2022’s Midterm Elections Are Over And Nothing Is Learned. And Plus: The Current State Of Genre Cinema

Polls had only been open a few hours when Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake started adding fuel to the fires of election conspiracy.

Source: Fight for democracy will continue well beyond this year’s Election Day

Since it is now 2023,I decided to cancel two of my planned blog entries on 2022 since 2022 is now ancient history as I instead decided to partially include both of those planned entries into one,for here goes…

Well,2022’s Midterm elections are over….and nothing–Nothing(!!!!)—have been learned.

I didn’t really want to do a political post as I’ve spend the four two months wondering what to do to in doing something very different for this blog,but with filmdom increasingly becoming worse,courtesy of the vomit inducing Harry Knowles and his strong influence over film journalists,film fans,expensive movie theater ticket prices(courtesy of his Alamo Drafthouse theater chain),and Hollywood itself as many younger people are proclaiming that 2022 was the Best year in horror cinema ever: it actually wasn’t,as they only meant that more horror films were in theaters(and drive-ins) this year due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic loosening up those screens from the draconian control of the major studios while American politics have grown increasingly more divisive and disturbing as Ron DeSantis,Greg Abbott,Lauren Boebert,and (QAnon poster gal)Marjorie Taylor Greene have obtained their political seats and are still in power(with Greene now in charge of Homeland Security[!!!!]) and now ex-Las Vegas sheriff Joe Lombardo having become Nevada’s new Governor(!!!!) with his replacement for the Vegas sheriff’s office yet to be announced while a very close eye will be kept on Republican Lombardo as he privately yearns to slowly transform Nevada into a red state,but more on that in the near future as I find it extremely disturbing how the extreme righties(as THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE[1974]’s John Dugan[/Grandpa] perfectly describes them) have infiltrated the likes of horror cinema,genre movies,action cinema,wrestling,MMA,heavy metal/rock music,porn cinema,and the New Age and yoga communities(!!!!) and making their presences well known as it increases the continuous fight between the Left and the Right which will become more uglier as the next few years move along.

Otherwise,multi millions of money truly walks,as in the cases of Dana White(who had a recent domestic violence induced fight that has been cleared and tucked away),Infowars’ Alex Jones,JonBenet Ramsey’s family,and Dan Schneider as people like Michael Cohen and Christo Aivalis figure that the likes of Jones,Schneider,any corrupt politician,and any Ramsey family member goes to jail they’ll only build up a much more dangerous army than the January 6th.,2021 Capitol Rioters as we’ll see if money works for Alec Baldwin and if he gets cleared for his upcoming New Mexico trial over the tragic happenings on the set of RUSH(2022).

And speaking of movies,I’m rapidly losing interest in movies thanks to the likes of Harry Knowles,his brainless minions,his stranglehold over Hollywood,overrated modern filmmakers,and lots of really terrible movies of the last eight years that don’t strike up interest for me to see,for as far as it goes for me M3GAN looks alright,I don’t care for both SCREAM 6 and INFINITY POOL,I haven’t seen THE LAST OF US cable television series,and EVIL DEAD RISE looks to be incredibly spectacular as we’ll have to sit back and see whether or not the New Year of movies in 2023 is an improvement over 2022 as it’ll be very interesting upon how the likes of the planned Jason/FRIDAY THE 13TH. projects of both Peacock’s F13(/FRIDAY THE 13TH.) prequel series CRYSTAL LAKE and Sean Cunningham’s planned FRIDAY THE 13TH. reboot film fare well or not.  And yes,I did like both TERRIFIER 2 and PEARL,as well as a handful of the crowdfundind indie horror films.

I’ll be back real soon….

So,Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Recently Bought The Right To Fully Resurrect Famous Monsters Of Filmland Magazine And Partially Modernize It,As Well As Have A Yearly Series Of Famous Monsters Of Filmland Horror Conventions(In Various Cities): I Wish Corey All Of The Best Of Major Luck That His Famous Monsters Of Filmland Resurrection Is Very Successful And Makes Famous Monster Of Filmland Popular Once Again.

— Steven M.


