Come On,Covid And Omicron…Give Dave A Break !!! And Plus: No SCREAM For Me(Sorry,Fanboys And Fangirls).

We are already now past the first week of 2022 and not only have we lost the likes of filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich,Oscar winner Sidney Poitier,and Critical Condition’s editor/writer Fred Adelman(I know…nine year ago a handful of cretins attempted to fake his death[while he was in the hospital with Leukemia],but a few days ago he had a fatal heart attack that he unfortunately didn’t survive),David Lee Roth spent the last two weeks cancelling all of his Las Vegas dates at the House Of Blues for New Years,and all of both January and February with no plans to re-schedule those shows due to the current rampage that both COVID-19 and (mainly)Omicron has undertaken to threaten to once again shut down the entire world. While word had it that one of Diamond Dave’s band members caught COVID-19,I’m just hoping that Dave is in 150 % good health and that he didn’t catch Covid,as it is bad enough that The Classic metal Show’s Chris Akin and Wendell Neely discussed the possibility that Dave might be in severely bad health and that he is in his last years on Earth as I(and everyone) strongly hope that Dave is still going to be with us for the next several years,as well as does a special concert(or two) that reunites him with his late 80s Eat ‘Em And Smile and Skyscraper line-up as that would be something very special to us all(including Dave).

And this coming week is also the release of the new SCREAM sequel,which is technically Part 5 and I just have no interest in seeing it no matter how many endless rave reviews it is receiving as four SCREAM films were enough for me as I no longer bother with Fangoria and All of the horror/genre news sites and magazines since I don’t have any time to spend on any one of them and it is all nothing but mindless kissing up(and brownnosing) to the majority of these modern films,modern performers(both actors and actresses),and modern filmmakers as I boldly refuse to play the fanboy/geek game of mindlessly worshipping new releases and newer horror/genre films of the last 20 to 25 years as many of them aren’t entertaining and the few that are get sadly ignored by the genre media press,as I find it bizarre that the new SCREAM’s tagline is “It Is Always Someone You Know”,a tagline that is extremely dangerous to mention in the Harry Knowles era of Spoilers/Anti-Spoilers as I fully know how angry and violent the tools in the Anti-Spoilers crowd get,to the point of both feeling the urge to kill and/or beat up anyone that drops the most mild and tiny Spoiler and boldly refuse to even watch a movie trailer(feeling that displaying what the film is about is Spoilers dropping) which is downright stupid as there are video companies that make businesses out of movie trailers compilations. For all we know,maybe the new SCREAM’s killer is going to turn out to be SCARY MOVIE’s Officer Doofy,or maybe not. Maybe it’s going to turn out to be the Liberty Mutual commercials’ Doug and Emu The Ostrich(as the new SCREAM’s new multiple killers),or maybe even not. Well,so much for everyone that yearns to want to continue the days of the late 90s and the 2000s era of modern horror/genre cinema….

I’ll just wisely leave it right here. Until next time…

(This Space For Rent)

— Steven M.

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Sad Pre-New Years News: Betty White,TV’s Golden Girl, Dies At 99

Betty White, whose saucy, up-for-anything charm made her a television mainstay for more than 60 years, whether as a man-crazy TV hostess on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” or the loopy housemate on “The Golden Girls,” has died.

Source: Betty White, TV’s Golden Girl, dies at 99

Some pretty quick and sad pre-New Years news to report,for only have we lost the likes of politician Harry Reid and Bob Dole have we now lost actress Betty White,the most talked about actress in her elderly years(who was often comical and lecherous in her senior times) at the age of 99,days before her 100th. birthdays as she now sadly joins the likes of Christopher Lee and George Burns in being well known and well respected celebrities who were widely expected to but never made it to the age of 100.

Rest well,Betty.

Happy News Years,Everyone.

–Steven M.

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So…Kyle Rittenhouse Is Now A Conservative Heroic Pagan God ?!?!?!

Video Courtesy Of YouTube’s The GMS Show.

