THE RAID 2: BERANDAL ; A Super Brief Review

         This past weekend,I went to the local move theater to see THE RAID 2:BERANDAL,for needless to say the words “kickass”,”very cool”,”good”,”great”,”excellent”,and “awesome” just can not describe this all-too-incredible film,for Gareth Evans fully establishes himself as a genre filmmaker to be reckoned with,that Asian action cinema is once again established as a genre cinema to be reckoned with(and never under denied),and lead star Iwo Uwais establishes himself as the man who’ll easily take Tony Jaa’s place once Jaa reaches the big time(with the likes of FAST AND FURIOUS 7 and the Dolph Lundgren films A MAN WILL RISE and SKIN TRADE all slowly coming up). In fact,I’m not even going to give a full review of the film,since it’ll only give away too much and the best way to see the film is to just go out and see it for yourself,since it fully restored my faith in mainstream films(and films in general). For better yet,I’ll just give the links to a few video clips below…

          And if you’re eagerly hungry for a full review of THE RAID 2,check out Mark Tinta’s excellent movie blog…


         That’s all I’ll say about THE RAID 2,for once you’ve seen it you’ll not only be ready for THE RAID 3 but you’ll also wonder(as much as I still am) how the heck did this extremely violent(to the hilt) film easily get away with a R rating.

         BTW: I’m also stoked and very amazed at how many people went to my blog’s feature on the Ultimate Warrior’s passing without any advertisement from me. Truly amazing.

         Speaking of wrestling,I could care less about Nancy Grace and her Ultimate Warrior coverage,since she’s a media sensationalist(ala Gloria Allred,Ann Coulter,Al Sharpton,Jane Velez Mitchell,Howard Stern,and Geraldo Rivera) and sensationalists aren’t worth getting boiled up over,anyway.

The Comcast Dynasty Officially Begins,As it Not Only Buys Out Both Sony/Columbia and Lionsgate But Also Fearnet and Combines It With Both Chiller And SyFy(Sci-Fi Channel),For This Newly Formed Powerful Media Overlord Has Set Out To Swallow Your Soul(And Everyone Else That’s Around It)

Steven M. 


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R.I.P.: The Ultimate Warrior Passes Away :O :O :( :(

Bauer & Pollock: April 9, 2014 – The Ultimate Warrior Passes Away.

Rather than comment about the shocking death of The Ultimate Warrior(Jim Hellwig)at the age of 54,I’ll share these two podcast/commentaries(the first from MLW’s Court Bauer and John Polloch,and the second from YouTube’s GoodMicWork) which they both reflect a lot more better about The Ultimate One(and his life) than I can(as much of a fan as I was of him,since I’ve always preferred him over both Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage). R.I.P.: Warrior.

THE RAID 2 Arrives In Nationwide Theaters This Friday:I’m Sure That The Long Wait Was Really Worth It

Steven M.

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STAR WARS:EPISODE 7 Now Filming(As Everyone Cries Over The Undertaker’s Streak Ending)

       As everyone is still shocked(and crying) over last night’s end of The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak(at WM30),the longly awaited(by some,at least) STAR WARS:EPISODE 7 has just started filming over the weekend. Nobody knows what’s being filmed right since the casting hasn’t yet fully completed,although I’m getting a suspicion that they’re filming the scenes involving Mark Hamill,Carrie Fisher,and Harrison Ford,since it’s been announced that Peter Mayhew is back as Chewbacca(his fifth STAR WARS film[since Chewbacca was also in EPISODE 3]) despite no announcement of Billy Dee Williams joining the old school cast(despite having pulled out of his recent DANCING WITH THE STARS gig). For it looks like the new film will mainly be composed of the new cast and the new characters once it’s fully casted and fully filming. I’m just hoping that it’ll be good(since I’m not the biggest J.J. Abrams fan,and his STAR TREK films didn’t impress me[although I did like STAR TREK:INTO DARKNESS for what it was]).

     Guess we all know what The Big News Of May 4th.(the so-called STAR WARS Day) is now.

 Just Heard That POINT BREAK Is Being Remade,With Gerard Butler In Patrick Swayze’s Role. For Are They Remaking This Because Keanu Reeves Didn’t Know How To Surf ?!  What’s Next: A ROADHOUSE Remake ?!

Steven M.

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Support Indie Cinema: Fuck This Dumbass Guy’s Dumbass Anti-Indie Cinema Petition !!!

