2019 Border Wall Blues. And Plus:AEW(All Elite Wrestling) Rises…

It’s now 2019 and already there is plenty of films that I don’t care about seeing(with the exception of Jordan Peele’s US) and still plenty of dysfunctional politics lurking left and right as our nation is now in a government shutdown over President Donald Trumps’ strong yearn to build an enormous steel Border Wall around the bottom regions of California,Arizona,New Mexico,and Texas in his plans to keep illegal immigrants from Mexico and South America from crossing over the border.

I just don’t see how this will be keeping illegal immigrants from crossing over the border and why this issue is worth continuing to further politically divide both everyone that is in the government and in our country,for it is nothing but a major headache for everyone that is involved that is just getting nowhere and is only enraging people left and right as those that are loudly crying “Impeach Trump !!!” will only get Mike Pence to take over and Pence will further plunge America into much darker territories from where there is no escape from(with help from the ever-so-corrupt Mitch McConnell).   As much as I think that a much more logical conclusion should be used to handle illegal immigration(for the sake for protecting America’s jobs and social programs[such as Medicare and Social Security] from being taken away),building a wall and using it to inflict a fascism leaning campaign against the illegal immigrants and their families(and their innocent children) is only going to make things an awful lot more worse than they already are(as the far right wing lunatics point the fingers at the Democrats and the liberals and accusing them of being fascist) as it hard to figure out an answer upon how this situation will end,as it wouldn’t come as no surprise if both (Democratic House Speaker)Nancy Pelosi and (fellow Democrat)Chuck Schumer eventually give in to Trump’s demands and that wall does happen,for with all of the billions of dollars(that could have went into education and Social Security) that are going into the wall maybe Trump is possibly going to add an amusement park,a concert performance center,a dance venue,and a multiplex theater with plenty of glowing lights and entertainment lasers on that damn wall’s American side to entertain his far right wing friends and allies with while everyone else on the other side(of that damn wall) suffers.

Whether there’s a Border Wall or no Border wall,let’s just end this government shutdown and get it done and over with before America goes completely broke and loses its reputation(as it already slowly is).

It’s Official: AEW(All Elite Wrestling) Is Coming At A Time When Wrestling Is Becoming Stale And The Indie Wrestling Federations Are Rising(Alongside The Equally Rising Indie Horror Cinema Scene),With The Khan Family Financially Backing Up Cody Rhodes And The Young Bucks(Alias Matt And Nick Jackson) For The Uprising Wrestling Venture As We All Should Strongly Hope That AEW Becomes Very Successfully And Full Of Refreshing Ideas Instead Of Another WCW And TNA Style Failed Venture.

Steven M.

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Christmas Is Quickly Coming,For Fuck Your Geek Status !!


Seems that I’ve been slow on contributing more blog posts,since I’ve been on a Christmas season hiatus and might not come back with a new blog post till the New Year of 2019.

And BTW,amid all of the news items of President Donald Trump’s imaginary fantasy U.S./Mexico based Border Wall being crowdfunded by his supporters(to prevent a possible government shutdown from happening. UPDATE:That shutdown has happened;GRRRRRRR !!!!),the main thing that actually has me far more heated up(as much as those creepy Ohio government politicians that want a death penalty for those that had an abortion[Fuck those deranged far right wing assholes{!!!!}]) is that of many of the Internet-based fanboy/geek idiots that practically run the horror/genre on-line community and the horror/genre film critics circuits,for while it may be a lot better than the 70s,80s,amd 90s conservative minded horror/genre film critics that hated everything good(as much as the mainstream film critics regularly did) these newer generation of horror/genre folks are just far more interested in maintaining their geek statuses and both liking and bowing down(like mindless brownnosing lemmings) to all of the crappy mainstream name horror/genre film products that are coming out in 2019 as they’re all set to overhype it to the moons of Saturn and back(as they always frequently do) and all of the super amateurish writing that these newer snarky horror/genre writers do on various news sites,Blogspot sites,and Letterboxd as though they are nine years old that recklessly toss around the rating stars as though they were an out-of-control Dave Meltzer(who’s knowingly criticized for his similar style of star ratings).   Talking down to you if you dare give any film a bad review(Ohhhhhhh,that is a sin !!!) or dropping even the mildest Spoiler(which will result in either the most Spoiler sensetive fanboy suffering from an immediate heart attack,or[worse] feeling the urge to kill) is the really stupid attitude that pretty much makes all of the newer breed of great horror/genre film scribes and past veteran horror/genre film scribes(of the 60s,70s,80s,and 90s) all look very bad in being lumped in with the many talent leaden fools as the horror/genre film scene/community is Not being maintaining geek statuses(since that bullshit Never existed in the 60s,70s,80s,and 90s) but proudly standing for the horror/genre scene/community,since I was always raised to be a highly devoted film fan and neither a fanboy nor a geek and being intelligent was always part of the main thing that was going in being a fan,since intelligence is sadly missing in today’s horror/genre film community and is widely needed if it is to fully survive with the changing time since it is intelligence(and Not geek statuses) that is widely needed around here.   And Please,don’t get me started on talking about either AVENGERS:ENDGAME,The Soska Sisters’ RABID remake,Quentin Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD,or Rob Zombie’s THREE FROM HELL.  There—I said it !!!  I’m getting off of my soap box to prepare for the quickly approaching Christmas seasons and New Years celebrations that are coming upon us all.

