Strongly Support These Indie Genre Cinema Projects(If You Yearn For Major Quality Horror/Genre Films)

Yeah,I heard the news that erupted today(as of this writing) about Rob Zombie’s new HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES/DEVIL’S REJECTS sequel 3 FROM HELL with no news on its storyline or which certain name value celebrities will be making Quinten Tarantino-esque cameos.

While all in the horror news sites media were busy throwing their on-line congo beach parties on various social media networks,I wisely decided that I should just post link to a handful of ambitious and intriguing horror/genre related film projects that could really need some much needed spare pocket change(as well as some much needed heavily plugged shared publicity) to get them officially transformed into films(that are much needed alternatives to the ever continuing plague of gratuitous remakes,torture porn,more gratuitous remakes,found footage,and even more gratuitous remakes)…






And I’ll close out this blog entry with the trailer for the upcoming new vigilante actioner DEATH KISS,featuring the uber cool novelty of having Charles Bronson lookalike Robert Novaks in the tough-as-nails hero role…

…and an interview with Robert Kovacs

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Steven M.

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Guns,Arming Teachers,Motormouth Truthers,Clueless Conservatives,Crisis Actors: AARRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!

The controversy surround the recent Parkland,Florida shooting tragedy continues onward,with the Parkland school teen students mightily crusading while the clueless conservative politicians and media figures alongside the lunatic far right wing conservative conspiracy theorists Truthers are viciously criticizing those very students with some of those figures even falsely claiming that those teens are actors and actresses for the liberal and Democratic side: AARRRGGGGHHHH !!!!

Even worse is that there is now rumors that the conservative politicians are considering heavily arming teachers with guns,a move which will absolutely solve nothing–NOTHING !!!–,for had the unpleasant and grouchy middle aged-to-elderly teachers that I had during my days in elementary,junior high,and high school(in the 70s and the early 80s) been packing pistols they would have been criminally indicted for killing a lot of students for either being unruly,disagreeing with them,or catching them smoking a joint.  That rumored move will only make the teacher even more God complexed and insane as there is no telling upon what will happen and how many lives will be taken if those teachers do get wrongfully armed.

I never bother to discuss the gun issue(as well as the religion issue),since we have a Second Amendment that gives us a right to have a gun,for it is the people that have to be mentally sane enough to have a gun and to use that gun for rightful purposes instead of getting out-of-line and out-of-control like Randall Pierce and George Zimmerman,since while we do need some stricter gun control laws and anti-crime laws since too many people get away with murder whether if it is road rage,celebrity,millionaire,or political related(and that includes mayors,govenrnors,senators,and every other politicians) and criticizing the NRA(National Rifle Association) isn’t going to solve nothing and will only further stir up the conservatives in their anti-liberals/anti-Democrats crusades since they hungrily thrive on that stuff.

As the conservatives are pointing the finger at porn,video games,movies,and Democratic liberals,the problem will only continue on as the only thing to come out of this is that those crusading teens will be future voters that’ll mightily help overturn gerrymandering and voter regulations and keep those far right wing Alt Right/Tea Party backed(and controlled),Ronald Reagan worshipping Libertarian/Republican politicians permanently out of office since nobody wants their fascist leaning politics looming around their street block.

BLACK PANTHER Dominates The Box Office At The Number One Spot With An Over $200 Million Financial Gross in Its First Week,For I’ll See It As Soon As I Can: The Other Day,I Planned On Seeing It But Ending Up Instead Watching Ruggero Deodato(CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST,CUT AND RUN)’s New Film(His First In 24 Years) BALLAD IN BLOOD,For Here Is The Link To That Very Review Of Ruggero Deodato’s New Film…

Steven M.

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Fangoria Magazine Planning A Comeback(Of Sorts)

Since they closed up publishing a year ago,a handful of fans have been waxing enthusiasm upon what Fangoria magazine meant to them,even though its glory days were in the early 80s and sadly became a monopoly-esque comglamorate in the late 80s that made it(along with its conventions) as the only place in town to get exposure. Fango was also never kind to the little guy who was indie-to-the-hilt(not corporate Sundance/Hollywood indie) and burned it back on him,which is what drove the little guy to the many latter magazines and genre sites that widely opened up in the mid 00s/2000s that caused Fango to mightily fall in 2009.

Today comes news that Fangoria magazine is planning a comeback into the printed market format,which might have those hungering for a Fango comeback heavily marking out(or,as the fanboys love to coin it,geeking out).

As far as it goes for me,I’m not moved by it nor do I care if they return although it would be really nice if they completely keep the like of Tom DeFeo,his crew,and(most importantly of all) Tony Timpone out of the mix and return to the convention circuit for the sake of having shows/events in Los Angeles,Las Vegas,San Francisco/San Jose,Chicago,and New York as those areas are in desperate need of conventions that the likes of DaysOfTheDead,Monsterpalooza,Horrorhound,Mad Monster Party,Monster Mania,and Flashback Weekend never care to consider travelling to do shows in.

