May Madness

Damn,I didn’t realize that I was off of blogging for a month-and-a-half since I lost track of time and the days(that quickly went by) while missing out on speaking about how cops are out-of-control with their Shoot First,Ask Questions Later tactics(which has got to stop) and how Mitch McConnell and his Tea Party/Infowars/QAnon supporting Republican allies are complete assholes who needs to be removed from public office ASAP,as well as next weekend’s quickly approaching DaysOfTheDead Las Vegas convention(their third one in Vegas[being that Vegas needs more genre conventions outside of the yearly mucho expensive Creation STAR TREK conventions]) that I might…or might not…attend(since money is a major issue,and celebrities have got to stop charging highly expensive autograph and Photo Op prices),as I’ll instead talk about the returning(and previous stalled) theatrical movie season.

And what a movie season to be at the theaters,as there is absolute nothing–Nothing(!!!!)–that I would want to leave my apartment home for to go check out since the COVID-19 season is still rampant(despite the vaccinations making things a bit more easier for everyone) and I have no sheer interest in any of the Marvel films nor any of the SAW,A QUIET PLACE,and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS sequels,although I’ll have to wait till the new CONJURING 3 sequel coems to DVD/Blu Ray(along with the recent GODZILLA VS. KONG cinematic joint),as I’ll just wisely end this blog entry(where there is no feeling of misery and super heavy negative feelings[ala half of the wrestling podcasts that are out there]) with the Not Safe For Work trailer of Paul Verhoeven’s upcoming new period piece nunsploitation film. –Steven M.

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Cancel Far Right Wing/Infowars/QAnon Culture

Within the last few week,we have heard all about nothing more than violence against Asian people(who have nothing to do with China’s corrupt Communist government nor North Korea’s equally corrupt Communist government),Sharon Osbourne losing her job on THE TALK over rumored racial remarks against her since-gone celebrity co-hostesses,everyone in the news heavily dogging President Joe Biden on the actions that are going on at the Mexican border(while he is busy protecting all Americans from COVID-19,via the vaccinations against the virus),and….the most worst of them all….Georgia governor Brian kemp passing a voting bill that heavily discriminates against black and Mexican people voting,requirements for expensive voter IDs,and no food and drinks to be passed to voters standing in lines to vote.

Like then-Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman’s similar tyrannical oligarchy leaning laws against the homeless community(that he caused when he closed down on Vegas’ once-thriving job scene in the post-9/11 era),this new voting ruling in Georgia is just the start of a brewing fight that is soon to come in the eventual future against the far right wing as they and their Trump/Infowars/QAnon loyalist allies are gearing for a new era of tyrannical ruling upon America that’ll threaten social freedoms and the freedoms of anyone that is a minority,a liberal progressive,and/or gay and trans as it’ll only make Georgia and possibly all of future America(when Biden’s Presidency will someday end its course),for sure we can cancel an d boycott Georgia and everything that goes on down there but that is missing the point as what happened with Georgia’s voting laws is a strong signal to strongly unite together to fight against the far right wing and cancel their attempt for a full power grab at he voting polls in both 2022 and 2024(via the next Presidential election year).

In other non-political news,the only good to come out of this year’s upcoming April Academy Awards event is that the likes of David Fincher,(THE WALKING DEAD’s)Steven Yuen,and Riz Ahmed are nominated for Oscars,for even though (the late)Chadwick Boseman(a.k.a.:Black Panther) might possibly win that Best Actor win it would be really nice to see Steven Yuen win it.

And as far as James Gunn’s upcoming SUICIDE SQUAD sequel THE SUICIDE SQUAD goes,I’d rather see a solo King Shark film than that not-so-promising looking fanboy aimed sequel. And speaking of James Gunn,when he gets around to making GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3 Gunn should Definitely get the likes of Sybil Danning,Sam J. Jones,George Takai,and both Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill cameoing as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker(with Chewbacca,See Threepio,and Artoo Detoo alongside them) all together in one scene(when they meet the title universal heroes).

That’s it for now,everyone…

Special Make-Up Effects Legend Tom Savini Recently Got Struck By A Car While Riding His Bike And Is Now In The Hospital. Get Well As Soon As You Can,Tom.

Steven M.

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Like U.S. Politics,Hollywood Has Truly Lost It.

