With His UFC Career A Complete Bust,Where Does CM Punk Go From Here ?

This past week and weekend was a very complicated one for Phillip Brooks,better known to everyone as CM Punk as he won his court case against WWE doctor Stephen Amman,but scored a major career devastating loss to Mike Jackson at his second UFC match that took place in his own hometown of Chicago.

The UFC of the 21st. century isn’t a wrestling friendly place(even though it began in the 90s as welcoming wrestlers to join in on their Octagon ring fights) as the fans and the UFC employees are often known to be completely anti-wrestling in their meathead mentality as whatever MMA fighting skills that Punk displayed in his wrestling matches didn’t translate well in the UFC Octagon as the UFC/MMA world is a completely different atmosphere upon where an in-ring fighter has to adapt to a much different fighting style in order to succeed there,as Joe Rogan may have been a complete bunghole in calling Punk “a dumb worthless piece-of-shit” but he did make a good point in representing the attitudes of the anti-wrestling UFC/MMA fans who feel that Punk doesn’t belong in UFC/MMA as much as UFC’s head honcho Dana White(who I often disagree with an awful lot) did wisely tell Punk that it’s time to move away from UFC/MMA fighting(as well as publicly can both Punk and Jackson out of the federation).   Punk is pretty lucky that his two wrestling arch rivals The Hardy Boys Matt and Jeff didn’t show up to start up “Delete,Delete,Delete !!!” and “Obsolete,Obsolete,Obsolete !!!” chants to get both the audience and Jackson to get into(as well as maker the “Delete !!!” arm gesture) and screaming(and chanting) “Cookiepuss !!!(which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson called Punk in one of his last WWE runs) at him(to humiliate him even further).

As Jackson will possibly show up in Bellator,one wonders where Punk will go from here,since Bellator possibly isn’t interested in obtaining him and there is still bad blood between him and the WWE,for since ROH(Ring Of Honor) is too small of a federation to obtain him with the likes of both All In(the Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks[they being the Jackson brothers Matt and Nick] backed wrestling event) and New Japan(where wrestling is respected[and represented] as a much more competitive sport) with their Wrestle Kingdom 2019 event being Punk’s best options should he ever feel the passion to return to wrestling,since New Japan would treat him like royalty and would pay him much better than both the UFC and the WWE can,for we all need now is for Punk to decide whether or not to make that very surprise appearance at either(or both) All In and/or Wrestle Kingdom 2019 as both of those events would likely resurrect Punk’s passion for wrestling should be ever decide to undertake it.

And BTW: I’m glad that President Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korea dictator Kim Jun Un went well and that he safely got out from that meeting without a scratch.

UPGRADE Rocks(!!!) While HEREDITARY Sucks(!!!),For Definitely See UPGRADE and The Trailers Of Both SUSPIRIA 2018 And HALLOWEEN 2018 Again.  And I’ll Patiently(And Wisely) Wait Until I See Both SUSPIRIA 2018 And HALLOWEEN 2018 In A Theater Before I Say Any Word On Them.

Steven M.




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Come On,Everyone…

Let’s just forget about Roseanne Barr(upon that ugly thing she said[since Howard Stern has also said that ugly thing several times on his show{and always got away with it with his mega millions}]) so that both we and her can all go move on(to a much better day).

In Theaters This Friday: Leigh Whannel(SAW,INSIDIOUS)’s New Film UPGRADE,For Hopefully It’ll Be Much Better Than The On-Line Hype Has Said That It Is.  And Then,The Next Friday After: HEREDITARY(A24’s Latest Dark And Unsettling Themed Horror Thriller).

Steven M.

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Far More Frightening Than Anything In A QUIET PLACE

Disappointed that I’m aiming this blog piece to be about how much of a far right wing theocracist lunatic Vice President Mike Pence is instead of mightily praising the likes of A QUIET PLACE and (The Matilda Lutz starring) REVENGE ?!  This is not the place and I don’t overhype the latest newly released and/or upcoming horror/genre film straight to the moons of Saturn and back,for I give films their credit when they’re due(only when they win me over[after I see them]) and I’m a very socially conscious person who really cares about the future of our great nation(that is the United States) that’ll mightily fight to the last end to fully protect all of its social freedoms.