So….let me get this straight: double murderer-turned-far right wing hero Kyle Rittenhouse is now making a complete mockey(and fool) of himself(all for the hard-to-turn-down money and the infamous notoriety),ala George Zimmerman. Yeah,I believe it since the likes of the Tea Party,QAnon,Infowars,and Mitch McConnell have transformed the right wing(mainly the Republicans and the Libertarians) into an absolutely deranged and diluted entity that follows the mainstream media in their crooked avid worship of the bad guy(whether it be Charles Manson[and the Manson Family],O.J. Simpson,modern horror monster figures,and corrupt power mad politicians) which doesn’t send a good message in anyone in America who is looking for the good to keep them secure and comfort,as Kyle’s guest appearances at the recent pro-far right wing conventions America Fest and (far right wing podcaster Charlie Kirk’s) Turning Point USA where he received endless amounts of blind worship as though he was a pagan god(ala the likes of Donald Trump,Quentin Tarantino,J.J. Abrams,and many modern horror filmmakers[such as Rob Zombie,Mike Flanagan,Adam Wingard,and Ari Aster]).

This truly sends all of America a really bad message in that you can get away with committing a crime or anything bad only if you’re a conservative(mainly if you’re a Republican,a QAnon-er,a Tea Party-ier,or a Libertarian),as committing crimes and doing anything bad is completely wrong and the conservatives being allowed to get away with their bad doings is only going to further to divide the nation more than it already is,as the Far Right Wing Choo-Choo Train will eventually run out of steam and Kyle Rittenhouse will become another 15 Minutes-Of-Fame One Hit Wonder(/Blunder) that’ll short rocket his newfound tabloid consevrative media career as he’ll eventually disappear and both Kyle Rittenhouse and George Zimmerman will end up hosting their very own cooking show or (worse yet) their very own amateur rocket science show.

And before I go,I heard that SPIDER-MAN:NO WAY HOME already made over $265 million at the theatrical box office,which is a severely enormous middle finger to the virus(whether it’s COVID-19,the Delta,or the Omicron) as I have yet to see that very film(while I’m glad to know that kids and their families have a theatrical superhero to positively help them through the current bad times of the world).

Merry Christmas,Everyone !!! 8) 8)

–Steven M.

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The Loss To The Right To Abortions Will Signal The Absolute End Of America.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard arguments in which the court was asked to overturn a nationwide right to abortion that has existed for nearly 50 years.

Source: Remarks by 9 justices indicate how they lean on abortion

As the news media is heating up about this very issue while we enter into the month of December(meaning that it’ll be the end of 2021 in four weeksand onto 2022]),both (still powerful millionaire)Senator Moron McConnell(a.k.a.:Mitch McConnell) and his appointed henchwoman Supreme Court Karen Barrett(a.k.a.:Amy Coney Barrett) are planning to throw a monkey wrench into the abortion issue and are yearning to toss pro-choice off a cliff for their evil and sinister plans to kick in and move America toward a far right wing fascist one party nation.

As the news media is endless talking about how the far right wingers will win back both the House and the Senate in 2022,anyone with a brain knowingly has to strongly band together and not only save both the House and the Senate via mightily riding the 2022 Blue Wave but to also mightily band together to save abortion and stop McConnell and Barrett in their tracks,as the loss of abortion would only result in a major civil war against the far right with endless amounts of fights,shootings,and chaotic destruction in the streets and pull down the envelope for the absolute end of America and the end of normalcy in our lives. Let’s all peacefully band together and completely stop the far right wingers(along with their Trumpers,Tea Party-iers,Infowars-ers,and QAnon buddies) and save abortion,the House,and the Senate in their tracks and save America and our normal lives from the clutches of Mitch McConnell,Amy Coney Barrett,and all of their Tea Party,Infowars,and QAnon allies.

I Really,Really Miss Tom “Billy Jack” Laughlin And I Really Wish That He Was Here With Us And To Fully Protect Us(Since Everyone Else Has Really Petered Out).

–Steven M.

