The West Coast Is Burning(And Looking Very Bleak And Gloomy) While the Far Right And The Alt Right Dances In The Streets

And the month of September starts off on a very bad note as the West Coast(California,Oregon,and now Washington) have been massively plagues by raging fires that have consumed the skies and have transformed them into a frighteningly apocalyptic looking orange with ash raining downward from those very skies,something that has me extremely worried as my family(both my Mother’s and [my late]Father’s side of the family) all reside in California(mainly on the Northern Cali regions) and are in major danger.

As much as I’d really want to talk about movies,music,fun and the good times,I just sadly can’t as I find it extremely disturbing upon how the far right wing,the Alt Right,the likes of Trump,McConnell,Pence,Cruz,Barr,DeVos,Cotten,Alex Jones and his Infowars network,QAnon,Joe Biggs’ Proud Boys,conservative media voices and their networks,Truther networks,and(QAnon nitwit)Marjorie Taylor Greene are all aiding in the further destruction of America and the West Coast in doing absolutely nothing about saving that very coast of America as though they yearn to destroy it in their ultimate goal of “owning the liberals”(better known as “own the libs”) as this ugly and upsetting situation is just as awful as 9/11 was as it is bad enough that the Coronavirus(a.k.a:COVID19,C-19) is still running amuck without any attempt to fund the creation of a permanent vaccine cure to save the day.

As far as it goes for me,the likes of (the upcoming Blumhouse feature)FREAKY,(the soon-to-be-filming)SCREAM 5,those super annoying Letterboxd pop-up spam ads,and the cancellations of both THE WALKING DEAD and KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS aren’t important right now as the possible end of the West Coast is happening and I don’t care how “historic” it is supposed to be(and No,it’s Not God punishing California,either[as some far right religious bent lunatics are saying]) as it is sad how the insanity of this dysfunctional political election year has overshadowed the destruction of the West Coast with creepy far right ex-convict Roger Stone threatening to start a violent riot(and a possible second Civil War) with the far right militias and Truther groups if Trump loses the election for I fully dare them to since (to quote 42nd. Street Pete[Cirella]) they’ll get immediately tossed into the ocean. Either way,everyone has got to extremely stay strong throughout this ugly situation and keep on fighting for everyone’s lives.

I’m all out of words to say anymore…

R.I.P.: Diana Rigg.

Steven M.

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Worst RNC Ever

Here is my quick one word review of the brain damaging visual flotsam insanity that was this past weekend’s RNC(Republican National Convention) 2020,the vilesome far right wing vigilante scumbag teen Kyle Rittenhouse(who shot and killed two young white guys at a BLM[Black Lives Matter] protest demonstration),far right wing lunatics who refer to fellow far right lunatics as “patriots”(which they actually aren’t),the cops that fatally shot Jacob Blake(who luckily survived,but is now sadly paralyzed),and the people on both Letterboxd and Instagram who refers to the words rape,molest,and rapist as “r*pe”,”m*lest”,and “r?!?!t”(while unwittingly contributing to the The Wussification Of America)…

In much better news,Jane Badler(a.k.a.:Diana of “V”) has proved herself to be a real life hero in strongly protesting against Trump & Co. and the rest of the far right on social media(on a daily basis[alongside the likes of Ron Perlman,Mark Hamill,Stephen King,and David Howard Thornton{a.k.a.:TERRIFIER’s Art The Clown}]). She truly wins my respect.

R.I.P.: Chadwick Boseman,A.K.A.:BLACK PANTHER,Who Lost His Secretly Hidden Battle With Colon Cancer At Age 43,Which Has The Marvel Movie Universe Mightily Hurting.

Steven M.

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Nationwide Post Office Mayhem

As movie theaters continue to slowly open up nationwide(with the new releases of [the Russell Crowe starring] UNHINGED,TRAIN TO BUSAN PRESENTS:PENINSULA,and CUT THROAT CITY[with The RZA seated in the director’s chair] widely opening up),our nation’s post offices and mailboxes are suddenly being shut down by the far right wing Republican forces of Trump,Pence,McConnell(ole Satan himself) and their devoted Proud Boys,Oath Keepers,Infowars and QAnon troopers faithfully behind them as they avidly seek to re-win their political seats(especially Trump and McConnell) to continue to further plunge America straight through the Earth until there is only crumbs and increase the further growth of the Coronavirus(a.k.a.:COVID-19) without working on a vaccine cure.

