Far Right Wing Thuganomics Continues

As between the lines of liberal and centralist/Libertarian(social stance-wise) as our nation has been since the days of 9/11,the far right wing political movement has continued to charge its ugly and ferocious face onward as several of our nation’s social freedoms have been under tremendous amounts of attacks to the points of our freedoms being slowly stripped away from us if a more conservative political force wins the White House.

From Utah forbidding porn(and considering it a public hazard) to North Carolina slamming its door hard upon both gay rights and transgender people being in public bathrooms to certain states forbidding abortion(even if Republican President Richard Nixon legalized it in 1973) to Donald Trump’s vomit inducing,nauseating idiotic foreign policy speech(which I couldn’t bare [after 30 minutes of listening to it]),America and its freedoms are in serious trouble as the conservative politicians and conservative media voices are displaying how strongly they are under the Tea Party’s payroll as they continue to make endless amounts of anger-filled and hateful comments upon people that are in the political opposite of where they stand amid all of the talking down,degrading,one sided,close minded,misogynist,and arrogant statements that they,the right wing politicians,and their supporters repeatedly state,having me worry upon what disastrous direction our nation will head into if any of these right wing politicians win.

All I can say to these jerkfaces is to…Knock It Off !!!!   Knock It Off And Leave Our Social Freedoms Alone !!!!  America surely can Not afford to have any of these Tea Party controlled politicians running our nations and making things an awful lot worse with spreading their sexism and racism to a full ugly tilt that it’ll threaten the stance of freedom that America proudly stands for.  And I’m certainly not looking up to these right wing politicians in giving economy a surplus(like President Bill Clinton did in the 90s) or protect us from radical foreign enemies(such as ISIS and North Korea)since they only yearn to me the rich more richer and the poor more poorer. And while I’m fully aware that our nation needs the conservative right wing politicians to help bring balance and diversity to the White House,Congress,and the Senate,the right wing conservatives just solely need to fully rid themselves of the neo-fascist far right wing people and the Tea Party and bring back moderates and socially liberal politicians into making the Republicans the party that they once were.

Well,I made another political article. Tough,politically apathetic people(since I care about the future of both Amercia and the world).

Now In Theaters: GREEN ROOM,And Now On Vimeo’s Video-On-Demand(VOD): HARVEST LAKE. I Haven’t Yet Seen Them(As Of This Writing),For See Them Before CAPTAIN AMERICA:CIVIL WAR(Alias THE AVENGERS:PART 2 1/2) Arrives In Theaters(And Conquers The Box Office)

Steven M.

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We’ve Now Lost Both Chyna And Prince

Wow !!!  Yesterday was the day that we suddenly lost both ex-wrestler Chyna and 80s pop music star Prince,who were both separately found dead in their homes.

I won’t get into any details upon the backgrounds of both Chyna and Prince(although losing Triple H to Stephanie McMahon did play a factor in Chyna’s drug infused spiral downfall and Prince’s feud with his then-label Warner Bros. kept the media spotlight off from him[although his devoted fanbase kept him actively working on albums and touring]),since it has been thoroughly covered everywhere else for I’ll have to say that it is very sad that they are no longer with us and it is a real trip in knowing that,especially since both Prince and Michael Jackson were two of the 80s biggest music stars who were both everywhere and it is indeed a very strange thing that they are both are now gone and no longer amongst the living. Hopefully,this coming Monday night’s WWE Raw will acknowledge’sChyna’s death since the likes of MTV(who were all over Kurt Cobain’s death 24/7),VH1,and E! Channel didn’t acknowledge Prince’s death and just stuck to their routine reality TV junk of CATFISH,RIDICULOUSLNESS,and the motherfucking Kardashians.

Here’s hoping that both Chyna and Prince are now a lot more happier where they now are…

A Really Quick Note

Just to let everyone know:as several well-know blogs and movie blogs have been semi-inactive this year,I have been doing my best in keeping my blog semi-active and my Letterboxd movie blog semi-daily basis active(with over 1,500 film reviews[and growing])…


Mike Flanagan’s HUSH Is Getting So Much Tremendously Praising Word-Of-Mouth(Including From Stephen King) That Everyone That Has Been And Enjoyed HUSH Needs To Strongly Champion For It Via Campaigning and Petitioning For HUSH To Receive A Decent Nationwide Theatrical Release,As IT FOLLOWS Did(And Possibly The Same[And A Very Similar Thing] For THE INVITATION,As Well)

Steven M.