Video Courtesy Of DroneOnMedia

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus(a.k.a: COVID-19,C-19) pandemic,Hollywood has truly transformed into a very weird and bizarre place(during this current time period) as everyone that is a part of the film fandom community has seen how the greedy oligarch studio heads and the bigwig producers has seen their loss of their tight grip upon nationwide movie theaters and drive-ins(that began in the late 80s) as the current state of drive-ins and theater screens has seen a strange mixture of big budget films(both past and present) and indie genre films playing on their screens.

Ther is now only not news about the rumors of a Rob Zombie directed reboot of THE MUNSTERS heavily swirling around(that are as believable as RZ’s two other rumore projects of tHE BLOB and CHUD) to the point of being annoying but even more annoying and just-as-completely-bizarre is how Hollywood is nwo being overtaken by a video that has surfaced of a drone flying its way through an entire bowling alley,which looks very fake as it is heavily mind boggling how the corporate suits could be so bedazzled by this video and are proclaiming it as “the future of filmmaking”(?!?!),with James Gunn already speaking to that video’s creators for possible work as camera men on the soon-to-be-filming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3. I’d rant more about it but I’ll just now wisely switch gears upon a very positive thing as myself and everyone else have all got to mightily thanks every single indie horror/genre filmmaker out there in working extremely hard in saving the filmmaking industry from both the pandemic and the likes of Harry Knowles and the corporate Hollywood oligarch suits,the bigwig producers,and the studio heads who all aim to keep Hollywood down and make all filmgoing fans and films themselves look very stupid as everyone(both actors,actresses,fans,and filmmakers) are an awful lot smarter than Hollywood and the current people that run it would think as those indie filmmakers have enabled the many thousands of films to be made and endlessly come out per year as I fully appreciate the massive amounts of new films to imemdiately discover and watch.

So,Everyone(Both Republicans And Democrats) Yearn To Get Rid Of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo,A Man Who Was There To Bravely Stand Up For All Americans During The Pandemic Crisis When Then-President Donald Trump Didn’t. Yeah,Whose Cuomo Accusations(And Endless Rumors) Are Ugly As The Likes Of Those Democrats And Cynthia Nixon Have Better Worry More About The Evil Destructive Forces Of QAnon,Infowars,Proud Boys,Oath Keepers,All Truther Networks,Marjorie Taylor Greene,Alex Jones,Lauren Boebart,Ted Cruz,Josh Hawley,Mo Brooks,Madison Cawthrone,Sean Hannity,Kevin McCarthy,and Mitch McConnell Who Have Sinister Plans For America’s Downfall Amid President Joe Biden’s Brliiant Rescue Of America With The Newly Released Stimulus Checks And The Hope HE Broguth back To America As Former President Bill Clinton Did(In The 90s).

Steven M.

#SupportIndieHorrorGenreCinema #SupportIndieHorrorGenreFilms

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March Is Now Here: A Golden Trump Statue Rises While QAnon’s March 4th. Prediction Fizzles Out

Video Courtesy Of Reuters

So,QAnon’s prediction wish of Donald Trump returning to Presidential power mightily failed to emerge and prosper,eh ?!


Everyone in QAnon,the Tea Party,Infowars,Oath Keepers,Truther groups,and MAGAs are such major league La-Hoo Za-Hers !!!!

And the less said about that ridiculous golden Trump statue,the better.

(This Empty Space For Rent)

Steven M.

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A New JEEPERS CREEPERS Movie(Without Victor Salva Behind It) Finishes Filming,The Internet Community Goes Full Nuclear

Yesterday came the news that a brand new JEEPERS CREEPERS movie got secretly made in Louisana and is now in post production,that being JEEPERS CREEPERS:REBORN but without the ever notorious Victor Salva involved nor anywhere in sight as IRON SKY director Timo Vuorensola is taking the director’s helm and scriptwriter Sean Michael Argo is penning the film’s script(and storyline),with the IHC(Internet Horror Community) having gone full blown nuclear over its very existence.