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This Year’s Enormous Turkeys

A traditional thing on my blog for the last 12 to 16 years has been personally awarding the Turkeys Of The Year to any obnoxious politician and celebrity,as I’ve taken some time off from it in recent years but the way things have gone on for the last two years it’s time that I resurrect this annual column to mightily award this year’s Turkeys,for I’ll just it plain and short and mention all of their names below…

The Turkeys Of 2021

Mitch McConnell*Joe Rogan.*Dave Chappelle*Kyle Rittenhouse*Oscar Goodman*Carolyn Goodman*Michelle Fiore*Sean Hannity* Tucker Carlson*Geraldo Rivera*Charlie Kirk*Stephen Crowder*Ben Shapiro*Alex Jones*George Zimmerman*Darren Wilson*Marjorie Taylor Greene*Glenn Youngkin*Greg Abbott*Ron DeSantis*Greg Gianforte*Amanda Chase*Lauren Boebert*Madison Cawthorn*Ann Coulter*Michelle Malkin*Michael Savage*Mark Levin*Michelle Bachman*Steve Sanchez*Kevin McCarthy*Joe Manchin*Kyrsten Sinema*Jo Rae Perkins*Tommy Tuberville*Matt Gaetz*Ted Cruz*Mo Brooks*Josh Hawley*Roger Stone*Michael Flynn*(current jailbird)Steve Bannon*Matthew Macaughaghey(whatever his name is)*Stephen Shaw*TO CATCH A PREDATOR’s Chris Hanson*Mary Hart*Harry Knowles*J.J. Abrams*Kathleen Kennedy*Tom Cruise*Dan Stevens*Ari Aster’s fanatical fanbase*Staind’s Aaron Lewis(Major League Buttface Booby)*Ted Nugent*Kid Rock*Milo What’s-His-Face*Glenn Beck*Every obnoxious Internet Influencers*YouTube’s “Dr. Fukk” Ralph Viera*The Classic Metal Show’s Wendell Neely*Jan Wenner and The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame*Kanye West*Dan Schneider and anyone that support him and protects him*John Ramsey and Burke Ramsey*Lin Wood*Amanda Knox*(Infowars’)Paul James Watson*The Las Vegas news media*The media that supports downer news and supports Republicans and their enablers*Anyone that mindlessly shills garbage movies*Everyone involved with GHOSTBUSTERS:AFTERLIFE*Anyone that is a mindlessly shilling Modern horror cinema fan*The Internet horror/genre news media and its shilling journalists*Modern horror/genre shills*Everyone involved with the film RUST*Everyone involved with Infowars,Brietbart,Fox News,OAR,Newsmax,The Proud Boys,The Oath Keepers,The Tea Party,and QAnon*QAnon’s Ron Watkins*All Far Right Leaning Truthers*People who live by the super annoying term of “I Never Heard Of…”*People who wrongfully use the word “Underrated”*Modern day fanatical Modern STAR WARS fans*Anyone who lives by the super annoying terms of “Fanboy”,”Fangirl”,”Geek”,and Dork”*Anyone who believe in a “Flat Earth”*Everyone who is a mindless shill on Letterboxd and Blogspot*Islamic Middle Eastern nation governments*Communist China*Communist Vietnam*Authoritarian Russia*Authoritarian Hungary*The MS-12 street gang*Violent street gangs*Marvel Studios films’ fanatical fanbase*Dana White*Joe Rogan’s fanatical fanbase(known as The Rog-Sheep)*Any politician that yearns to resurrect the Nazi standard of burning books*The Libertarians*The right wing minded Independent politicians*Anyone who supports The Far Right,The Alt Right,QAnon,Infowars,The Tea Party,The Mafia,The Manson Family,The MS-12 street gang,violent street gangs,Communist China and Communist Vietnam*Anyone that believes that horse de-wormer will completely cure COVID-19*The Politicians and members of the public who all boldly refuse to accept the science and all boldly refuse to band together and work on a permanent cure to completely wipe out COVID-19(a.k.a.:The Coronavirus,C-19) and save the entire Earth.

