One Quick Word On Those Tiki Torch Wielding White Nationalists

As anyone who regularly(or sometimes) reads this blog has lately noticed that I’ve been taking a vacation from the political stuff,since I felt that I’ve already made my point and don’t want to dwell on which further on it,since this is supposed to be a blog on my views on all things genre cinema related.  But this past weekend,a large group of thirtysomething(and twentysomething) tiki torch wielding white nationalists in Charlotteville,Virginia,whom ex-wrestler Kevin Sullivan(even though he’s openly conservative) said “were people that lived too long in their mothers’ basements,the following day had a large group of protesters went out against their ugly actions,resulting in not only a large melee between the protesters and the nationalists but a  few of the protesters getting struck by the moving vehicle of one of the nationalists(who is now behind bars),with one of the protesters dead.  Since these nationalists were obviously inspired by the likes of Alex Jones(the Infowars czar),Mark Dice(another far right Truther nutcase),New York based singer Stephanie Raye(who had a hateful anti-Hillary Clinton/anti-Barack Obama’s daughters ballad play on a recent Infowars episode),Breitbart Network,that creepy politician who made it official for anyone to run over protesters with their cars,and Fox News,all I can saw about this ugly incident…better yet….

Perfectly well spoken(and coming from a guy who played a white nationalist in HIGHER LEARNING).

ANNABELLE:CREATION Scares Up $35 Million For The Top Spot At This Weekend’s Box Office. ‘Nuff said !!

Steven M.

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DEATH WISH 2017: Making Hoodies Great Again

Since the month of August is now here(giving it now only four months left in this year),now is the time with the trailer for the Bruce Willis starring,Eli Roth directed remake of DEATH WISH which Roth promises will be a pretty gory actioner,for it surely looks nothing like the original Charles Bronson starring 1974 film since this one has got Willis wearing a hoodie on his head as he goes around killing assorted street thugs,neighborhood drug dealers, and random people who were responsible for the death of his wife(something that Bronson never got to do in the original film),as many of the Eli Roth haters loudly screamed bloody murder while I just am glad that MGM is releasing it to theaters(instead of Willis’ most recent home in the VOD universe) in late November and that I am going to keep an open mind on it and remain quiet before I eventually get to see the film(and not mindlessly hating on it like all of the Eli Roth haters[since Eli Roth is pretty much hit-and-miss as All of the other modern horror filmmakers]).

Hopefully,it’ll do well for everyone that is involved with the film and spawn out a handful of sequels(as Bronson’s films did),as well as fulfill the film’s secret mission in Making Hoodies Cool Again And Great Again(after suffering severe scorning from that knucklehead George Zimmerman and everyone that is in the far right wing media circuit[and,no: DEATH WISH 2017 isn’t catering to the alt-right,since the original film and DIRTY HARRY were also accused of promoting fascist behavior{which they actually didn’t}]), for I’m just hoping that it is good…damn good…which is all that I asking.

Now,if only we would know the fate of that other Eli Roth faux trailer MISSION:FEAR(and if it’ll eventually become a film,or just exist as another faux trailer[ala THANKSGIVING])…

THE DARK TOWER Is Now In Theaters(After Years Of Development),With Everyone Practically Hating The Film,For Like DEATH WISH(2017):MAKE HOODIES GREAT AGAIN I’ll Wisely Remain Quiet And Keep An Open Mind Until I Eventually Get A Chance To See It

Steven M.

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MotherFuck The New Qwiet Rwacket And MotherFuck Their New Video

As a handful of people that regularly follow my blog have noticed,I’ve been making a handful of recent blog post entries via the recent news that has been happening,with no political statements made(which is taking a rest until something rises up to get me riled up again),with my latest blog post entry devoted to the Frankie Banali incarnation of Quiet Riot(a.k.a.: The Post-Kevin Dubrow Era) as they are on their seventh singer James Durbin(of America Idol fame) and they have released their first music video in 30 years with the video “Can’t Get Enough”,which was directed by Frankie’s wife Regina and is basically a performance video(which is far different from the Kevin Dubrow era concept videos).