Yes,cheating with help from Russia and fixed ballots is the only way to go for the Republicans(along with their Libertarian,Tea Party,Infowars,QAnon,and right leaning Independent allies) as they continuously yearn to strip away all of America’s social freedoms while literally transforming America into a third world nation and placing all of the blame on the liberals and the Democrats,and speaking of the Democrats the evildoers at QAnon(the party of QAnon Congress candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene[and her fellow QAnon political twits Jo Rae Perkins and Laura Boebart]) strongly yearn to put every single Democrat in jail as well as take on pedophile nationwide which everyone with a normal and completely sane brain knows how full of absolute shit QAnon is(as much full of absolute shit that both Alex Jones and Mitch McConnell completely are) as the Q bro and sis warriors only care about themselves and not children as the Q(/Qanon)s’ and the I(/Infowars)s’ pitiful braindead mind patterns will only get America into both a second civil war and another World War(with both Canada and South America being caught in the wartime crossfire) with merrily evil McConnell(with his puppets Trump and Pence) happily seeing the end of our nation and our world.  And destroying the postal services system for the sake of killing off Vote By Mail options is only going to cause major chaos in people not deliver their important packages and their important medicine by mail as just how is Amazon and its billionaire czar Jeff Bezos going to make any money and profit if their major line of business is permanently sacked by the Republicans ?

And as everyone reading this blog entry knows,Mitch McConnell is a very important person to vote out of office as much as the Trump/Pence team as McConnell would continue to make life in America a living hell if the Biden/Harris team wins the White House as it would take an officially issued Steve Bannon style arrest for McConnell if he remains in office and continues to further finish off America until it becomes crumbs.  Just remember that when you wear your mask to the voting poll on November 3rd.(while saying “Fuck You,Coronavirus !!!!”) and vote for the likes of Joe Biden,Kamala Harris,and Amy McGrath just so that we can all give Trump,Pence,and McConnell the boot out of public office while saving the postal system,finding an immediate quick cure for the Coronavirus(/COVID-19),and delivering a message to All nationwide governors,senators,and mayors(along with all of the dolts in both Infowars and QAnon) for the sake of giving America a time and a change to fully heal and recover.

R.I.P.: Quiet Riot Drummer Frankie Banali(at Age 68).  😦 😦

Steven M.

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Movie Theaters Re-Open With A Whimper(Instead Of A Loud Bang)

Last weekend,movie theaters re-opened nationwide via the Cinemark/Century theater chain(after being closed up since mid-March due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 happening),only that they took on the similar programs that many drive-ins have taken in playing many 80s and 90s PG rated films on their screens(something which is not a Joe Bob Briggs kind of thing).

While I’m extremely happy that theaters are slowly re-opening again(with the likes of AMC theater chain to follow[in re-opening{with super safety precautions}] and newer films such as [the long delayed{for nearly three years}] THE NEW MUTANTS and TRAIN TO BUSAN PRESENTS:PELINSULA are about to be released,I am not happy about both older films being played that have already been seen before(talk about making more money off of nostalgia) and (mainly) how the modern horror/genre news sites are mightily bragging about how recent Straight-To-VOD aimed horror/genre films have been making the top of the top financial grossing Movies Of The Week lists as only that those films are playing at both Mideast and Midwest drive-in screens and not anywhere else,something which is Just Not Cool as other nationwide drives and re-opened theaters should have a shot at playing those films.

And since there are empty screens at both drives and theater multiplexes for private rental screening purposes(that are allowed to only hold in 20 people),it is right now the time for All crowdfunded indie horror/genre cinema filmmakers to take up these empty private rental screens for good old fashioned four walled 60s,70s,and 80s style screenings to show everyone that indie horror cinema can still easily play on and to the corporate studios(that have been owning the screens since the late 80s) that indie genre fare can plays on screens and do great business on them if given the opportunity in doing so,for let’s get some more indie horror/genre cinema fare onto those nationwide empty private screens while the available lucky open chance is there in doing so.

And I’d add something about the post office being hijacked for the far right wing Republicans to win(for just how is Amazon going to deliver your packages if postal services shut down,anyway ?!),but I’ll save that thought on another day.

R.I.P. To Both Pete Way(The Bassist Of Both UFO And Fastway) And Reno Santori(The Police Partner Of Both DIRTY HARRY And CORBA). They’ll Be Heavily Missed.