There….whether you agree or disagree,those are my choices. I’ll be going,for Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!

So,A New RESIDENT EVIL Movie,That Being The Non-Milla Jovovich/Non-Paul W.S. Anderson Asscoiated Prequel RESIDENT EVIL:WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY,Is Now Out In Theaters;I’ll See If Can Get The Chance To See It(Being That It’s Not Part Of That Atrocious Jovovich/Anderson Series).

-Steven M.

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Kyle Rittenhouse Cleared Of All Charges In Kenosha Shootings: Republicans And Conservatives Cheer While Democrats And Progressive Liberals Jeer. Plus: Do I Really Care About GHOSTBUSTERS:AFTERLIFE ?

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges Friday after pleading self-defense in the deadly Kenosha shootings that became a flashpoint in the nation’s debate over guns, vigilantism and …

Source: Kyle Rittenhouse cleared of all charges in Kenosha shootings

Given the inbred looking,far right wing leaning judge that overlooked this trial,shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was just freed and acquitted on all charges. Yes,this is infuriating(as infuriating as the similar acquittals of the dumbass cop[who has since mysteriously disappeared into obscurity] who killed Michael Brown and that major dipshit George Zimmerman[who has also mysteriously disappeared from plain sight]) but our nation is currently in a dangerous climate where the far right wing lunatics look to completely overtake our society(and all of America) and destroy our democracy,with only the likes of Alyssa Milano and Michael Cohen bravely speaking out against them(as everyone else[who used to proudly speak against the far right lunatics] has turned chickenshit and completely petered out).

Just Don’t get mad nor feel hostile during this verdict and Don’t completely dwell upon what has happened,as Kyle is just a young teen boy who’s just a casualty that got caught up in the far right’s war on modern society,the civil trial suit against him will be upcoming(which he likely won’t win[ala O.J. Simpson]),and there are way far worse people out there than Kyle Rittenhouse(that I won’t name there and give them undeserved free publicity,since you know who they all are).

Do I Really Care About The Just Released GHOSTBUSTERS:AFTERLIFE And Will I See It ? The Answer Is: Nope !!! Absolutely Not !!!

–Steven M.

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Sex Pistols’ Frontman Johnny “Rotten” Lydon Sells Out(Or Does He ?),Kyle Rittenhouse And Judge Bruce Schroeder Annoy Everyone,And The Controversy Surrounding THE FARMER’s Brief Come-And-Gone Torrent Release.

SEX PISTOLS frontman John Lydon (a.k.a. Johnny Rotten) was revealed to be the contestant dressed as a jester on reality singing competition ‘The Masked Singer’. Lydon had managed to keep his ident…

Source: SEX PISTOLS Frontman JOHN LYDON Revealed As The Jester On ‘The Masked Singer’

There are somethings that are strongly nerve grating that I’ve just got to get off of my chest…

* Sex Pistols’ legendary singer Johnny Rotten(alias John Lydon) performed a sell-out act on TV’s THE MASKED SINGER in being exposed as one of The Masked Singers,with Lydon saying that he did it for his Azheimer’s stricken wife. While some people think that this was a good hearted move everyone that knows Lydon’s Sex Pistols’ past knows that is a direct sell-out move,but then again the Sex Pistols was always a Svengali producer/manager’s created image of a punk rock band. Maybe this came as a surprise or maybe it didn’t.

* Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is an absolute joke,a much bigger joke than O.J. Simpson’s 1995 trial courtesy of this trial’s far right idiot judge Bruce Schroeder(who is an obvious Infowars/Tea Party/QAnon plant).

* Both Texas’ and Virginia’s corrupt state governments are no banning and burning books that they feel are,an ugly move that is pushing America toward far right wing fascism as both President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland must put a drastic end to this bullshit in order to save America.