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James Gunn: The Elon Musk Of Modern Genre Cinema

Now that Christmas has come and gone and both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are quickly on the way,I decided to take a break from bringing forth Parts 2 and 3 of my “2022 Is…” series to lay major focus upon a genre filmmaker who is as much super overrated as the likes of Quentin Tarantino,Rob Zombie,Ari Aster,J.J. Abrams,and Mike Flanagan as I’m talking about James Gunn,the former Troma Films employee(and scriptwriter of films such as TROMEO AND JULIET) who slowly elevated his film career with scriptwriting the likes of the 2004 DAWN OF THE DEAD remake and that SCOOBY DOO movie before he moved onto writing and directing his own films(such as SUPER[his clever deconstruction of the comic book style superhero mythos] and SLITHER) until he struck massive box office gold with his two GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY films while building up an enormous fanboy(and fangirl) base. He has now moved onto becoming part of Warner Brothers Discovery and being in charge of all future DC Comics films,a move that has proven to be a very terrible one. Here’s why…

While it is bad enough that WB Discovery chief David Zaslav cancelled BATGIRL during its post production,Gunn decided to go two steps further in cancelling the likes of Henry Cavill from his Superman role,the third WONDER WOMAN film,and sequels to both BLACK ADAM and SUICIDE SQUAD which drove many fans(except for those in Gunn’s super rabid fanboy and fangirl base) to declare that Gunn has transformed WB Discovery’s DC Comics Universe into an enormous dumpster fire in doing major harm to that DC Comics film brand that will only make things a lot worse for Warner Brothers as this really asinine move will only make Warner Brothers and its Warner Brothers Discovery brand lose massive amounts of multi million dollars of money as it is bad enough that BATGIRL(which would have made them multi millions[considering that it featured Michael Keaton back in the Batman role]),for I could go on and on about this all day and all night but I’ll just instead end it here with this dedicated to the two wannabe corporate Hollywood oligarchs that are David Zaslav and (mainly)James Gunn…

As Far As It Goes For Me With James Cameron’s New AVATAR Sequel,It Is A Film That Nobody Asked For As I Don’t Care For This Very Film And James Cameron Should Have Written And Directed All Three STAR WARS Sequel Trilogy Films Instead Of J.J. Abrams. And BTW:Since Cameron Co-Produced this Celluloid Turd Of A Film,TERMINATOR:DARK FATE Still Sucks !!!!

–Steven M.

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Since 2022 Is About To End(In Two Weeks):Part 1

Hey,everybody !!! Remember me ?!?!

For after a three month hiatus I’m back and I’m preparing to talk about what has happened with both filmdom,fandom,TERRIFIER 2’s mighty box office theatrical success,and the political agenda after the Midterm,for I’ll be returning to discuss about those in the next two chapters as I’ve got to get this current social entertainment item off of my chest for as far as that nitwit Kanye West goes(who always was an idiot since he interrupted Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Music Awards and nobody ever forgave him for that that[amongst other offenses{including the current one that I won’t mention}]),for here is a message to the one and only Kanye West…

Parts Two And Three Will Be Quickly On The Way…

And Before I Forget,Both THE MEAN ONE(With TERRIFIER 2’s David Howard Thornton As An Evil Grinch) And CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS(Joe Begos’ Killer Santa Robot On The Loose ) Are Now In Various Scattered Theaters,For Go See Them As Soon As You Possibly Can…

–Steven M.

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Of Donald Trump’s Current Problems,BATGIRL,THE FLASH,That Nitwit David Zaslav,Uwe Boll’s Vomit Inducing Return,DRAGON BALL:SUPER’s Surprise Box Office Success,And SAW X(Blleecchhhhh !!!!)  

At the conclusion of the eighth, and what is, for now, final hearing of the committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, it was not the actions of disgraced former President Donald Trump that were most damning. Rather, it was his deliberate inaction.

Source: Trump was the conspirator in chief

There are no “Unpopular Opinion”s here as I’m pretty much the Zero Fucks Given guy who’s back from a month-and-a-half long break to quickly tell the anti-Woke crowd where to go stick it and discuss some things,such as…

* Donald Trump’s current problems,as he’s been caught hiding secret government documents in his current home of Florida’s Mar-A-Lago.  Did he really conduct this national security threat to America as that would be a really stupid thing for him and to do that would deeply sink his high profile career straight down the toilet.

