Psychotronic Store Relocates To Augusta,GA

Vintage records, comics, posters for sale at downtown's Psychotronic | The Augusta Chronicle.

As the horror news media overhype starts to mosntrously build up for THE LORDS OF SALEM(which will open in 300 theaters this coming Friday[while Tom Cruise’s new film OBLIVION opens in 3,000 theaters on that same day{to beat the crowds for the new IRON MAN,STAR TREK,and FAST AND FURIOUS films}]),Pyshcotronic Video maven Michael Weldon and his wife Mia recently moved to Augusta,GA and have opened a new Psychotrnic store,where they’re fully(and proudly) keeping the Psychotronic name alive and well,for if anyone reading this lives in that area and pays the store a visit,kindly ask Michael if he’s planning on writing a new third Psychtronic book(if he can).

SCARY MOVIE 5 Bombs At This Weekend’s Box Office With A $15 Million Financial Gross(Which Is Millions To Us,But Not To The Studios[Since The Last Four Films Opened To Over $40 Million{On Their Opening Weekends}]),Which Is Hopefully A Signal Of The End Of These Really Stupid(And Truly Terrible) Films

Steven M.

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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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2 Responses to Psychotronic Store Relocates To Augusta,GA

  1. Tony says:

    Theres a store in uk that are using your they are tony and donna clarke

    • stevenmillan says:

      Tony,thanks for sharing this news with me,although Psychotronic happens to be Michael Weldon’s store(as he’s owned the Psychotronic name for over 31 years,via the obscure 1980 film THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN) and not mine. BTW: I sorely wished that Michael would write that longly awaited third Psychotrnic book(since it’s been 19 years since the last one and a whole lot has drastically changed in the genre since then),although he sadly has no plans to.

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