        Earlier yesterday(before I left for late lunch),I got an eyeful hold of the petition of one Kentucker Audler,who is running a campaigning petition urging people not to support independent(indie) cinema and to support having aspiring indie filmmakers fully let go of their dreams(and watch them crumble into dust),for here’s the link to that very petition…

       This petition’s campaign reeks of severely major league dumbassness(which I know is not a word,but it is now,so Fuck It !!!),since it calls for the end of independent filmmaking and the aspiring filmmakers themselves and it’s absolute bullshit,since the likes of Peter Jackson,George Romero,Joe Dante,Jim VanBebber,Martin Scorsese,Francis Ford Coppola,Joanathan Demme,and Steven Sodenbergh all rose from indie background to become legendary filmmakers with a unique vision that they brought forth for all filmgoers to joyfully undertake and experience. Kentucker Audley is a major bunghole who’s only threatening the existence of general filmmaking itself in his extremely stupid crusade,for those that foolishly sign(and agree) with this petition are bound to burn in cinema fan hell,along with the folks that vow to end their careers if this petition goes through(such as Pollygrind Film Festival’s Chad Clinton Freeman,who is both a fool and a coward) instead of bravefully and darefully standing up against this bullshit petition and the uber idiot that’s behind it,for I know bullshit when I smell it and see it and I’m truly not afraid upon rising the flag to fight against Audley and his bullshit petition,for I urge every fan and supporter of indie cinema to fight back against Audley and his petition(even if it takes starting your own petition against Audley’s crusade and petition) and do what it take to see that Audley’s petition strongly goes down in flames(with a massive searing fireball explosion),for Fuck Kentucker Audley and Fuck his stupid ass anti-indie cinema petition.


Mystery Of The Year: The Missing Mayalsian Plane Flight 370,Which Is Increasingly Getting More Stranger And Bizarre By The Days


Steven M.




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Tom Savini In Discussions To Direct New Friday The 13th Film?

Tom Savini In Discussions To Direct New Friday The 13th Film? – Friday The 13th: The Film Franchise.

Amid the two really enormous mysteries surrounding both that missing Mayalsian airplane and Sting(on whether or not he’s actually aligned himself with the WWE,or is still a free agent),word has come out from this weekend’s Mad Monster Party Indiana convention that make-up effects legend/icon Tom Savini is in talks to direct the long planned new FRIDAY THE 13TH. film,which is something that sounds very cool and would be a much needed boost to the series(after the disastrous 2009 reboot/”remake”[from five years ago{it's also been 5 years since Rob Zombie's equally disastrous HALLOWEEN 2/H2 was released}]),as long as Tom makes sure that the film displays plenty of cool,inverntive,and proper splattery deaths(which was widely missing in the 2009 reboot/”remake”),and absolutely rejects doing that much-rumored(and very truly unwanted)”found footage” concept(that has been floating around for the next film for the last two years)to give us a proper new and inventive storyline that wisely avoids that reboot/”remake”.

The Current VERONICA MARS Films: Had A Successful Crowdfunding(Via Kickstarter) Campaign,But Was A Poorly Released Monstrous Box Office Failure(Showing That There’s Unfortunately Two Sides To Some Of Those Crowdfunded Projects[Since They Might As Well Have Released It As A Straight-To-DVD/Blu Ray Film])

Steven M.

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George Zimmerman Signs Autographs At Orlando Gun Show (?!?!): Are Chiller Theatre,Cinema Wasteland,Monsterpalooza,and DaysOfTheDead Next ?!

George Zimmerman signs autographs at Orlando gun show | Orange County News – WESH Home.

Reality “celebrities” are quite a very sad lot,especially the ones that profit majorly from their tragedies,for whether you’re Amy Fisher,Joey Buttafuoco,John Wayne Bobbitt(who comfortably lives in retirement in North Las Vegas),Kato Kaelin,John Ramsey,or Fred Goldman(I know that his’ was an ongoing vengeful crusade for his slain son Ron,but he unfortunately got highly addicted to the mainstream press cameras: I hope you get the point there),you’re still just a regular joe who only got to the limelight because of something out of the ordinary that happened to you.