I understand protesting against Salva for his past crime(and criminal conviction) against the young male star of his debut feature CLOWNHOUSE,but with Salva now completely out of the picture(and getting a full payoff to stay far away from this very film) and the film reportedly being a full reboot of the series(with its storyline sounding like a cross between the first film and Part 3) sounds like a fresh new change for the series. Before I get to the new major controversy I’ll just say that I checked out the new film’s official IMDB page and saw no cast listings but there are plenty of behind-the-scenes pics that show a lot of green screens,many crew members in pandemic masks,and Vuorensola in half of the photos and no pics of either The Creepers nor the film’s actors and actresses as it widely leaves the wide question upon if Jonathan Breck[alias The Creeper],Part 1’s main heroine Gina Philips,Part 2’s avenging father Ray Wise,and Part 3’s main heroine Gabrielle Haugh will be returning(or not).

And here is the part about the IHC going full nuclear upon the very existence of this new film as practically a lot of people,including the people that run the horror/genre news sites Bloody Disgusting,Dread Central,Dark Horizons,SlashFilm,AVClub,AintItCool,and Fangoria,are ignoring the new film although Arrow In The Head is taking the brave charge(and chance) in informing everyone of it being alive and out there. Victor Salva may be a major slimeball who richly deserves to be blackballed by the industry(ala Dan Schneider[BTW: Fuck Dan Schneider and Fuck Victor Salva]) but it is very unwise to completely take it out on a film whose premise may have been created by him but it has been completely removed from him(and his presence fuly banished) to take on a new life of its very own that shouldn’t be judged just because of Salva’s previous involvment with the first three films as the people behind JEEPERS CREEPERS:REBORN are attempting something new here(that’ll lead to two more planned films[for a new non-Salva trilogy]) that should be given a chance to be seen as it should be the audience and not the anti-Salva/IHC lynch mobs that should be having the say upon whether JEEPERS CREEPERS:REBORN is good or bad once it is offically released to the public eye(to see).

So: A New Zack Synder(MAN OF STEEL,300,ARMY OF THE DEAD[Which Looks Like The Movie That DAWN OF THE DEAD 2004 Should Have Been{Even If This New Film Copies From RESIDENT EVIL:EXTINCTION}])’s JUSTICE LEAGUE Four Hours Director’s Cut(Without Joss Whedon’s Involvment) Is Coming Next Month,Eh ?! And With Jared Leto’s Joker Joining In On All Of The Fun,I See. I’ll Just Patiently Wait Until I Can See It When I Get The Chance To See It.

Steven M.

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The Day That Crowdfunded Indie Horror Cinema Almost Died

Last week,the universe of crowdfunded indie horror cinema(and crowdfunded indie cinema,in general) almost met a truly painful death when it was revealed that Michael Nement(a.k.a.:Michael Darkone),the man behind the crowdfunding campaign of the intended webseries ONCE UPON A NIGHTMARE,was in fact a fraud was using his campaign to scam innocent people out of their money,as well as boldly refuse to refund those very contributing people after the campaign was shut down. It was a truly ugly situation that not only left a heavily bad taste in peoples mouths but also disillusioned people to not donate and contribute money to anymore crowdfunding indie film campaigns.

As a veteran crowdfunding contributor to indie flms and documentaries for the last few years who has seen crowdfunding campaigns come and go(with the film projects either being made or never made).this is a very ugly situation that may be painfully hurting to everyone in the crowdfunding indie genre film community(with many people still painfully hurt by it) but we all can’t allow this bad situation to drive people away from indie film campaigns since indie horror/genre films are needed as the answer to the majority of big budgeted studio films(along with the brownnosing genre movie news sites) that continue to stagnate the movie industry and confuse the movie fans upon which good films to actually see as crowdfunded indie horror/genre films contain rising talents in new actors,new actresses(Enough With Referring To Actresses As Actors,Already !!!!),and new filmmakers who could be the future talents in leading major studio films and indie films are the platforms for those performers and filmmakers to work on their talents and bring them to further future heights as crowdfunding film projects also allow the fans to participate and be part of their films that they’re making as well as offer those people acting roles,as it helps encourage aspiring talents to build themselves up as equal future mainstream talents,for just because the bad apple creep(who’s now known as Michael Valentine) pulls off his destructive garbage shouldn’t discourage anyone from participating in contributing to crowdfunded horror/genre films as we all solely need to keep on going while not allowing Michael Valentine/Darkone/Nemeth to win and succeed in crushing dreams in future talents that all need to continue to be moving onward.

