Jane Velez-Mitchell Show Canceled : Female Geraldo/Nancy Grace Jr. Bites The Dust…

Jane Velez-Mitchell Show Reportedly Canceled | Advocate.com.

For the last few months,I haven’t been bothering to watch cable TV anymore until the return of THE WALKING DEAD,and did majorly notice that Jane Velez Mitchell(alias the female Geraldo/Nancy Grace Jr./Nancy Grace’s hemmorroid/Nancy Grace’s fellow motormouth Harpie) is no longer on the HLN Channel,and then I ran across this link and learned that her show has been cancelled.

As badly as I feel for her massive staff losing their jobs(due to being “released”,via a new power that took over HLN this Fall[which also claimed HLN's Entertainemnt Reporter A.J. Hammer to the falling "released" axe]),I’m glad to see “The Recovering Alcoholic” gone since she was just basically existing as a warm-up for Nancy Grace’s show in being a fellow anti-crime crusader who happened to be rude and loud about it(ala many well-known anti-crime crusaders[who often favor the focus on them as much as the criminals they're actively pursuing]),but at least she heavily slapped the criminals where they deserved to be slapped(although she did allow John Ramsey to get away scott free). For otherwise it’s a bad defeat for anti-crime crusaders but a relief to folks who are tired of obnoxious reality news shows and their annoying hosts(who favor to wear bad wigs and endlessly remind viewers that they’re “a recovering alcoholic”). And I’m surprised that the gay community isn’t heavily up-in-protesting arms about JVM’s cancellation from the airwaves(since JVM is gay and gays always are ferociously protective of their own kin[whenever something really bad happens to them,as in JVM's cancellation]).

Internet Phenom Grumpy Cat On WWE Raw Tonight: Something To Truly Avoid(At All Costs)…

Steven M.

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A Whole Lotta Random Stuff

No 31 Days Of Halloween Viewings reviews yet(on the next blog entry,though),for there’s some quick stuff to discuss about here…

* Robert Plant recently turned down an $800 million paying offer from Richard Branson(the billionaire czar Of Virgin Records) to join and re-form Led Zeppelin(with Jimmy Page,John Paul Jones,and Jason Bonham) for a small world tour,which is unlikely to ever happen. While some people have pointed out things ranging from Robert’s strong intregity(to refuse to ever reform Led Zep) to his close friendship with (the late) John Bonham being a few of the reasons,nobody has ever taken to task about Robert’s health,for in his most recent photos he surely doesn’t look very healthy and he’s looking badly aged,for I don’t want to toss around and start any rumors but that’s the way he looks to myself and my eyes,since he doesn’t look like he can handle a super lengthy tour with a group such as Led Zep(that would possibly last for two-to-three years[given the monstrous amounts of money it would financially gross,if it would even happen{which it possibly won't}]).

* Oh,Wow. An EVIL DEAD TV series for the Starz Channel has been recently announced,with the team of Sam Raimi,Robert Tapert,and Bruce Campbell returning to continue the adventures of zombie and demon fighter Ash,just to both merely to cash in on the current TV trend of TV series that play like lengthy movies(ala THE WALKING DEAD,AMERICAN HORROR STORY,SONS OF ANARCHY,and GAME OF THRONES),and shut the fans/fanboys/geeks that endlessly ask and beg for another new film. With the strong yearning for(and of) fan/fanboy/geek cash($$$),does that mean that they’ll soon be an announcement of a HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES/DEVIL’S REJECTS TV series ?!

* The Internet phenom known as Grumpy Cat has both a WWE Raw appearance and a Lifetime Christmas movie coming up. I’ll pass…

That’s all for now…

R.I.P.: Glen Larson(BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Producer)And Sugarhill Gang’s Big Hank;Their Passings Mean That We’re Quickly Getting Older…

Steven M.

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And The New Title Of STAR WARS:EPISODE 7 Is…..

I can’t believe that November is already here,meaning that both Thanksgiving(which is in three weeks) and Christmas are already around the corner and 2014 is almost over(Yikes !!!),for I was going to do my 31 Days Of Halloween viewing for the month of October but I’m too damn tired to talk about it,and I’m too tired to talk about the Republican takeover of the Senate,since just wait till the Presidential elections of 2016 when they’ll receive a big kick in their pompous asses(as much as the Democrats who did nothing in Congress ended up facing the truly ugly results of this election),and both the Libertarians and the Independents really need to smarten up if they want to win back and quit being the fourth and fifth parties(which was stolen by the far right Tea Party).

Enough politics,for it’s time to get to the real topic of STAR WARS:EPISODE 7,now that filming has Finally been completed and as the on-line chaos and rumors spreading starts to heat up,a new official title that’s been chosen to replace the previously announced title THE ANCIENT FEAR,for the official title of EPISODE 7 is….


