An Attempted Far Right Coup That Only Backfired

The New Year of 2021 got off to a really bad start when an enormous group of far right wing President Donald Trump supporters attempt a coup to overthrow the government over Joe Biden’s Presidential run,right on the day when a Vice President Mike Pence-led commission on whether Biden’s win was actually legal.

The freaky looking group(who included camoflauged rednecks a a guy who resembled a cross between a Viking and a Wookiie) may have succeeded in showing that a government overthrow can actually happen,but they only helped out in succeeding in making sure that they looked like complete bad guys as well as ending the day when Pence and all of the senators returned to properly count all of the vote and made it official that Biden officially won his Presidency.

It is quite ironic upon how a massive couple of far right conservatives would actually overthrow their own government of fellow far right conservatives,as they only made themselves and Trump look like complete fools as the mystery here is where were the Army troops,the National Guardsmen,and the local police force to help out the Secret Service agents in cleaning out the invading far right forces from the government branch offices…where were they during this moment of need ?! Where ?!

And no….this wasn’t Antifa nor George Soro(who is as elderly as both Trump and Mitch McConnell[who just got demoted to Senate Minority Leader after the Democrats’ triumphant win the night before]) behind this as it is the far right wing terrorists(who had Infowars’ Alex Jones amongst them[and scumbags such as Virginia state senator Amanda Chase claiming that they were “patriot”,loudly calling for both her removal from public office and her arrest by the FBI for treason against America]),and as far as it goes with Trump he is a billionaire whose multi billions will assure that he won’t be arrested nor jailed as both his image and his reputation have been severely damaged by the attempted(but failed) coup and he richly deserves to rapidly disappear after he leaves public office.

And Fuck all of the Republican senators that strongly supported this failed sedition and their failed attempt at ruining Biden’s upcoming Presidency,which they only further strenghtened.

Just bring on the Joe Biden Presidency already !!!!

R.I.P.: Tanya Roberts(The Beloved Yet Forgotten Charlie’s Angel[Of That Show’s Fifth And Final Season]).

Steven M.

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Burn,Hollywood,….Cancel That,For Hollywood Is Burning Itself

While evil-to-the-hilt conservative Republican senators such as Amanda Chase and Bob Steinburg threaten to unleash martial law to attempt to get Donald Trump back into Presidential power(while everyone waits for a massive crack to widely open up with Chase,Steinburg,Tommy Tuberson,Mitch McConnell,and every other Republican scumbag falling deep into the hollows of the Earth),Hollywood and all of its mega rich scumbag corporate suits continue to endlessly whine about the collapse of the Hollywood film system courtesy of the continuously rampaging Coronavirus(a.k.a.:COVID-19,C-19) as it was part of the pushing tip as corporate Hollywood’s greed(that began with their takeover of all nationwide movie theaters and multiplexes[that banished indie film distributors from playing their films] in the late 80s[with corporate monopoly movie magazines such as Fangoria{and its corporate czar Tony Timpone}} turning a blind eye]) is also part of the major collapse of the nationwide theatrical movie theaters that are a majorly important part of keeping Hollywood successful.

When Tom Cruise recently ranted against the film crew of his currently filming MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7(over a social distancing issue that was broken on the set[with that crew discovering the reality of working with Tom Cruise as your boss]),Tom(as stale and shallow a corporate Hollywood persona that he is) only touched the tip of the iceberg(over the Hollywood industry struggling to survive) as the major reality that lays on top of the iceberg here is that people like Harry Knowles and the Internet movie news sites industry(there are many and many more) and their Knowles-esque brownnosing ways with the studios and the filmmakers(while they give the cold shoulder to crowdfunding indie filmmakers and their movies) and the new breed of brownnosing fans allowing such garbage to exist in the on-line industry have all aidingly attributed to what has happened to our beloved movie theaters as it brings nothing but major anger inside of me that Tom Cruise doesn’t get as movie theaters and not Netflix,Disney Plus and HBO Max are the only way that the film industry will fully survive,even if the money grubby scumbag corporate Tinseltown richly deserves to be tossed onto the streets alongside the Internet movie sites czars(that includes you,Harry Knowles !!!!) and the corporate movie magazine czars.