  • (The $90 million budgeted) BATGIRL got permanently shelved(for now) by Warner Brothers Discovery’s anti-Woke far right wing supporting owner David Zaslav,as this scumbag has shelved several other films and streaming shows as it leaves the fate of THE FLASH in the air.  Both Disney and Lucasfilm are Very Lucky that Zaslav never ran their places(especially with his stupid anti-Woke attitude).

.* Very good for President Biden to call out all of the MAGA scum politicans,their scumbag supporters,and the scumbags in QAnon such as Canada’s self proclaimed QAnon Queen Romana Didulo,who is urging her stupid supporters to kill those who provide vaccinators,as Dudilo deserves to be in a jail cell.  And Fuck those conservative assholes and Republican assholes for criticizing Biden for bravely speaking out against far right wing authoritarian evil.

* DRAGON BALL SUPER (DRAGON BALL SUPER:SUPER HERO) Number One film of the week(as of this writing) that is a major success for its indie studio distributor.  Take That,Corporate Major Studios,Corporate Mini-Majors Studios,and TOP GUN:MAVERICK(!!!!).

* Triple H’s WWE Changes: Loved by most(especially the wrestling podcasters),but people such as myself aren’t impressed while the wrestling podcasters busily make fun of AEW’s multi botched matches and its curly haired Pakistani/American owner Tony Khan.

* TALK SCARY TO ME Sucks(Just Like All Other Horror Podcasts). There,I Said It !!!!

* HANAU is the new film(in six years) for the right wing leaning schlocky German filmmaker Uwe Boll,as he is  returning to make us all painfully suffer with his new political themed film. Everyone has been warned.

Otherwise,I’m done for now here.  I have been thinking about starting up a fan created political column at Daily Kos,for I’ll let everyone know how it goes(and if it happens) and the only two films that I want to see as they’re both BARBARIAN and (the Japanese influenced) SMILE.

Gary Busey has gotten in trouble at the recent August Monster Mania convention,but that’s another news subject for another time…

And Now,SAW X(The Tenth SAW Film) Is Currently In The Works: Yuuuuucccccckkkkkk !!!! 😛 😛 Why ?!?! Just What Kind Of Bad Did We All Do To Deserve This ?!?! We Really Don’t Deserve This !!!! Just Please….Just Please Stop It Already !!!!

— Steven M.


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Mitch McConnell,Infowars(With Alex Jones),QAnon,And The Six Radical Conservative Supreme Court Judges(A.K.A.: The McConnell World Order) Are All A Major Threat To America,Democracy,And The Entire World

NOTE: I originally wrote this blog entry a month ago,but I decided to lay off it and revise it for the month of July(which is now here),since far more worse has happened thanks to The McConnell World Order(of [the ever-so-power mad] Mitch McConnell,QAnon,Infowars,and The Radical Six[alias the radical and hostile conservative Supreme Court judges]):read on…

I took two months off(courtesy of the Texas Elementary School Rifle Massacre) and have seen how the world still hasn’t changed,for sure you can blame it on ex-President Donald Trump and his MAGA minions but the real fault of the matter lays in the reality of how mega powerful 80 year old Senator Mitch McConnell,Infowars(with Alex Jones),QAnon,and the six radical conservative judges(who consist of Amy Coney Barrett,Neil Gorsuch,Breet Kavanaugh,John Roberts,Samuel Alito,and Clarence Thomas) of the Supreme Court are a major cancer on both America and the entire world. Not only because of the way Mitch has behaved in it and at its helm, but because of the way that Mitch,Alex/Infowars,QAnon(with its deranged non-American looking leader Ron Watkins),and the Supreme Court radical Six have all fundamentally changed things for everyone(to painfully suffer through).