What ?! What ?! What ?! What ?!

This is indeed a much more sillier title than both THE PHANTOM MENACE and ATTACK OF THE CLONES,for I won’t lay judgment on it by the sounds of its silly new title since the main thing that matters to me most is that it better be as really good as Anthony Daniels(See Threepio) says it is,since we’ve had a very long 31-to-32 year wait for the sequel and it pretty much had be pretty damn worth it.

BTW: I did catch El Rey Network/AAA’s Lucha Underground,for I’m not impressed by it: too many vignettes,very few wrestling matches,and a clichéd heel promoter/boss in Dario Cueto. Otherwise,with its high TV ratings I’m glad to know that here’s now a new place for wrestlers to go to after WWE,TNA,and ROH(Ring Of Honor). In the words of Stan Lee: ‘Nuff Said !!

Next time: the 31 Days Of Halloween/October 2014 Films Reviews(including a few early November viewing titles,too).

R.I.P.: Static X singer/guitarist Wayne Static(at age 48 [!!!!])

Steven M.

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PollyGrind: Their Fifth Film Festival That Almost Wasn’t

PollyGrind eyes Victory with fifth festival that almost wasn’t and partnership with Wild Eye Releasing | PRLog.

I’m not a fan of neither the Las Vegas-based Pollygrind Film Festival,its many films(which often venture on both the no budget and [mainly] torture porn genres),nor its creator Chad Clinton Freeman(who I consider a major kucklehead),but I was shocked upon learning that Pollygrind almost got cancelled at the last minute when the theater that they were scheduled to screen their festival’s films at(The South Point[Hotel/casino multiplex]) dropped Pollygrind due to several of the films’ grim and downbeat contents,but Freeman’s good friend Albert Pyun(whose newest film is set for its world premiere) quickly got another theater(Galaxy Theaters in the Green Valley/Henederson area of Las Vegas) to officially allow Pollygrind to play all of its films and carry on with the rest of the festival.

I’m glad for Pollygrind,Freeman,and Pollygrind’s fans that the film festival is set to move its way onward,in a town where various film festivals usually don’t last long.

GONE GIRL Once Again Number One At The Box Office(Over Both DRACULA UNTOLD and ANNABELLE):Solid Proof that Many People Still Strongly Rely On Movie Theaters To Premiere And Play New Films,Despite The Combined Effort Of Netflix,IMAX,And The Weinstein Brothers(Miramax,Dimension,Radius)’Plan To Exclusively Play CROUCHING TIGER,HIDEN DRAGON(2):THE GREEN DESTINY On VOD(And In Very Few Theaters),Which Would Have Massively Hurt The Majority Of Movie Theaters And How Films Are Fully Distributed,Which Has Been Now Smashed By GONE GIRL’s Worldwide Theatrical Success

Steven M.

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‘STAR WARS: EPISODE 7’: Leaked Script Reveals Luke Skywalker A Bad Cyborg, Kira An Evil Hero (?!?!)

‘Star Wars 7’: Leaked Script Reveals Luke Skywalker A Cyborg, Kira An Evil Hero – International Business Times#.VDYcUk0tDIU.

According to this above link,EPISODE 7 will have Luke Skywalker turning to The dark Side and becoming the new villain,with Daisy Ridley’s Kira joining him.

This surely smells like pure Bullshit to me,since after the way Luke rejected the urge of The Dark Side there’s No Way that he’ll turn bad,unless it’s going to follow the Expanded Universe’s storyline in Luke infiltrating The Dark Side to sniff out and fight the new Sith villains. And with Kira rumored to be the new hero in all three sequels,there’s also No Way that she’ll turn bad since the film is produced by Disney(the childrens’ cinema empire) and they refuse to allow such a move.

J.J. Abrams surely enjoys both spilling out secrets about EPISODE 7 and spilling out these false rumors(ala Luke’s hand[with lightsabre held in hand] floating in space and landing on Kira’s home planet) just to drive the fans wild in full anticipation for EPISODE 7′s late 2015 premiere.

Otherwise,just where do Princess Leia,See Threepio,and Artoo Detoo fit in the new film(since we already know that both Han Solo and Chewbacca are back),and how are they going to write out Lando Calrissian(since Billy Dee Williams isn’t back).

Just Recently Saw ANNABELLE,For It’s A Mediocre Film That More’s About A Manson-esque Cult Unleashing Satanic Forces Than The Title Doll(With Plenty Of Demonic KNB FX Work On Display),And At Least It’s Not A Found Footage Film Nor Another Disposable Gratuitious Remake

Steven M.

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October Ramblings And Rumblings

October is here,for I can’t believe that it’s already two months before this year(2014) ends,for it’s the season of both cooler weather and Halloween,and quite surprisingly a lot of spirituality/New Age events(such as dances,meditations,and kirtans) are taking place and it’s something of the Indian side of my nationality heritage to deeply dwelve into.

