Once Upon A Time When Rutger Hauer Rocked The World

Last week we lost the great Dutch actor Rutger Hauer at the age of 75 to an undisclosed illness,for his performances in any film he appeared in always brought in plenty of much needed humanity and personality to it. Rutger will definitely be very heavily missed.

No Paetrons Nor Money Donations Needed,Since I Do Everything on Every Single One Of My Social Media Networks For Free,Always Keep Them For Free,And To Openly Share With The World.

Steven M.

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Crowdfunding Genre Film Projects To Contribute To

Here are a handful of various crowdfunding genre film projects that you can contribute some loose pocket change to(and help out in actually being involved in a movie[or two{or three}])…








Just type out the names of these film projects on their collective sites,and see where it goes from there.

Despite The Recent Rumors,Julie Strain(90s Straight-To-VHS Video/DVD Genre Star) Is Still Alive And Well.

Steven M.



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The New TOP GUN:Highway To…The Money Zone !!!

First off,I was recently thinking of calling it quits with this blog and moving onward since the stench of Harry Knowles and his endless array of talent laden minions have overtaken the fandom community and the filmmaking industry(as well as many of the 90s’ bravely relentless genre rebels having either disappeared or sold out their souls for the dollar almighty) but thanks to a recent episode of Jay Cat Morris’ Yakuza Kick Radio podcast I decided that the fandom community still needs a very vocal voice against the corporate genre industry,the Harry Knowles,the Quentin Tarantinos(is the upcoming ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD actually going to be his ninth film or his last,considering the many name stars he has in it that makes it looks like it’s going to be his final film[and don’t count on Tarantino’s STAR TREK project being made anytime soon,which I’ll discuss another time]),J.J. Abrams,Rob Zombies,Ari Asters,Mike Flanagans,FAST AND THE FURIOUS-es,JOHN WICKs,MISSION IMPOSSIBLEs,GAME OF THRONES-es,Marvel Studios-es,and Tony Timpones/Fangorias of the world,and so forth,and a person who really stand up for the older and wiser fans who are like me in boldly refusing to ever “geek out”,so therefore I’m staying(!!!!).

As I pointed out in my last blog,a new film trend has risen in older stars taking reign of latter film franchise sequels as Tom Cruise has now joined the pack with a 30 Years later sequel to TOP GUN called TOP GUN:MAVERICK,for it’s a gratuitous remake that has no need to have been made since all of the first film’s questions were answered as this sequel and all of the other upcoming latter sequels(THREE FROM HELL,STAR TREK:PICARD,BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC,TERMINATOR:DARK FATE,STAR WARS:THE RISE OF SKYWALKER,RAMBO:LAST BLOOD,and the just announced CLERKS 3) reminds me of the late 80s and the early 90s when the film trend of gratuitous sequels existed and were happening as this is what this current film trend widely reminds me of as there is no such thing as originality anymore and the last two decades have been heavily gluttoned to death with one gratuitous remake after another as the film industry of today has been Harry Knowles-ized to the point that it enabled Marvel Studios to become the top money making company in modern times(enough to topple both STAR WARS and TITANIC off the top of the list).  To the dolts who think that because I hate their stuff(via certain terrible movies) that my form of entertainment sucks,just remember that without my form of entertainment yours wouldn’t even have been made possible.  And no,I’m Not criticizing any of these films since I’m just trying to make(and state) a point here(which I hope everyone easily understands).

Otherwise,I can only imagine that TOP GUN:MAVERICK’s theme song here will be  “(Highway To The)Money Zone”.

R.I.P.: David “Al” Hedison,The Original FLY And James Bond’s American CIA-Based Friend In Timothy Dalton’s Two Bond Films.   😦 😦

Steven M.


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I Missed Out On Covering The Earthquakes,But…

Yes,I did miss out on covering the recent earthquakes that heavily shook Southern California,Death Valley,Las Vegas(,NV[which I did feel while sitting near my PC]),Mexico,and Seattle(,Washington),as it did open up to some news for me to cover…

* First off,Blumhouse Production(Jason Blum’s powerhouse horror/genre company) has announced that there will not one,but two sequels to HALLOWEEN 2018 being filmed back-to-back,they being HALLOWEEN KILLS and HALLOWEEN ENDS as they’ll both bring back Jamie Lee Curtis and the survivors of the previous film.   As Blumhouse has recently courted interest in buying the right to the Jason Voorhees/FRIDAY THE 13TH. series this is what will happen to that very series if Blumhouse is able to buy the rights to the Jason saga as soon as the current F13 court case is done and over with.