Steven M.

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This Week’s Deceased Celebrities(In The First Weekend Of August) And…Is The New Film HOST Actually “The Scariest Film Of The Past Decade” ?!

This past weekend,that happened to be the first few days of the new month of August,we lost a handful of well-known celebrities who include the likes of talk show host Regis Philbin,actress Olivia De Havilland,actor Wilford Brimley(of THE THING[1982],COCOON,and HARD TARGET fame),filmmaker Alan Parker(of FAME[1980],MIDNIGHT EXPRESS,ANGEL HEART),legendary genre superstar John Saxon(ENETR THE DRAGON,A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET[1984]{a man who I got to luckily meet at the 1995 L.A. Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors convention}),and Fangora’s original editor “Uncle” Bob Martin,a man who helped enable Fangoria as the premier horror magazine and helped shape the future of modern horror cinema(and who I talk with on-line a few time and found him to be a friendly  man),as all of these wonderful people will be heavily missed.

So According To Various Modern Horror/Genre News Sites,The (UNFRIENDED Knock-Off Looking)New Film HOST Supposedly Is “The Scariest Film Of The Past Decade”(As Coined By Dread Central).  Oh Really ?! For Where Have I Heard That Line Numerous Time Before…

Steven M.


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Even Diana From “V” Would Be A Much Better U.S. Political Leader Than Trump,Pence,And McConnell

With the way that President Donald Trump has sent in many military stormtroopers to hoard off protesters in Portland,Orgeon, and attempt to make them disappear(with plans to do the same thing in Chicago) and those three QAnon nitwits Jo Rae Perkins,Laura Boebart,and Marjorie Taylor Greene attempt to take over Congress(to spread their braindead far right wing hate and negativity),it sure is getting as much scary in America and the world as it has been with the failure to take the time to widely focus upon creating a permanent vaccine cure of the Coronavirus(a.k.a:COVID-19,C-19) than conduct endless amounts of bickering and counter bickering,one mightily wishes that Diana from “V” would be an actual person that would run for a top notch political seat.

As portrayed by Jane Badler,V’s resident Alexis Colby-esque villainess Diana may have been a power hungering bitch but she was a kindly ruler to her people who knew how to play the political game and succeed at winning,soemthing that Diana would easily do if she ran against the likes of Trump,Mike Pence,Mitch McConnell,Greg Gianforte,Greg Abbott,Ron DiSantis,Betsy DeVos,Ted Cruz,and Las Vegas Goodman power couple(Oscar and Carolyn) and would win against them as she would truly do a much better job of running America and any of its states and cities than the Republicans,the Libertarians,the Tea Party,the right leaning Independents,and the brainless idiots that are composed of QAnon(/Mor”QAn”on) would.

And I have a few words about that big fat idiot Harry Knowles(and the virus that is known as Harry Knowles-itis),and the endless amounts of dolts who endlessly say the ever-so-cringe inducing words of “I never heard of this”,”I never saw this”,and “What happened ?”,but I’ll save that thought for another time.

Just To Let Everyone Know: This Is A Carole Baskin Free Zone (Insert Loud Cheers And Loud Applauds Ripping Through The Air)

Steven M.

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Don’t Completely Give Up On Hope

Thanks to the four month long rampage that the Coronavirus(/COVID-19) has left upon both America and the world,the level of mass hysteria and mass paranoia that has ranged to the point of sheer stupidity has really gone out-of-control on both the streets and on the Internet-based social media scene as things ranging from people losing hope,giving up on life and fully surrendering to COVID-19,and thinking that the end of our world is near to(even worse)people threatening to violently beat up people whop refuse to wear masks outdoors(with physical violence being a federal crime) as this is not only speeding up the destruction of our lives but also happily feeding all of the far right wing scumbags(that include the Republicans,the Libertarians,the Tea Party,Infowars,QAnon,right leaning Independents[such as Las Vegas’ elderly Goodman power couple{Oscar and Carolyn}],the Alt Right,and Mitch McConnell) plenty of fodder to joyfully celebrate as they yearn to see all of social media demolished and that the virus-caused pandemic is mightily aiding them in doing so.  I never fall for any tricks that are worse than the Trix Bunny Rabbit’s “magic” tricks and can immediately smell bullshit a mile and more away and seeing a majority of people falling into the hands of these right wing hucksters is just so saddening yet I boldly refuse to quit and give up which is something I won’t do.