Openly Support CrowdFunding Films such as GO AWAY,MORTICIAN,TORTURE THE FLESH,AMITYVILLE LEGEND,CHAINED,NIGHT OF THE TOMMYKNOCKERS,ALIEN PLANET,WALPURGIS NIGHT,WORST LAID PLANS,MUTANT VAMPIRES FROM THE PLANET NEPTUNE,BEDRIDDEN,366,ZED’S DEAD,THE PEOPLE IN THE TREES,SKINJACKER,THE DEVIL’S LETTUCE,THE HAG WITCH,AXE2GRIND,THE LONESOME ROOM,THE SPIRIT BOARD SESSIONS,BIGFOOT EXORCIST,MY NAME IS CHAPEL(The Untitled Film’s Current Working Title),and THE A.R.C. ORIENTATION(whose crowdfunding campaign is soon to open) that are all truly legit and have legit crowdfunding campaigns accompanying them(on the likes of IndieGoGo,Kickstarter,and GoFundMe,and other crowdfunding film platforms).

Two Excellent Films That Are Truly Worth Spending The Time To Watch: ANYTHING FOR JACKSON and FREAKY. I Haven’t Yet Seen PSYCHO GOREMAN Or Tthe Barbara Crampton Starring) SACRIFICE,Though.

Steven M.

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Texas Freezes In Subzero While The Trump/QAnon Owned Republicans Live In Sheer Delusion

Video Courtesy Of Bloomberg

As Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza Tower implodes downward,the Donald Trump/QAnon owned Republicans continues to increasingly act more delusional to the point of becoming extremely dangerous for America and all Americans as the state of Texas(one of the iconic states of the Republicans[alongside Utah,Florida,and Arizona]) has fallen victim to climate change as it has been heavily plagued by wind storms and snow storms that has caused power outrages and water shortages,all while Texas Senator/seditionist Ted Cruz fled to Cancun,Mexico to escape aiding his state’s citizens(even though Cruz is actually a Canadian born citizen),

With the way things have gone in the last few weeks regarding the likes of Mitch McConnell facing strong opposition from both his fellow Republicans and Donald Trump(who the Republicans and conservatives still aivdly worship and wished that he was America’s demiGod—excuse me,President),Gina Carano saying stupid things on Twitter that got her fired from her acting gig on Disney+’s STAR WARS:THE MANDALORIAN(with all of the blame going to Cancel Culutre[Insert Quote Fingers]),and the Republican party getting severely divivded by half of their party’s devotion to QAnon(QAn[mor]on),it is extremely troubling upon how the political situation that has occured sincet he dark days of 9/11 has overclouded everything in life as the likes of COVID-19(a.k.a.:C-19,Coronavirus),the Republican party’s swing to the extremist far right,and the complete dumbing down of the film entertainment industry and film fandom scene(courtesy of AintItCool’s head honcho Harry Knowles) have made things extremely worse,as theer is nothing left to talk about(for now) in the film community while these maniacal far right wing politicians are doing all that they can to conquer all of America while not bothering to help find a permanent cure for COVID-19 and also not bothering to give out any much needed help to Texas(which the likes of Beto O’Rourke and President Joe Biden have now done) as saving the good ole state of Texas(The Land Of Joe Bob Briggs,The Alamo Drafthouse[the mucho expensive theater chain that it is],Dimebag Darrell,Vinnie Paul,good ole spicy homestyle food,all night bars,and Jesse Jane) is the most important thing on the political agenda right now instead of this endless bickering that leads to nothing but further bickering,as saving Texas is far more important than anything else right now(even if Kim Kardashian did divorce Kanye West,but that is another news story for another proper time)..

The Almighty Iron Maiden Has Just Won A Spot To Get Possibly Inducted Into Next Year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Instead Of Complaining About How Out-Of-Touch The R&RHoF Is(amd Just How The Fucking Hell Fela Kuti Is) Let’s Just All Work Hard In Making Sure That Iron Maiden Receive Their Long Overdue Induction.

Steven M.

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An Enormous Fuck You(!!!!) To Marjorie Taylor Greene And QAnon For Their Plans To Transform America Into QMerica

Damn….even in the new month of February is QAnon poster girl/maniacal Republican Congress member Marjorie Taylor Greene is on the loose with way too many troublemaking antics to mention here(that are easy to find on the Internet),as Ms. Face Like A Moldy Foot is bringing on controversial mayhem everytime she opens her stupid big mouth that makes her sound like a female Alex Jones(or,better yet,Alex Jones with a sex change) while making everyone in the Republican party look much more stupider than they already are.