*  The recent earthquakes are wildly rumored to be caused by the rabid fanbases of both Ari Aster and Rob Zombie as a display of “the mighty powers”(Insert Quote Fingers) of both MIDSOMMAR and the upcoming THREE FROM HELL,the latter which will continue the recently launched new trend of older stars in past-their-prime film franchise projects as evident by both (the currently filming)BILL AND TED:FACE THE MUSIC,and the upcoming TV series STAR TREK:PICARD. Ditto the upcoming RAMBO:LAST BLOOD,which looks to be really good.

* Many fanboys(and fangirls) recently took to Twitter upon loudly whining about Sarah Paulson not returning to her AMERICAN HORROR STORY comfort zone with its upcoming season 1984(which feature current recurring regulars Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd[a.k.a.:Carrie Fisher’s daughter]),which looks to be really good(and a lot better than the last couple of lackluster seasons[which started with COVEN]) and Paulson should be able to move on forward with her acting career.

* Fuck the Saint Boris Blogspot hate site that viciously bashes the legendary Boris Karloff,for Fuck that site and Fuck that shit site’s idiot creator.

* R.I.P.s to both former 90s billionaire Presidential candidate Ross Perot(who brought life to the Independent third parties that the Libertarians had failed to do) and Rip Torn(character actor extradinnaire),for they’ll both be heavily missed.

* And nope,I haven’t seen either MIDSOMMAR or CRAWL,or even the new SPIDER-MAN movie.  I’ll eventually catch up with them.

* The just announced new BLADE film without Wesley Snipes will be quite a challenge,since it won’t be the same(since Snipes is the definitive Blade) and as long as they keep it edgy and don’t have to rely on David S. Goyer(since many other scriptwriters have new concepts and places to take the world of Blade to),I’m down with it.

That’s it for now…

Many New Film Projects Announced At This Weekend’s San Diego Comic Con 2019(A.K.A.: The San Diego Nerd Prom 2019),Which Is Mainly Both D.C. Comics And Marvel Studios Cinematic Products Which I Don’t Care About(And I Won’t Lose Any Sleep Over).

Steven M.


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Mad Magazine Going The Way Of The Dodo,The Macarena,And The Pet Rock

As the Fourth Of July quickly approachs upon us(as of this writing),major sad news has broken out from Twitter and various journalist sources that Mad magazine is going to cease production and call it a day after its next two issues.


This is indeed very heartbreaking news for fans of the magazine that has ran since the 50s and has bravely charged it way onward amid both their sole feature film with UP THE ACADEMY and the television series MADTV,for while it has changed in both its distribution company and its staff it still was Mad magazine with Mad taking a dive straight into anti-President Donald Trump territory as the current Mad magazine staff apparently aren’t fans of Trump and enjoy making fun of him,for maybe either Trump and his Administration and/or their distribution company didn’t take kindly to the anti-Trump gags and decided to pull the plug on Mad which I’m guessing,for either way it is truly upsetting in seeing Mad magazine being another publication that’ll be no longer amongst us ala the likes of Creem,RIP,The Monster Times,Psychotronic Video,Hit Parader,and The Gore Gazette magazines.

Soooooooo….Will Ari Aster’s New Film(And HEREDITARY Follow-Up) MIDSOMMAR Be Able To Top SPIDER-MAM:FAR FROM HOME At This Weekend’s Box Office(As Aster’s Heavily Rabid Fanboys[And Fangirls] Are Strongly Hoping For): We’ll Just Have To Patiently Wait And See.

Steven M.

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Tarantino Trekking ?!

Since it’s June(and halfway near the end of another crazy year),I thought to just quickly drop by here and drop in a new blog entry,since there has been major word that actor-filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s 10th(and supposed “final”) film will be either a Django(of DJANGO UNCHAINED) and Zorro union film or a new STAR TREK film that he is highly rumored to be writing.