The West Coast be Luckily Blessed,As The DaysOfTheDead Convention Circuit Is Making Long Awaited West Coast Return In Las Vegas(,Nevada) At The Plaza Hotel/Casino(In Downtown Las Vegas) On June 7,8,And 9,2019.  Great To See The West Coast Getting More Genre Convention Shows Outside Of Monsterpalooza(Since There’s No Telling If The New Fangoria Ever Plans On Returning To The Convention Circuit).

–Steven M.

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Yes,I Am Still Alive And Well(Amid This Current Chaotic Reality Soap Opera Of Life)

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a blog entry,since I’ve so busy with my personal life regarding family issues and a very busy personal schedule as I’ve been carefully following up on the latest with Stan Lee’s death(as he left us all in knowing that his Marvel Comics Universe would become enormous enough to change the moviegoing public,the way modern films are made[with their closing credit mid-scenes],and toppling STAR WARS out of its top spot[as the Numero Uno pop culture icon phenom]),the recent release of THE POSSESSION OF HANNAH GRACE(which I have yet to see),the California fires that nearly burned down a majority of the state,and the latest atrocities of the ever fascism leaning far right wing lunatics that have taken over the Republican party with their insane ideas in Ohio(with their impending anti-abortion/abortions=death penalty law),the racist Senate seat maniac Cindy Hyde-Smith(who resembles Florence Henderson after falling in a toxic waste barrel),police officers that kill innocent black men that intend to help protect the public,more insanity in both Winconsin and Michigan in yearning to refuse to give political power to their new Democrat governors,and Jesse Ventura leaning upon a Green Party backed Presidential run in 2020(which is something he had a better chance of achieving a victory in had he ran in 2004,2008,2012,and/or 2016.

Otherwise,all that we can do is just closely stay(and stand) together with each other(whether it’s on-line or in the public eye) as this endless chaotic reality soap opera of life continues onward,for I’ll just wisely end it with yet another music video…        — Steven M.


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Something Much More Frightening Than The Halloween Season

As the November 6th Midterm elections are quickly approaching us,things are getting really scary in an ugly fashion that is much more frightening than the October 31st. day known as Halloween as this past week a lunatic American Indian fanatical President Donald Trump supporter named Cesar Sayoc delivered various bombs to ex-Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton,Hillary Clinton,former Attorney General Eric Holder,actor Robert DeNiro,and the headquarters of CCN News before he got caught and arrested a few days later,which is something that reeks of sheer horror in the way this guy attempted to kill a handful of major liberal figures of democracy as the lunatics in the far right wing movements attempted to spin it by saying that it was either a media “false flag” or the Democrats themselves sending these bombs(?!?!),both of which are absolute bullshit.

Yesterday,Saturday’s Chiller Theatre had to be evacuated due to a suspicious looking bomb looking device being found at the show.  Whether it was a disgruntled(and very angry) ex-Chiller Theatre employee or a far right wing loonie that was behind that device we’ll never know,or are the Tea Party backed far right wing(along with their Libertarian and Republican cheerleaders) yearning to make American lives feel like there’ll be less freedoms and more politically motivated control over the masses(as there is in other countries) in their effort to become more like Vladimir Putin’s Russian government and less like the America that we know we love,for everyone jump aboard oft hat Blue Ride and vote for Democrats on November 6th. to save America and to keep Trump,Mike Pence,Mitch McConnell,Jeff Sessions,Paul Ryan,Alex Jones’ Infowars,and Fox News out of our bedrooms.

HALLOWEEN 2018 makes Over $100 Million At The Box Office In Its Second Week,Showing That Horror Cinema Is Still Stronger Than Ever(With The New SUSPIRIA Soon On The Way).

Steven M.

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Let’s Just Instead Champion For Terms Limits(For Supreme Court Judges,Senate,And All Mayors)

The last several weeks have been nothing but a major political charged dysfunctional soap opera circus concerned impended Supreme Court judge nominee Brett Kavanaugh,for I have wisely avoided all of the insanity that thousands and thousands of social media-baed ppls have deeply jumped into,for I’m instead going to take the Jello Biafra route in proposing something much different and much better.