Since Mike Pence is currently running around various Republican political events and functions in his attempt to back major political offices for the Republicans and the Tea Party in protecting them(as well as building himself enough status to buy his way to the Presidential seat) from the upcoming mighty Blue Wave that’ll sweep them all away this coming November,I decided to post a video of psychedelic rock musician/political activist Frank Zappa who(who sounds more like a Libertarian minded Independent[than the liberal that he actually was]) speaks about the major dangers of a far right wing religious controlled theocracy that would be a major danger to America and its many social freedoms if it ever happens,since Zappa eerily predated 30 years ago upon how the state of our nation currently is in these troubled political times(which ironically echo a mixture of both the Ronald Reagan Administration and the Richard Nixon Administration).  Enjoy and learn(so that we can all wisely support the upcoming Blue wave to save America).

Mighty Congrats to Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks(brothers Matt and Nick Jackson) in having their independently produced September wrestling event All In sell out a 10,000 seat Chicago arena within 30 minutes.  Wishing them all of the very best in that event being a very successful one of them and the fans. And,it’ll also answer the question upon whether or not C.M. Punk will(or won’t) actually appear back in a wrestling ring.

Upcoming Movies For June:

June 1st.: UPGRADE (New Leigh Whannel[SAW,INSDIOUS] Film That’s A Mega Violent(And Very Gory) Sci-Fi Actioner

June 8th.: HEREDITARY: A24’s Latest Dark Horror Yarn,With Toni Collette(Who Also Co-Produced) As The Head Of A Majorly Dysfunctional Family(That’s Ready To Go Completely Over[And Off] The Deep End)

Steven M.

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“Micro Brain Surgery Expert” Kanye West Has All Of The Answers…NOT !!!!

What are my thoughts on that overrated R&B singer/Kim Kardashian husband Kanye West’s recent public interviews about being a Donald Trump Presidency supporter and that he thinks that “slavery was a choice”(?!?! :O :O).

First off,he’s closely rubbing shoulders with Trump in his bid to get one of the Kardashian ladies running for a political seat in 2020(as either a Democrat or a left leaning Independent),and as far as his slavery remark goes: Africans were sold worldwide by their own kingdoms and leaders and they had to endure a lot of pain and suffering to get to where they are today(which is an awful lot more better place),for could you imagine Kanye as a plantation slave ?

Otherwise,I’m just waiting for the moment when Kanye’s car crashes into Roseanne Barr’s car and both of their cars(with both of them inside of their vehicles) flipping right off of the road and crashing(and then sinking) into a nearby lake,with everyone just sitting by and watching the bubbles.

Happy May,Everyone(Damn,Did That Month Already Come By So Fast[!!!]),For SOLO:A STAR WARS STORY Comes To Theaters In Three Weeks And Hopefully It’ll Be Worth The Wait.

Steven M.

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Goodbye,ASH VS. EVIL DEAD. It Was Really Nice Knowing You.

Three years after it premiered on the Starz cable channel,Starz has announced today that the Season Three finale for ASH VS. EVIL DEAD will be its very last episode.

It was nice that Sam Raimi,Rob Tapert,and Bruce Campbell brought back Ash and his fight against the Deadites for the new generation of fans that loudly demanded for a new fourth EVIL DEAD film,with that very show being the answer since channels such as Starz was the only place to go for fully uncut and unrated gory violence amid Ash continuing his comedic persona that he displayed in ARMY OF DARKNESS and having the strong aid of two Hispanic twentysomethings in his fight against the supernatural world of demons and the undead.   Like THE WALKING DEAD,it started out strong with high television viewership ratings but as each season approached the ratings sank lower and lower.

Like many films and cable television shows,ASH VS. EVIL DEAD was also a popularly pirated program getting numerous torrent downloads with half of the fans and industry based people pointing the finger at the pirates,for as far as it goes with me I actually blame Starz for not having enough faith in wanting to continuing on the series,since AMC is still strongly sticking to THE WALKING DEAD despite its increasingly sinking TV ratings and the Starz channel being not available in several areas(ala the El Rey Network),as well as both the fans for not being faithfully there to watch the series on a weekly basis and Sam,Rob,and Bruce for growing tired of the series and feeling the urge to not continue on in furtherly carrying on Ash’s adventures as impended plans for a feature film based on the series was reportedly in the works but has been canned.

Neverless,it’s sad that we’ll never get to see the likes of not only Ash encountering and teaming up with Mia(Jane Levy’s EVIL DEAD 2013 character) to take on the Deadites,but also seeing Ash drawn into a battle with Captain Spaulding,Otis B. Driftwood,and Baby Firefly and the rest of the Firefly Family clan when they steal the Necronomicom to literally stir up Hell on Earth as that latter showdown would have been so fun to watch,for it was a good run while it lasted and I hope that Ash enjoys his permanent vacation since he has pretty much earned it.