Otherwise,don’t expect to see me too excited about Fangoria planning their return to publishing since I just want to see them take their baby steps and see where they go from there.

BTW: A Big Fuck You to all of the PC leaning male feminists that are out there,for that crowd is much worse than the SJWs.  And A Really Big Fuck You to Nikolaus Cruz for shooting up his school in Parkland,Florida and killing 17 people,for he’s as bad as those two Columbine asshole shooters(Rest In Piss And Shit) and the far right wing lunatics that place the blame on progressive liberals.

I’ll just close out this blog entry with this rare performance from The Power Station(in the mid 90s),as they perform in front of a really dead audience…

Steven M.

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Will Van Halen Ever Return Again ? 

According to TMZ, Eddie Van Halen has filed a lawsuit against a videographer who was hired to film VAN HALEN rehearsals more than a decade ago for a possible ‘DVD or video project.’ The guitarist c…

Source: EDDIE VAN HALEN Sues To Stop Release Of 2006 VAN HALEN Rehearsal Footage

Courtesy of this linked article,this is pretty much the only project that Van Halen is currently involved in right now during their musical hiatus via a 2006 video of Eddie,his brother Alex,and Eddie’s son Wolfgang(alias Wolfie) having one of their many musical jam sessions,with Eddie still in his drug phase that Wolfie helped rescue him out of in performing once again.

There were plans to release the 2006 footage as part of a documentary about Van Halen,which Eddie has pretty much put a stop to with his lawsuit as everyone in the world is wondering if Van Halen are going to reunite together again after 2013’s A DIFFERENT KIND OF TRUTH album(which consisted of old VH demos[to help get Eddie back into his vintage guitar playing style]) and the follow-up live album,since nothing has come to play since there and there seems to be nothing going on with the band,for if Eddie and Alex(as well as singer David Lee Roth) decide not to continue on with Van Halen they can just hand it over to Wolfie to lead and have him recruit a group of new younger musicians(including a new younger singer) to continue the brand name onward instead of just leaving fans wondering what is going to happen next.

No Need To Ask Me About My Thoughts On (The Extremely Lame)Raw 25,This Past Weekend’s Royal Rumble,Ronda Rousey Joining The WWE(Which Angered The Meathead MMA/UFC Fans),That ASH AND THE TOXIC AVENGER VS. THE DEVIL’S REJECTS DURING THE RESURRECTION OF THE CHRIST Whatever The Heck That Project Is Called(And If It’ll Actually Happen),and President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union(With All Of His Humanoid Crash Dummies Looking Republican Allies),Since I’m Too Tied To Comment On It All Of Everything(That I Mentioned[And Whatever I Forgot To Mention])Right Now(Maybe About Ronda In The WWE Next Time)

Steven M.

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When A Government Shutdown Happens,Who Are You Going To Call For President….Oprah Winfred ?!?!

I’m pretty late in the game on this one,but since the recent brief government shutdown happened with past weekend(thanks to the Republicans over the illegal immigrants issue) I felt that now is the perfect time for me to express my thoughts on the recent Golden Globe Awards stated rumors of Oprah Winfred running for president,courtesy of her pro-female empowerment speech on that very show.

Is our society down to the point of now voting for billionaire celebrities with no political office experience to begin to take charge of running the country from the White House ?!  That sends as much of a really bad message as though Americans are at the point of voting any outside with no political experience and with billions of dollars to make their way into the White House and buy the Presidential seat. And just what kind of politics does Oprah exactly stand on and support,since she seems to be liberal(via her support of President Barack Obama) yet helped out blowhard conservative psychiatrist Phil MacGraw(alias Dr. Phil) get a successful career as the host of his very own television show,as well as plugs spiritual advice and neat and tidy Book Of The Month Club choices.  I’m sure that if Oprah ever considers a political run that both Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz(the other medical experts that Oprah helped established with his very own television show) that they’re both heavily itching for a political seat position.

I’d rather see Oprah aiding a progressive liberal candidate in championing for the 2020 Presidential race than deciding to run for President,if she ever decided to run as a political candidate since a politician with experience that knows what they’re doing is an awful lot better than an inexperienced reality media celebrity,for who next to consider a Presidential run:  JERSEY SHORE’s Pauly D. ?