As anyone who thinks “that Netflix are the future of movies” can go mightily choke on those very words,since COVID-19 and all of the pro-Netflix/major studios brownnosing Internet movie news sites idiots(with both Bots and hate obsessed trolls included) are causing Hollywood to deserving crash and burn(and hopefully take vapid idiots such as Tom Cruise and all of the greedy corporate suits downward) as it’ll take major rebuilding of the Hollywood film system to completely loosen up the movie theater screens to restore things back to normal,replete with allowing low budgeted indie genre films to play on those very screens(and sorry,the over overrated and strongly underwhelming THE WRETCHED doesn’t count).

Hey A24 !!!! Instead Of Relasing THE GREEN KNIGHT To American Theaters Next Year,How About Finally Releasing SAINT MAUD To U.S. Theaters And VOD Just To Satisfy Us Fans That Are Increasingly Tired Of Waiting For It(Since It Is Playing Everywhere Around The World).

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Is Coming To Movie Theaters Next Week(Alongside Its HBO Max Debut),For Let’s See If It’ll Bring Back People To Theaters(During COVID-19 Christmas Season) Or Keep Them Glued Around VOD Until This Damn Virus Gets Finally Wiped Out.

Steven M.

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Stop The Trump/McConnell Steal Of Joe Biden’s Presidential Victory

The last few days has been spent with the news media widely focusing on the latest tyrannical idiocy from both soon-to-be-ex-President Donald Trump and maniacal power mad Senate Majority Leader Mitch “Satan” McConnell(the evil and demonic parasite that Mitch truly is) as they,along with their conservative media cheerleaders(that include Sean Hannity and Infowar’s head honcho Alex Jones),are loudly whining about the winning team of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and accusing them of cheating for the win(a tactic that the Republicans have been using for 40+ years). Their utter ear rotting verbal bullshit is so irritating that it makes me wish that the grounds of the Earth would widely crack open and swallow up all of these far right wing Tea Party backed Republican scumbags(with way too many of these douchebags to name).

As Trump,McConnell,and all of their scummy cohorts(that include the bro warriors of Infowars,Proud Boys,Oath Keepers,Fox News,Brietbart,that Trump media network[that starts with the letter O],[the bro and sis warriors of]QAnon,and Joe Rogan’s braindead sheep fanboys) are all slowly preparing to attempt an illegal coup to steal away Biden’s Presidency and its historical win,it is that we who all proudly protested in the streets and proudly protested on-line against every action of Trump,McConnell,and their cohorts must now all mightily fight back against these far right wing scumbags in order to do our public service American duty to save America and American democracy from these tyrants(mainly that shitstain McConnell) via much more massive protesting both on-line and in the street as we all must all bravely take a stand to save Biden’s Presidency from these evil-to-the-hilt scumbags if we all really want our old America back since I’m so damn tired of endlessly mentioning the names of Trump,McConnell,and the rest of those far right wing scumbags.

Now Playing In Theaters And Drive-Ins: Blumhouse’s Latest Cinematic Wonder FREAKY,For It Is Too Bad That I’m Just Too Jaded And Very Strange And Very Different To Go Out And See It(Pandemic Or No Pandemic).

Steven M.

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It Is Official: We Won !!!!

After a chaotic four days after the Presidential election,the fact and reality are here that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has won both the Presidency(for Biden) and the Vice Presidency(for Harris,as well as Harris heading the Senate(meaning major league trouble for tyrannical Senate Majority Leader Mitch “Satan” McConnell) as it all means both a new start and a much needed breath of fresh air for America as it means the end(and the failure) of Jesse Ventura’s Donald Trump Presidency Experiment and the failure of the Tea Party,the Neo Cons,the far right wing Truther networks,and the Alt Right to take complete control of America and demolish all of its social freedoms.

And a message to both Mitch McConnell and Alex Jones: You’re Both Next(To Be Going Down[starting with Ole Satanic Mitch{who really needs to be removed from public office ASAP}]).