It is distressful upon how the Internet and social media has worsened in the last three years(even more so than 9/11) as I have fully noticed upon how almost everyone likes to talk a lot of smack but yet won’t be strong enough to take a brave stand against the lies of bullies,Infowars,and QAnon,as QAnon has once again taken advantage of enabling another one of their minions in far right wing gun store owner Laura Beobart now throwing her hat in the ring for a Congressional run,for any branch of government of any kind doesn’t need Any of these QAnon shitbags in public office to help destroy social freedom,decency,and normalcy in America.

All I’m saying is to not foolishly give in to the far right wing in allowing the demolishing of social media and Internet free speech as the only way that we can all completely win is to stay strongly positive and strongly hopeful in that all of our lives will return to normal as endlessly crusading to get a vaccine cure for COVID-19 created and established to permanently end this shitty virus is the only way we can all win this fight against the far right wing and COVID-19.  Definitely,Definitely Stay Very Safe,Stay Very Strong,and Stay Very Positive so that we can all triumphantly win this fight.

R.I.P.: The Almighty Ennio Morricone.

Steven M.







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Now,Who Just Announced That He’s Running For President ?!

While America and the world decays away in Coronoavirus(/COVID-19) hell,the ever initiable Kanye West(Mr. Legend-In-His-Own-Mind) has just announced that is officially running for President.

That’s Right: Kanye West Is Running For President.

And my answer to that simply is…

So,will his Presidency(which he hasn’t announced any plans on how he’ll take care of America,and how he’ll kick the living shit out of the Coronavirus to kingdom come) mainly consist of just Kanye West standing in front of a large mirror all day and all night ?

You bet ‘cha!!!!

A Public Service Message From An Extremely Concerned Citizen: A Message To Anyone That Yearns On Social Media To Beat Up Anyone In Their Sights That Isn’t Wearing And/Or Bolding Refuses To Wear A Mask: Doing This Will Only Easily Get You Arrested By The Police And Thrown In Jail(Since Filming It To Post On YouTube Is A Federal Crime,And Carrying A Fake Card That Says You Can Beat Up A Non-Mask Sporting Person Doesn’t Make You Cool And Will Also Land You In Jail),And/Or Get Shot By Gun Wielding Crazy Non-Mask Wearing Trump Supporting Rednecks. Yep,It Is Indeed True—Damn True.  So Don’t Do It,Otherwise It’ll Only Give The Many Protesters That Are Strongly Rallying Against Violence A Really Bad Name.

Steven M.


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“What Happened ?!” The World Went To Further Shit,That’s “What Happened” !!

“What happened ?!”,may you ask(that ever-so-annoying phrase that goes right up there with both “I haven’t heard of this film” and “I haven’t seen this film” in being something for trolls to heavily use to annoy people). Well,here is “what happened”…

* The Coronavirus/COVID-19/CV-19 has spiked up in America in the last few weeks with today(as of this writing) containing the highest infection numbers.  Come on,Trump & Co.,work Right Now on a vaccine cure instead of bullshitting around !!!

* Both the wrestling communities and the horror communities have been hit by plenty of scandals,with wrestling scandals involving the likes of Marty Schull,Joey Ryan,David Starr,and even Jim Cornette(amongst many),and the horror communities being further hit by scandals involving The Soska Sisters(Jen and Sylvia) caught attempting to make a scriptwriter original screenplay one of their own,and the likes of producer Albert Muick and indie filmmaker Justin Wayne Menoche discovered to be diddling in child pedophilia.  As far as it goes with the Soskas,I’m surprised that the many major horror/genre news sites and their well known journalists haven’t covered this news item and completely ignored it(unlike the way they verbally attacked [ex-Fangoria writer] Lianne Spiderbaby when she was caught plagarizing [and was chased out of the business]): maybe it’s because those sites are so desperate for new horror “heroes”.

* Two QAnon twits that are running for Congress this year are both Jo Rae Perkins and Marjorie Talyor Greene,who are a both equally insane as everyone in QAnon and at Infowars as it is time for everyone to take a brave stand against QAnon and All of its idiots that are running for Congress so that we can save America and the world from allowing them to transform this nation into a fascist state and drive us into a civil war that’ll get both Canada and South America involved.