God,is this video(and song) so brain deafening and extremely awful,with nothing good whatsoever in this very video completely with Frankie looking hairier than Bigfoot and Durbin wearing too much mascara and looking more like a Avenged Sevenfold member crossbred with a New Kids On The Block/NSync member(and heavily abusing the microphone stand).   It is a video(and song) that is so utterly terrible that not only would the game show host from BILLY MADISON say that it is one of the most idiotic things that he’s ever seen in his life,but the likes of (even though I’ve heavily ragged on them) wrestling podcaster Don Tony(/Anthony DeBlasi) and The Classic Metal Show hosts Wendell Keeley and Chris Akins would throw their socks and shoes along with their VCR players,old television sets(from the 80s and the 90s),chainsaws,the toilet bowl,and both kitchen cutting boards and kitchen sinks at this video(and possibly the band).

All I can say that it is definitely time for this version of Quiet Riot to disband and be no more,before they further bring major ruin to the name that Kevin Dubrow and his antics,along with early member Randy Rhoads’ unique guitar skills,brought prestige to the band(during its heyday[and yes,I do remember the hatred over Dubrow’s ego during the Critical Condition era]).

Otherwise,the only good thing that I can say about this video is that James Durbin does have a future in becoming a replacement singer for either New Kids On The Block(if one of the NKOTB members ever passes away),NSync(if they ever reunite[without Justin Timberlake]),and/or Skid Row(if their current singer Z.T. Theart ever leaves the band).

It Is Now Official: Everybody Hates The WWE Battleground Pay-Per-View,For Is Anything Sacred For(and In) The WWE Anymore?

Steven M.

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We’ve Now Lost Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

Just when we all thought that this year’s surprise celebrity deaths couldn’t be any more shocking,word has come out that Linkin Park singer and former Stone Temple Pilots replacement singer Chester Bennington has passed away at the age of 41,right on the eve of both an upcoming new album and an upcoming tour(which I’m sure will possibly be restructured as a touring tribute to Chester).

His death has been reported to be a suicide,for while I’m no fan of Linkin Park it is sad that he died too soon and while Linkin Park was still on top of the mountain.

Here come all of the tributes and homages to Chester…

O.J. Simpson Is Now Getting Paroled From Jail,For The Prison Staff There Must Be Glad That He’s Leaving In October And Hopefully O.J. Will Be Travelling On A Spaceship To The Moons Of Saturn To Never Return

Steven M.

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Of Leatherface And The New Female Doctor Who

As everyone continues to talk about how cool they think it is that Quentin Tarantino is going to make his so-called Charles Manson movie project(Good Luck with that,since there is No Way that QT is ever going to top Jim VanBebber’s THE MANSON FAMILY[the Last cinematic word on Manson and his murderous clan),the new Red band trailer of the second TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel LEATHERFACE has been released with news on it making its debut premiere on VOD(Video On Demand) this coming Fall,for by the looks of it the film certainly looks like it didn’t need to be associated with the TCM film and that it could properly work on it as its very own separate film.  When watching this trailer and hearing about the Straight-To-VOD news,one strongly wonders why given the literally monstrous success of that last film TEXAS CHAINSAW upon why this new film didn’t get a shot at a nationwide theatrical release,for did the brass at Lionsgate not like the literally blood drenched results that both Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury(of INSIDE and LIVIDE fame) delivered and dump it upon the VOD universe as their punishment,or is it Lionsgate’s way of cashing in on the similar VOD success of Mike Flanagan’s HUSH ?  Either way,the new LEATHERFACe truly deserves a shot at a nationwide theatrical release s much as Flanagan’s HUSH and any other horror outing richly does.

