also keeping up with the latter in wrestling and how Seth Rollins’ recent injury has left the WWE championship title scene as fully vacant as both TNA and AAA. And R.I.P. to wrestling legend Nick Bockwinkle,who lost his life at the age of 80 since I was lucky enough to catch his AWA matches on 80s’ era TV(including his hour long blood drenched bouts with Curt Hennig).

And finally,Charlie Sheen has announced that he is HIV positive,which is very sad in the wildman celebrity’s case considering many of the sex partners that he’s had and the numerous amounts of drugs that he’s done. As lot of both good and bad word come out about him,I’ll just wisely leave it here and end this blog entry for now.

Upcoming Major Films In November(Outside Of The Latest HUNGER GAMES Film): THE NIGHT BEFORE(Seth Rogen Wildman Christmas Antics),VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN(Daniel Radcliffe Helping Create Frankenstein’s Monster),And CREED(Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa Returns[Out Of Retirement] To Help Out Apollo Creed’s Son Make His Boxing Dreams Come True[Which Is Rumored To Be Stallone’s Final ROCKY Film Appearance])

Steven M.

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Working On Peace Amid The Current Chaos

First off,wisely play this video of the Richie Havens and Tony Joe White song “Working On A Building”(from the quasi religious/Shakespeare-inspired counterculture musical CATCH MY SOUL[which was recently released on DVD/Blu Ray{after a lengthy absence from the film world}]),possibly about four to eight to ten times since it’ll be important background music for what you are about to read here…

As everyone knows,the other day was when both an earthquake struck Japan at the same time Islamic terrorists firebomb attacked Paris,France,which resulted in several dead citizens(including a Southern California college student and the manager of the Eagles Of Death Metal) amid several dead radical Islamic terrorists(including a group of terrorists that blew themselves up with attached vest bombs),with everyone in the world now heavily praying for and backing up Paris while at the same time heavily worrying that there’ll now be a massive war with the terrorists from both ISIS and al Queada and the igniting of what will possibly start off World War 3.

While I’m fully supporting and backing up Paris,I’m also worried that not only will this current terrorist attack lead to a 2016 Presidential win for both the far right leaning Republicans and their Tea Party pals(and their right leaning Libertarian compadres) that’ll mean a far right reign that’ll bring more government control and lesser freedoms(and the tearing downs of everything that we fought long and hard for[abortion,voting rights,gay and womens rights,civil rights,equality amongst people]),as well as a tremendous war against both the Middle East and the liberals,the progressives,and the Democrats that’ll possibly lead into not only a nationwide civil war in the U.S.,but also the start of World War 3.  That is a truly frightening thought to come across,for there are lots of negative energies and ugly vibrations bouncing around both the world and everywhere you turn,whether it is on the Internet,on television,or on the streets,making it much harder to deal with living in this post-9/11 world that is growing more cynical and darker every minutes,as much light and positivity that we are all still trying our very best to keep brightly shining and moving onward.  Yes,the radical Islamic terrorists are indeed a very frightening bunch,but it’s the far right leaning Tea Party and Republicans that frighten me even more with what they’ll do to both the American public and the entire world if they do win both the Presidency and the White House,especially with all of the anti-immigration and pro-far right issues that Donald Trump is standing for(instead of focusing on strengthening up both the nation’s job market and economy),since it’s the Tea Party that is financially backing his campaign and deeply brainwashing him with their one sided views(as they did with the Republican party[therefore destroying the moderate side of that very party]),since Trump was never politically like that in the 80s and the 90s and he never even yearned for a Presidency in those times.  As much more as I want to deeply discuss it,I’ll just wisely leave it here and save it for another time since I’ve got more recent news items to fully cover…

In other news,Holly Holms defeated Ronda Rousey to become the new UFC Women’s Division division,which is a major victory for the world of women’s MMA fighting,for hopefully (UFC’s head honcho)Dana White will wisely allow Holly to tightly hold onto that title belt and face off against many other female fighters before an eventual rematch with Ronda happens,with Ronda possibly devoting her free time to making more films full-time(since she’s attached to a female slanted ROADHOUSE remake/reboot) and her dream of possibly joining the WWE(if her rematch doesn’t work out for her).  And the latest James Bond/007 film SPECTRE still holds onto the Number One spot at the box office,proving that Bond is stronger than ever(even if Daniel Craig decides to leave the role[unless he gets a much payday that he possibly can’t pass up]).

And the less said about those Christmas decorations lacking Starbucks red coffee cups(that everyone is either loudly complaining about,or are drawing their very own designs onto those cups),the better.

STARS WARS:EPISODE 7;THE FORCE AWAKENS Arrives In Theaters In Four Weeks,For Hopefully It’ll be Worth The 32 Year Long Wait…

Steven M.