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Axl Rose Officially Now In AC/DC:Now What Next…

Courtesy of a surprise appearance by Angus Young at Coachchella,it has now been made official that Axl Rose is now a part of AC/DC and that Brian Johnson(AC/DC’s singer for the last 36 years[after Bon Scott’s alcohol related death in 1980]) has now reluctantly stepped down(due to hearing problems).

It is a move that has angered a lot of AC/DC fans,with several of them accusing Angus of becoming greedy and pulling a Kiss-esque move on Brian,with Eddie Trunk referring to Axl being in AC/DC as “who[as a singer] can bring in the most money”. While I’m no Axl Rose fan,this move can only bring a lot of speculation upon how this will all play out and what it means for the future of Guns N’ Roses,with whom Axl is currently doing a reunion tour with(via both original members Slash and Duff McKagen). One wonders if Axl is going to become a permanent member of AC/DC their “Rock Or Bust” tour ends and if he’ll either permanently or temporarily end GN’R,for if Axl does become AC/DC’s permanent new singer,maybe he can bring in some new ideas and new material that can make AC/DC’s new album not sound like their last several albums of the last 30 years(where nothing had ever processed[or moved their sound forward]) and possibly refresh the band with a much younger singer.

But then again,one wonders if Axl Rose is doing a lot of medications(alias meds),given his past public outbursts and meltdowns of the last 25 to 28 years,since his voice on this current tour doesn’t sound up-to-par(constantly slipping in and out,vocal-wise) and makes one also wonder if he is in good health or not,which may have played a possible factor in Axl burying the hatchet with both Slash and Duff after a 20+ years hiatus from them since Axl surely doesn’t look very healthy in my eyes and he easily broke his foot at the GN’R reunion tour premiere night in Los Angeles’ Troublaure nightclub.

Whether love it or hate it,it’ll be very interesting to see what comes out of this Axl Rose/AC/DC union(which looks to b a lot more intriguing than the Chester Bennington/Stone Temple Pilots union,Van Halen,and any other 70s,80s,and 90s band),and just how long it’ll possibly last(given that Angus will boot out Axl if he starts acting up[via one of his mood swing]).

Rumors Have It That Charles Manson Family Member Leslie Van Houten Might Get Paroled Out Of Prison(After 40+ Years),For I Say That Instead Of Paroling Any Of Them To Instead Just Draft Charles Manson And His Entire Family Members(Along With The Entire Mafia) To The Middle East To Fight ISIS And All Of The Middle Eastern Terrorists,For Let’s See How Long Any Of Those Psychotic Goons Will Last(If Placed) Out There


Steven M.


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Fantrolls: Fanboys Gone Wild

For the last couple of days,I have noticed that all of the trolling fanboys that seek to make trouble on the Internet have taken the route to simply becoming fantrolls,or they have been doing insane shit from vowing to boycott THE WALKING DEAD series just because they didn’t like the Season Six Finale. I’m sure glad you penis breathed bungholes weren’t around when that certain STAR WARS movie had Han Solo frozen in carbonite and there was a three year wait to see what became of him.

Now,the fantrolls are starting to complain all over Twitter and the Internet about the new trailer for ROGUE ONE just on the basis that it has got a female lead as one of the film’s main heroes(and are loudly crying Social Justice Warriors-it is over this one). Complaining about this film on the basis it has a female lead is just plain sexist and misogynist and doesn’t make those fantrolls any better from the trolls that also populate the likes of the wrestling,horror,adult/porn,MMA,and political Internet scene. Simply put,fantrolls that act this misogynistic are obviously closet homosexuals that are fans of both gay films and mens prison films(that have both homosexual themes and scenes) and they can proudly go fuck themselves with no Vasoline.

Enjoy the new ROGUE ONE trailer(which ought to make up for the mediocre FORCE AWAKENS).

Nicolas Cage Vs. Vice Neil(For Real) At The Aria Casino: I’ll Truly Plead The Fifth On Commenting About This One.

Steven M.