Otherwise,let’s all enjoy this very day…

Steven M.

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Bring Me The Head Of Mitch McConnell

Well,it is November now(with December as the last month left in this extremely insane and dysfunctional year[of 2020]) as the Presidential Elections are now over but the mayhem has continued as we’re back to the end of 2000 with the votes still not yet fully collected with Donald Trump and Joe Biden(as they were way back with George W. Bush and Al Gore),as one single person that holds the powerful key as much as Florida did to decide the election’s outcome is an elderly and mightily senile man that just bought…excuse me,re-won his Senate seat as that very man is none other than the extremely dangerous and incredibly troublesome and destructive Emperor…excuse me again,Senate Majority Leader that is Mitch McConnell.

With the public openly witnessing his brain melting inside of his head,Ole Satanic Mitch has proven to be an extremely dangerous cancer to American politics in the manner he vetoes every single important bill that could save America and finance a permanent cure for the Coronavirus(a.k.a.:COVID-19) and packs the courts with far right extremist judges who share his out-of-touch-with-reality,one sided far right wing views that mightily threaten the social freedoms and safety of all Americans,as Mitch has proven to be an absolutely cold hearted and emotionless poor excuse of a human being whose evil antics have made STAR WARS’ Emperor Palpatine completely blush as it’ll take either an indictment and arrest of Mitch by the FBI or a falling down from health problems(with the recent photos of him looking really bad health) or accidentally bumping into the likes of (ex-wrestling manager)Jim Cornette and (wrestler)New Jack to permanently stop the seemingly untouchable Mitch “Satan” McConnell completely in his tracks,as the longtime Senate Majority Leader reign of Mitch McConnell has proven to be a major league danger to American politics that has America on full life support as there truly won’t be any time for America to fully heal and recover until Ole Satanic Mitch McConnell is removed from public office.

And This Week’s Number One Film At The Box Office(Theater-Wise) Is (the THE BABADOOK-Meets-[The Shudder Film]Z [2020]) COME PLAY,Which May Have Not Made That Big Phat BlumHouse-esque Money(Courtesy Of COVID-19) But Has Proven That Horror Cinema Is Still A Successfully Profitable Film Genre.

Steven M.

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They’re Now Saying That SINISTER Is “The All-Time Scariest Film” ?!

Hey,everyone….remember when I reported a few weeks ago that INSIDIOUS was polled by agroup claiming that it is “the all-time scariest film” ?! Well,some group(that I never have heard of[until now]) called The Science Of Scare Project is now claiming that SINISTER is now “the all-time scariest film”.

Of course,it is…..NOT !!!! For here is my further response to The Science Of Scare Project’s claims…

And,no: the super overrated and underdeveloped HEREDITARY and MIDSOMMAR are not scary,either !!!!

I’ve got to go now,for I’ll be back real soon….

Needless To Say,I Didn’t Go To This Past Weekend’s DayOfTheDead Las Vegas Show Due To Last Minute Happenings At My Home That Prevented From Attending. Since It Did Really Well,Next Year’s DaysOfTheDead Vegas Show 2020 Will Undoubtedly Happen And I’ll Hopefully Be Able To Attend.

Steven M.


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We’ve Sadly Lost Eddie Van Halen

Courtesy of his longtime terminal cancer,we have lost guitarist and Van Halen leader Eddie Van Halen at the age of 65,for he truly provided people that grew up in the 80s with the soundtrack of their lives as I’ll just wisely pay tribute to him with a few of his choice songs…

We’ll All Heavily Miss You And Your Innovative Music,Eddie.

Steven M.

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So,Word Has It That “INSIDIOUS Is The All-Time Scariest Horror Film” ?!

Since October is now here and both the upcoming dysfunctional Presidential Elections in November(next month) and the end of the year 202 being nearby,I could have gone on rambling about the foul stench of Trump,McConnell,Pence,and the new far right wing Supreme Court darling Amy Coney Barrett but since it is the beginning of Halloween season I’ll wisely save it for another time as the Popbuzz website recently brought up a subject in which INSIDIOUS was voted as “the all-time scariest film”.