I may have said this before and I’ll say it again:like Guillermo del Toro,Tarantino has wildly juggled two handfuls of various film projects throughout his career that regularly never get made(with the likes of THE VEGA BROTHERS,an American Giallo thriller,a modern AIRPORT film[that was to reunite him with both John Travolta and Pam Grier],and a FRIDAY THE 13TH. reboot amongst those projects) as his new TREK film is supposedly an R-rated feature with plenty of profanity,for it is extremely hard for me to picture Tarantino doing a new STAR TREK film since he definitely isn’t the STAR TREK type who doesn’t seem phased into science fiction even though it would be much more fitting for Tarantino to make a new STAR WARS film/reboot that uses the original traditional characters and places them in a new adventure(whether it’s a big screen adaptation of SPLINTER OF THE MIND’S EYE[with Han and Chewbacca on their own separate adventure subplot] or something outside of the Original Trilogy[either between 4 and 5,or 6 and 7]),otherwise we’ll all have to wait and see if TARANTINO TREK actually happens and if he can do something edgy and original with it(even though I’m not counting on it).

Farewell To The Late,Great Likes Of Both Geto Boyz’ Bushwick Bill(The Peter Dinklage Of Gangsta Rap) And Sylvia Miles(MIDNIGHT COWBOY,HEAT[1972]THE FUNHOUSE[1981]).  😦

Steven M.

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May Ramblings On This Week In Genre Cinema News

The end of this week has seen an awful lot happening in genre cinema news,for here goes…

* Word has it that comedian Chris Rock is writing the new SAW sequel as a reboot,with SAW 2 and 3 director Darren Lynn Bousman returning to direct. It is news I just won’t believe until it becomes official(with a pic or two from that film[when filming begins]),since it can’t be any wrong doing than JIGSAW(easily the worst of the SAW films).

* Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN has Ben Affleck stepping down,and Robert Pattinson taking over in the title role of Bruce Wayne and his dark superhero alter ego. As this news is causing polarizing division amongst the fans via Rob’s TWILIGHT series,let’s remember that Robert did do really good in the much heavily grim likes of COSMOPOLIS,MAP TO THE STARS,and THE ROVER and(like his TWILIGHT co-star Kristen Stewart and HARRY POTTER’s Daniel Radcliffe) has gone a large array of unique dark themed films that aren’t box office money makers.

* GAMES OF THRONES fans that are upset that the final season is so terrible that they’re petitioning for that very season to be re-filmed next year. Good luck,fanboys,since the GoT cast and crew are tired of doing the show and just want to move on with their careers since that has much of a chance happening as doing remakes of STAR WARS:EPISODEs 7 and 8.

* While I have a strong stance against many 21st. Century remakes,Mel Gibson’s THE WILD BUNCH is sounding intriguing with word that the likes of Michael Fassbenden,Jamie Foxx,and Peter Dinklage are joining the cast.  If Mel is wise enough,this will follow the original in retaining both the ruthless gory violence and the grim finale(that led no open door to any sequels) as well as Mel cast himself(in William Holden’s role),Tory Kittles(since he proved in DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE that he could play a callous dickhead),and a female actress as other WILD BUNCH members.

* AEW(All Elite Wrestling) has landed a deal on Ted Turner’s TNT network for a Tuesday night spot,making it the first wrestling series on TNT since WCW ended 18 to 20 years ago.  Here’s hoping that all of the AEW media hype will eventually pay off(since it sounds so promising),and if any AEW haters have to complain then do so about the inability to score AEW Double Or Nothing tickets and that they should lower their ticket prices for next week’s Las Vegas based Starrcast 2 event(which are as expensive as a Fangoria Weekends Of Horrors,Creation Entertainment,and Wizard World convention event).

Wrestling News: Get better in time for Starrcast 2,Ric Flair.  And R.I.P. to ex-WWE Diva Ashley Massaro,who was 39 and her death is rumored to be a suicide(let’s strongly hope that it isn’t).

That’s it for now,everyone.

Howard Stern Recently Had A Cancer Scare That Drove Him Back To Write His Upcoming New Book HOWARD STERN COMES AGAIN(his third literary work): this proves that Howard is merely a mortal human being just like everyone else.

–Steven M.


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