BTW: I also got to see GONE GIRL,David Fincher’s Chick Flick With A Dark Side that not only strongly signals Ben Affleck’s comeback(following his second Oscar win with ARGO,and the critical success of THE TOWN) but is also a flawed but enjoyable film that starts off as a Missing Persons’ drama(that explores the manipulation of media sensationalist events[during tragic human traumas]) but suddenly transforms into a Conniving Madwoman thriller(ala BASIC INSTINCT without the explicit nudity),a role which female lead Rosemund Pike handles really well(as she did with her Bond girl-turned-[co-] villain in DIE ANOTHER DAY).  I would drop some spoilers and ask some questions but I don’t want to piss off the Anti-Spoilers crowd that get easily touchy once a surprise fact is dropped about the film(such as the fate of a certain 80s childhood icon-turned-well known gay actor[and HAROLD AND KUMAR co-star],and a slimy redneck couple that commit a heinous crime,but suddenly disappear from the story[,right when you expect them to pop up near the film's very end]). Fincher surely knows how to make and construct a film,but always adds something to mightily piss the viewer off,but then again that’s the appeal of Fincher in knowing how to keep a film very mainstream even when it takes a David Lynch-esque leap into the dark side. Otherwise the Nancy Grace clone parody character(Ellen Abbott) was very funny,though,and Tyler Perry(sans his Madea drag) is actually really great as Affleck’s Johnny Cochran-esque lawyer. Expect many Oscar nominations(and wins) early next year for this film.

And like every other Internet horror fan,I am undertake the 31 Days Of Horror viewing month challenge,for I’ll let you all know what I watched next month.  And I did forget to tell everyone that the EVIL DEAD was actually a very entertaining and splattery film,even if it did heavily copy from Japanese horror.

I’ll be back later…

Latest STAR WARS:EPISODE 7 Rumor: Luke Skywalker Turns To The Dark Side ?!?!  Something To Just Take As Just Only A Rumor Until The Film Is Actually Released Next Year

Steven M.

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Of EPISODE 7 Plot Rumors,Celebrity Passings,and Another “Remake”

I know that this first entry that I’m about to jump into will annoy some folks,but I grew up a STAR WARS fan and I’m looking forward to EPISODE 7 a lot more than AVENGERS 2 and any other Marvel film. Don’t like it ? Tough !!!   Here we go…


There seems to have been a change in EPISODE 7′s plot,having been switched from being about the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia falling to THe Dark Side to the current rumored plot of Luke having made his home on Yoda’s planet Dagobah to further explore The Force,only to get kidnapped with Han Solo a new gang of new friends and allies to rescue Luke(with Chewbacca,See Threepio,and Artoo Detoo tagging along),with the villains having been rumored to be everything from Sith Inquisitors to Emperor Palpatine’s apprentice and his younger apprentice to vengeance seeking relatives of the Dooku family to a possible connection with The Empire(which is said to still exist,but only in small portions),as well as more rumors about Luke possibly falling to The Dark Side and the film opening with his dismembered hand and lightsabre floating in space and falling onto a remote planet,where it’s found by the characters of Daisy Ridley and John Boyeda and they meet up with Han,who recognizes it and organizes the rescue mission(as well as Luke having not been seen for over 30 years since the finale of RETURN OF THE JEDI).  I don’t know if any of these rumors are true(especially the ridiculous dismembered hand one),but I’ll admit that EPISODE 7 is sounding a lot more interesting and intriguing as more word about it comes along.


Both Joan Rivers and Richard “Jaws” Kiel have sadly become the latest celebrities to pass away.


With the debates about the controversial Michael Brown continuing on(something needs to be done with changing the “shoot first,ask questions later” police approach that has taken so many lives[with half of them being innocent people]),George Zimmerman is in trouble once again,this time having had a road rage incident and theatrening to kill the person he raged with. As much as several folks would wish that Zimmerman be placed inside someone’s personal burning Wicker Man figure/statue,I don’t wish nothing severely bad on that troubled knucklehead(which is what Zimmerman is) other than that Zimmerman had better be careful that he doesn’t wind up behind bars(and with a lengthy jail sentence),via his continuous knuckleheaded shenanigans.

As far as the latest remake news goes,I’ll end it all on this note…

I SAW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER Is The Latest Planned Remake,For Wasn’t The Straight-To-DVD Sequel(Part 3) Practuically A Remake Of The First Film,And Were That Many Unanswered Questions (In The First Film) To Warrant A Remake ? And As Far As The Upcoming Remake/Reboot Of THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN(Which Looks More Like A Rebooted Sequel) Goes: Looks Interesting,But—Meh !!

Steven M.

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