Rather than comment on it,I’ll just leave my very thoughts on it by sharing these two items that strongly reflect my feelings on this very subject…

That’s my answer.

Enjoy The Month Of October Before We All Get To The Chaotic Month Of November(A.K.A.:The Election Month)

Steven M.

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The Far Right Wing Sheeple Continue To Run Wild

Here to hear me talk about Dennis Villenueve’s upcoming new DUNE film ?! Look elsewhere,for Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just died(after a lengthy battle with a severe illness) and it has just started what is going to become a mighty struggle against the far right wingers as Senate majority Leader/Emperor Mitch McConnell(the truly evil individual that he is) is planning to refuse to respect Ginsburg’s wish in not waiting until the end of the election to install one of his far right judge picks for the Supreme Court while fellow far right wing supporter/actor/comedian-turned-UFC announcer-turned-podcaster Joe Rogan is spreading false information that left leaning groups are starting up the West Coast fires(which they actually aren’t) to his sheeple listeners and fans.

This news doesn’t make me scared as I’m too angry to want to do that as it is just the beginning of a fight that every single progressive and every liberal must band together and fight back against the likes of McConnell,Rogan,Alex Jones and his Infowars,Marjorie Taylor Greene and QAnon,conservative news media,Pence,Trump,Cruz,and the rest of the bunch,for even though I sound like a politician(as it costs lots of money to run for any political office[which is why I’m not one]) I just want to say is to never give up fighting and never give up taking a brave stand against what you believe is completely wrong.

Never,Never Give Up And Always Fully Believe In Yourself And That You Absolutely Can Do It.

Steven M.

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The West Coast Is Burning(And Looking Very Bleak And Gloomy) While the Far Right And The Alt Right Dances In The Streets

And the month of September starts off on a very bad note as the West Coast(California,Oregon,and now Washington) have been massively plagues by raging fires that have consumed the skies and have transformed them into a frighteningly apocalyptic looking orange with ash raining downward from those very skies,something that has me extremely worried as my family(both my Mother’s and [my late]Father’s side of the family) all reside in California(mainly on the Northern Cali regions) and are in major danger.

As much as I’d really want to talk about movies,music,fun and the good times,I just sadly can’t as I find it extremely disturbing upon how the far right wing,the Alt Right,the likes of Trump,McConnell,Pence,Cruz,Barr,DeVos,Cotten,Alex Jones and his Infowars network,QAnon,Joe Biggs’ Proud Boys,conservative media voices and their networks,Truther networks,and(QAnon nitwit)Marjorie Taylor Greene are all aiding in the further destruction of America and the West Coast in doing absolutely nothing about saving that very coast of America as though they yearn to destroy it in their ultimate goal of “owning the liberals”(better known as “own the libs”) as this ugly and upsetting situation is just as awful as 9/11 was as it is bad enough that the Coronavirus(a.k.a:COVID19,C-19) is still running amuck without any attempt to fund the creation of a permanent vaccine cure to save the day.

As far as it goes for me,the likes of (the upcoming Blumhouse feature)FREAKY,(the soon-to-be-filming)SCREAM 5,those super annoying Letterboxd pop-up spam ads,and the cancellations of both THE WALKING DEAD and KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS aren’t important right now as the possible end of the West Coast is happening and I don’t care how “historic” it is supposed to be(and No,it’s Not God punishing California,either[as some far right religious bent lunatics are saying]) as it is sad how the insanity of this dysfunctional political election year has overshadowed the destruction of the West Coast with creepy far right ex-convict Roger Stone threatening to start a violent riot(and a possible second Civil War) with the far right militias and Truther groups if Trump loses the election for I fully dare them to since (to quote 42nd. Street Pete[Cirella]) they’ll get immediately tossed into the ocean. Either way,everyone has got to extremely stay strong throughout this ugly situation and keep on fighting for everyone’s lives.

I’m all out of words to say anymore…

R.I.P.: Diana Rigg.

Steven M.

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