* In a move that almost went unnoticed,the long missing and long delayed(from a DVD/Blu ray release)THE FARMER had a secret mystery torrent release on YouTube that lasted for only a few days with very little notice,as Walt Olsen(of Scorpion Releasing[and the brother of Code Red’s Bill “Banana Man” Olsen]) had it immediately pulled down while several nitwits(that saw that short lived torrent run) complained about the film being slow moving and boring which is something that the film’s current copyrights owner Bill Olsen saying has further convinced him to not release it(a move that he endlessly says[in his continued quest of using THE FARMER as a bargaining chip for another film company to expensively buy the film’s right off of him and his brother Walt]) as I wished that the likes of Quentin Tarantino,Robert Rodriguez,S. Craig Zahler,Arrow Video,AGFA,and Shout! Factory drastically need to buy THE FARMER’s rights off of the Olsen brothers and give THE FARMER the fully restored proper DVD/Blu ray release that it absolutely deserves.

I’d have some more things to say(mainly about Elon Musk and Michael Flynn yearning for just one religion to rule America[either paganism or satanism,perhaps ?!),but I’m too tired to comment on it as I’ll go for now(and return later)…

Nope,I Haven’t Seen Netflix’s SQUID GAME(Which Resembles A BATTLE ROYALE Clone) And(Marvel’s latest Box Office Success)ETERNALS,If Anyone Is Curious To Know.

-Steven M.

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While Elvira And Kal Penn(A.K.A.:Kumar) Both Out Themselves,Virginia Throws A Sham Election.

(This Video Space Available For Rent)

The Following Content Is An Opinion Blog That Is Just Views And Opinions By The Man Behind This Blog,And The Content Is How He Sees Things(In His Own Views And Thoughts). You’ve Been Informed.

Just when everyone thought that I was dead or had thrown in the towel,I’m back(!!!!)….having taken October off to avoid the endless news on HALLOWEEN KILLS,SCREAM 5,DUNE(2021),Rob Zombie’s THE MUNSTERS,ETERNALS,Alec Baldwin’s major dilemma,both Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson and Kal Penn(a.k.a.:Kumar) outing themselves,the sad case of the departed(and deceased) duo of Gaby Petito and Brian Laundrie,Judge Judy’s new facial appearance(that makes her look much more hideous and much more uglier than ever),the real life horrors of Robert Englund’s autograph line at the recent Spooky Empire convention,the Queensryche drama amongst its members,the “Let’s Go Brandon !!!” pro-QAnon/anti-Boden bullshit,Mike Flanagan’s yearn to do a STAR WARS horror film(Good Luck,since the people at both Disney and Lucasfilms are Very Difficult and Very Impossible to deal with[and work with]),and overrated choads such as Joe Rogan,Charlie Kirk,Russell Brand(since his comedy schtick has run dry),and Dave Chappelle.

And otherwise….Boy,was that recent Virginia Governor election a major league crock of pure absolute bullshit !!!! Glenn Youngkin winning the Virginia governor seat is an absolute joke as it is very shameful upon how everyone is now blaming the Democrats and the moderate Democrats for this win. Couldn’t anyone with a keen mind figure that with Donald Trump and QAnon all being there and taking up All of the major news’ media spots that both Trump and QAnon(who must have a major financial backer[maybe Infowars’ Alex Jones,perhaps ?]) might have possibly helped rob away the election ?! Yeah,just keenly think about it and how they have the media mainly focused on them to the point that if we allow the media to be deeply distracted by the far right bungholes that they just might win in both 2022 and 2024 if we allow them to do so,for
instead of cowering in the corner like cowards we all need to bravely(and strongly) stand up against these far right fascist assholes before we lose all of our social freedoms and America’s democracy as it will only bring a massive civil war(that’ll kill many innocent people[on both sides of the political coin]) and QAnon carrying on their evil mission to invade the entire world(since they’re planning a Nazi style takeover of Australia after their planned “Storm” to rid America of all Democrats and all progressive liberals). We all can’t allow these evil people to win and we can’t allow them to strip away our freedoms,as we must all channel our inner Billy Jack and mightily throw a severely strong kick back to fully save what is left of our freedoms while we slowly watch Glenn Youngkin(along with lunatic state senator Amanda Chase) destroy Virginia in the same manner that Greg Abbott is destroying Texas,Ron DeSantis is destroying Florida,and (Ole Satanic Wannabe Emperor)Mitch McConnell is destroying the Supreme Court(in Mitch’s further continuing destruction of America[even though he was demoted to being the Senate Minority Leader]).