Forget about Donald Trump(since he’s got his goose cooked courtesy of the January 6th. Committee,for the much more bigger and more dangerous problem are both Mitch McConnell(who rapidly looks more ghoulish on a daily basis) and his Supreme Court Radical Six judges as they have not only paved the way for overturning(and bulldozing) Roe Vs. Wade(/abortion) but are also eyeing eliminating gay rights and possibly every social freedom in America as they are practically the dangerous union known as The McConnell World Order,coming replete with deranged(and hostile) QAnon Congress member Marjorie Taylor Greene threatening to have America pull away from NATO and cut ties with Canada,all of which are extremely dangerous for America,its social freedoms,and every innocent American citizens that Mitch,Marjorie,and The Radical Six yearn to see painfully suffer while they all live on the high hog.

With almost anyone(with the exception of [ex-Trump lawyer/fixer] Michael Cohen and the Medias Touch network’s Texas Paul Schroder[the white cowboy hat sporting badass that he is]) willing(and too scared) to bravely take a stand against Mitch and The Radical Six(with both Bruce Lee and “Billy Jack” Tom Laughlin are no longer amongst us,and Barry Bostwick’s Ace Hunter,his flying motorcycle,and his Megaforce are officially retired[otherwise Ace Hunter would triumphantly be saying “The Good Guys Always Win–Even In 2022 !!!”]),for with the way that The McConnell World Order is increasing growing more power mad and extremely dangerous to the point that they’ll ignite both a new civil war and a new World War as it’ll take the likes of the United,Interpol,and NATO to all immediately step in and permanently stop The McConnell World Order(and all that are involved in it) before we not only lose the heart and soul of America but the heart and soul of the entire world.

In Much More Cheerful News,MINIONS:THE RISE OF GRU Has made Over $108 Million At The Theatrical Box Office,Showing That There Still Is Good Left In The World.

–Steven M.

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Very Angry And Very Ready To Bring Back Wicker Man Statues

So,Mitch McConnell(the evil,power mad,and cold hearted senator mastermind behind the scenes[with his shadow Emperor-esque powers]) and the six far right Republican/conservative Supreme Court judges all voted to overturn abortion(alias Roe Vs. Wade), eh ?!


They truly can’t do that,since Joe Biden is the Democratic President who wouldn’t allow such a very evil move and Vice President Kamala Harris wouldn’t allow it for one minute,for how about we bring back Wicker Man statues so that he can put All of these problems causing,trouble making far right wing conservative scumbags all in line as voting out the likes of McConnell,All of the QAnon Congress politicians,and All six of the far right Supreme Court judges from public office is just the beginning to saving both abortion and America before they further strip away All of our social freedoms and that they’ll get us all involved in both a new civil war and a new World War that’ll take the likes of Ukraine,Canada,Australia,and other free minded foreign nations to help free us from these tyrannical far right scumbags(and their scumbag friends in the Tea Party,Infowars,Proud Boys,Oath Keepers,and [especially] QAnon[who organized the failed coup{alongside Infowars’ Alex Jones}]) so that we can someday eventually live in peace without all of these far right wing bungholes.

Coming This Fall: SMILE,A Japanese Influenced American Horror Thriller(With Kal Penn In A Supporting Role) That’ll Likely Be The Talk Of The Modern Horror Film Scene(Once It’s Released),As It Looks Like A Very Interesting Film.

–Steven M.

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Just A Quick Drop By…

I took the last few weeks off as I’m still trying to make sense of the recent Texas Elementary School Rifle Massacre as well as the latest ongoings of the destructive attempts by the dangerous likes of Mitch McConnell,Infowars(with Alex Jones),and QAnon(with Ron Watkins) to completely demolish America and its democracy with the nationwide media unwisely looking the other way(while the very important January 6th,2021 trial is going on and the Republican winners of the recent early Midterm elections are already claiming victory too early[like the dimwits that they truly are]),for one thing I can say is that I’m Not going to see Tom Cruise’s easy cash grab film TOP GUN(2):MAVERICK,which is Hollywood’s way to reclaim their screens(and drive-in screens) from both the COVID-19 pandemic and the indie studios that took over those theatrical(and drive-in) screens.

Otherwise,I’ll just leave it off(and return much quicker next time)….