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Goodbye,Original Leatherface

As everyone knows,the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was a modern horror film that helped strongly carry the torch for horror cinema throughout the 70s until the monstrous success of HALLOWEEN which made horror a commercially successful celluloid entity.  In spite of its lack of gore(via being originally intended for a [70s era] PG rating during film[only to end up with an R rating{via its strong content}]),TCM was a multi successful film that forever played drive-in and downtown grindhouse screens and was numerously rented on video stores via its multiple VHS video incarnations. As the 80s became an important era in establishing the major importance of both modern and exploitation horror cinema TCM was always the lead film amongst those discussions amongst modern horror scholars that included the likes of Bill Landis,Chas. Balun,Rick Sullivan,and Joe Bob Briggs,with TCM’s main star Gunnar Hansen(alias Leatherface) happily lending a hand in discussing the sheer importance of TCM in modern genre cinema.

As everyone knows today,we just lost Gunnar Hansen to pancreatic cancer at the age of 68,which is very sad in a year where we’re already lost an awful lot of major screen names that also include the likes of fellow modern horror cinema icon Wes Craven. Hansen represented an important horror film that lend its hand in establishing the likes of modern horror cinema,the Beta/VHS video movement(via renting films in video stores),and the way people look at horror films. Hansen’s success as the iconic Leatherface(who was based on 50s serial killer Ed Gein[as was PSYCHO’s Norman Bates])took a while to take off despite his follow-up film being a small role(as an occult expert) in THE DEMON LOVER,landing his next role 10 years later in Fred Olen Ray’s campy T&A laced horror comedy HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS,which he quickly followed up with the likes of  MOSQUITO,CHAINSAW SALLY,FREAKSHOW,HELLBLCK 13,CAMPFIRE TALES,BRUTAL MASSACRE,RACHEL’s ATTIC,THE DEEPENING,the schlocky duo of HATRED OF A MINUTE and MURDER-SET-PIECES(the latter being Nick Palumbo’s unintentional horror “comedy”),and TEXAS CHAINSAW 3-D.  In the early 90s,he was also part of a horror/genre convention scene controversy where several fans accused him of highly overcharging for his autographs,which is a practice that many celebrities practice these days and Gunnar actually had them considerably cheap,for those fans should fully appreciate that Gunnar even considered doing convention appearances during those early days of the genre convention circuit.  Hansen and Balun also worked on the screenplay for BUTCHER’S PRIDE,a splattery mad scientist yarn that was never filmed nor released as a screenplay to the screenplay buying fandom market.

With the loss of Gunnar Hansen,the horror film scene will never be the same considering that he was part of a sensational horror classic whose multitude of both success and on-screen eeriness that never be fully duplicated in any way,shape,or form whatsoever. Goodbye,Gunnar Hansen,for your major impact as the original Leatherface will always be still strongly felt.

The Latest James Bond/007 Film SPECTRE Financially Grosses Over $73 Million At The Box Office,Proving That Bond Is Still Both A Viably Successful Name And An Equally Viable Successful Film Series/Franchise

Steven M.

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November’s Brief Rumblings

I would rather watch this music video of William Shatner singing “Rocket Man” than listen to another fanboy mindlessly ramble about how the spoilers of STAR WARS:EPISODE 7;THE FORCE AWAKENS should be kept completely secret until after its release,to the point of not even releasing both the tie-in novels and graphic novels during the week of its debut release(which is a separate issue to fully cover another time),further fanboy ramblings about how Adam Green should direct both HATCHET 4 and the next FRIDAY THE 13TH. movie(Rolls Eyes),idiots talking about how we should support modern day post-Rodney King era police brutality,the conservatives(Republicans,Tea Party,right leaning Libertarians,Fox News)rambling on about mindless babble,Quentin Tarantino igniting the anger of his boss Harvey Weinstein ala stupidly mouthing off the police(while using racial slurs in his films),and idiots rambling up upon how we should severely thrash those who support Social Justice Warriors and Spoilers dropping(Fuck You to both of those asshole groups[since everyone in America devotes their lives to crusades,and people are wise enough never to drop Spoilers about any film that nobody has yet seen]).

BTW: ASH VS. EVIL DEAD is brilliant and is the best thing that Sam Raimi has directed in years,as well as being the fun-filled alternative to THE WALKING DEAD.

And since many people took this year off of undertaking their annual October Halloween viewings(due to commitments to both their families and their personal lives),I happily did it all for them and watched practically 105 horror films. No bullshit,for it’s all true and I nearly lost my sanity and my head nearly came close to exploding on the day before Halloween,but I’ve regained my full sanity and live to tell about it,for here’s the link to what I watched last month(on October/Halloween season)…


Time for me to go now…

Both SPECTRE(The New James Bond/007 Film) and THE PEANUTS MOVIE(The New Charlie Brown,Snoopy,And Peanuts Gang Animated Movie) Coming To Theaters This Friday,For It’ll Be Interesting To See How Well They Do(And How Much Money They Financially Gross{At The Box Office}])

Steven M.

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Attention,WALKING DEAD Fanboys And Fangirls…

THE WALKING DEAD’s resident Korean American guy Glenn(Maggie’s main man) is Absolutely 100% Dead !! Deader Than A Fucking Doornail !! Definitely Get Over It !!! Quit Posting Weeping Tweets About Not Being Able To Accept His Grisly Death And Just Get Over It !!! It’s Been In The Works For The Last Year-And-A-Half,For Get Over It Already!!!

Check out my film reviews at   http://letterboxd.com/stevenmillan

Have A Happy Halloween,Everyone !!

Steven M.

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