Never Give Up Hope

No posting clips,pics,or music videos this time,for right now is very important for me is discuss something that has been lately on my mind and has been really disturbing as far as the future of both America and the world comes to mind.

With Hillary Clitnon’s recent pick of Tim Kaine as her Vice President/running mate choice(alongside Donald Trump’s secretly announced VP choice of Mike Ponce),several liberals and millennials(that strongly campaigned for Bernie Sanders) have been announcing how they think that Trump will win the Presidential race.  LISTEN….for the President election hasn’t ended yet and November 8th is quickly coming along on the way of this year’s mightily dysfunctional and ugly election year,for just because Hillary has taken both Kaine and recently ousted Debbie Wasserman Schultz under her wind doesn’t mean that one has to toss her under the moving wheels of a 18 wheeler truck just to apathetically help score a Trump win.  Reacting like this or being completely apathetic is truly so disrespectful to the future of our nation and the world since Trump has entered into quickly developing dementia with the Tea Party and the Alex Jones far right wing militia as the pullers of his puppet strings and having him running our nation will only lead to an awful lot chaotic situation than American and the world are already in right now,as well as the unleashing of a major civil war should Trump enforce his twisted plans should he be allowed to do so and his plans to conduct the likes of using nuclear missiles to bomb the Middle East(to demolish ISIS and the Middle Eastern terrorists and possibly North Korea(a place which he yearned in 2000 he would get America into a war with should be become President),yearned to proudly kick off a World War(the ever dreaded WWIII) and possible wars with Mexico and South America(should his Very Un-American,ever dreaded border wall be allowed to be built) and both Canada and China to come along the way.

As much as I would support voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson,he doesn’t have the major creds to pull off a surprise victorious win,for Hillary may not be the perfect vote to vote for but it is truly an awful lot better than the Big Brother-esque,social freedoms stripped,heavily militarized police,white supremist militias,and rednecks,Internet blocked society that Trump and the Tea Party/Alex Jones/far right movement heavily yearn for enforcing upon us and happily sticking upon us all in a very painful and unsavory way.

Being apathetic and not feeling the urge to vote this year is not a good reason to pass up upon what could possibly be the last Presidential election ever,for if you Really want to keep Every single one of your social freedoms and a Completely free Internet all kept fully intact,you fully know just what to do come on November 8th.

On November 8th,Definitely Rock The MotherFucking Vote !!!!

The Latest Internet Fanboy Craze: Andy Wingard’s THE WOODS Has Now Become The New BLAIR WITCH Sequel,With Everyone Going Fully Ga-Ga Over It To The Point Of Abandoning Their Now-Ex Filmmaking Hero Rob Zombie For The Next Big Thing That Is Adam Wingard(Complete With Rumors To Be Attached To The New HALLOWEEN Sequel): I’ll Wisely Avoid This Upcoming New BLAIR WITCH Film Just To Stay Away From Getting Lost Amongst The Crowd

Steven M.

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I Plead The Fifth,For I’ll Let Jim Cornette Say It For Me(As Far As The Current Insane State Of Politics And Social Life Go)…

via Jim Cornette Experience #138

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The Shooting Tragedy In Dallas,Texas

The other day,a major tragedy happened in Dallas,Texas(of all places) during a public protest of the recent two police shootings of two black youths,with a group of thug shooters suddenly popping out of nowhere and shooting at the police,resulting in several people wounded,five cops slain,and two of the suspects being caught and arrested.

This type of garbage isn’t going to solely solve any problems and is only to make things an awful lot worse,since these thugs have gotten the protesters and all of America mightily upset at them and heavily worried about the state of America and the world,as well as get the ever instigating far right wing and right wing conservative media and conservative media voices to get vocally loud and threaten to shut down all of America and pledge for Donald Trump to win(who’ll only make thing an awful lot worse,via getting us into a nuclear war,war with another nations/countries,and censor everything in America),which is really the last thing that we need.

All of America needs to get together and fully show how much we’re the Real America(not the far right wing nationalists) by standing proud and tall and kicking the shit out of the rising forces of racism,hate mongering,terrorism(such as ISIS and al Quaeda),crime,anyone or anything that threatens our social freedoms,and criminal acts such as the one that was committed in Dallas,Texas.  Let’s all get together and band ourselves together to truly give peace a chance.

BAD NEWS: GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 Coming Out July 15th.(To Disgrace Our Theater Screens) ; WORSE NEWS: People Loudly Praising And Cheering For That Hardy Brothers’ Truly Horrible TNA Final Deletion Match(Since Jeff Kindly Did It To Help Give His Brother Matt’s Ailing Career A Major Re-Boost[Since Both Hardy Brothers Are On The Last Legs Of Their Careers]) ; GOOD NEWS:The Likes Of ICE AGE(5):COLLISION COURSE,LIGHTS OUT,And STAR TREK:BEYOND(The 13th. STAR TREK Film) Coming To Theaters On July 22nd.

Steven M.

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The Hardy Brothers’ TNA Final Deletion Match = Vomit Inducing,Sanity Losing Crapola

Well,the recent TNA episode that aired the Hardy Brothers(Matt and Jeff)’ Final Deletion match was one that may have been as massively talked about as the recent police shooting of two black guys(which are separate situations)but is one match that I wisely ignored watching for the sheer sake of saving both my eyesight and my sanity fully intact from watching this abomination.