Instead Of THE BLACK PHONE(Which Is Coming To Nationwide Theaters This Friday),I’m Much More Interested In The Upcoming Likes Of Both ABANDONED(With [Eric’s Daughter] Emma Roberts And [The Always Uber Cool] Michael Shannon) And (The Dario Argento Co-Produced) SHE WILL(With Alice Krige And [The Equally Always Uber Cool] Malcolm McDowell). They Both Look To Be Really Good(Which I Really Hope That They Are).

–Steven M.

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As Conservative Billionaire Oligarch Elon Must Prepares To Eventually Conquer All Of Outer Space,The Far Right Wing Reigned Supreme Court Strongly Yearns To Destroy American Democracy

The phones inside an Alabama abortion clinic were ringing off the hook: the callers wanted to know if abortion remains legal. And, if so, for how long? A leaked Supreme Court draft opinion was ricocheting …

Source: Still in shock. Abortion defenders, foes stunned after leak

As this draft opinion leak has fully revealed,the Supreme Court and its many far right conservative judges(three of whom were appointed by both then-President Donald Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell[who is no stranger to breaking in-office laws and opening displaying an oligarch attitude that borders on Imperial Emperor[ala new Twitter owner Elon Musk and ex-three term Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman]) have violated the Constitution and the Law Of The Land by planning on passing a new law that will ban and destroy the Roe Vs. Wade decision in legalizing abortion,something which they can’t do since that decision mainly lays on both the President and the Vice President to do and not any of the Supreme Court far right judges and Mitch McConnell(who isn’t even the President).

While the likes of President Joe Biden,Vice President Kamala Harris,and Attorney General Merrick Garland quickly need to do something(and immediately act very quickly) to fully protect abortion and Roe Vs. Wade,it seems pretty suspicious to me that this has suddenly happened a week after Elon Musk(who has tight connections to Republican figures such as Joe Rogan[motormouth extraddinaire]) brought his way into owning Twitter,for if the Republicans and their allies(in Infowars,the Tea Party,the Liberatarians,and QAnon) successfully attempt to do this it will only result in endless protests and a possible new civil war that’ll outdo what is going on with Russia’s attack on Ukraine all while Elon Musk works on his plans to both buy the U.S. Presidency and become Emperor of the entire vast universe.

Come on,Jello Biafra and Jesse Ventura,for we all really need to hear from you both.

This Is The Only Movie Of 2022 That Really Matters To Me,For Forget The Rest…

–Steven M.

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A Sad Coda For Bruce Willis(Acting Career-Wise)

In spite of all of the recent public attention grabbing ongoings of the world,I decided to just take a month off from blogging since all of the news that is centered around the likes of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine(which is downright awful),the Republicans,Mitch McConnell,and all of their Tea Party,Infowars,and QAnon buddies still being complete assholes(which is what they’ve always been),the super overrated likes of GHOSTBUSTERS:AFTERLIFE(which is way way,way too overrated),TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2022(which looks like the last two terrible TCM films),SCREAM 2022(which looks like every other SCREAM film),MALIGNANT,the upcoming THE BLACK PHONE(which looks downright boring)and Ti West’s X(which closely resembles any other 70s set horror yarn) being immediate newfound classics(which they’re are all Not),and Will Smith performing the smackdown shuffle at the recent Academy Awards Oscars 2022 ceremony(where the all-deaf actors and actresses film CODA won Best Picture) gets tiresome to half of the people who are on the Internet.

The more important news here is that late 80s/90s superstar Bruce Willis has broken away from his recent streak of endlessly terrible Straight-To-VOD/DVD/Blu Ray action films as it has been revealed that he is suffering from apathia,which happens to be a form of dementia that strips away the ability to properly listen and/or communicate with people. I won’t spend a lot of major detail on this(since I haven’t got the proper time to) for I’ll just say that it very sad to see the career of an actor who got his start on TV’s MOONLIGHTING,went through a major career streak with the likes of DIE HARD(along with all four of its sequels),THE SIXTH SENSE,UNBREAKABLE,THE LAST BOY SCOUT,DEATH WISH(2018),and (of course) PULP FICTION to the point that he was called “The Last On-Screen Action Hero” during the theatrical release of LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD has come to an abrupt end as it was bad enough that Willis took the Jan Michael Vincent/Steven Seagal path to endless amounts of awful Straight-To-VOD/DVD/Blu Ray movies that were so beneath his talents as we can wish Bruce Willis all of the very best with his health and to thank him for all of the wonderful cinematic memories of the past.