Since Kavanaugh has a possible chance of getting in,via Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(one of the most corrupt politicians ever),since Supreme Court judges are appointed for life and that both Senators and Senate cabinet members can be in office for several years to decades(as both John McCain and Harry Reid were),let’s just all wisely be championing for term limits…term limits for Supreme Court judges and the Senate as well as All major city and small town Mayors via how both New York’s Michael Bloomberg and Las Vegas’ Oscar Goodman each held a powerful stronghold upon their Mayorial office position for three terms(with Goodman yearning to be in power for life[which would be illegal for him to do{and that would make him a dictator}]),for if term limits would actually be strictly enforced we would not only see lots of different Supreme Court judges but that Merrick Garland would have landed a much easier chance at gaining his job and that Kavanaugh would have also got in but would leave after his term is finished,as term limits would also end political power struggles between the Democrats and the Republicans(who are all yearning to transform America into a single one party nation) and give everyone their fair shot at being a Supreme Court judge,as well as cut down the power mad grabs of All politicians(whether they be judges,senators,Congress people,state and local city council men and women,and mayors).

Let’s all definitely do it !!!

For Honest Film Reviews(That Don’t Brownnose Film Studios And Horror/Genre News Sites And Magazine) And Film Analysises,Go Directly To My Film Review Site At…      https://letterboxd.com/stevenmillan/

Steven M.


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My Thoughts On The Eminem/Machine Gun Kelly Feud

Here is my exact thought on the Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly feud(which has escalated to diss track songs from one another)…

And I’ll just wisely save my thoughts on the new Nicolas Cage film MANDY once I get a chance to see it.   Hopefully,the major overhype and mighty praise for this film will get the likes of Quentin Tarantino,Robert Rodriguez,Rob Zombie,and S. Craig Zahler interested in working with him and enough much needed steam to help him get his way back into Hollywood and onto nationwide theatrical screens.

R.I.P: Burt Reynolds,A Man Who Changed The Way We Look At Actors And Action Cinema Icons. He’ll Be Very Heavily Missed.

Steven M.

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All Crashed Out

Even before and after,I was All Crashed Out for the weekend yet I was able to watch yesterday’s Cody Rhodes and The Jackson Brothers(Matt and Nick[alias The Young Bucks])’s produced(with a lil’ help from Ring Of Honor[alias ROH]) All In from beginning to end,for as much as some of the matches were pretty much Yikes(!!!) there was plenty of splendid wrestling moments in the matches that helped make it a fun filled show,for here is a quick review of All In…


* The Briscoe Brothers vs. Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian

* The Battle Royale(with Flip Gordon kicking Bully[/Bubba] Ray’s ass and winning the match)

* Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon

* Rey Mysterio and Fenix vs. The Young Bucks(I forgot the other two wrestlers)

* Jay Lethal vs. Flip Gordon


* Christopher Daniels vs. Stephen Amell

* Cody Rhodes vs. Nick Adouis(alias Magnus[ Maggggnnnnuuuuussssss !!!!])

* Joey Janela vs. Hangman Page


* The WWE-esque finale with Joey Ryan and his Army Of Phallic Warriors crashing the show and taking out Page(which must have gave Jim Cornette a major heart attack)


* Okada vs. Marty Scurll


* Tommy Dreamer * Bully(/Bubba) Ray * Glacier * Jeff Jarrett * Chuck Taylor

* Diamond Dallas Page(DDP) * Shane Helms * Chris Jericho * Billy Gunn

* Colt Cabana(both in the Battle Royale and helping Gordon and lethal kick Bully ray’s ass[for the second time])

* Jerry Lynn(refereeing but pulling a Big John McCarthy moment[near the end of the Daniels/Amell match])

* Earl Hefner(refereeing the Rhodes/Magnus match)


* The Womens Match(I can’t remember who took on who)

* The First Match(I can’t remember what it was)


* Joy Janela’s galpal Penelope’s fighting skills would easily destroy Amy Johnston,Gina Carano,Madusa Miceli,Kathy Wu,and Ronda Rousey. She could easily hold her own against Cris Cyborg.

* If CM Punk doesn’t take a deal from New Japan,then he truly hates all things wrestling.

* Goofy WWE-esque comedy still lives on in indie wrestling.

* Any big budgeted indie wrestling event can bravely stand toe-to-toe with the WWE.

* Shane Douglas must have felt really shitty that Cody Rhodes’ winning the NWA belt has uplifted it as an existing federation

*  That Konnan,Shane Douglas,Sandman,Sabu,Raven,and Jesse Ventura would all be out-of-place in All In,and New Jack would be as too dangerous for All In as he would be for the WWE.

* All In easily smokes out and kicks the asses of the UFC,Dana White,Joe Rogan,and Big John McCarthy,and all of the UFC/MMA meathead fanboys.

* All In may have had lots of cheesy WWE-esque comedy,but it had plenty of exciting and fun filled matches.

Yes,All In was indeed an awful lot of enjoyable fun,for let’s see if an All In 2019 happens.

A Crowdfunding Campaign For a Cool Documentary That Really Needs An Awful Lot Of Support(To Fully Complete It)….


Steven M.

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