A Prayer For The Movie Gods: Please,Please Don’t Allow Both THE DEVIL’S REJECTS 2 or HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 To Ever Happen,Since Both Films Had Satisfying Enough Finales To Not Be Warrant For Any Gratuitous Sequel.  If There’s Any Need For Sequels,I Would Champion For A New Snake Plissken/ESCAPE Film And A BASKET CASE 4. No Need For Me To Mention A New FRIDAY THE 13TH./Jason Film,Since That Future Jason Adventure Will Eventually Happen(After The Copyrights Issues Are Resolved And Settled)

Steven M.

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New California ?!?!

Just when I was preparing to write a blog entry on my thoughts on my feelings of rumors about Oprah Winfred running for President(that blowhard Dr. Phil is probably hoping it happens[fort he sake of a job in a Administration{which he really doesn’t need}]),I’ll have to postpone it till next time as news has recently come out for rumored plans to divide California into 4/5 of a state,for here is how I feel about it…

New California is a really stupid idea and a completely dumb proposal,since it would take a major majority of the state away into becoming a New California state while leaving the San Francisco Bay Area,Monterey,Santa Cruz,and Los Angeles(and its neighboring cities) as the tiny California half,which wouldn’t that California portion as much of a state left. Dividing California also wouldn’t help anything to lower the taxes and rent prices of California since dividing it would only hurt the state to the point of destroying it as a part of the West Coast that’ll only put a smile on the faces of the Tea Party,the Alt Right,the right leaning Libertarians,the far right wing lunatics,the far right leaning Truthers,the conservative media,Fox News,Breitbart’s news site,and the Republicans,since it is also rumored that a handful of Republicans and an unnamed billionaire are behind this scheme to divide apart California and its state government.

With a New California,nothing at all would improve with taxes and rent as things would just become more dysfunctional and unstable in state government politics if the state government gets split into two,as well as the San Andreas fault line that would make its new home in New California should an earthquake fatally hit that would then put an immediate end to New California(as well as all of California).  It would also prove very fatal to the major elections of the nations as it would cause the wrong politicians to win and gerrymandering to further continue onward if California were to be divided and further nationwide dysfunctional politics that are dangerous to America would become even more worse,as dividing California to the point that the original California would barely exist anyone would be extremely painful for America’s health and normalcy(whatever is now left of it) to handle,for here is the last word (as much as it’ll heavily anger the P.C. crowd) that I’ve got to say about this idea to divide California and kill it off enough to transform it into a New California,for I find this idea of New California to be absolutely…

Thank You very much for taking the time to reading this blog entry post.

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2018 Is Officially Here(And Already Going Wild)

Well,2018 is now finally here and two weeks into it there is already President Donald Trump making as much trouble once again(with his “shithole” comment:can Trump next dropping an F bomb[alias the word Fuck] be possibly not too far behind ?]) as is former White House staffer/now ex-Breitbart employee Steve Bannon,for I’m not going to be talking about politics here this time.

After spending the weekend attending Marilyn Manson’s concert at the House Of Blues,which is like his version of a Nine Inch Nails concert,with half of the crowd composed of grown up headbangers/metalheads and both the guys and the gals on their feet and dancing throughout every single one of Mariyln’s songs amid a few medical uniformed men on stage,Marilyn with his wheelchair version of Dave Grohl’s throne,and a topless gal dancing at the show’s finale(during “the Beautiful People”).   Needless to say,it was as fun as the Soundgarden/NIN show(as well as last year’s Iron Maiden concert) and I’ll be at March’s Ministry show at the Brooklyn Bowl which will be exciting.

Since INSIDIOUS 4:THE LAST KEY became 2018’s first successful horror film(which is a triumph for both Jason Blum and Lin Shaye[whose performances keep getting better per every new film that she’s in]),the fallout of Miramax/Dimension/Radius/Weinstein Brothers Films has caused HELLRAISER:JUDGMENT to land in the hands of Lionsgate as they’re releasing it to DVD/Blu Ray next month(in time for Valentine’s Day) as the tenth Pinhead cinematic adventure resembles another SAW/JIGSAW/Barefoot Men In Peril horror film with Pinhead guest appearing in it(which are a play on this century’s Barefoot Women In Peril horror films),even though Paul T. Taylor gets it right as the new Pinhead and I’ll save my word on the film until I actually get to see it instead of immediately jumping the gun on it as many people usually are.

I’m going to head on out of here now,for until next time…

Uh-Oh !!!!: Stan Lee Is Now The Latest Sexual Predators Media Figure To Be Accused Of Sexually Abusing Someone(Via Nurses At A Hospital He Was At),Which Is Not Surprising News Given The New Generation Of Twentysomething And Thirtysomething Fangirl Groupies Who Have Arisen Since The Popularity Of The AVENGERS Films(More So Than The 70s And The 80s) That Are Avidly Chasing After The 90Something Mr. ‘Nuff Said,Though I Think That Stan Is Way Too Smart And Too Wise To Ever Do Such A Thing

Steven M.

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