Before I go,I’ll give a quick Rest In Peace to the likes of The Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins,country singer C.W. McCall(whose Number One hit song “Convoy” inspired the 1978 Sam Peckinpaw trucker action film),and wrestler Scott Hall,the former Razor Ramon who(along with Kevin “Diesel” Nash,Hulk Hogan,Eric Bischoff,scriptwriter Vince Russo,Paul Heyman(with his 90s wrestling company ECW),and Vince McMahon) played part of a major role in resurrecting the world of wrestling into a popular money making media machine.

That’s it for now…

Despite Being Hated By Many,The New Marvel Studios Film MORBIUS(with Oscar Winner Jared Leto In The Title Role) Is Making All Of That Superhero Money With (So Far) A $17 Million Financial Gross At The Box Office.

— Steven M.

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While Russia Invades Ukriane,All That Everyone Cares About Is Netflix’s TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Movie(/Sequel).

As of right now,not only are those hostile anti-vaxx(/COVID-19 vaccinations) truckers from Canada causing major idiotic disputes that the far right wingers are avidly cheering(with a similar truckers event in the works in America) but Russia is now invading Ukraine which is a very sad thing,as what makes this real life event even more sadder is that all that everyone cares about right now is Netflix’s new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE film(/sequel) that has taken over social media.

Everyone on the Internet are heavily beating their chests while running all over the Internet about the new …CHAINSAW film as they previously did with the super overrated likes of both GHOSTBUSTERS:AFTERLIFE and SCREAM(2022),for Nope: I haven’t seen it since I don’t have Netflix and the bad taste from the likes of THE TEXAS CHANINSAW MASSACRE:THE NEXT GENERATION,TEXAS CHAINSAW 3-D,and LEATHERFACE(2017) is still left in my mouth. It is sad that the new …CHAINSAW film is far more important than the currently-in-theaters THE CURSED and any world event that is right now occurring,as it is soul shaking to know that the far right wing lunatics are avidly taking over America(and American society) as much as they are with taking over Canada as it would be extremely frightening to be strongly relying on those far righters to be looking to help Ukraine while they’re busy publicly dividing society(and everyone in it[replete with half of American citizens sporting “Fuck Biden” on their caps and their truck flags{which fully displays their sheer lack of brains and intelligence}]). Yeah,it may be yet another liberal leaning political rant(coming from myself) but I’ve got a really good reason for it as it is to be far more important about deeply caring and be being fully concerned about both the current state of the world and the current state of the political landscape than anything that comes out of the minds of the far-too-much-power given likes of Dave Chappelle(who turned down affordable housing in his area),Bill Maher(who has returned to his right leaning Libertarians roots),Joe Rogan(we all already know his current saga with Spotify),Peter Dinklage(who is all against Disney’s planned live action remake of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES[which will be eventually made]),and right leaning billionaire Elon Musk.

While everyone is now pulling down their masks with the Covid,Delta,and Omicron viruses going down(did [the Emperor Palpatine-esque Mitch McConnell find a magic wand,wave it through the air,and make the virus suddenly disappear ?),I would take that step with as much extreme caution as I would with this current political/worldwide situation that our world is in,as the Russia Invades Ukraine situation and what the damn dirty far right wingers have hidden up their sleeves are far more important than the Harry Knowles dumb downed world of current modern movie cinema(of every genre) or anything else in general.

And While The New TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Film Should Have Played In Theaters(Even If It Was For A Brief ARMY OF THE DEAD-esque Theatrical Run),Another Cinematic Escapism Film Come This Friday To Theaters In The Form Of The New Foo Fighters Horror Film STUDIO 666,Which Will Hopefully Be Good And Decent.

–Steven M.

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