Which brings us to George Zimmerman,a Florida-based guy who shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense(as he claims),but is now uglily profiting off of this situation by making appearances in things such as celebrity boxing matches(like his one with DMX that got cancelled),and now making an autograph appearance at an Orlando,Fl gun show. This money paying gig doesn’t make his situation nor his state-of-mind any better,considering that he got recently divorced and also got arrested for physically abusing his current girlfriend. It also highly questions upon whether or not he actually killed Trayvon in self defense,and if whether or not he’s an emotionally stable person who’s capable of owning a gun,which makes this all of the more mind boggling.

If George Zimmerman actually now does consider himself a “celebrity”(of the reality tragedy kind),then we might as well expect him to appear at the celebrity dunk tanks of Cinema Wasteland(where he’ll be sporting a mullet wig),Chiller Theatre(where they’ll accept anybody,nowadays),Flashback Weekend,Monsterpalooza,Mad Monster Party,and DaysOfTheDead.

(Widely Rolling My Eyes Upon Those Thoughts)

Coming Soon: To Theaters;THE RAID 2 And (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s) SABOTAGE, To V.O.D.(Video On Demand): TOM YUM GOONG 2/THE PROTECTOR 2

Steven M.

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Since March 2014 Is Here…

      I just realized that I haven’t written a new blog entry for a month and decided to wrote about something other than just wrestling news(sorry,no news on the Netflix-esque The WWE Network),for here’s about some stuff I’ve been up to lately(since it’s rarity that I write at all about what goes on in my private life,since my private life is my private life and is of no interest to anyone but only myself[since I've got no exciting details or happenings to discuss about)....

    * I recently saw both NON-STOP(which is excellent) and 3 DAYS TO KILL(which is a great Kevin Costner actioneer,by way of Luc Besson[who I suspect might have ghost directed some of this film,since half of it consists of the complex drama that only Besson can tackle,and not the credited director McG[the hackmeister that he is],and I’m not saying that Besson co-directed,but I do get that funny feeling that he might have…).

   * While the guys at the Video Junkie website spent their February watching(and reviewing) Bud Spencer’s early 90s Italian TV series DETECTIVE EXTRALARGE(via a series of 90 minutes films),I spent mine watching the filmworks of Tinto Brass,whose films mainly play like softcore Emmanuelle films with lots of nudity and a bit of hardcore antics mixed in(as evident in ALL LADIES DO IT,PAPRIKA,THE VOYEUR,MONAMOUR,and his last film,the World War II drama SENSO ’45[BLACK ANGEL]),but his 1970 film THE HOWL(L’URLO) is a surrealistic experience that dwelves into Alejandro Jodorowsky land(only with lots of trademark Brass cinematic nudity) and doesn’t make a lick of sense,but its amazing psychedelic visuals is what makes this film worth tracking down and watching.

   * Rob Zombie has now ditched his planned 70s hockey drama BROAD STREET BULLIES(for now) and is now working on a Charles Manson project,for there just isn’t any need for this Manson project to be done since Jim VanBebber’s long-in-the-works(15 years[!!!]) -but-eventually released THE MANSON FAMILY(CHARLIE’S FAMILY) was the definitive Manson film(as well as the final word on that subject).

  * I recently went back to taking up yoga(which I did in the mid and late 90s,but couldn’t keep up with it due to excessively working[which I don't do at the moment]),but have now ventured back into that area and I’m starting to take up Fly And Thai Yoga classes,which is a very physical and acrobatic form of yoga,and which I’ve got to get myself back in shape for(since I gained 40-50 pounds over last Summer and Winter) and get my body physically strong again(since I find learning this form of yoga exciting and fun,and hope to fully master it).

  * I every now-and-then once-in-a-while visit Steve Savage’s parties,for I just got to quickly say that both Jolene Hexx and Addie Juniper are very cool chicks. 

   * I just checked out my blog site status of and learned that lots of folks venture here to catch up on news about Jackie Chan’s POLICE STORY 2013,Jeff Speakman,and Warrant’s Jani Lane,which is surprising since my site stats always say that folks come here to frequently read my “TV Shows That Suck!” post.

    That’s it for now,for I’ll return here again real soon….

Jeff Jarrett Is Keeping Everyone In Stitches With His Weird On-Line Spots About His Upcoming Wrestling Company(With Toby Keith),For They Look More Like Spots For A Reality TV Series(Since Karen Angle Jarrett Is Involved In Half Of Them),And It Would Be Really Funny(And Very Completely Shocking) If Sting Ditched Both The WWE And TNA For This Impending Federation…

 Steven M. 


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