* Another reason to strongly fight back(without getting into any riots): blacks are being literally lynched by far right wing racists who are allowing racism to slowly attempt to take over our nation.

* The Undertaker might be retiring from wrestling this year,meaning no ‘Taker Vs. Sting match to ever happen(as it would only turn into as major a fiasco as the ‘Taker/Goldberg match) as if the retirement is true ‘Taker has deservingly earned it.

* Can drive-in outdoor theaters get much better horror/genre films to play on their screens than the likes of THE WRETCHED,BECK,and FOLLOWED ?!

* Public statues of Confederate Civil War figures and national past heroes are being torn down,for just calmly(and quietly) place them in national museums for historic purposes instead of stirring up chaos(since the far right conservatives are very loud).

* Just what the fucking hell is CHAZ ?!

And I just heard that Sammy Hagar pissed off a lot of people with a COVID-19 involved statement(that sounded more like Glenn Beck’s similar statement[from a few months ago] than something you’d ever hear from Sammy) that I’m tired to comment about as I’ll save it for another time as I’ve got to get something for dinner to eat.

So,SISTER MAUD Is Coming To Theaters In July:Good Luck To That As Things Are About To Get Much More Crazier In This Already Crazy(And Very Challenging) Year.

Stay Safe,Practice Anti-COVID-19 Safety Tactics,Remain Fully Sane,And Please,Please Stay Strongly Positive !!

Steven M.

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The Second Fall Of Fangoria ?

After their massive fall in late 2009(that saw the loss of longtime “superstar” editor Tony Timpone),Fangoria saw a renewed life in the middle of 2018 when Texas based author/filmmaker S. Craig Zahler’s film production company Cinestate(which is overseen by its production head Dallas Sonnier) resurrected Fangoria’s empire back to life(via buying the rights off from its then-owner Tom DeFeo for $6 million) that brought back Fango magazine as a quarterly rotating magazine and brought back continuous life to its film production division(which itself experienced three different incarnations[that date back to 1990]).    With (Cinestate’s AintItCool-esque movie news site)Birth.Movies.Death’s Phil Nobile Jr. brought onboard as editor(with Timpone back as a contributing writer),Fangoria was back in the game with plenty of back-up from horror cinema’s top filmmakers and stars just in time to cover the new HALLOWEEN sequel and Rob Zombie’s 3 FROM HELL,as well as enable the Shudder channel to bring Joe Bob Briggs back to movie hosting duties(alongside porn side Diana Prince,alias Darcy The Mail Girl,as his kindly co-host) on their popular show The Last Drive-In and a new podcast Fangoria podcast hosted by the trio of Tiffany Shepis,Felissa Rose,and Kane Hodder.  So far,despite not being able to reclaim its top spot as horror cinema’s Number One magazine(via their by-mail quarterly magazine status) all seemed to be really good for Fangoria.

Suddenly this past week,things began to turn bad for both Fangoria and Cinestate when two scandals broke out behind behind-the-scenes mayhem on the sets of their film SATANIC PANIC when not only was rising producer Adam Donaghey(who was poised to become the next Jason Blum) stepped down after it was revealed that he had sexually abused a teen gal,alongside another sexual abuse that involved fellow producer Rob Galluzo had abused actress Clarke Wolfe,with these two strong allegations forcing not only driving Joe Bob,Tiffany,Felissa,and Kane to leave from their associations with Cinestate but also both Fangoria and Birth.Movies.Death joining in on leaving from their association with Cinestate.  Now,what does that spell for the horror cinema magazine(that many of the middle aged and younger crowds feel is the top horror cinema magazine) and its future as several people fear that it is going to be the end and career finale for Fangoria(which would a very sad end for Fango),although Fango does have a chance at returning if they decide to take the Deep Red magazine route in relying upon doing a crowdfunding campaign(with either IndieGoGo or Kickstarter) to have the fans contribute to their future issues(as well as their future film projects) and give some amazing perks to both the fans and the contributors,as it is up to Fangoria and its current crew upon seeing(after putting this ugly situation with Cinestate behind them[and moving onward]) where they can go from here.

Defund The Police ?! I’d Rather Say Reform the Police,Since Reform Is What They Actually Need Because Defunding Them Would Only Unleash Lots Of Endless Street Crimes And Lots Of Ruthless Far Right Wing Redneck Vigilantes Gunning Down Anyone That Is In Their Sights.

Steven M.

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