Don’t Vote For Cynthia Nixon As New York Governor,Since She Is A Big Money Celebrity Who Is Trashing Democrats(Labeling As Corporate Democrats) And She’s Only Making Herself Become The New Jill Stein That’ll Easily Enable The Republican Party(And President Donald Trump’s Political Bro Warriors) To Win New York’s Governor Seat

Steven M.

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The Conor McGregor Debacle

A lot has happened in recent weeks,with not only A QUIET PLACE becoming the week’s No. 1 film at the box office but also the likes of a crazy Palestine gal who shot up the headquarters of YouTube before being taken down(and shot to death) by the police,Russian bots infiltrating Facebook which got its creator Mark Zuckerman to testify in front of Congress(with the far right praying that this move would permanently destroy both Facebook and all of social media),and Conor McGregor getting into trouble over having an anger management issue and trashing a bus full of his fellow UFC fighters while they were all in New York for their event that happened during the WWE;s WrestleMania weekend.

Since this event took place during WrestleMania weekend,I thought at first it was all a work that both only Conor and UFC’s head chief Dana White were behind just to draw the attention away from WrestleMania in terms of how Dana overreacted to this happening and vowing to both fire his current moneymaking cash draw and have placed in jail,but in the later following days I realized that Conor did have a meltdown and that it wasn’t all an act(or a work) since this is all harboring upon whether o not Conor has a severe drug problem(as do several of the people in the UFC) since he acts like he is high on something,ala both Dana and his boy Joe Rogan.   I don’t want to speculate anything,but whatever is the case maybe hopefully Conor will straighten up his act and Dana will stop over-reacting since Conor severely needs Dana as much as Dana severely needs Conor as Conor will eventually get this thing behind him and work for the UFC again,otherwise losing Conor over something like this will only financially cripple the UFC since the fighters are the show over there and not the immersive egos of both Dana White and Joe Rogan.

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Steven M.

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Now It’s Roseanne Barr Who is Further Politically Dividing America

Yeah,Roseanne Barr has resurrected her late 80s/early 90s television series ROSEAANE for a nine episode reboot,which has so far done very successful for her on the exception that the Roseanne characters share one common thing with the super obnoxious and extremely loud real life Roseanne: they are both avid President Donald Trump supporters,and that Roseanne Barr is a liberal hating far right wing conservative.

While most of the people on-line have given her new show a lot of praise,I haven’t bothered–and won’t–watch it due to the fact that Roseanne Barr is a super nasty person that is more nuts than the title of her previous short lived television series ROSEANNE’S NUTS(which had her in control of a Maui,Hawaii-based macadamia nuts company) for now that she’s become a far right wing conservative,an Infowars/Alex Jones sis(as in Sista/Sister) warrior,and a Trump worshipper she has become more increasingly obnoxious and hateful now that her TV reboot is going on,for I can easily predict that The Yenta Queen’s rebooted television show will Not be renewed due to Roseanne allowing her ego and her super bad attitude running out-of-control without stopping at the red light and that she’ll easily self destruct now that she is succeeding in the far right wing’s plans in further dividing America and turning friends and supporters to run against each other over her and her worthless reboot show,which didn’t really need to be revisited as both John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf look very miserable being on this show since they’re merely in it for the mucho paying paychecks that come along with their gigs as was previously seen on Roseanne’s and Goodman’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show,with Roseanne cussing out Kimmel for asking her about her change in her political stance(from being a liberal to becoming a conservative) while Goodman looked depressed and as if he’d rather leap off from a large bridge than be there to help plug Roseanne’s televisied claptrap.

I may be losing friends and supporters over my anti-Roseanne comments,but since I’m the guy who gives zero fucks(and wisely ignores those who attempt to draw me into their arguments) there is just no way–No Way(!!!!)–that I’m going to bow down to Roseanne’s rebooted show on the merits that it was groundbreaking in a handful of things(such as how end credits on television shows are displayed,and the realistic portrayal of a low income family) since the ROSEANNE show is a thing of the past that needs to be left in the past as much as Roseanne Barr truly does need to be permanently left in,for her ex-husband Tom Arnold shares the same common in Tommy Lee in being permanently away from his ex-partner in life.

Anyone Think As Much As Do That There’s A Possibility That With Carrie Fisher Sadly Gone,That Both Mark Hamill And Harrison Ford Might Be Returning(As Clones Of Both Luke Skywalker And Han Solo) For STAR WARS:EPISODE 9(Unless J.J. Abrams And Kathleen Kennedy Decide To Make The Main Focus On Either Lando Calrissian,Chewbacca,See Theepio,Or Artoo Detoo) ?

Steven M.

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