As Matt Hardy undertakes his current “Broken” wrestling persona in screaming “Delete,delete,delete !!!”(something that wrestler Kevin Owens does[along with Blocking] on Twitter on a daily basis) while speaking his bizarre fake European accent,I’ll just say that it is sad to see two talented siblings allowing to demean themselves in a stupid feud angle in a bizarre vignette(that looks as though they produced it with their own money) as a last pitch ditch to salvage what is left of their careers(which they[along with TNA] are on their last legs).  The fans and wrestling podcasters that support this crap make it even more sadder,since they make complete hypocrites of themselves in being nitpicky about everything  that is currently going on in both wrestling and life yet loudly cheer and applaud this garbage and it says an awful lot of these tools. It just makes me frown seeing how the Hardys and the clueless TNA bosses are relying on this crap as a financial resource to get them mightily lifted up to be glanced upon by everybody,no matter how utterly insane and deranged it is.

I just hope that they’re happy with this conducting this nails-on-a-blackboard-esque garbage,since the WWE(where the Hardys could have really made their major comebacks) and the more intelligent fans and podcasters will just wisely turn their backs on this crapola.

John Carpenter Got Testy With Fans With His Recent Interviews Where He Trashes The Original FRIDAY THE 13TH. And  Various Film Cliches(While Co-Producing The New HALLOWEEN Sequel),For John Is Rightfully Entitled To His Own Opinions(Whether Or Not We Agree With Them) And Otherwise: Like John,I’m Not Going To Be At This Weekend’s UFC 200 Nor Its Fan Fest(Since I Really Can’t Stand  Dana White,Joe Rogan,And Big John McCarthy]): Too Bad That Jon “Bones” Jones’ Drug Problems Got UFC 200’s Main Event Taken Down(With The Brock Lesnar Vs. Mark Hunt Match Fully Salvaging The Entire UFC 200 Card[And Now Being The Main Event Match])

Steven M.

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The Brexit Situation

Two days ago,England has decided(after a massive vote from the public) to fully separate itself completely away from the Europe Union and becoming its own separate nation with no alliance to Europe,with Scotland rumored to follow suit.

This situation creates both a global and economic problem for the world,since there is word about how if the Tea Party and the far right movement gain control of the White House that they’ll pull America out of the United Nations and Texas pulls out of the United States to become its own nation,both of which is sheer insanity that would be a double feature disaster if that were to happen. It also means that a separate nation(such as England has now become) can rise its own taxes and cost of living rates and rates and taxes on food and medical,whether its citizens like it or not.  This Brexit situation also points out that it could be nearing us toward both World War 3 and the End Of The World(and The End Of Days) as we know it,something that is downright frightening to even think about.

An the less said about Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland(which proved to be a major dud),the better.

Now In Theaters: THE SHALLOWS and THE NEON DEMON. Hopefully They’ll Both Be Very Good Films(Since It’s A Surprise That THE NEON DEMON Is Receiving A Decent Theatrical Release Instead Of An Exclusive-To-L.A.-And-New York-Theaters/Straight-To-VOD/DVD/Blu ray Release)

Steven M.

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What I’ve Learned From The Orlando Tragedy

Here are some of the things that I’ve learned from the recent Orlando nightclub tragedy…

* The crusade for gay rights(for gays,lesbians,transsexuals,bisexuals) is now much stronger than ever

* Gays are people,too

* The far right extremist movement is absolutely nuts

* It is best to Fully Ignore Donald Trump,who is a major Attention Whore who says insane things to grabs himself major national(and worldwide) attention and not ever mention his name(for the 800th. time)

* 3/5 of President Obama haters are indeed racists

* Both hate and racism are very sadly alive and well,and what is even sadder is that many of the 80s and 90s pro-human rights crusaders(such as MTV and Geraldo Rivera) have unfortunately petered out(and/or sold out[to the opposite side])

* The NRA’s main man/leader is as absolutely nuts as Info Wars’ Alex Jones and Texas governor Greg Abbott(as well as everyone both in the Tea Party and on Fox News)

* Both gun control and banning assault weapons won’t solve nothing,since the bad guys will resort to carrying knives,machetes,samurai swords,and bombs

* Richard Simmons is still alive and well,and has Not had a sex change(as recently rumored) and is Still a Man

* Liberal Shaming and Democrat Shaming is so disgusting

* Trump’s planned Border Wall is a really stupid idea that’ll make America broke(since Mexico won’t pay for it),for will both states and cities be next to also get Walls ?

* The Orlando nightclub tragedy is as much an awful national(and international) tragedy as was 9/11(that has badly affected everyone)

* Both THE RAID and THE RAID 2 Still Rule(and Owns both JOHN WICK and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS films)

* DAWN OF THE DEAD 1979 Forever

* Glad that Ariel guy got re-instated back into covering the UFC(:the less said about the UFC’s Overlord Dana White,the better)

* RETURN OF THE JEDI is still 900 times Way Better than THE FORCE AWAKENS

…I’m all out of words here(for now).  Increase The Peace !!!

R.I.P.: To The Following Three Recently Deceased People: Muhammad Ali,Kimbo Slice,And Actress Theresa Saldana(RAGING BULL,THE EVIL THAT MEN DO)

Steven M.

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A Major National Tragedy

This morning(as of this writing),everyone wake up to the tragic news of a Orlando,Florida gay nightclub that was holding its Latin night being terrorized by a rifle and gun wielding young man who was not only revealed to be a follower of radical Islam but also killed 50 people inside of the nightclub before being shot dead by the local police.

Everyone pretty much wisely put their current on-line political debates aside to mainly focus upon this tragic event and the massive prayers and condolences that are being to the friends and families of the victims,which is a very good thing  and the rightful thing to do(for now),since it would be very crude and improper to conduct conspiracy theories and debates about this tragic event.

Peace to everyone.

THE CONJURING 2 Tops This Weekend’s Box Office At The Number One Spot With A $40 Million Financial Gross,Proving That Horror Films At The Theatrical Box Office Are Definitely Here To Stay

Steven M.

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