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WALKING DEAD: Negan Debuts,But…

This past Sunday night was THE WALKING DEAD:Season Six Finale,which had a lot of WALKING DEAD prepared to get heavily emotional upon one of the top characters of that series was going to bite the dust. But…

First off,the debut of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan,the leader of the psychotic group of surviving humans known as The Saviors(next to The Wolves)was  amazing as expected,with the criminally underrated Morgan knocking it out of the park for his awesome performance as he taunted and talked down upon Rick,Daryl,and the gang and was preparing to get brutal,and when that moment of Negan slamming upon his beloved baseball bat Lucille upon his chosen victim happened,the screen suddenly went black and we all didn’t know who exactly died.

Instead of opening weeping on-line,the fans got mad and expressed their disappointment with this Finale,which was as heavily disappointing as Season Five’s weak Finale. All I can say is that we’ll have to wait until both the teaser trailer for Season Seven makes its debut at this July’s San Diego Comic Con(teasing which person in Rick’s trusty group is still alive) and Season Seven arrivals this coming October.

WrestleMania 32 Didn’t Turn Out To Be That Great,Something Which I Was Expecting Anyway(Since The WWE Has Been Using All Of Their Great Ideas And Full Creativity On NXT[Whch They Nowadays Spend A Lot More Time On)

Steven M.

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Axl Rose And AC/DC ?!?!

For the last few days,there have been rumors of Axl Rose possibly joining AC/DC as a guest singer after Brian Johnson recently had to reluctantly step down due to being close to hearing loss(via his second career in both car racing and hosting a car racing television show in England),with Brian having rumored to have been forced out of the band by guitarist/core member Angus Young who is yearning to continue on AC/DC for the next 10 years whether or not Brian is their singer anymore,which has angered a lot of longtime fans since Brian has been in the band for 36 years and has devotedly stuck through thick and thin with the band.

I just can’t picture Axl Rose fitting with AC/DC,since Axl is too busy with the Guns N’ Roses reunion(with both Slash and Duff McKagen) to have any time to front another band,and the members of AC/DC are in their 60s and look too old to be hanging out with Axl,as well as that Axl wouldn’t be a good fit with AC/DC since he doesn’t possess the gruff voice to handle AC/DC’s trademark hard rocking bluesy flavored songs,as well as the main thing here is that Axl is a egotistical megalomaniac those insane persona would be too extreme for Angus(which would bring on endless clashes between Axl and Angus[especially if Axl walks off-stage during his mood swings,with Angus wanting to slap him{if he dares doing so}]),and the boys to handle nor put up with any of his bullshit.

In all,Axl Rose with AC/DC would hold as much credibility as Gary Cherone singing in Metallica or Slayer.  If it does actually happen,just don’t expect Axl’s association with AC/DC to last for long.

Coming Soon: film critics both do…and don’t..matter when it comes to films(I’ll lengthily analyze upon that one).

Donald Trump(Who 80s Has-Been Scott Baio Is Cheerleading For) Says That He’ll Criminalize Abortion And Any Woman That Has One If He Becomes President: I Wonder If Trump Vividly Remembers(As Much As I Do) When He Was Running As A Pro-Choice Liberal Independent(Under Jesse Ventura’s Watchful Eye) In 2000

Steven M.

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Arizona Voter Suppression Insanity

This past week in Arizona,many people that were there to vote for their favorite Presidential candidates were sadly left out in the cold over voter ID laws and left waiting from three to five hours just to get inside the voting polls.

This here reeks of far right leaning conservative insanity that intends to have its way in preventing a candidate from the opposite political party(whether that politician is a Democrat,an Independent,or a Libertarian) from winning at the polls. It is such unfair and complete inbalanced bullshit that is working on wrecking both our nation’s political system and the structure of America’s way of life,which is what the twisted forces of the Tea Party and the many Republican and conservative figures and politicians that they have deep in their financial pockets(and collective reaches). Along with the allowances of the likes of major city mayors(such as the three terms[12years] of both New York City’s Michael Bloomberg and Las Vegas’ Oscar Goodman),Senate and Congress members,and Supreme Court judges in being allowed to serve lengthy political posts time(for over 10 years to life),this act of depriving voters of their right to vote is completely ruining the balance of normalcy and freedom in this nation.

If anyone wants some real change and keep the normal balance of society,the time is now to go to your nearest voting polls and do whatever it takes to fully vote,for no matter what anyone says,Your Vote Really Does Count.

Now In Theaters:BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE: It’s Getting Mixed Reviews,But Yet The Fans And General Audiences Are Strongly Denying The Film Critics In Showing Their Fullest Support,Since It Is The Fans And General Audiences That Really (Much More)Matter

Steven M.


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