R.I.P.: ROH(Ring Of Honor),As It Bad Enough That The WWE Has Made Some New Bus Flip Cuts To More Talents On Their Roster.

— Steven M.

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Drayton “The Cook” Sawyer Would Truly Be A Much Better Texas Governor Than Greg Abbott.

I’m too damn angry to spend my first blog entry for September 2021 to be heavily ranting against the far right wing Republicans,Infowars,the Tea Party,QAnon(and All of their Congress members),Mitch McConnell,Alex Jones,Ron Paul,and the conservative judges in the Supreme Court,especially with the way they are handling abortion in the state of Texas that has people worried that abortion will end.

It Won’t !!!!

And while I haven’t yet seen the new CANDYMAN and I think that both the upcoming new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE movie and EVIL DEAD RISE righfully belong in theaters instead of on places like Netflix and HBO Max(as horror films truly belong in theaters),for I’ll just let the late great George Carlin take care on my views on the Texas state government’s(and both the Supreme Court’s conservative judges and the GOP’s) bullshit views on abortion(which is still as relevant today as ever….

–Steven M.

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Another Sad End Of An Era.

Amid the current chaos that is going on in Afghanistan,there is something that is much more important to talk about as yesterday was the sad end of an era as we lost martial arts icon Sonny Chiba to COVID-19 related pneumonia at the age of 82.

After the 1973 death of Bruce Lee,Sonny Chiba was a standout amongst the many Bruce Lee clones of the place as Chiba was basically his own unique personality who broke through thanks to the major successful of THE STREETFIGHTER and its first sequel RETURN OF THE STREETFIGTHER that immediately established his ruthless Take No Prisoners approach to his on-screen tough guy action hero image,but his reliance upon remaining in Japan to work on Japanese films kept him from elevating his career to the next level(ala the likes of Michelle Yeoh,Pam Grier,and Chiba’s own Japan Action Club protege Hiroyuki “Henry” Sanada) as he was yet able to tightly hang onto his tough guy image in no matter type of movie that he did,even though he had two brief career resurrections both in the 90s(via the physical media releases of THE STREETFIGHTER,RETURN OF THE STREETFIGHTER,THE STREETFIGHTER’S LAST REVENGE,and SISTER STREETFIGHTER[which followed with physical media releases of many of his 70s and 80s films]) and in the early 2000s with both his small role as swordmaker Hattori Hanzo(a modern descendent of the Hanzo family) in KILL BILL:VOLUME 1 and as the goatee sporting Yakuza Don in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS (3):TOKYO DRIFT. Unlike many martial arts actors(with the exception of Jackie Chan),Chiba had a lengthy film career that continued onward without any end in sight as his passing is the signal that not only is COVID-19 a real danger to the world but that not all of our on-screen heroes are as immortal in real life as he has been on-screen,for whether the factor of reality is Sonny Chiba is a star who will always immortally live on in cinema.

Either Tonight(As Of This Writing) Or Tomorrow(On Saturday) Will Mark The Return Of Phillip Brooks,A.K.A. CM Punk To The World Of Wrestling,Whether It Is On AEW:Rampage Or At WWE SummerSlam. We’ll Patiently Wait And See Where Punk Will Be Making His High Profile Squared Circle Return(Unless He Literally Punks Us In Not Appearing In Neither).

–Steven M. (Now Includes Porn Film Reviews)

Coming Soon To Be Covered: Letterboxd Allowing Porn Cinema To Be Reviewed,And: More Politics With The Afghanistan Situation. Everyone Has Been Cautioned(And Warned)…

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