And people that are complaining about the new DOCTOR WHO being a female really need to lighten up(and chill out),since it is strictly the BBC’s decision upon who in their right minds can be Doc Who,whether they be Asian,Hispanic,black,Middle Eastern,Russian,Indian(both Hindu and Native American),and even female(of any kind),since it was previously rumored that the new Who would be female so deal with it.

Farewell,for now…

In Theaters This Friday: Luc Bessen’s new VALERIAN Film,For Hopefully It’ll Do Very Well And Hold Up The Sci-Fi Fans Till STAR WARS:THE LAST JEDI(a.k.a.: EPISODE 8) Comes Along(In The Next Five Months)

Steven M.

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Goodbye,George And Martin

This past weekend,we just lost two great celebrity icons…

The great George A Romero,who not only changed the face of horror cinema with his landmark classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD but he also transformed the zombie cinema subgenre into both a most lucrative successful film market and a most fearfully dangerous horror figure to be reckoned with,as well as helped modernize horror cinema(with the splattery gore of DAWN OF THE DEAD being a major influence to FRIDAY THE 13TH.’s bloodspurting violence) and make independent cinema a truly important force in filmmaking,as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD provided the role model for aspiring filmmakers to take upon indie horror/genre cinema as a way to kick off their mainstream film careers.

Actor Martin Landau,who was best known for the television shows MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE and SPACE:1999 and later proved that heavily working in many low budgeted genre films can enable one to return to the top and win an Oscar,as Martin did(as Jack Palance also did with CITY SLICKERS) in winning a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for ED WOOD(an Oscar spot which Christopher Plummer later moved onto),which is quite a victory for an actor(or actress) in the latter years of their career.

They will both be heavily missed….

If You’re Curious To Know: I’ve Got Nothing To Say About The Troubles Of Paige and Alberto Del Rio/El Patron And Donald Trump Jr.,Since Everyone Is Already Endless Talking About All Three Of Those Very People All Over The Internet…

Steven M.

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We’ve Just Lost A Member Of The 2 Live Crew

This past week,there has been endless talk about Quentin Tarantino loudly mentioning about another film project(the Charles Manson one) that’ll likely meet the same unfilmed fate as THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.,THE VEGA BROTHERS,the John Travolta starring AIRPORT project,and that FRIDAY THE 13TH. project(with the Internet fanboys[and fangirls] wildly dancing upon that very news{foolishly thinking that it’ll get filmed}]),as well as Kid Rock’s plan for running as a far right wing Senator(he hopefully will mightily lose[otherwise his win would open up endless black holes without no escapes]),and the endless escapades of the Paige/Alberto Del Rio/El Patron soap opera(that has killed their credibilities as wrestlers).

Yet another celebrity death has occurred,this one being of The 2 Live Crew’s Fresh Kid Ice(a.k.a: Chris Wong Won),the Filipino looking guy who was actually half Chinese and half black and has passed away from diabetes and liver complications at the age of 53(which I am about to turn next week).  This is hardhitting news to me,since both myself and my brother Monte always enjoyed listening to The 2 Live Crew’s songs in the late 80s through the early 90s and were always amazed by their profanity and sex filled lyrics which we never took seriously and laughed upon,as well as thinking how both Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis(who is nowadays a born again Christian) were the dirtiest guys on the planets for having their albums about sex,sex,sex,and more sex.

So,let’s bow our heads down in honor of the memory of a guy whose rap group delivered endless hours of entertainment and was one of the much more fun loving(and fun seeking) rappers who never talked about guns,money,beating down people,or blowing up buildings(like many other rappers tend to do) and was a much more enjoyable person than one would wish for.

This Week In Theaters: WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES and WISH UPON(Which Got Re-Edited For A Pg-13 Rating[Yet Will Displays Its Bloodspurting In Its Future DVD/Blu Ray]),With That VALERIAN Sci-Fi Movie Coming Out Next Week And ATOMIC BLONDE Coming A Week Later: Damn,I’ve Got So Many,Many Films to Catch Up With…

Steven M.

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