With the Infowars/Alex Jones-inspired QAnon cult having alredy infiltrated Congress and makingt heir plans for yearning to stomp away democracy until it’s completely gone(something that both ex-President Donald Trump and Mitch “Walking Corpse” McConnell have mightily failed upon doing),America is as much knee deep in a fight for its very soul as Marilyn Manson is with his current problems(something that his former nemesis-turned-tour mate Rob Zombie has yet to comment on) as the far right wing and QAnon are doing all that it can to fully transform America into QMerica despite the Joe Biden Adminsitration being in current political power(and quickly passing as many social serving progressive bills and laws that they possibly can). Since the politicians aren’t doing anything to stop these far right political nutcases,it looks like we the people will have to bravely take a stand in peacefully fighting back against the far right/QAnon scum that is threatening to recreate America as a far right wing fascist nation for nobody peeters out like a wimp on this one as we’ve all got to do our jobs in peacefully keeping the normalcy of America and American society at full balance without allowing everything to turn into a real life out-of-control episode of The Jerry Springer Show.

R.I.P. To The Following Deceased Celebrities Hal Halbrook,HUSTLER Magazine Publisher Larry Flynt,And Oscar Winner Christopher Plummer(Who Joined Jack Palance And Martin Landau In Proving That Doing Hundreds Of B Genre Films Can Still Win You An Oscar).

Steven M.

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It’s Almost The End Of January 2021,And The Republicans,Infowars,Proud Boys,And QAnon Still Suck !!!!

With Bernie Sanders meme Mania actively running wild(to keep his name alive and well),America is on the first week of the Administration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as President Biden is heavily everything that he can to get normalcy restored to America while passing many new bills that are for the good of America,even if the likes of far right wing assholes such as QAnon lunatics Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Beobart and Infowars’ Alex Jones are attempting to be making trouble for him as they’ll all eventually fall down into the flaming pits of Hell that eagerly await them. The less said about far right wing dimwits Sean Hannity,Ted Cruz,Josh Hawley,and MyPillow’s Mark Lindell,the better.

The perfect end to this blog entry…

Steven M.

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An Attempted Far Right Coup That Only Backfired

The New Year of 2021 got off to a really bad start when an enormous group of far right wing President Donald Trump supporters attempt a coup to overthrow the government over Joe Biden’s Presidential run,right on the day when a Vice President Mike Pence-led commission on whether Biden’s win was actually legal.

The freaky looking group(who included camoflauged rednecks a a guy who resembled a cross between a Viking and a Wookiie) may have succeeded in showing that a government overthrow can actually happen,but they only helped out in succeeding in making sure that they looked like complete bad guys as well as ending the day when Pence and all of the senators returned to properly count all of the vote and made it official that Biden officially won his Presidency.

It is quite ironic upon how a massive couple of far right conservatives would actually overthrow their own government of fellow far right conservatives,as they only made themselves and Trump look like complete fools as the mystery here is where were the Army troops,the National Guardsmen,and the local police force to help out the Secret Service agents in cleaning out the invading far right forces from the government branch offices…where were they during this moment of need ?! Where ?!

And no….this wasn’t Antifa nor George Soro(who is as elderly as both Trump and Mitch McConnell[who just got demoted to Senate Minority Leader after the Democrats’ triumphant win the night before]) behind this as it is the far right wing terrorists(who had Infowars’ Alex Jones amongst them[and scumbags such as Virginia state senator Amanda Chase claiming that they were “patriot”,loudly calling for both her removal from public office and her arrest by the FBI for treason against America]),and as far as it goes with Trump he is a billionaire whose multi billions will assure that he won’t be arrested nor jailed as both his image and his reputation have been severely damaged by the attempted(but failed) coup and he richly deserves to rapidly disappear after he leaves public office.

And Fuck all of the Republican senators that strongly supported this failed sedition and their failed attempt at ruining Biden’s upcoming Presidency,which they only further strenghtened.

Just bring on the Joe Biden Presidency already !!!!

R.I.P.: Tanya Roberts(The Beloved Yet Forgotten Charlie’s Angel[Of That Show’s Fifth And Final Season]).

Steven M.

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